Chapter 601 – Taking Assignments

The jade slip brought over by Bai Gan was a Transmission Jade Slip. At the instant it was activated, a gentle and clear voice curled up from it, causing Chen Xi to have a long lost feeling of familiarity, and it was precisely Bai Wanqing’s voice.

Chen Xi, you’ve surely already entered the Dark Reverie when you receive this jade slip. I originally intended to meet you, unfortunately due to unexpected events, we don’t have the fate to meet in the end. We won’t be able to meet for now…

Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll surely return to meet you after at least three years or five years at most. During this period of time, you should just cultivate at ease. I’m very much at ease with Senior Liu Jianheng taking care of you.

Remember, the Dark Reverie isn’t like the Darchu Dynasty. Sects are numerous like trees in a forest, and it’s boundlessly vast. Since you’ve come alone to the Dark Reverie, you must be careful, and don’t rashly take risks.

I know that you’re concerned about the whereabouts of your parents. But all I can tell you now is that your father, Chen Lingjun, is still alive and well, whereas your mother, Zuoqiu Xue, is the same…

The voice revealed a slightly pressed tone, and it seemed to have been left behind hastily. The voice vanished without a trace in a mere few breaths of time, and the jade slip instantly shattered into powder as well.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was stunned speechless.

It was the first time that he found out Madman Liu was called Liu Jianheng.

Similarly, it was the first time he found out that his own father was actually called Chen Lingjun!

Is was very absurd, but it was a fact. Since he was young, his grandfather had never mentioned his father’s name, and every time he asked his grandfather, his grandfather’s expression would sink instantly before flaring up and fiercely lecturing him.

In other words, his father’s name was like a taboo in his life. No one knew it, and he never dared to ask about it.

Now, at the instantly when he found out the name of his father, great waves couldn’t help but arise abruptly in Chen Xi’s heart, and there was a feeling of excitement, sorrow, and unfamiliarity.

Chen Lingjun… Chen Lingjun… Chen Xi muttered and seemed to want to see through every little thing related to his father in his memory from this name. But he noticed in the end that he actually had no impression of his father.

His father’s appearance, his father’s nature… He didn’t know anything!

So long as you’re alive and well, then I’ll ask you personally once I meet you. Why did you abandon me and Chen Hao? Why were you even able to disregard grandfather’s fate? Why… Chen Xi had too many ‘whys’ in his heart. But he knew that only when he saw his father with his own two eyes would he be able to find out the answer to all this.

In next to no time, he’d calmed down the feelings in his heart that were rising and falling intensely, and then he turned around and returned to his wooden house.

The jade slip Bai Wanqing left behind had only made one thing clear. She had no choice but to leave the Bai Clan now for some reason that couldn’t be opposed.

If he wanted to meet her, then he had to wait for three to five years from now.

But Chen Xi already felt extremely satisfied now. Because he knew that his parents were still alive, and it allowed him to firm his confidence once more. So long as he worked hard and continued on this path, he would one day be able to meet them again!



After he returned to his wooden house and before Chen Xi could rest for a moment, he felt the Blood Essence in his entire body boil while he faintly had the feeling of being about to break through the shackles and advance in cultivation, causing him to hurriedly take a deep breath before sitting cross-legged and regulating his breathing.

He knew that because he’d entered into a state of Dao comprehension while in battle earlier, his body had absorbed tremendous amounts of spirit energy while his spirit, essence, and energy had attained an unprecedentedly blazing height, causing the scene before his eyes to occur.

However, before he could feel delighted, he suddenly noticed that after he gained control of the vital energy in his entire body, the feeling of being on the verge of breakthrough had suddenly vanished.

Could it be that the time to advance hasn’t arrived…?

Chen Xi frowned, and he felt that taking this step into the Nether Transformation Realm was truly too difficult. Even though no tribulation would descend, it was the barrier that was most difficult for him to surmount since he started cultivating until now.

The Nether Transformation Realm broke the shackles of the body and opened up a Blackhole in the body, and it was a realm that transformed the Rebirth Wheel into a world. At that time, the essence of a cultivator’s vitality, the energy in a cultivator’s body, the mind, the soul… Everything would undergo a qualitative transformation. Every single move a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator made was capable of conforming and fusing with the world before erupting with boundless potential and combat strength.

Similarly, this was a barrier that was extremely difficult to surmount. Most of the cultivators in the world were stopped before this barrier, and they perished with hatred in their hearts from their lifespan drying up in the end.

Even if it was in the Dark Reverie, an existence at the Nether Transformation Realm could be addressed as a great figure. Moreover, cultivators that had attained this realm would usually be addressed respectfully as great cultivators!

The word ‘great’ vividly portrayed the height and might represented by the Nether Transformation Realm.

Nevermind, since the time hasn’t come, then insisting will only cause me to have more worries for nothing. I’ll leave everything to fate. In next to no time, Chen Xi recovered his calm and started cultivating in meditation.

The battle with Bai Gan allowed him to obtain great gains. Especially his grasp and utilization of Dao Arts, and it allowed him to understand the formidableness of Dao Arts even more deeply.

Dao Arts were the art of the Dao. The more one cultivated it, the more one was able to appreciate the might and profundities within it.

Presently, even though his knowledge of Dao Arts could only be considered to rudimentary and hadn’t attained the state of perfection, he’d stepped through its threshold after all. So long as he tempered and comprehended slowly, he would be able to reach perfection eventually.


Dawn the next day, Chen Xi had just woken up from his meditation when he left West Radiance Peak and headed to the Performance Hall on Matter Radiance Peak.

The Performance Hall was the place to take assignments, and he wanted to replace Qing Yu to completely repay all the assignments that the West Radiance Peak owed.


In next to no time, Chen Xi had arrived at the Matter Radiance Peak, and he relied on his ‘Elite Disciple’ command token to pass through the countless restrictions of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and arrive within the Performance Hall.

In the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, there were countless restrictions hiding within space. If it was someone that wasn’t from the sect, then even a Heavenly Immortal would find it difficult to take a single step within the sect, and once someone not from the sect was discovered by the restrictions, the person would be directly eliminated by the restrictions.

This was one of its hidden resources as one of the 10 great immortal sects of the Dark Reverie. For example, it was simply impossible for outsiders to sneak into extraordinary powers like this, and it would be useless even if a group of Heavenly Immortals attacked.

There were over 100 disciples gathered at this moment within the Performance Hall that possessed a grand imposing aura. Moreover, there were disciples that rushed over from time to time, causing it to seem rather popular.

When Chen Xi stepped foot into the hall, he saw that the entire hall was extremely vast, and a mere 100 plus disciples standing within it weren’t conspicuous in the slightest.

He swept the surroundings with his gaze before directly heading towards the depths of the hall.

There was a disciple of the Performance Hall present there, and they were in charge of the acceptance of all assignments.

Before an enormous table were a few white clothed disciples sitting upright there, and they were organizing the piles of assignment command tokens on the table. One of these disciples heard the sound of footsteps, and he asked without raising his head. “What sort of assignment do you want to take?”

“Test assignments,” replied Chen Xi. He already knew now that the assignments in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were divided into two types. One was the test assignments that disciples had to complete within a set period of time.

The other type was reward assignments. Anyone could accept them and so long as one completed them, one would be able to obtain the corresponding reward.

Under normal circumstances, test assignments were directly distributed by the Performance Hall to the disciples of the various peaks, and it was very rarely that a disciple would come to the Performance Hall and actively take a test assignment 

Because the difficulty of test assignments weren’t high, and besides the basic benefits and resources of the sect, there weren’t any other rewards.

On the other hand, reward assignments were different. They were divided in detail into nine grades according to their varying difficulties. Grade one was the lowest and grade nine was the highest. In this way, the rewards were naturally more or less divided into nine grades.

But even the reward from the lowest grade one reward assignment was more than 10 times better than the rewards of test assignments. So most people that came to take assignments in the Performance Hall came for the reward tests.

Even though a person like Chen Xi who took test assignments couldn’t be said to be one in a million, it could still be considered as rare.

“Test assignments?” Sure enough, the disciple behind the table couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard this. But when he raised his eyes and saw the person before him was Chen Xi, he instantly came to an understand and said with a smile, “So it’s the West Radiance Peak’s Junior Brother Chen Xi. Right, has the assignment Junior Brother Qing Yu took the other day been completed?”

“It’s completed.” As he spoke, Chen Xi raised his hand and flipped it, causing a Mirage Jade Slip to appear before he passed it over. Within the Mirage Jade Slip was the scenes of him killing the seven dark pheasant demons, and it was utterly impossible to be falsified.

“Hmm, right, the seven dark pheasant demons have been annihilated.” The disciple looked through the jade slip and confirmed it was correct before he said with a smile, “Then which test assignment do you want to take this time, Junior Brother Chen Xi?”

As he spoke, he’d casually moved his finger, causing almost 100 test command tokens to instantly appear on the table. All of these were the test assignments owed by the West Radiance Peak in these past few years, and all of it were piled into a small hill here.

“Give all of these to me.” Chen Xi sized up the pile of test command tokens before speaking calmly.

“What? All!?” All the disciples behind the table raised their heads and seemed to not dare believe their ears. Even though the difficulty of test assignments weren’t high, it was sufficient to be a headache if one took almost 100 in one go.

After all, not only did these test assignments encompass the annihilation of evil cultivators, there were also assignments to find treasures, escort goods, gather materials, and so on and so forth. They encompassed all sorts of strange things, and it was practically impossible to be completed by a single person.

Not to mention that these disciples of the Performance Hall knew that the time limit for all the test assignments owed by the West Radiance Peak was a single month. Was it possible for Chen Xi to complete almost 100 assignments by himself in such a short period of time?

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, you need to know that once you take all these assignments, you’ll suffer the punishment of the sect if you’re unable to complete them within the set period of time, and it might even lead to imprisonment.” Someone couldn’t help but speak out.

“Give them to me.” Chen Xi smiled, and with a flick of his sleeve, he’d already taken all the assignment command tokens on the table before turning and leaving the Performance Hall.

“Could it be that this fellow doesn’t know that the Peak Trials are about to begin in less than two months of time? He isn’t cultivating concentratedly, but wants to complete test assignments? Isn’t he slightly abandoning his future?”

“Then what do you want him to do? Elder Mo Yu has already given a final order that the disciples of the West Radiance Peak would be punished if they were incapable of completing all the test assignments they owed. It’s common knowledge that besides Chen Xi that has just entered the sect, the other disciples from West Radiance Peak aren’t worth mentioning. Under these circumstances, only Chen Xi can accomplish these things.”

“Now that you say this, it’s truly difficult for Chen Xi.”

“Forget it, let’s not discuss this first. I’m instead worried that Chen Xi’s hope to complete all these test assignments within a month is extremely tiny…”

“Alas, it is. If he’s unable to complete them, he’ll probably even be unable to participate in the upcoming Peak Trials. After all, if he’s punished, then he’ll probably be stripped of his qualifications to participate in the Peak Trials.”

As they looked at Chen Xi leaving, those disciples of the Performance Hall couldn’t help but discuss animatedly, and all their discussions were filled with feelings of not looking favorably upon these actions of Chen Xi.

“Chen Xi has really come. I only have to report this matter to Master.” At a corner of the Performance Hall, Xin Ruhai had witnessed everything that had happened earlier, and he couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.

But after he pondered for a moment, he still turned around and headed towards the depths of the hall. That place he headed to was precisely the cultivation location of Elder Mo Yu who managed the Performance Hall.


East Radiance Peak, within Starvault Pavilion.

Yue Chi sat upright on the seat at the center, and his brows were knit tightly while his expression was exceedingly gloomy.

Chen Xi’s safe return from Moontrace City allowed him to instantly understand that the operation of Huji Xueyan and the Violetwind Sect had probably failed completely.

Yue Chi wasn’t worried about all this, he was worried whether his identity had been exposed during the operation this time and was found out by Chen Xi.

After all, it was precisely him who had provided the news that allowed the Violetwind Sect and Huji Xueyan’s schemes to be carried out in perfect order, and it was precisely him who asked the Performance Hall’s Elder Mo Yu to make the West Radiance Peak repay the test assignments as only in this way would he be able to force Chen Xi to head to Moontrace City.

They’re truly a group of useless trash! Yue Chi’s was extremely agitated, and he couldn’t refrain from fiercely cursing in his heart any longer. He was truly unable to understand how Xueyan could have failed with the strength she possessed.

“Brother Yue, what’re you worrying about?” Right at this moment, a heavy voice sounded out from outside Starvault Pavilion.

“So it’s Brother Mo, quickly come in.” Yue Chi was stunned, and he quickly restrained his feelings before standing up and speaking.

The person that had arrived was precisely Elder Mo Yu who managed the Performance Hall. He grinned as he sized Yue Chi up, and then he said, “I have a piece of good news, I wonder if Brother Yue wants to hear it?”

“Oh? What good news?” Yue Chi smiled as he asked.

“Chen Xi has taken all the test assignments, and he’s about to leave the sect to carry them out. Isn’t this a piece of great news to Brother Yue?” said Mo Yu.

“You’re saying… He has already taken the assignments and left the sect?” Yue Chi was stunned and asked hastily yet he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart instead. Chen Xi actually didn’t act unusual in the slightest. Doesn’t this mean that he still doesn’t know that it was precisely me who had come to an agreement with the Heavenflow Dao Sect to take revenge against him?

“Exactly.” Mo Yu acutely noticed that Yue Chi’s feelings seemed to be slightly abnormal. But he thought that it was caused by Yue Chi’s joy from hearing the news he spoke of.

“That’s good… That’s really good!” After he obtained a definite answer, the worry in Yue Chi’s heart was practically wiped clean. My actions haven’t been exposed, whereas Chen Xi has been forced to leave the sect and carry out the assignments, and he’s unable to cultivate concentratedly.

If he’s unable to complete the assignments, then I’ll be entirely able to use it as an excuse to strip away his qualifications to participate in the Peak Trials and attain my objective of suppressing him.  After that, I’ll drive him out of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect step by step!

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