Chapter 600 – Bashed Miserably

If one were to look down from the sky, one would notice that the spirit energy and Immortal Energy that was originally drifting about silently in the heavens and the earth around the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect seemed to have been summoned at this moment, and they swarmed out to converge towards the sky above West Radiance Peak.

The impetus of it seemed like a true scene of the clouds being drawn from all directions, and it instantly alarmed everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“My god! Which senior of the sect caused such activity?”

“It’s too terrifying! He actually drew the energy of the heavens and the earth and transformed the spirit energy in the surroundings to be of use to him. Such extraordinary ability is simply unbelievable!”

“According to legend, the primeval divine beast Roc was able to completely suck up an entire ocean with a single breath, and the impetus before us right now isn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Roc.”

Numerous figures soared into the sky from the various peaks of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they looked at the West Radiance Peak from afar while exclaiming over and over again with admiration. Such a marvelous sight was too shocking indeed.

But in next to no time, an apricot yellow flag soared out from the sky while suffused with terrifying Immortal Energy. At the instant it appeared, it emanated numerous expanses of divine radiance that covered the sky as it descended down, and it completely concealed everything in a 5,000km area around West Radiance Peak.

The scenes within this barrier was impossible to be seen any longer.

“It’s actually the Chaotic Skyearth Flag! That’s one of the Sect Guarding Immortal Artifact of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect!”

“Looks like the Sect Master has made a move, and he’s probably worried that the commotion created would be too great and draw trouble.”

“Alas, we can’t see anything anymore. I wonder who drew out such great phenomena that even the Sect Master had to make a move himself and utilize an Immortal Artifact to guard around it.”

When they saw the Immortal Artifact Chaotic Skyearth Flag that soared into the sky and concealed the surroundings, everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was stunned, and they sighed endlessly before leaving successively because they knew they were unable to see everything that was happening within any longer.

But there was curiosity that couldn’t be shaken off within their hearts. Exactly who caused such a commotion on the West Radiance Peak?


“Everyone, let’s leave as well.” After Wen Huating utilized the Chaotic Skyearth Flag, he glanced at the distant battle before he spoke indifferently.

Chen Xi was in a state of Dao comprehension while in battle, and he couldn’t be disturbed. Otherwise, it would be an enormous loss that couldn’t be made up for. So he utilized an Immortal Artifact to help Chen Xi conceal everything.

After all, to every single cultivator, a state of Dao comprehension was fortune bestowed by the heavens and could only be chanced upon, and it was extremely precious. Once one was disturbed while in this state, the losses were something no one could bear.


In the sky above West Radiance Peak, the shock in Bai Gan’s heart grew the longer he fought, and the pressure upon him grew greater and greater.

His gaze was extremely perceptive, so he practically noticed with a single glance that Chen Xi had actually grasped no less than a few tens of Dao Arts. Moreover, every single one of them had extraordinarily great might, and they could absolutely be considered to be top Dao Art inheritances in the entire Dark Reverie. They were absolutely not something ordinary Dao Arts could compare to!

How does this fellow cultivate?

How could he grasp so many terrifying Dao Arts?

Didn’t he just enter the Dark Reverie not long ago? Could it be that even the minor worlds have Dao Art inheritances now?

Numerous questions ceaselessly gushed into his heart, causing Bai Gan to simply not dare believe everything that was happening before his eyes, and it was even to the extent that he thought he was dreaming!

After all, he was one of the most outstanding disciples of the Bai Clan, and he’d consumed an enormous amount of precious resources of the clan to be able to advance into the Nether Transformation Realm at such a young age yet he’d only comprehended and grasped a mere three Dao Art inheritances.

On the other hand, Chen Xi, a young man that came from a minor world, a fellow that utterly didn’t know what a Dao Art was previously, had actually grasped a few tens of types of Dao Arts now!

Anyone would feel disbelief from this, right?

Bai Gan’s mind rose and fell, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Moreover, along with the progressing of the battle, the pressure he felt grew stronger and stronger. Unknowingly, he’d already utilized a might that belonged to the Nether Transformation Realm, and only in this way was he capable of fighting Chen Xi on par.

This caused him to feel slightly embarrassed. He’d solemnly spoken earlier that so long as Chen Xi was able to resist 100 moves of his, Chen Xi would be considered to have passed the test. Never had he imagined that not only had Chen Xi resisted these moves, Chen Xi even forced him to have no choice but to utilize his strength that belonged to the Nether Transformation Realm just to fight Chen Xi equally.

Bu, what caused Bai Gan to be slightly relieved was that Chen Xi was merely at the Rebirth Realm. Even though Chen Xi’s combat strength was formidable, due to his cultivation being low and lacking attainment in the Dao Arts he’d grasped, it wouldn’t be long before Chen Xi would lose from his True Essence drying up.

So Bai Gao similarly had the confident to obtain the final victory in this battle.

However, the following scene caused his heart to shake instantly, and he almost bit his own tongue. A state of Dao comprehension! This fellow actually drew upon the energy of the heavens and the earth during battle and entered a state of Dao comprehension!

As he looked at the spirit energy that converged over from the surroundings and gushed ceaselessly into Chen Xi’s body, Bai Gan’s confidence in obtaining victory couldn’t help but waver.

This fellow is too abnormal!

Even if I want to fiercely suppress him with my cultivation, he doesn’t give me the chance!

Bai Gan couldn’t help but feel bitter in his heart, and then his spirits were refreshed once more. He was an extremely arrogant and overbearing figure in his bones as well, and he naturally wouldn’t allow himself to fall into disarray.

He stopped letting his mind run wild, and he exerted all his strength into the battle.

But in next to no time, Bai Gan was unable to keep his composure once again, and he was even slightly furious. When facing Chen Xi that was in a state of Dao comprehension, the pressure he faced was actually starting to increase gradually!

It was even to the extent he had to give his 120% in order to maintain an equal state.


Right at this moment, a fist suddenly exploded out from the space at the side, and it directly blasted onto his right arm at the instant Bai Gan was absent-minded. The strength of the fist erupted like a torrent and directly blasted him flying 3km away.


Bai Gan gritted his teeth. This strike struck him to the point his vital blood roiled endlessly, and if he didn’t resolve it in time, he’d almost been injured.

Bai Gan roared furiously as his figure flashed out explosively with majestic movements. He soared in the sky while spraying out Dao Arts that were vast and powerful torrents that tore through the sky, and they assaulted Chen Xi as swift as a thunderclap.


Numerous expanses of space were blasted apart, and he walked through the shattered space like a king that ruled over the world confidently, and his hands developed incomparable attacks that possessed peerlessly ferocious might.

This was the Violet Thistle Mountain Bai Clan’s Ultimate Technique, one of its nine great Dao Art inheritance, the Violetqi Starsoul Technique. It possessed unfathomable profundity, was ferocious in slaughter, and shook the nine heavens.

The surging violet qi that was like a waterfall converged into a river that penetrated through space and instantly struck down at Chen Xi.

At this moment, Bai Gan was enraged, and he didn’t hold back in the slightest as he utilized an ultimate move.


Chen Xi’s figure stopped in midair before his hands swept out, and a wide chasm instantly appeared. All the attacks of Bai Gan actually fell into the wide chasm and were obliterated into nothingness!

This was similarly a Dao Art, and it was called the Skylight Void Technique. It was capable of dividing Yin and Yang and transforming space into a void, causing all attacks to be obliterated into nothingness. When cultivated until the limit, it was even capable of opening a chasm that lay across the heavens and the earth, drowning everything in the world within it, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

Bastard! He’s relying on his state of Dao comprehension to draw the spirit energy in the surroundings, causing his True Essence to be endless, and he has even grasped a few tens of types of Dao Arts. How do I fight him!? Bai Gan was instantly angered to the point of stamping with rage when he saw his ultimate attack being obliterated into nothingness. If it wasn’t for him being afraid he would cause Chen Xi to lose this chance, he wished for nothing more than to turn around and leave right now.

This is too bullying!

He’s using the great force of the state of Dao comprehension to suppress me, yet I can’t awaken him. This is simply like making me a punching bag!

Bai Gan was aggrieved to the point he was on the verge of tears.

He knew that unless Chen Xi awoke from this state of Dao comprehension, otherwise he could only continue suffering bitterly. Because the Dao comprehension state of this bastard was established on the battle with him!

Once I lose or turn around and leave, this bastard will surely awaken from his state of Dao comprehension.


Chen Xi attacked once more, causing Bai Gan to have no time to think anymore. He braced himself before moving to intercept Chen Xi’s attack, and the two of them were instantly locked in an intense battle once more.

After a long time, Bai Gan had consumed all the spirit pills he’d carried with him and was unable to replenish the True Essence within his body any longer, and he could only furiously and resentfully shout out for Chen Xi to stop in the end.

He had no other choice. If this were to continue, then he would surely be bashed to the point of being covered in injuries once his True Essence dried up. Instead of that, wouldn’t it be better to stop the battle in time? In this way, he would be able to save some face.

However, even though he wanted to stop the battle, Chen Xi paid no attention and still continued to attack like a bolt of lightning, and Chen Xi’s attacks were like a violent storm and without the slightest intention to stop.


Bai Gan was blasted flying once more, and his figure staggered as his crimson red hair become disheveled.

“Bastard! Did you not hear what I said clearly?” Bai Gan flared up with rage and wished for nothing more than to slice Chen Xi up and swallow him. However, before he could react, Chen Xi’s attacks had approached once more, and another palm blasted him flying once more and tore apart his clothes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just like this, Bai Gan worked hard to ask Chen Xi to stop, whereas Chen Xi ignored it completely, and Chen Xi’s attacks didn’t weaken in the slightest and bashed Bai Gan around like a ball that flew about in midair.

This sort of feeling was truly too aggrieving!

Bai Gan was furious to the point of being on the verge of exploding. But what caused him to be helpless was that up to this point, he’d already exhausted all his True Essence, yet Chen Xi just happened to be relying on the energy of the heavens and the earth and was still full of energy and extremely ferocious, causing him to be exceedingly anxious.

“Motherfucker! I’ll crush this jade slip if you still don’t stop!” Bai Gan who’d been forced to a helpless state had finally utilized his trump card — The jade slip he was ordered to give to Chen Xi.

Sure enough, Chen Xi instantly stopped when he heard this while the battle intent in his eyes retreated like the tide, and he was quickly awoken from the state of Dao comprehension.

“We’re stopping?” Chen Xi shook his head before glancing at the distant Bai Gan, and then his expression instantly became strange as he almost didn’t recognize Bai Gan.

Bai Gan’s clothes were in rags, his entire body charred, his hair disheveled, and his face was badly battered… He simply seemed even more miserable and pitiable than vagrants who begged for a living in the mortal world, and he didn’t have the slightest proud bearing of a Bai Clan disciple!

“How the fuck can we continue!?” The corners of Bai Gan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely when he heard this, and then he tossed the jade slip towards Chen Xi angrily before he said, “Alright, I’m leaving first. You’re… really a bastard…”

As he spoke, he’d already turned around and left, and he wouldn’t stop no matter how Chen Xi shouted. It couldn’t be helped, he’d completely lost all his face today, so how could he have the face to stay for another moment?

He even wished for nothing more than to never have the chance to meet Chen Xi again!

“Isn’t it just a bashing? He can’t even accept this little blow…” Chen Xi shook his head yet his gaze had descended onto the jade slip on his palm.

What has Aunt Bai… left for me?

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