Chapter 598 – Numerous Gains

The pool of flames surged as the lava roiled, and it was suffused with traces and strands of dark blue colored Divineflames, causing it to be extremely mysterious.

Suddenly, Chen Xi’s hands started fluttering about as he struck out a string of dense and profound techniques, and they transformed into expanse after expanse of talisman markings that scooped towards the pool of flames like a net.

This was a technique recorded within the jade slip that Bi Lingyun gave him. Not only was the method of refining the Flame God Fan recorded within that jade slip, there was also the technique of collecting the five Divineflames needed, the Goldblaze Flame, Woodsoul Flame, Darkwater Flame, Sunflame, and Stalactite Flame.

Every single technique was different and each possessed its own profundity. For example, the technique he executed at this moment was the technique to collect the Darkwater Divineflame.


The lava surged and roiled violently without end. Before long, strands of water blue Darkwater Divineflame were drawn over and transformed into a fist sized ball that struggled within the net.

This Divineflame was extremely cold to the bone. Even if a Rebirth Realm cultivator was slightly tainted by a strand of it, the cultivator’s body would be frozen instantly before the cultivator’s soul was frozen, causing it to be extremely formidable.

At the same time, it was also one of the extremely rare flames that were required to refine the Flame God Fan, and it belonged to the ranks of treasures that could only be found by luck and not sought after. To some equipment refiners and alchemists, the Darkwater Divineflame was absolutely a divine flame that they desired even in their dreams.

“Darkwater converge, hold!” In next to no time, the fist sized ball of Darkwater Divineflame had already been confined by layer upon layer of the profound technique, causing it to be unable to move. After that, Chen Xi suddenly opened his mouth before swallowing the ball of Darkwater Divineflame with a single gulp, and he nurtured it within his Dantian.

A Divineflame like this was extremely difficult to tame, and he could only temporarily seal it by relying on the technique, whereas he had to slowly tame it before he would be able to use it in the future.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

At the instant the Darkwater Divineflames were taken away by Chen Xi, the lava within the pool of flames actually vanished with a noticeable speed, and only an empty pool was left behind.

Moreover, the bottom of the pool was still suffused with a green and black sheen. They were like divine radiances that emitted a vast and divine aura.

“Eh, not only is there a pair of Azure Phoenix Wings, there’s actually a pair of Dark Pheasant Wings!” Ling Bai lowered his heard to look, and he cried out with shock.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he’d noticed it as well. Shockingly, a pair of azure wings and a pair of black wings lay silently at the bottom of the pool. Both of them were only palm size, suffused with divinity, and emitted blazing and resplendent glows.

In the next moment, two precious treasures had already fallen into Chen Xi’s hands. They felt light as if they didn’t exist when placed on his palm, and when he carefully sized them up, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of shock. This pair of wings had actually been refined already, and they were entirely capable of comparing to a Quasi Immortal Artifact!

“That Xuan Zheng was extraordinary as he was actually able to gather such precious treasures. After all, no matter if it’s the wings of an Azure Phoenix or the wings of a Dark Pheasant, both of them are from truly mature ferocious flying beasts, and they’re extremely superb, rare, and precious materials to refine Immortal Artifacts with.” Ling Bai praised with admiration.

Chen Xi understood that the Azure Phoenix and Dark Pheasant were both some of the most formidable flying beasts in the primeval times, and they were extraordinary to the point of being capable of battling real gods!

Most importantly, obtaining a pair of their wings was simply as difficult as ascending the heavens, and even gods were probably unable to achieve it. The reason was extremely simple, on one hand, these flying beasts with terrifying and noble bloodlines possessed extremely formidable strengths, and on the other hand, even if one was able to annihilate them, the wings on their body would automatically be destroyed, causing one to utterly have no opportunity to use.

If one wanted to obtain the treasures on these beasts, one could only wait until they died from old age and shed their wings. But normally speaking, even if they shed their wings, these peerless flying beasts wouldn’t leave the wings to humans and would only leave the wings to their own descendants.

How precious this pair of Azure Phoenix wings and Dark Pheasant wings were was obvious from this.

Moreover, according to the records in ancient books. The wings of existences like the Azure Phoenix, Dark Pheasant, and Vermillion Bird could already be called Divine Wings, and they were the location where the vital essence of the beasts was nurtured. In terms of preciousness, it was only slightly inferior to the Innate Exalted Bone within their bodies.

The Exalted Bone was even rarer because all the innate Dao Arts grasped by these peerless flying beasts came from the Exalted Bone within their bodies, and the Grand Dao profundities branded on it was even rarer than their wings.

For example, the Exalted Bone of the Roc in Chen Xi’s possession was a rare existence like this, whereas he’d comprehended a peerlessly formidable Divine Ability like the Stellar Lightningform from it.

“The Flaming Peacock Fan was refined from the feathers of the Nether Peacock King and contained the Triple-Defiance Divineflame, and it’s already a Quasi Immortal Artifact with extremely formidable might. I wonder if this Azure Phoenix Wing and Dark Pheasant Wing possess such might….” Chen Xi flicked his finger onto the Azure Phoenix Wing and Dark Pheasant Wing, causing clanging sounds to resound out while strands of the radiance of divine erupted out, and it emitted a sound that seemed like rock colliding with gold.


Chen Xi swung the Azure Phoenix Wing lightly, causing it to instantly gush out with an expanse of dazzling and resplendent green colored flames that incinerated space and was extremely overbearing. Merely this might was absolutely capable of instantly melting a heaven-rank magic treasure.

After that, he tested the might of the Dark Pheasant Wings, and it was similarly shocking to the extreme and on par with the Azure Phoenix Wings.

“So that’s how it is. The Azure Phoenix Wings contain Azure Serenity Divineflames, whereas the Dark Pheasant Wings contained Black Corrosion Divineflames, and they aren’t the slightest bit inferior to the Triple-Defiance Divineflames within the Flaming Peacock Fan…” Chen Xi put these two treasures away immediately, and he was extremely satisfied.

No matter if it was the Azure Phoenix Wings or the Dark Pheasant Wings, both of them were the main materials to refine the primeval Immortal Artifact, Flame God Fan. If he included the Flaming Peacock Fan in his possession, then he only lacked Phoenix Wings, Roc Wings, Nethercrane Wings, and Suncrow Wings.

On the other hand, in terms of flames, he’d already gathered the Darkwater Divineflame, and he lacked the Goldblaze Flame, Woodsoul Flame, Sunflame, and Stalactite Flame.

So long as he progressed step by step, he would be able to gather all the materials and flames eventually and refine the real Flame God Fan, and just thinking about its might caused him to feel boundless yearning.

“Cough, Chen Xi, your luck is really heaven defying. Xuan Zheng gathered these two precious treasures painstakingly and intended to rely on the Darkwater Divineflame and Qing Yu’s Blood Essence to combine them into one and refine a powerful weapon. In the end, it actually benefited you.” Ling Bai stood on Chen Xi’s shoulder and grinned as he spoke.

“Right, how’s Senior Brother Qing Yu?” Chen Xi smiled as well, and then he couldn’t help but frown when he saw Qing Yu still had a blank expression as if his soul had left his body.

“He’s fine. It’s only a method of sealing the soul, and he’ll be able to awaken within three days of time,” said Ling Bai.

“Alright, then let’s leave.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Chen Xi immediately brought Qing Yu along as he left with Ling Bai, and he left this underground cave before flashing towards the teleportation formation outside Stone Kingdom without stopping.

On the way, Chen Xi found out that the reason Ling Bai had refrained from making a move to rescue Qing Yu for a few days was for the sake of obtaining the Azure Phoenix Wings in Xuan Zheng’s possession.

In other words, even if he didn’t come, Ling Bai would make a move in the next few days and annihilate Xuan Zheng before leaving with Qing Yu.


Not long after Chen Xi left, intense spatial fluctuations suddenly appeared in the space above Pheasant God Ridge that had transformed into ruins now.


A graceful figure emerged. She possessed beautiful jet black hair that hung loosely on her shoulder, her appearance was enchanting with sexy red lips, and every single move she made revealed an amorous and charming feeling, causing her to reveal allure that was capable of toppling cities.

Shockingly, she was the expert of the Nine Tailed Clan, Xueyan.

“Dammit! I was actually a step too late…” Xueyan bit her lips lightly as a wisp of fury suffused her charming eyes. Even then, it still caused her to reveal allure that moved one’s heart and caused one’s heartbeat to quicken.

“What should I do? My Lord has handed this matter over to me to deal with. If I return just like this, then I’ll probably be unable to escape punishment…” Xueyan frowned as she muttered with a light voice.

After that, she seemed to have noticed something, causing her eyes to be unable to refrain from glowing. “Wait, that little fellow ought to have just left a while ago. I’ll surely be able to deduce the direction he fled towards with the Mirror Restoration Technique…”

When she thought up to here, she stretched out her pair of slender, white, and delicate hands and suddenly struck out a screen that was like a pan of ice, and it flowed with divine radiance before instantly transforming into a mirror that was coiled with mist.

Scenes started to appear within the mirror. Shockingly, it was everything that had occurred in Pheasant God Ridge not long ago!

In next to no time, she locked onto a tall figure. But right when she executed this technique with the intention of finding the direction Chen Xi left towards, she felt her mind shake as her vital blood flowed in the opposite direction, and she suddenly spat out a mouthful of dark red blood.

“How could this be possible! Everything related to that little fellow is actually enveloped by the workings of the heavens! Who possesses such extraordinary ability to achieve this?” Xueyan wiped the trace of blood that flowed from the corner of her mouth, and her watery eyes seemed to be covered in shock.

Earlier, she was unable to refrain from prying into Chen Xi’s fate and luck, yet she actually suffered from a backlash, and if it wasn’t for her stopping the technique in time, she would have almost suffered from qi deviation!

“Who exactly is this little fellow…?” Xueyan was stunned for a long time before emitting a faint sigh that was filled with unwillingness and bewilderment.

She didn’t waste time here, and she directly tore space open and left.

The abnormality on Chen Xi caused her to suddenly realize that this little fellow that she felt could be casually squashed to death seemed to have other origins. Moreover, there might be an extremely terrifying and great figure standing behind him.

After all, existences that were capable of circulating the power of the workings of the heavens were extremely terrifying and supreme existences in the three dimensions, and they were able to shake the three dimensions easily!

So she had to return and notify her Lord about this and let him decide.


A light flashed as the teleportation formation activated, and in practically less than the time for a single breath, Chen Xi was already outside the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“Little Junior Brother, you’ve returned!”

“Haha! I knew it! So long as Little Junior Brother makes a move, he’ll surely be able to bring Junior Brother Qing Yu back.”

Chen Xi was instantly greeted by Huo Molei and the others when he arrived at West Radiance Peak with Qing Yu. Especially when they saw Qing Yu who was on Chen Xi’s back, all of them beamed and were extremely delighted.

“Chen Xi, long time no see!” However, right at this moment, a chilly voice suddenly resounded out. It was just an extremely normal sentence yet this voice revealed an extremely lawless, overbearing, and arrogant feeling.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and saw an extremely handsome and charming young man with hair that was crimson red like flames and a gaze that were like bolts of lightning. He stood there by himself, yet possessed an arrogant and overbearing imposing aura of his own.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be dazed when he saw this person, and he seemed to have never imagined that after so many years, he would actually encounter this person here!

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