Chapter 597 – Blackhole World


The sword light that suddenly gushed out from behind Xuan Zheng was suffused with an aura that was desolate and silent like an abyss. The aura was neither being created nor destroyed, neither alive nor dead, and it caused one to feel despair, helpless, dispirited, and uneasy.

It was extremely terrifying!

This sword strike seemed capable of annihilating everything, and it caused the entire space here to freeze for an instant as if it had fallen into a state of eternal destruction.

“Hmm?” Xuan Zheng sensed an extremely dangerous aura suddenly surge through his entire body, and it felt as if an enormous mountain was pressing onto his heart, causing even his breathing to become difficult.


Under the stimulation of being on the verge of death, Xuan Zheng practically instinctively dodged to the side. But before he could catch his breath slightly, the assault of an enormous hand was reflected within his eyes.

The enormous hand held the surging Netherworld river and the might of the palm strike exerted by this hand shot out like wave after wave, and every single palm strike’s might was more formidable than the previous, blazed brightly, and oppressed the souls of all.

Their strengths overlapped without end as they strengthened ceaselessly, and layer upon layer atop each other seemed to form a sea of palms that descended down with the intention of drowning everything!

Shockingly, this was a Dao Art — the Myriad Netherwave Palm!

This was Chen Xi’s attack, as he wanted to launch a pincer attack with the sword light that struck out abruptly, and he intended to annihilate Xuan Zheng in one go.

After all, Xuan Zheng was the descendant of a peerless flying beast, Dark Pheasant. Moreover, Xuan Zheng possessed a pure bloodline and a formidable strength that had already attained the Nether Transformation Realm. If they were to fight, then it would surely be an extremely violent battle. Chen Xi was worried that this battle would affect Qing Yu, so he strove to eliminate this demon with his entire strength in the shortest time possible!

On the other hand, that sword light was naturally executed by Ling Bai. Chen Xi had received Ling Bai’s voice transmission as soon as he stepped foot into the space beneath the ground, and it turned out that the little fellow had executed a concealment technique and was always hiding in the space by Qing Yu’s side while intending to wait for the proper moment to attack.

Chen Xi’s arrival instantly made him stop hesitating, and after brief discussion, they decided to make a move and annihilate Xuan Zheng.

So this was the origins of the scene that was playing out right now.

“Bastard! I’ll eat both of you!” When he saw that he’d actually been instantly forced into a precarious situation, it completely aroused the ferocity within Xuan Zheng’s bones, and he shouted out explosively with a grim voice. During this period of time, his entire body suddenly erupted with an expanse of blazing lights that actually transformed into a world.

This world was lustrous and sizzling. There were mountains, rivers, stars, the sun, and the moon, and all of them were filled with numerous traces of the Grand Dao. At this moment, they droned and shook as strands of profound and terrifying energy stretched out from them.

Shockingly, this was a power that could only be grasped by Nether Transformation Realm cultivators — The Blackhole World!

A so called Blackhole was the creation of a path within the Dantian, and it was like a bridge that led to another world.

On the other hand, the world within the blackhole was formed from the combination of True Essence and Grand Dao profundities within the body. Every single thing in the world contained a strand of profound World Energy, and the more Dao Insights one had grasped and the higher the realm of these Dao Insights were, the more solid and mighty the Blackhole World would be.

Supposedly, when cultivated to the limit, the variations of time and space and various living beings could be formed within the Blackhole World, and it could already compare to a true world!

When Nether Transformation Realm cultivators executed Dao Arts, their combat strengths would be able to multiply explosively, and the source of this was within their own Blackhole World. The stronger one’s Blackhole World was, the more formidable one’s combat strength would be.

Some terrifying living beings in the primeval times were even capable of striking out with a might of a few tens of times their strength after advancing into the Nether Transformation Realm, and it was absolutely terrifying to the extreme.

Xuan Zheng was a pure blooded Dark Pheasant and had even attained the Nether Transformation Realm. The moment he revealed his Blackhole World, his entire body was filled with an overbearing aura of supremacy.


He directly resisted Chen Xi’s palm strike head on, whereas his Blackhole World swept out and emitted a terrifying revolving force that minced apart the sword light that Ling Bai struck out.

In merely a single move, he’d destroyed the joint attacks of Chen Xi and Ling Bai!

“How could this be possible? Even a Dao Art is unable to injure him in the slightest?” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted, and he deeply realized the gap between the Rebirth Realm and Nether Transformation Realm.

Especially the Blackhole World, the might created by it was simply too strong, and it practically made him feel as if he was fighting alone against an entire world.

“Hmph! You really can surmount a realm to defeat enemies once you grasp a Dao Art, but it’s useless against me. I’ve already grasped the Grand Dao of Water to perfection while I’ve also grasped the innate Dao Art of the Dark Pheasant Clan, Darkice Nine Yin Technique. It’s sufficient for me to bring forth two times my combat strength, so how could you possibly be a match for me?” Xuan Zheng roared with laughter, and he was complacent and arrogant.

“Chen Xi, even if it’s within the Nether Transformation Realm, this animal is a top expert and is absolutely not someone ordinary Nether Transformation Realm cultivators can compare to. But killing him is still as easy as blowing off dust to me.” Ling Bai’s 10cm tall figure appeared out of thin air with a swish, and he stood before Chen Xi as he said swiftly, “Guard the surroundings carefully, especially that pool of flames. Leave the rest to me!”

“Are… you sure?” Chen Xi hesitated.

“Chen Xi, I hate it the most when others doubt my ability. Especially when it’s you!” Ling Bai’s face darkened as he glared fiercely at Chen Xi.

“Hmm? What are you, little fellow? Could it be that you’re a disciple of the Dwarfspirit Clan? That clan is practically on the verge of extinction, right?” Meanwhile, Xuan Zheng seemed to have noticed Ling Bai as well, and he couldn’t help but speak with surprise when he saw Ling Bai was only 10cm tall.

“Vile spawn! What’s with all the nonsense? Die!” Ling Bai emanated a murderous air as he chanted a string of obscure and profound world. “The variable of the heavens is calamity, the variable of earth is disaster, without terror there is nirvana, with terror then there is no life…”

Along with his voice, a terrifying energy suddenly surged over from all directions and converged onto Ling Bai’s body, and his body started to rise steadily while the aura on his body rose madly.

In the blink of an eye, he’d already transformed into a peerlessly handsome young man with chilly features, a peerlessly fierce bearing, a pair of eyes that were deep and desolate like an abyss, and his body emitted a merciless aura of nirvana.

“Hmm? What a peculiar Nirvana Dao Insight…” As he looked at Ling Bai’s eyes that were desolate like an abyss and sensed the aura of nirvana that surged on Ling Bai’s body, Xuan Zheng’s pupils constricted abruptly as a wisp of terror flashed past his eyes.

Xuan Zheng practically didn’t hesitate to attack with his entire strength. In the time of a single breath, the Blackhole World around him expanded before emitting a profound and terrifying energy that enveloped directly at Ling Bai.

“Without disaster there’s no calamity, Nirvana Fatality!” Right at this moment, Ling Bai shouted like a thunderclap as his palms pressed together, causing everything in this expanse of space to seem to have been sucked out as space itself collapsed inch by inch, and then a grey and translucent terrifying enormous sword condensed in the air.

This sword surged with Nirvana sword qi and was suffused with a blazing sheen that was neither grey nor white, and it slashed down!


This terrifying sword qi slashed down, causing the entire expanse of space to erupt with ear piercing bangs, and circle after circle of withering ripples stretched out towards the surroundings.

When he saw this, Chen Xi instantly recalled what Ling Bai told him earlier, and he soared through the sky right away to grab Qing Yu before arriving atop the pool of flames. His hands sliced through the air as a violet colored lotus flower light barrier surged out into appearance, and it enveloped the pool of flames along with him.

This light barrier was similarly a Dao Art, and it was called the Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier. It was an extremely formidable defensive Dao Art that was comparable to the Black Tortoise Clan’s defensive Divine Ability. When cultivated to the limit, even the falling of the stars and sun or the obliteration of the world would be unable to shake this light barrier’s defense in the slightest.


Right when Chen Xi had just completed all this. The enormous and terrifying sword qi in the distance had already struck onto Xuan Zheng’s Blackhole World, causing it to break apart inch by inch. The landscape and stellar bodies within it collapsed and dispersed successively before transforming into strands of vital energy that dissipated.

On the other hand, Xuan Zheng was struck by this to the point of coughing up blood repeatedly, and he stared with his eyes wide open while revealing an appearance of disbelief.

How could this be possible?

I’m a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator that has grasped the Grand Dao of Water to perfection, and I’m skilled in the Darkice Nine Yin Technique, allowing me to bring forth two times my combat strength! But I’m not even able to resist a single sword strike of my opponent’s?

“Impossible!” Xuan Zheng roared furiously, and his eyes were on the verge of splitting open. He exerted all the energy within his body to ceaselessly repair and perfect the Blackhole World that was being damaged.

However, no matter how he struggled, under this terrifying sword qi, his Blackhole World was being repaired ceaselessly, yet being damaged without end, and it collapsed inch by inch and was on the verge of completely crumbling.

“If you don’t die now, then when!?” Ling Bai shouted loudly.


An explosive band that shook the heavens resounded out. The might of the sword qi rose explosively and directly slashed the Blackhole World apart, and then it didn’t lose momentum in the slightest as if crushed down onto Xuan Zheng in the end.

At that instant, the space in this area beneath the ground was completely filled with boundless raging sword qi that emitted dazzling and resplendent light, causing the cave walls in the surroundings to rumble and collapse while the ground cracked apart like spider webs and emitted enormous cracking sounds, and it was complete chaos.

If one were to look down here from the sky, one would be able to see that the entire Pheasant God Ridge seemed to have encountered a fatal strike, and it was collapsing. The ground in an area of 500km had directly split open with numerous rifts and seemed like a deep chasm had been smashed open on it by a meteor, and it terrified the living beings in the surroundings to the point of trembling without end.

After an unknown period of time, everything returned to calm, and the dust and dirt dissipated.

The place where Pheasant God Ridge was had already transformed into an expanse of ruins that was covered in desolation, whereas the pool of flames in the underground cave was unharmed while every other place had suffered severe damage.

“He’s dead?” Chen Xi retracted his Dao Art and carried slight shock as he swept the surroundings with his gaze.

“Of course!” Ling Bai had already transformed into his 10cm self and descended onto Chen Xi’s shoulder while gasping endlessly for breath. His peerlessly handsome little face was rather pale. Obviously, that attack from before consumed an enormous amount of his strength.

“Xuan Zheng is dead, then what about the treasure he was refining…?” Chen Xi spoke with slight regret.

“It’s within the Darkwater Flame pool.” Ling Bai directly interrupted Chen Xi and raised his hand to point at the pool beneath them. “The reason this vile spawn captured Qing Yu was because he wanted to use the Vital Blood in Qing Yu’s body to refine the wings of a divine beast Azure Phoenix he found from somewhere.”

“The wings of a divine beast Azure Phoenix?” Chen Xi was shocked, and he suddenly recalled that the wings of an Azure Phoenix were one of the main materials of the Flame God Fan he wanted to refine!

“This fellow wouldn’t have been intending to refine the Flame God Fan, right?” Chen Xi muttered and felt slight disbelief, and his gaze had already locked on firmly onto the pool beneath his feet.

Lava surged within the pool of flames, and it was boiling while emitting an aura that was cold to the bone instead. Moreover, there were traces of watery blue Divineflames flowing about within the pool, causing it to seem extremely mysterious.

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