Chapter 596 – Divineflame, Darkwater

Jiao Liang who wore a black robe, had a withered appearance, sharp brows, and thin lips was in deep contemplation, and he utterly didn’t notice that his figure had already been completely exposed in the eyes of another.

According to the time, the refinement ought to have started now. So long as Senior Xuan Zheng succeeds, then I’ll be able to use my Soul Core and seize the body of that Azure Phoenix kid, and I’ll be able to completely escape the restraints of the glow of sin. In the future, won’t I be able to move freely in the vast world? Jiao Liang muttered, and his gloomy eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of burning desire.

Unlike ordinary cultivators, evil cultivators advanced extremely swiftly, yet paid the price of slaughtering the lives of others. The higher an evil cultivator’s cultivation advanced to, then more living beings had to be slaughtered. Gradually, they would suffer the rejection of the Heaven Dao, and it would send down a glow of sin, and it would cause it to become practically impossible for them to overcome the tribulations in the future.

Jiao Liang was only a step away from advancing into the Nether Transformation Realm now, and he was extremely unwilling to stop here. So he thought of a wonderful method, and it was to seize the body of another!

But if he wanted to escape the glow of sin, then merely seizing the body of another wasn’t sufficient. The body he seized had to possess a superb constitution and be blessed by the Heaven Dao.

Amongst the demon race, those that were able to obtain the favor and blessing of the Heaven Dao were all pure blooded beings that had ancestors that had become true gods. In this way, the conditions were extremely harsh.

For example, the Azure Phoenix Clan, Pixiu Clan, Vermillion Bird Clan… All of these clans had ancestors that had become extremely formidable gods, but after being passed down until now, it was extremely rare like qilin horns and phoenix feathers for the disciples of these clans to be pure blooded.

For the sake of seizing such a body, Jiao Liang had schemed for countless years, yet had only encountered a pure blooded Azure Phoenix now. So when he thought about how he would be able to escape all the glow of sin upon him once he seized Qing Yu’s body successfully, the excitement in his heart was obvious.

I’ll surely be able to succeed this time since I have the assistance of Senior Xuan Zheng! Jiao Ling secretly clenched his fist tightly as he took a deep breath, and he forced himself to calm down slowly.


However, right at this moment, he suddenly felt his entire body go cold, and he couldn’t help but be covered in a layer of goosebumps. The instinct that he’d tempered from many years of battle caused him to strike the ground without the slightest hesitation, and he intended to burst forward.

His movements couldn’t be said to be slow, and his reaction even exceeded ordinary cultivators by more than a few times. Numerous enemies that wanted to kill him by a surprise attack had lost their lives at his extremely alert reaction.

But he’d failed this time. Not only did he not burst forward, he didn’t even dare move his body in the slightest because a hand was actually already pressed down onto his forehead!

What sort of speed is this? He simply appeared out of thin air.

It was on the verge of exceeding all Jiao Liang’s imaginations because within his mind, only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had grasped the ability of teleportation was capable of achieving this.

Would the person that made a move against me this time be an Earthly Immortal Realm expert?

When he thought up here, Jiao Liang seemed as if he’d been doused with cold water, and his entire body went cold as if he’d fallen in an icy pity. He was notorious, had harmed countless living beings, and had encountered countless great and minor dangers, but it was the first time he’d encountered this sort of extreme danger that was sufficient to be fatal!

Who exactly is it? Could it really be an Earthly Immortal Realm expert? Jiao Liang took a deep breath before slowly raising his eyes, and only at this moment did he notice that a figure had suddenly appeared by his side.

A tall figure that stood like a sword, and revealed an immovable aura.

This person was naturally Chen Xi, and silently subduing Jiao Liang with a single move caused him to heave a sigh of relief in his heart. If it wasn’t for Jiao Liang’s mind being immersed in contemplation earlier, it would absolutely be difficult for him to subdue this great demon whose hands were covered in blood.

“Those six brothers of yours have already died at my hand. So you’d better not try any tricks as it will only cause you to die faster.” A casual sentence, yet it was no different to a thunderclap in Jiao Liang’s ears, and it shocked him to the point he almost lost his composure while his expression changed indeterminately.


Those six brothers of mine are all dead?

How could this be possible!?

Jiao Liang was stunned for a moment before taking a deep breath to forcefully restrain the horror in his heart, and then his gloomy eyes stared fixedly at this young man that had suddenly arrived here as he asked. “Who exactly are you? When did all of us brothers offend you?”

“Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Chen Xi.” Chen Xi replied indifferently. At this moment, there was already no need to continue concealing his identity.

“So you’re from the same sect as that kid of the Azure Phoenix Clan. No wonder, no wonder…” Jiao Liang frowned as he sighed lightly, but, his heart almost dripped with blood.

Just a step away, only one more step and I would be able to seize that kid’s body to be reborn. But it just so happens that a variable appeared at this moment. Could it be that this is the punishment of the heavens to me?

“Speak, where have you trapped that Senior Brother of mine?” Chen Xi sized up the surroundings. He’d used his Divine Sense to search the entire Pheasant God Ridge earlier, and he hadn’t noticed any trace of Qing Yu and Ling Bai.

“Would you let me go if I do?” Jiao Liang smiled miserably.

“What do you think?” Chen Xi replied with a question.

“I think you’ll surely kill me, and it’s just a matter of time.” At this moment, Jiao Liang had calmed down instead, and he even revealed a strand of indifference when speaking about his fate. He seemed as if he’d known since a long time ago that he was fated to encounter such a day.

“That Senior Brother of yours is underground. I can bring you over.” As he spoke, Jiao Liang actually stood up without worrying in the slightest if the hand that was pressed on his head would exert strength and kill him.

Chen Xi really didn’t make a move. But, he similarly didn’t believe that Jiao Liang would accept his fate just like that. As the leader of the seven dark pheasant demons, if it was so easy for him to submit, it would be unusual instead.


This was a dim and quiet passageway that led underground, and it twisted and turned as it led an entire 30 plus kilometers underground before Chen Xi’s field of vision instantly widened.

Shockingly, this was a cave in the depths of the ground, and it was spacious, quiet, and covered an area of 3km.

At the center was a pool of flame that was filled with surging lava. The crimson red and boiling lava gurgled with bubbles and emitted strands of white colored smoke, and it caused the surrounding space to seem crimson red.

But the temperature in the surroundings were strangely ice cold to the extreme, and it revealed a cold aura that sank into the bones.

That pool of flames isn’t simple, and it’s obviously not something ordinary!

Moreover, there was a violet clothed middle aged man with white skin, three cords of long beard beneath his chin, and an extremely elegant and refined look sitting cross-legged by the side of the pool of flame. He was swiftly forming a string of complicated and profound seals with his hands to drawn out strands of watery blue flames out from the pool of flames, and these flames shook while suffused with a horrifying sheen.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi was able to notice that those blue colored flames seemed to possess intelligence and were struggling violently as if they wanted to escape the middle aged man’s restraint. But under the control of the technique of the middle aged man, all of this struggling was futile.

Chen Xi recognize that strand of blue colored and intelligent flames, it was actually a type of Divineflame that was scattered in the heavens and the earth — the Darkwater Flame!

This flame was cold like water, icy cold to the bone, but it was a type of flame, causing it to be extremely mystical. Moreover, it was extremely rare and practically on the verge of extinction.

But after that, Chen Xi’s gaze moved aside because there was a young man by the side of the violet clothed middle aged man. The young man had a handsome appearance and a gentle appearance. Shockingly, it was Qing Yu! At this moment, he seemed like a soulless puppet that was sitting there while staring blankly, and he seemed to be unconscious.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw Qing Yu was still alive, and he instantly confirmed that the violet clothed middle aged man that looked to be refined and cultured was probably the pure blooded Dark Pheasant.

“Senior Xuan Zheng, save me!” Jiao Ling suddenly cried out for help when they arrived here.

“Hmm?” The middle aged man swiftly turned around as a ball of peerlessly sharp light exploded out from his eyes, and it instantly descended onto Chen Xi, causing him to understand what had happened.


Right at the instant he was distracted, the strand of watery blue flames swiftly struggled free from his restraint and leaped into the pool of flames and vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Trash! You actually dared to disturb me. You truly deserve death!” Xuan Zheng cursed. He’d exerted a great deal of strength to draw out a strand of Darkwater Flame, yet failed just short of completion. This caused him to wish for nothing more than to go berserk and kill right now.

“Senior, this was absolutely not my intention, it was…it was he who forced me.” Jiao Liang spoke with a trembling voice. As he spoke, he’d already used a voice transmission to tell Xuan Zheng everything that had occurred earlier.

“So that’s how it is…” Xuan Zheng spoke with a ghastly voice. The refined and cultured disposition he possessed had completely vanished and he was completely enveloped by monstrous killing intent. “Kid, no matter who you are, put Jiao Liang down before kneeling down and apologizing to me, and I can let you die a slightly swifter death.”

“Aren’t you worried that I’ll kill him?” Chen Xi glanced at Xuan Zheng and spoke indifferently.

“The disciple from your sect is still in my hands. Do you dare?” Xuan Zheng laughed coldly as he glanced at the nearby Qing Yu, and his words were filled with a threatening tone.


Chen Xi directly smashed apart Jiao Liang’s head and even completely annihilated Jiao Liang’s Soul Core. This was undoubtedly the usage of the most direct action to display his resolution.

His decisive actions shocked Xuan Zhen to the point the latter’s pupils constricted, and then he exploded into rage and pointed at Chen Xi as he roared. “What an audacious little kid. Since you don’t want this disciple of your sect to be alive, then I’ll kill him!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand to directly slap down at Qing Yu. However, when his palm was about to press onto Qing Yu’s head, he noticed to his shock that from the beginning until the end, the kid before him had actually not reacted in the slightest and didn’t even blink. The kid was composed to the point he seemed like he was an unconcerned party.

“You…actually disregard the life of a disciple from your sect. Could it be that you aren’t a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?” As he spoke, Xuan Zheng frowned as he shouted loudly.

“Didn’t you not kill him?” Chen Xi replied indifferently.

Xuan Zheng was stunned as a wisp of bewilderment gushed out from his heart. Could it be this kid knows that if I kill that Azure Phoenix, then I won’t be able to refine the…

“Attack!” Right when Xuan Zheng was thinking, Chen Xi shouted out explosively and interrupted Xuan Zheng’s thoughts, and this caused Xuan Zheng to be stunned once more. Attack? Could it be that this fellow has help?


After that, he understood the answer. Because, at this moment, an extremely sharp sound of space being torn apart suddenly resounded behind him.

There was actually an enemy lying in ambush by my side since a long time ago!?

This unexpected change shocked him to the point his soul almost left his body, and his hairs stood on end.

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