Chapter 595 – Pure Blooded Dark Pheasant

What sort of sword strike was this?It was swiftly like a bolt of lightning, like a sword qi river that appeared out of thin air, and it was vast, surging, and filled with the unshakable might the heavens and the earth, causing it to simply be capable of crushing the sun, moon, Yin, and Yang!

Dao Art — Skycontrol Burial Sword!

In just an instant, under the astounded and shocked gazes of everyone present, those four notorious demons that had roamed freely for many years were directly annihilated by this sword qi, and they completely perished within this world.

“Dao… Dao Art!?” Everyone was shocked to speechlessness upon witnessing this scene. Some were even shocked to the point their lips trembled and their teeth couldn’t help but tremble, causing cracking sounds that were extremely conspicuous to be emitted within the silent atmosphere.

Dao Arts only existed in extraordinary powers. Not to mention Moontrace City, even if it was in the entire Stone Kingdom, there were very few like qilin horns and phoenix feathers that were able to grasp Dao Arts.

Most importantly, not only were Dao Arts rare, they were extremely difficult to cultivate and grasp. For example, an extraordinary power like the Nine Radiance Sword Sect only had a small portion of Elite Disciples that were capable of grasping Dao Arts. For example, Du Xuan who was one of the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had only grasped a single Dao Art now.

But the might of Dao Arts was indisputable, and it was even to the extent one was already capable of surmounting a realm to annihilate an enemy once one grasped a Dao Art!

In just an instant, the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi had changed, and it was a gaze of shock that carried a trace of reverence that was impossible to conceal. In their hearts, they seemed to have already taken Chen Xi to be a disciple of an extraordinary power.

Moreover, he was the type of Elite Disciple with a rather high status in an extraordinary power! The reason was extremely simple; a young man that was capable of grasping a Dao Art and casually annihilating five monstrous demons could only be fostered by an extraordinary power.

Chen Xi completely disregarded these gazes. His utilization of the Skycontrol Burial Sword to annihilate the four demons earlier had caused him to be slightly shocked in his heart. He completely never imagined that merely a single strike almost consumed half of the True Essence within his body!

Actually, the principal was extremely simple. The stronger the might of a Dao Art, it represented that its consumption of True Essence would be even more enormous. With his cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, if he didn’t rely on the assistance of medicinal pills to replenish his True Essence, then he would at most be able to execute it a few times before his True Essence would be completely exhausted.

Looks like I have to prepare more medicinal pills in the future… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. No wonder that the higher one’s cultivation is, the most difficult it is to advance in strength. Merely this sort of consumption is sufficient to stop most people on their path.


In the next moment, he’d already arrived before the corpse of Qu Mu, and he stretched out his hand to grab Qu Mu’s Soul Core and sealed it. After that, he raised his head and looked towards the distant Wu Zhichong, and a wisp of coldness suffused the corners of his mouth. “Wu Zhichong?”

Amongst the people present, only Wu Zhichong was a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, so Chen Xi utterly didn’t have to guess before confirming this person’s identity.

“Yes.” Wu Zhichong took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the astonishment in his heart as he cupped his fists and said, “Forgive me for asking, but may I know which sect Young Hero is from?”

“Oh? You don’t know where I came from?” Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto Wu Zhichong like a sharp blade. “Do you know why I came looking for you?”

Chen Xi’s voice was extremely light.

But Wu Zhichong heart went cold from hearing this because he was able to sense the monstrous killing intent contained within Chen Xi’s voice!

“This…” Wu Zhichong stared at Chen Xi, and his expression changed indeterminately.

“I know my Senior Brother Qing Yu isn’t here.” Chen Xi swept the surroundings of the Violetwind Sect with his gaze, and his gaze seemed to have already seen through all the secrets here. “But this matter is related to you. I can let you leave so long as you tell me who put you up to this, otherwise the entire Violetwind Sect will be buried along with you!”

Wu Zhichong’s expression suddenly changed because Chen Xi who’d grasped a Dao Art caused him to be extremely fearful, and he naturally understood that Chen Xi wasn’t exaggerating. Coupled with the terrifying sect that stood behind Chen Xi, it caused him to practically instantly understand that he didn’t have any room to choose.

However, if he were to tell everything to Chen Xi, he would similarly fall into a hopeless situation because this matter didn’t just involve the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

What should I do?

Wu Zhichong was in a difficult situation. He was only the sect master of a second-rate sect, and he deeply understood that he was already unable to make Chen Xi stay here forever. So, if he didn’t make a decision, then not to mention him, even the Violetwind Sect behind him would face a calamity in the future.

After all, no matter what, he’d colluded with the seven dark pheasant demons to harm an Elite Disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the end. Such actions were already sufficient for him to fall into eternal doom…

“Tell me everything and you might be able to escape now and have a chance at survival. If you continue to put up a desperate struggle, then you won’t have any chance of survival!” Chen Xi’s voice was like the final last straw that crushed a camel to death, and it made Wu Zhichong submit in the end.

“The Heavenflow Dao Sect, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect…” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and it was icy cold and ready to swallow his enemies up when he found out everything from Wu Zhichong.

He finally understood that it turned out that Senior Brother Qing Yu meeting misfortune was all because of him. Qing Yu was only bait for the sake of threatening him.

Moreover, the person who did all this was the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s East Radiance Peak’s Master, Yue Chi, with the cooperation of the Heavenflow Dao Sect!

In other words, Yue Chi had already formed an agreement with a great figure in the Heavenflow Dao Sect go against him.

Even though Wu Zhichong didn’t say who exactly the great figure in the Heavenflow Dao Sect was, Chen Xi utterly didn’t have to think before he determined that it was undoubtedly Bing Shitian!


On this day, the Violetwind Sect that resided in Moontrace City for a few hundred years was completely disbanded because of a great and unexpected event. The Sect Master, Wu Zhichong, had vanished without a trace, whereas its disciples had scattered and left Moontrace City.

On this day, besides Jiao Liang, all the other six demons of the seven dark pheasant demons of Pheasant God Ridge that possessed heavy crimes and had roamed freely for many years were annihilated.

All of this was done by a young man that came from an extraordinary power.

The identity of that young man was determined as well. Sure enough, he was a disciple of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he was called Chen Xi!

Moontrace City was only one of the 300 plus cities within Stone Kingdom, and it was inconspicuous. However, because of the incidents that occurred today, legends and allusions of Chen Xi would be passed down here for the next few thousands of years.

Some said he hated evil like poison, was a man of chivalry and virtue, and a champion of the people, and his annihilation of the seven dark pheasant demons brought great joy to the people.

Some said he was a god that wandered the heavens and the earth and saw injustice on his way, and he couldn’t bear seeing commoners suffering the scourge of demons, so he sent down divine punishment that annihilated all the seven dark pheasant demons.

All these legends of multiple views were even compiled into stories by the tea houses and spread throughout the streets, and the people took delight in talking about it.


All of these were things of the future. Presently, Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings under the cover of the night as he rushed with his entire strength towards the Pheasant God Ridge that was a few thousands of kilometers away from Moontrace City.

He held a Soul Core in his right hand, and it was the Soul Core of the seventh demon, Qu Mu. Earlier, only Qu Mu’s Soul Core was especially left behind by Chen Xi, whereas the Soul Cores of the other demons were completely annihilated by the Skycontrol Burial Sword.

“Will you speak or not?”

“Ptooey! Kill me if you have the balls!”

“Hmph! I’ll give you one final chance. Otherwise, I’ll completely refine your Soul Core, causing you to be unable to be reborn forever and completely vanish in this world.”

“Dream on!”

“Ah!!” A shrill and miserably cry sounded out, and it caused a chill to run down one’s spin.

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak! Please let me die faster! Please…” After a short moment, Qu Mu’s Soul Core was unable to endure Chen Xi’s extremely cruel methods of technique, and he let out a trace of an extremely weak pleading voice.

After that, he practically didn’t hesitate to speak about everything.

It turned out that it was just as Chen Xi had inferred. Qing Yu wasn’t eaten by these demons but entrapped within Pheasant God Ridge, and if nothing unexpected happened, Qing Yu was probably still alive and well now.

The reason it was like this was because there weren’t just the seven dark pheasant demons residing in Pheasant God Ridge, and there was also a real pure blooded Dark Pheasant!

A pure blooded Dark Pheasant was a famous peerless flying beast of the primeval times, and it was just like the Inferno Crane and Heavenswallow Sparrow, it was terrifying to the point of capable of becoming an overlord that looked down arrogantly upon an expanse of land, and it was ferocious to the point it even dared to go against gods.

But according to what Qu Mu said, the pure blooded Dark Pheasant that resided on Pheasant God Ridge only possessed a strength at the Nether Transformation Realm, and it hadn’t matured yet.

Besides that, the reason for capturing Qing Yu was extremely simple. The pure blooded Dark Pheasant intended to use Qing Yu’s body to refine a formidable magic treasure!The reason was because Qing Yu was a descendant of the Azure Phoenix Clan, and he was a rare pure blooded Azure Phoenix. An existence like this was rare even in the Azure Phoenix Clan.

It was precisely because of this that the seven dark pheasant demons had deceived Wu Zhichong and said that they’d already eaten Qing Yu, and they were unwilling to hand him over to Wu Zhichong to deal with.

As for exactly what magic treasure that pure blooded Dark Pheasant was refining, even Qu Mu didn’t know clearly. After all, according to the differentiation within their clan, the seven of them were only from a branch of the Dark Pheasant Clan and didn’t possess pure bloodlines.


After he found out about everything, Chen Xi directly destroyed Qu Mu’s Soul Core before speeding up and arriving instantly before a mountain ridge that was enveloped in black mist.

This mountain ridge was like a ferocious beast winding on the ground. It was coiled with surging black mist, emitted demonic qi that shot into the sky, and it emanated an evil and piercingly cold aura. When looked at from afar, it was capable of making one feel extremely horrified.

This was Pheasant God Ridge, the lair of the seven dark pheasant demons, and practically no living being dared approach to a distance of 500km near this place, causing it to seem extremely ghastly.

Strange, with Ling Bai’s strength and the Dao Arts of the Nirvana Sword Sect he possesses, he ought to be unafraid of a pure blooded Dark Pheasant at the Nether Transformation Realm. Why did he allow Senior Brother Qing Yu to be trapped here…? Chen Xi looked at Pheasant God Ridge from afar and pondered for a moment. After that, his figure instantly flashed out like a flowing light, and he arrived silently on Pheasant God Ridge.

At the same time, his extremely deep Divine Sense stretched out and instantly enveloped the entire mountain ridge, and his eyes instantly lit up after searching for a long time.

There was actually a spacious and quiet abode in the depths of the mountainside, and a middle aged man with a withered appearance, sharp brows, and thin lips was sitting cross-legged within the abode.

This middle aged man wore a black robe, his fingers were thin like bamboos, and his sharp fingernails were suffused with a chilly black light. Strands of the glow of sin coiled around his body, and he looked extremely evil and cold.

If Chen Xi wasn’t wrong, this person was probably the eldest of the seven dark pheasant demons — Jiao Liang!

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