Chapter 594 – Goldlight of Deliverance

Such mighty and decisive methods of annihilating one of the demons from the seven dark pheasant demons with a single strike instantly shocked everyone present.

Never had these cultivators of Moontrace City seen such a ferocious existence that killed others easily like slaughtering a chicken, and it caused them to even doubt if that was even really one of the seven dark pheasant demons...

After all, these notorious demons had wreaked havoc on these lands for too many years, and they rarely lost. Moreover, there were countless people who’d come to annihilate them, yet the outcome was failure.

Gradually, everyone had taken the seven dark pheasant demons to be existences that couldn’t be defeated. How could they have imagined that they would see such a shocking scene today?

“Seventh brother!”

“You’re courting death!”

“Make a move together and kill this kid to take revenge for seventh brother!”

Yin Xiong and the others cried out with sorrow and rage, and they revealed savage expressions while the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were already cruel and resentful to the limit. They wished for nothing more than to slice Chen Xi up and eat him alive.

In the next moment, these remaining four demons had made a move.


Glows that were like seas of blood gushed out explosively from their bodies, and it was filled with a ghastly, evil, and bloody aura that was shocking and dense to the point of seeming material.

Besides that, an extremely jet black bone floated up above their heads. These bones were only palm sized, completely jet black, and suffused with circle after circle of the glow of sins while emitting surging killing intent.


In the next moment, these four jet black bones soared into the sky and formed into a Four-Symbol formation before swiftly smashing down at Chen Xi.

“Minor Four-Symbol Souldevouring Blood Formation!” An exclaim of shock sounded out from within the crowd. Obviously, this person had recognized the origins of this strike.

The seven dark pheasant demons were actually transformed into human form from Dark Pheasant Demons. This jet black bone was their innate bone that was refined by them for countless years, and it was their strongest magic treasure.

Most formidable of it all was that they were skilled in forming slaughter formations. With two people cooperating with each other, they would form the Minor Yang Seizing Formation; with three people cooperating with each other, they would form the Minor Tri-Factor Soulslash Formation, and so on and so forth.

When all seven of them were gathered together, they were even capable of executing the Minor Sevenstar Soul Annihilation Formation, and it was capable of easily annihilating a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator!

At this moment, even though the Minor Four-Symbol Souldevouring Blood Formation they executed was inferior to the Minor Sevenstar Soul Annihilation Formation, its might was still shockingly formidable. If an ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator encountered it, then the cultivator would be instantly annihilated, have his soul devoured, his Vital Blood extracted, and finally transform into a human shaped piece of skin.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed to avoid this strike. Even though all these demons had cultivations that were inferior to him, the set of magic treasures in their possessions weren’t simple, and it contained a glow of sin that was capable of taking one’s soul away. It was absolutely a great weapon of slaughter that far surpassed ordinary heaven-rank magic treasures.

A set of magic treasures like this at least required the killing of a few hundred thousand living beings and absorbing their souls and Vital Blood before being able to be refined to such an extent. Merely the aura of sin that was emitted from it could drag away the soul of another, and it was extremely evil and strange.


A jet black bone tore through the sky towards Chen Xi. It was only palm sized yet emitted a boundless glow of sin, causing it to seem like a divine light of sin that soared up from the depths of hell while carrying monstrous killing intent.


Chen Xi flicked his finger, and it emitted a sharp and heavy clang when it struck onto the jet black bone before blasting the bone flying. But the bone wasn’t shattered, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from being slightly surprised.

After all, with his current strength, it was sufficient for him to easily shatter a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure, yet he was unable to shatter this bone. Thus, it obviously showed to exactly how formidable the extent to which this bone had been refined.

At the same time, the other three jet black bones shot over successively with monstrous jet black lights that surged like a torrent, and it enveloped the entire expanse of the heavens and the earth in an extremely dark mist.

The mist actually transformed into numerous skeletons and ghosts that emitted savage shrill cries, and they covered the heavens and the earth, causing this place to seem like a ghastly ghost realm.

Swish! Swish!

The nearby buildings, streets, plants… At the instant all of them were enveloped within the mist, they were instantly corroded rapidly, causing them to be riddled in holes, and the entire ground was an extremely terrifying scene of desolation.

The nearby Violetwind Sect disciples and all the spectators were shocked to the point of retreating successively, as they were deeply afraid they would be affected by the black mist that surged like an evil spirit.

Some people weren’t able to escape in time, and just slightly breathing in a trace of the black mist caused the skin on their entire bodies to instantly collapse down as their bones broke inch by inch. Their entire bodies instantly transformed into a pool of dense jet black liquid, and the scene of their death was extremely tragic.

“Hahaha! Kid, now that you’ve already been trapped within the mist of the Minor Four-Symbol Souldevouring Blood Formation, your entire body will be corroded within moments, and your soul and Vital Blood will be completely refined before you transform into a vengeful spirit that’s unable to die a natural death for eternity!”

“I heard that you’re a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect? Sects like yours praise themselves to be righteous sects and take annihilating evil and devils as their duty. They’re most unable to tolerate innocents being harmed.”

“So let me tell you that even if you’re able to break through this mist, you’ll be unable to completely obliterate this mist formed from the glow of sin. Conversely, this mist will spread towards the surroundings, and all living beings that are affected by it would transform into a pool of pus, whereas their souls will be seized by us instead to improve our own strengths!”

“So for the sake of all the innocent people present here, you should give up struggling and die obediently. Hahaha!”

The four demons couldn’t help but roar with savage laughter when they saw Chen Xi had fallen into the dense mist, and their faces were warped while revealing complacency. This was their trump card, and they’d annihilated countless beings by relying on this move.

After all, this cultivation technique was too evil and overbearing. Once it was executed, everything in an area of 500km would be obliterated! Even if one was only slightly tainted by a trace of the mist, one would instantly transform into a pool of pus on the spot!

They weren’t worried about the fate of others, but were worried instead that they would accidentally harm someone they shouldn’t offend because the consequences were something they would be unable to bear.

If it wasn’t for their seventh brother, Qu Mu’s, death, they wouldn’t dare casually execute this technique in Moontrace City either.

“These bastards actually executed the Minor Four-Symbol Souldevouring Blood Formation in my territory!” In the distance, the expression of Wu Zhichong who’d always been watching the battle here instantly sank as he burst into rage, and he simply wished for nothing more than to kill these ignorant idiots.

Most infuriating to him was that these dark pheasant demons had exposed themselves in his territory, so how would the Violetwind Sect maintain its foothold in Moontrace City once others were to find out about this?

If the Nine Radiance Sword Sect finds out that one of their disciples died miserably in my territory, then what should I do?

Truly a group of idiots!

Wu Zhichong gnashed his teeth with extreme hatred.

After that, he sighed powerlessly and muttered. “Forget it. If it really comes to that, then I’ll silence everyone that saw the incident today…” Killing intent was already radiating from his eyes when he finished speaking.

Right at this moment, it wasn’t just the four demon but even Wu Zhichong firmly believed that Chen Xi who’d fallen into the mist formed from the glow of sin would already die for sure.

However, suddenly, an expanse of dazzling and resplendent golden light charged directly into the sky from within the surging and jet black mist that enveloped the heavens and the earth, and it was extremely vast and like a blazing sun rising slowly into the sky.

This is…

All the four demons were stunned, and the savage smiles on their faces froze.

Wu Zhichong’s figure stiffened as a wisp of bewilderment appeared on his face.

Even those Violetwind Sect disciples and the spectators that had dodged extremely far away since long ago had noticed this scene. After all, this golden light was too vast and brilliant like the sun, and it was extremely dazzling and impossible to overlook.


An enormous bang that resounded in the nine heavens sounded out as a golden lotus platform suddenly arose from within the surging mist. It was large like a mountain, emanated dazzling golden light, and strands of chanting sounded out from it like the chanting of the gods and rumbling of the Grand Dao.

For a time, then entire heavens and the earth surged with a grand aura that eliminated and suppressed all evil.

Shockingly, Chen Xi’s tall and majestic figure stood on the lotus platform. His clothes and long hair fluttered in the wind, and he seemed like a child of god that was born with a lotus platform beneath his feet.

This fellow is actually alive!

Everyone including the four demons and Wu Zhichong gasped when they saw this scene, and they revealed astounded expressions from their eyes.

Hiss! Hiss!

At the instant the lotus platform appeared, the mist that enveloped the heavens and the earth was instantly like night that had encountered sunlight, like ice that encountered boiling water, and it emitted a wave of extremely ear piercing shrill cries that seemed to be howling for mercy and revealed the intention of struggling and fleeing.

However, all of this was futile under the illumination of the lotus platform’s golden light.

Everyone noticed clearly that the numerous skeleton and ghosts the mist had transformed into were completely crushed, incinerated, and obliterated. Not to mention fleeing, even a trace of the mist was unable to escape the envelopment of the golden light.

This was precisely the might of the 12 Lotus Platform Deliverance. Perhaps it wasn’t the slightest bit different when utilized against an enemy, yet if it was utilized to annihilate evil and ghosts, then it was a great weapon of slaughter that exceeded one’s imaginations, and it possesses peerless might that was shocking to the extreme.

In just an instant, all of the mist was obliterated, and only four jet black bones were still struggling bitterly. But one could clearly notice that the glow of sin contained within these bones was being obliterated at an extremely swift speed, and it wouldn’t be long before these bones would completely lose their might.

“Dammit! Why is it like this?”

“What a terrifying gold light! It actually innately counters all evil!”

“Shit! Quickly take back your innate bones or it’ll be too late!”

The four demons were dazzled by the string of changes to the situation, and their minds were muddled. At this moment, when they saw their innate bones that they’d refined painstakingly for countless years were about to be obliterated, they were instantly terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies, and they made a move in unison with the intention of taking these bones back.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Chen Xi raised his hand and made a grabbing gesture, and then those four jet black bones instantly seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning and shattered into pieces in unison before being incinerated completely by the golden light of the lotus platform without leaving a single bit behind.


The four demons instantly spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence, causing their countenance to be pale to the point of seeming translucent, and their bodies were on the verge of collapse. The shattering of their innate bones caused them to suffer a heavy injury as well.

However, they couldn’t care about all this at this moment. Chen Xi’s terrifying ability had already scared them out of their wits since long ago, and the experience they’d gained from years of battles made them practically instinctively flee towards the distance.


A cold light appeared abruptly. In the sky, an extremely sharp sword qi that carried the might of the heavens and the earth gushed out, and it slashed through space itself as it struck towards the four demons.

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