Chapter 592 – Paying A Visit Domineeringly

The Violetwind Sect was only a second-rate sect that had just risen for less than a few hundred years, and the highest cultivation in the sect was the Nether Transformation Realm which was possessed only by its Sect Master, Wu Zhichong.

The cultivation of the elders in this sect were all around the Rebirth Realm.

As for its disciples, practically all of them possessed cultivations at the Golden Core Realm or below. But their number was extremely large and there were more than 10,000 of them. Even though there were good and bad mixed amongst these disciples, this number was able to deter many people.

For example, these were a myriad of second-rate sects within the Stone Kingdom, and comparatively speaking, the Violetwind Sect could still be considered to be one of the comparatively famous sects amongst them.

The key was that the sect master of the Violetwind Sect, Wu Zhichong, was a discarded disciple of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Heavenflow Dao Sect. Even though he wasn’t the slightest bit related to the Heavenflow Dao Sect now, yet this background caused no one to dare look down upon him.

After all, the Heavenflow Dao Sect was an ancient paradise that had existed for an extremely long time and was even ranked amongst the 10 great immortal sects, and its awe-inspiring fame shook the entire Dark Reverie.

Even though Wu Zhichong was a discarded disciple, he’d still cultivated in the Heavenflow Dao Sect all those years ago all the same, so he surely knew many figures of the Heavenflow Dao Sect. Under these circumstances, would anyone still dare look down upon him?

Especially in Moontrace City, Violetwind City was absolutely a supreme ruler that stood towering for a few hundred years until now, and not a single person or power was capable of shaking it.

The territory of the Violetwind Sect was extremely large and practically occupied the entire southeast area of Moontrace City, and it consisted of row upon rows of large and vast buildings. Even though it wasn’t constructed on a spirit vein in the depths of a mountain, it possessed a lofty and vast aura that was extraordinary.

When looked at from afar, the entire Violetwind Sect was simply like an independent city!

At this moment, the veil of the night had descended. Violetwind Sect was illuminated by the flames of lanterns and seemed as if it was day, and the various clamorous noise that faintly sounded out from within caused it to seem extremely bustling.

“Second Senior Brother, you’ve returned? Did you encounter a lover when you went out today?”

“Haha! The North Garden’s seventh senior brother has returned as well. Please enter, quickly. Martial uncle is looking for you.”

Before the grand entrance of Violetwind Sect, there were a few disciples walking in while the disciples by that were on guard by the side of the entrance hurriedly bowed and greeted them.

“Hmm? Who’re you? Leave, quickly! If you want to enter the sect, then come back tomorrow morning!” Instantly, a guard noticed a figure that walked out from the distant shadows, and he shouted right away when he saw the figure didn’t show the slightest intention of stopping. “Stop! Quickly! Don’t blame us for being ruthless if you trespass into our Violetwind Sect!”

As soon as this loud shout resounded out, it instantly caused a row of black clothed disciples to gush out from the tower atop the entrance. They wore armor, held treasures of various colors in their hands, had murderous gazes, and revealed hostile expressions.


The person that emerged from the shadows was precisely Chen Xi. He suddenly charged up into the heaven and directly charged onto the lofty tower atop the entrance while a terrifying wave of air surged out from his body and swept out. The row of black clothed disciples that were originally standing on the tower felt their entire bodies shake before they were directly blasted flying out of the tower.

Instantly, only Chen Xi stood on the tower.

All the black clothed disciples fell down and were bruised by the fall, causing them to ceaselessly emit shrill cries. Moreover, countless bones in their bodies had been broken, causing them to lay collapsed on the ground and be incapable of standing up.

Actually, all of them possessed cultivations that made it utterly impossible for them to be injured from merely falling from the tower. It was mainly because they were caught of guard and blasted by the terrifying blast of air from Chen Xi’s body, and this is what caused them to suffer a loss.

“What…what happened?”

“He… He… Could it be that he wants to challenge my Violetwind Sect by himself?”

All the guards before the entrance looked at Chen Xi who was on the tower with stunned expressions of disbelief because a young man had actually come and caused trouble in the territory of their Violetwind Sect under the cover of the night sky.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had already flashed into the sky and directly made a move. He disregarded all these people as he stretched out his hand and slapped out with an enormous palm that was extremely vast and emitted blazing divine light, and it rumbled as it struck towards the vast tower atop the entrance.

This tower was protected by a grand formation and was covered in talisman markings. However, under the strike of Chen Xi, it was instantly crushed apart and crumbled like a piece of paper.

This was the Violetwind Sect’s entrance and represented a sort of dignity. Now, it had actually be crushed with a single slap!

Such an unexpected event instantly drew the intention of some of the nearby cultivators, causing them to be extremely shocked. Who is this person? He actually dared to crush the Violetwind Sect’s entrance?

Chen Xi stood in midair while his clothes and long hair fluttered in the wind, and he shouted coldly. “Quickly hand over my Senior Brother Qing Yu. Otherwise, the Violetwind Sect will forever be eliminated from the cultivation world from today onward!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that surged into the surroundings, and it was like the furious roar of a Fiendgod. The ears of all the guards that were originally standing around the entrance and some people that were passing by hurt to the point they covered their ears, and they fled towards all directions in unison.

This voice was so loud that it even sounded out to every single corner of Moontrace City.

The experts of the Violetwind Sect that guarded nearby the entrance were astounded and completely dumbstruck. He wants to eliminate my Violetwind Sect from the cultivation world? Exactly how mighty must he be to dare speak such words?

After all, this was the dignified Violetwind Sect, the master of the entire Moontrace City!

Who dared to come cause trouble here!?

Everyone was stunned and felt disbelief. He’s only a young man, is he tired of living?

“You… Who’re you? Do you want to die!?” The guards at the entrance shouted angrily. This is going too far! What sort of place do you think our Violetwind Sect is?

They used these roars to vent the astonishment and rage in their hearts.

“Fuck off if you don’t want to die!” Chen Xi replied coldly before he raised his hand once more, and he was still domineering and overbearing as he caused another enormous hand that covered the sky to slap down.


The buildings in the nearby vicinity of 3km were crushed into pieces while rocks that were the size of millstones shot out in all directions, and smoke shot into the sky.

The disciples of the Violetwind Sect were instantly stunned. Isn’t he too arrogant? What does he think the Violetwind Sect is? Does he think he can destroy as he pleases?

“Everyone, make a move together and kill this person!” An explosive shout resounded out.


In the next moment, various magic treasures charged into the sky while the glow of various martial techniques flickered and surged, and it illuminated the heavens and the earth to the point it seemed like daytime.

However, Chen Xi flipped his palm and merely pressed down, and it caused the various attacks that flashed out explosively from all over this expanse of space to be completely obliterated and disperse into the surroundings. They were utterly incapable of harming even a hair on his body.

“How formidable!” Everyone was terrified, and they finally felt a trace of uneasiness.

But all of this didn’t cause them to stop, and they charged up once more, seeming to be rather valiant. They firmly believed that so long as they delayed Chen Xi for a moment longer, the elders of the sect would surely arrive and annihilate this kid.


Chen Xi didn’t take these people seriously. He flew down to stomp onto the ground with force!

The ground in the surroundings started to quake abruptly as a great amount of cracks started appearing on the nearby buildings, and a large amount of rocks started falling from them. Everywhere the eye could see, 10% of the buildings within Violetwind Sect had started to collapse, and it seemed as if the Violetwind Sect had suffered a violent earthquake.

Moreover, the aftershock of this was still stretching out ceaselessly in all directions. Expanse after expanse of cracks stretched out like spider webs, and they transformed expanse after expanse of buildings into ruins.

At this moment, the Violetwind Sect was filled with figures running hastily while extremely furious curses resounded out from everywhere. It was a scene of complete chaos and panic.

“If I don’t see my Senior Brother Qing Yu after three breaths of time passes, then bear the consequences!” When facing this scene of panic that seemed as if the end of the world had arrived, Chen Xi who was the concerned party was indifferent to the extreme, and he spoke out once more to warn everyone in the Violetwind Sect.

When he made a move earlier, Chen Xi had already thought through it clearly. Even if Senior Brother Qing Yu wasn’t in the Violetwind Sect, his disappearance was surely related to the Violetwind Sect.

The reason was extremely simple. The third demon Lu Chong of the seven dark pheasant demons dared to swagger about in Moontrace City yet the Violetwind Sect acted as if it didn’t notice, so there was surely a secret relationship between the two.

Even if Lu Chong’s appearance this time was only a coincidence, but the Pheasant God Ridge was just outside Moontrace City, so how could the Violetwind Sect not know that there were monsters that brought disaster by their sides?

Since these two powers were capable of existing together peacefully until now, they had surely arrived at some sort of agreement in private, and it was even to the extent they might have formed an alliance.

Coupled with everything Lu Chong had said before he died, it caused Chen Xi to firmly believe that the disappearance of Qing Yu was surely related to the Violetwind Sect!

Moreover, this was similarly the reason that caused him to be furious. A tiny little second-rate sect dared to act against a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. This was simply like plucking a tooth out of the mouth of a tiger.

Three breaths of time!

All the disciples of the Violetwind Sect couldn’t help but feel terrified in their hearts when they heard Chen Xi’s warning, and they hurriedly returned to report this matter to the higher-ups. Because after they experienced their initial terror, they already noticed that this matter wasn’t simple, and even though the enemy was only a young man, he might cause huge trouble for the sect.


Wu Zhichong was with guests in a secret chamber.

This so-called secret chamber was a safe and extremely concealed place. A place where they didn’t have to worry about any information leaking out nor worry about being overheard.

But his brows were knit tightly now, and his expression was slightly gloomy as he swept the five fellows covered in monstrous fiendish qi before him and said with displeasure, “If it wasn’t for me protecting all of you wholeheartedly, do all of you think the Pheasant God Ridge would be able to exist until now?”

Exactly, the five people opposite him were five of the seven dark pheasant demons. Besides the eldest Jiao Liang and the third Lu Chong, all of them were gathered here.

“Hmph! Isn’t it just a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect? So what if we’ve eaten him, aren’t you making a fuss about a little thing?” The second demon, Yin Xiong, spoke indifferently.

Eaten! Wu Zhichong thundered with rage, and he gritted his teeth and said, “A disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect isn’t anything much, but do all of you know who I’m working for? It’s the Heavenflow Dao Sect! That kid is extremely useful to the Heavenflow Dao Sect yet all of you have actually eaten him! You’re simply…simply idiotic!”

The Heavenflow Dao Sect!

The eyes of the five demons squinted when they heard this. They knew that this old fellow Wu Zhichong was a discarded disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and if what he said was true, then it would really be slightly troublesome.

If the Heavenflow Dao Sect wanted to annihilate them, it only had to stretch out a finger, and it would be sufficient to make them die a graveless death.

But when they thought of that matter their Big Brother Jiao Liang was taking care of, they couldn’t be bother to care about the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and they shrugged. “There’s nothing we can do. He has already been eaten, you can’t ask us to spit out his flesh, right?”

“All of you…are simply bastards!” Wu Zhichong was on the verge of exploding because he knew that this matter wasn’t just related to the Heavenflow Dao Sect but was even related to an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. So if it wasn’t dealt with properly, he would surely be unable to escape calamity!

“Sect Master, the situation is bad! Someone has threatened that if we don’t hand over a fellow called Qing Yu, then he’ll crush our Violetwind Sect. Presently, our sect’s disciples are on the verge of being unable to hold him off…” Right at this moment, a voice transmission entered the secret chamber and entered into the ears of Wu Zhichong. This was simply like a bolt of lightning that struck down from the clear blue sky, and it shocked him to the point his soul almost left his body.

A member of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect has come!?

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