Chapter 591 – A Flash

Borrow his head?

The surrounding cultivators gasped when they heard this before casting glances at each other. This tone… is simply even more arrogant than that Cloudwater Sect’s Fang Xingzhou!

Who’s this young man?

Where’s he from?

Could it be that he’s from a great sect like that Fang Xingzhou?

There were countless young disciples from various sects that came to Moontrace City every day with the intention of annihilating the seven dark pheasant demons, and it was either for the sake of making a name for themselves or for the sake of completing an assignment of their sect.

But after so many years, the seven dark pheasant demons were still alive and well, whereas those disciples hadn’t even become famous yet had already vanished completely from the world without even leaving a corpse behind.

This young man will probably be unable to escape such a miserable end, right?

Everyone didn’t look favorably upon Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent they couldn’t bear to look. Arrogance was a resource of the young, yet at some times, being too arrogant might cause one’s death…

Lu Chong’s face twitched fiercely instead because he sensed that this person was unlike the others. Chen Xi’s calm and unhurried manner of speaking caused him to feel a sense of danger, and it seemed as if something terrifying was about to occur.

But in next to no time, he’d denied this thought. How could that be possible? He’s only a young man. Perhaps he’s just making an empty show of strength.

When he thought up to here, Lu Chong grinned savagely. “Kid, my head is right here. It just depends on if you have the ability to take it!”


As he spoke, he’d already soared into the sky while boundless bloody lights rumbled and surged around his body, and then a roiling and roaring palm pressed down fiercely towards the distant Chen Xi.

The gusts of wind emitted from the palm strike were extremely brutal and bloody, and they corroded space itself while they raged throughout the surroundings. There was even the terrifying phenomena of the sounds of ghosts wailing and demons roaring restlessly, and it seemed to have enveloped the entire heavens and earth within a horrifying and ghastly sea of blood.

“Bloodsoul Myriad Demon Seal!”

“This is the incomplete Dao Art Lu Chong has been cultivating for many years, and it’s already something than an ordinary martial technique is unable to go against.”

“Retreat! Quickly! Neither man nor ghost can escape death beneath the Bloodsoul Myriad Demon Seal!”

The expressions of everyone went ghastly pale when they saw this, and they turned and fled without the slightest hesitation. They feared that being the slightest bit slow would cause them to be affected by the gusts of winds emitted by this terrifying palm.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out. All the buildings on the side of the street in a 3km radius collapsed into pieces while the ground was riddled with holes. The crowd of people that had fled slightly slower were directly swallowed up by the surging bloody light, and they didn’t even let out shrill cries before vanishing completely.

When they looked once more at where Chen Xi stood, it had already transformed into a rift that was like an abyss, and it was bottomless and completely desolate without the slightest sign of life.

“Hahaha! You dare challenge your grandfather with such little ability? You’re truly reckless. You better be more perceptive when you’re reborn in your next lifetime!” Lu Chong roared with extremely hearty laughter.

He was worried that Chen Xi had some sort of trump card earlier, so he executed his ultimate move, the Bloodsoul Myriad Demon Seal, right away and with his full strength. Never had he imagined that the kid would actually be unable to endure even a single move and be directly blasted into pieces!

The only regretful thing was that after his opponent was blasted to pieces, the treasures in his opponent’s possessions would have surely been blasted apart as well, and this caused Lu Chong to sigh with extreme regret.

All the spectating cultivators that had retreated far away glanced at each other when they saw this, and all of them sighed in their hearts. Sure enough, it was another fledgling that gave his life away. He was actually unable to resist a single move before being blasted apart.

But it wasn’t a total loss because he was able to die under Lu Chong’s Bloodsoul Myriad Demon Seal. After all, the disciples of the various sects from before didn’t even have the chance to force Lu Chong to execute this move before being killed cruelly.


However, right when Lu Chong intended to plunder the treasures in Fang Xingzhou’s possession, his entire body suddenly went still as if he’d turned into a clay statue.

In his pupils, a wisp of an extremely dazzling and resplendent sword light suddenly exploded out, whereas within his field of vision, the tall Chen Xi appeared silently like a flowing ray of light, and Chen Xi flashed past his eyes with a speed that could completely compare to teleportation.


A wisp of scarlet red and hot blood sprayed out, and it was tragic and shocking.

“You…didn’t…die…yet…?” Lu Chong’s pupils dilated as his hands held tightly onto his neck, and his expression was filled with fury and terror.

Most horrifying of it all was that every single time he spoke a word, a fountain of blood would shoot out from his neck, and when he finished speaking the final word, his head fell off directly like a ripe melon before his body crashed to the ground.


A hand stretched out and directly grabbed onto Lu Chong’s bloody head, and then Chen Xi glanced at the headless corpse on the ground and was unable to restrain from shaking his head as he said indifferently, “I similarly forgot to tell you that I’ve advanced to the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm since a long time ago…”

Regrettably, Lu Chong was cunning, crafty, and careful his entire lifetime, yet he still gave his life away to carelessness in the end.

Of course, no matter how careful he was, his life already ceased to belong to him after Chen Xi decided to kill him. This was absolutely strength, an absolute advantage, and it couldn’t be supplemented.

Everyone in the surroundings were instantly shocked to the point of being flabbergasted, and their mouths gaped.

Earlier, they thought that Chen Xi had already been blasted apart to death. Never had they imagined that in the blink of an eye, not only would Chen Xi have appeared completely unharmed before them, he would cut off Lu Chong’s head instead!

It was even to the extent that they didn’t even see how Chen Xi struck!

That sort of speed had simply surpassed all their imaginations, and it caused them to feel disbelief.

A head drops to the ground with a single strike. What sort of direct and terrifying sword technique is this? He’s like the god of death from hell, and he’d already taken a life away while everyone was taken by surprise!

“This young man is extremely terrifying!” A cultivator spoke with a heavy expression.

“Lu Chong roamed freely for so many years, yet perished completely under this strike. Exactly how formidable must one’s strength be to achieve this?” Another person spoke with shock as well.

“This person wouldn’t be a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, right? I seem to see the shadow of Du Xuan on him. They’re both young, and both kill for sure if they make a move.”

“Du Xuan? That’s one of the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, a genius expert of the Nethercrow Clan. Is this kid before us really so strong?”

“Even if he isn’t stronger than Du Xuan, he isn’t much inferior.”


The people in the surroundings whispered in animated discussion.

Chen Xi naturally heard their discussions and couldn’t help but be slightly amused. If these fellows knew that even Du Xuan has lost at my hand, I wonder what they would think?

At the same time, he deeply understood the influence of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Even the reputation of a disciple like Du Xuan was capable of spreading to a remote city five million kilometers away. The strength of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s might was obvious from this.

In next to no time, he placed his attention onto Lu Chong.

Presently, even though Lu Chong had turned into a headless corpse, his Soul Core still existed. Moreover, because he’d committed too much murder, the glow of sin on him seemed material. Even the six paths of reincarnation wouldn’t accept a villain like this, so it was naturally impossible for him to be reborn.

Of course, Lu Chong could seize another body and revive himself. But unfortunately, Chen Xi would absolutely not allow him to get his wish.


In the next moment, Chen Xi stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion. A shapeless and enormous hand flew out to directly ‘scoop’ out a phantom from Lu Chong’s corpse, and it was precisely Lu Chong’s Soul Core.

“Bastard! Quickly let your grandfather go! Otherwise, once those big brothers of mine find out, they’ll surely pluck out your tendons, tear off your skin, burn your bones, and scatter your ashes! They’ll completely crush and kill you!” Lu Chong’s Soul Core howled sharply. But no matter how he struggled, he was grasped tightly by Chen Xi and didn’t have the slightest chance of escaping.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi frowned as he felt that even though Lu Chong was unable to escape, there was a jet black energy of sin gushing towards his body from Lu Chong’s Soul Core, and it seemed to want to corrode and devour his Vital Blood and soul.

“Lotus Platform Technique, all lotus platforms are one, clear divine light, annihilate all evil!” In the next moment, a dazzling and resplendent lotus platform suddenly flew out from Chen Xi’s hand, and it emitted extremely blazing golden light that possessed a sacred aura of cleansing the word and annihilating all evil.

This was a Dao Art that came from the Allheaven Truth, and it was called the 12 Lotus Platform Deliverance. It was capable of crushing evil and specialized in obliterating extremely evil cultivation techniques.

During the time of over a year that he was in closed door cultivation within the world of stars, Chen Xi had already comprehended and grasped many Dao Arts, and this 12 Lotus Platform Deliverance was one of them.

Supposedly, when this Dao Art was executed after being cultivated to the highest stage, it was capable of eliminating calamities of the world, wiping out evil, and crushing sin, and it was boundlessly divine.


Just like pouring oil into a hot wok, as soon as Lu Chong’s Soul Core was enveloped by the dazzling golden light emitted by the lotus platform, it instantly started trembling violently while the jet black glow of sin were completely incinerated, and it hurt to the point Lu Chong let out a wave of extremely shrill cries as he begged repeatedly and endlessly for mercy.

Once the glow of sin was eliminated, his Soul Core would wither completely, lose its intelligence, and dissipate in the heavens and the earth. Not to mention seizing the body of another to achieve rebirth, it would even be impossible for him to be reborn in another lifetime!

This was true inability to be reborn forever. No matter if it was to human cultivators or to the other races, it was the worst outcome that they were unable to accept, and it was more painful than killing them.

“Tell me, where’s the disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that came to Moontrace City a few days ago?” Chen Xi asked coldly.

“You… You’re a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!?” Lu Chong cried out with shock.

“If you speak any more nonsense, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Chen Xi glanced at the lotus platform in his hand before he spoke indifferently.

“Will you let me live if I speak?” Lu Chong begged.

Chen Xi didn’t continue speaking and used the lotus platform to crush Lu Chong’s Soul Core once more, and this continued until the latter howled miserably over and over again. In the end, Lu Chong was unable to endure this incomparable pain and revealed everything.


After he found out everything he wanted to know, Chen Xi annihilated Lu Chong’s Soul Core with a raise of his hand, and then he flashed off to leave the scene.

After a short moment, at the southeast area of Moontrace City and the place where the Violetwind Sect resided.

According to what Lu Chong said, Senior Brother Qing Yu is actually being trapped here. Isn’t this too strange? Could it be that Lu Chong knew that he would die and intentionally schemed to draw me here? A tall figure arrived silently near the Violetwind Sect under the cover of the night, and he muttered while looking at the distant grand buildings that were illuminated brightly. But even if it’s the lair of a dragon, it looks like I can only make a trip…

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