Chapter 590 – Lend Me Your Head

Amidst an atmosphere of silence, the stalwart middle aged man laughed gloomily as he looked at a few cultivators at a nearby table. “Was it all of you who were talking bad about your grandfather earlier?”

The faces of those cultivators had turned ashen from terror since long ago, and they were terrified to the point of almost falling to the floor. Their bodies even trembled abruptly when they heard this, and they waved their hands repeatedly. “No, no. we absolutely…absolutely didn’t say anything bad about Senior.”

Their teeth were emitting cracking sounds from rubbing together, and they spoke intermittently as well. Obviously, they were greatly terrified.

“Hmph! All of you still deceive your grandfather at a time like this. Your crimes really deserve death!” The stalwart middle aged man grunted coldly as baleful qi surged explosively in his entire body, and then jet black lights flowed on his body, causing him to seem as if he’d walked out from a sea of blood and mountain of corpses. Merely this dense killing intent caused them to feel as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice and caused their breathing to become difficult.

However, right when everyone thought he was about to make a move, he suddenly turned around and glanced towards the side. “Who’re you? You seem to have been staring at me for a long time?”

The person he looked at was a young man in an embroidered robe, and the young man’s chin raised slightly when he heard this before he said arrogantly, “You’re the third demon, Lu Chong, of the seven dark pheasant demons?”

“Exactly.” The stalwart middle aged man liked his lower lip as he laughed gloomily.

“Looks like my luck isn’t bad, and I’ve encountered you as soon as I entered Moontrace City. Very good, I can return to the sect and hand in the assignment after I kill you.” The young man in an embroidered robe spoke casually. “Now, I’ll give you two choices. The first, you slit your own throat; the second, I’ll make a move myself. Choose one of the two.”

Everyone in the restaurant was stunned when they heard this. What an arrogant young man. He actually dared say he wants to kill the third demon, Lu Chong, of the seven dark pheasant demons? He’s simply courting death!

Most of them were cultivators of Moontrace City, and they knew Lu Chong’s strength extremely well. No only did he possess a cultivation at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, the key was that he was an extremely ruthless and vicious person that was bloodthirsty by nature. There were rumors that said that more than 100 thousand people had died at his hand!

How could such a ferocious figure that was like a god of murder be an existence that anyone could kill?

On the other hand, Chen Xi had finally confirmed the identity of this stalwart middle aged man, and just like the young man in an embroidered robe, he felt it was a great coincidence that he actually found Lu Chong without even searching.

“Hahaha…” Lu Chong suddenly roared with laughter that was sharp, gloomy, and ear piercing, and a wisp of pity suffused his cruel gaze. “Pitiable, truly fucking pitiable. A tiny human at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm actually dared to brag like this. You’re simply tired of living! Based on your dressing, you ought to be a Core Disciple of the Cloudwater Sect. Unfortunately, you can’t be saved today even if the seniors of your sect come!”

He’d killed countless people like flies and was frequently pursued by the disciples of the various sects yet he was still able life safely until now. What he relied on was his abundant experience from living on the edge of a blade and his decisive and ruthless combat strength, and it wasn’t so simple as just relying on luck.

“Since you’re impervious to reason, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. I forgot to tell you, I’m called Fang Xingzhou, a Core Disciple of the Cloudwater Sect, and being able to die at my hand can be considered to be a good fortune of yours.” The young man called Fang Xingzhou stood up, his posture was elegant while his words revealed an arrogant feeling.

“Hmph!” Lu Chong grunted coldly yet his expression went grim abruptly, and then he stared fixedly behind Fang Xingzhou as if someone that he had to take seriously was there.

Fang Xingzhou was stunned and glanced over as well.

“Kid, you’re really inexperienced!” It was at this moment that Lu Chong revealed a complacent and savage smile as he flashed out, and his right hand that possessed thick and large joints was covered in a wisp of surging jet black light as he punched down at the top of Fang Xingzhou’s skull.

“Despicable!” Fang Xingzhou was furious, and he slapped out instinctively from being caught off guard.


At the instant their palms collided, a terrifying force swept out in all directions, causing all the tables and chairs in the hall to be crushed, whereas some cultivators with low strengths weren’t able to dodge in time, and they were directly shaken to the point blood flowed out from all seven of their apertures before they died miserably on the spot.


An enormous bang resounded out once more. This restaurant that was the most bustling in Moontrace City was unable to resist the terrifying impact of this collision in the end, and it rumbled as it collapsed, causing dust and dirt to suffuse the air.

Meanwhile, the guests within the restaurant had already fled long ago as if they were running for their lives.

Fang Xingzhou went out as well. But he was blasted flying by Lu Chong’s palm strike. His figure descended onto the street outside while in a sorry state, and his countenance was already pale to the extreme.

He’d obviously suffered a huge loss from this palm strike that caught him off guard.

“Great Blood Devil Palm!” In the next moment, Lu Chong had already chased up to him, and Lu Chong utterly didn’t give Fang Xingzhou the time to catch his breath. He was extremely experienced, and it was obvious from this that this fellow’s combat style was extremely ruthless, decisive, and indifferent to methods used.

A blood red and enormous hand soared through the sky and emitted an extremely evil, gloomy, and vicious aura as it pressed down like a mountain at Fang Xingzhou.

The True Essence and vital blood within Fang Xingzhou’s body became sluggish and he was practically unable to breathe while being enveloped beneath the might of this palm.

“Dammit! You’re courting death!” At the critical moment, Fang Xingzhou roared loudly as he suddenly bit open the tip of his tongue, causing his imposing aura to suddenly rise explosively by more than double. After that, he flashed out while his palms carried a dazzling green light that rumbled as it smashed towards the palm.


Space suddenly started warping as soon as these attacks collided, and then a strong green light erupted with the intention of crushing the blood red and enormous hand. However, the blood red hand was extremely solid, strong like a mountain, and carried a shocking corrosive force. As soon as the green light collided with it, the green light seemed like snow that melted in water, and it was melted and dispersed.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Fang Xingzhou mouth, and he was blasted flying with disbelief on his face.

How could Lu Chong miss such a great opportunity? He pursued him closely and laughed gloomily as he said, “A single mistake causes every subsequent step to be wrong. You thought your cultivation was extraordinary, yet your experience is extremely horrible. I’ve fucking killed countless fledglings like you!”

“Bastard! Do you really think I’m a fish on your chopping board that’s at your mercy?” Fang Xingzhou knew that he’d been careless this time, and if he didn’t turn the situation around swiftly, then he would surely die on the spot.

So a medicinal pill had appeared in his hand as he spoke. The pill was crimson red like fire, crystalline, translucent, emitted rays of light, and faintly emitted the roars of dragons and howls of tigers. Its quality was extremely extraordinary.

Fang Xingzhou swallowed this medicinal pill without the slightest hesitation. In the next moment, surging bright lights that were dazzling and resplendent erupted from Fang Xingzhou’s entire body, and his entire aura started rising steadily. In the blink of an eye, he’d actually seemed to have arrived at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm from the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm.

Obviously, this medicinal pill was capable of assisting a cultivator’s cultivation to rise explosively in an instant!

“The Cloudwater Sect’s Tri-condensation True Essence Pill!?” Lu Chong was greatly surprised.

“Exactly. I didn’t expect you to have such a discerning gaze. After I consume this pill, my strength will rise explosively to the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm for 15 minutes, and my injuries from before will be completely suppressed. Let me see how you fight me now!” Fang Xingzhou laughed coldly as he shouted loudly, and he actually took the initiative to charge at Lu Chong.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Winds howled as lights shot into the skies. Both of them were locked in battle while the buildings by their sides rumbled as they collapsed. Numerous and enormous rifts and ravines were even blasted open on the ground, and their fight was extremely intense.

There were already many people spectating in the surroundings before this, and there was no lack of some disciples from other sects that had come to Moontrace City to carry out assignments. All their expressions turned heavy when they saw this scene.

Shockingly, Chen Xi’s figure stood amongst the crowd as well.

I never imagined that it wasn’t just my Nine Radiance Sword Sect that set the seven dark pheasant demons as assignment objectives, and the other sects are the same as well… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“So what if you’ve consumed the Tri-condensation True Essence Pill? Die!” Lu Chong shouted explosively with a sharp voice as an expanse of a bloody glow rumbled and gushed out from his body, and it was like a river of blood that descended from the heavens and intended to drown Fang Xingzhou within it.

“Hmph! It’s impossible for you to kill me!” Fang Xingzhou was filled with confidence after his strength increased greatly, and his figure shot into the sky like a sharp arrow before he stretched his hand out and struck out with an expanse of extraordinary punches that emitted dazzling green light.


Lights shot out in all directions from the collision while the aftershock stretched out to the surroundings, and it tore space open, causing wailing sounds to resound out.

“AH!!” However, in the next moment, a shrill cry of pain resounded out. Fang Xingzhou’s entire body was actually blasted fiercely onto the ground, causing the bones in his entire body to break inch by inch. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood incessantly, and he was already on the verge of death.

“Despicable! You actually concealed your strength!”

“Haha! Grandfather forgot to tell you that I’ve already advanced to the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm half a month ago!” Lu Chong looked up to the sky and roared with laughter. The gaze he shot at Fang Xingzhou seemed like the gaze of a cat teasing a mouse, brutal and ridiculing.

“I’ll absolutely not let you off in my next lifetime…” Fang Xingzhou glared his eyes wide open with rage, and he breathed his last breath unwillingly. At the moment before his death, he was actually feeling regret already.

He regretted not fleeing directly, he regretted taking this assignment, and he regretted encountering a crafty and cunning demon like Lu Chong. If he was reborn, then he would absolutely not take risks for the sake of reputation and wealth while losing his own life in the end…


Lu Chong was still not assured after seeing Fang Xingzhou dying, and he raised his hand to strike out from afar and directly smashed Fang Xingzhou’s head apart. After that, he walked forward and intended to plunder Fang Xingzhou’s wealth.

He knew that as a Core Disciple of the Cloudwater Sect, Fang Xingzhou surely carried a large amount of treasures. So if he didn’t take it for himself, could it be that he should let another benefit?

“Ruthless, vicious, cunning, crafty, and unscrupulous… Ling Bai and Qing Yu might really have been schemed against when encountering an enemy like this…” A soft mutter suddenly sounded out from the crowd.

“Who said that!?” Lu Chong’s ears were extremely sensitive. He instantly stopped moving before looking over towards the source of the voice with a gloomy and ruthless expression, and he instantly locked onto his target.

It was a young man that was handsome and extraordinary.

Lu Chong instantly laughed coldly when he saw this. “Looks like there are many brats that want to kill me. I’ve just dealt with a disciple of the Cloudwater Sect and another has appeared. What? You want to die on the street like him as well?”

Even though he spoke like this, he couldn’t help but be bewildered in his heart because he was actually unable to sense this young man before him. Exactly what level has his cultivation attained. This… is slightly strange.

“Speak! Why exactly have you come here? Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Lu Chong spoke ferociously before Chen Xi could open his mouth because Lu Chong wanted to probe Chen Xi before making a decision.

Under the numerous gazes of surprise that came from the surroundings, Chen Xi walked neither swiftly nor slowly out of the crowd, and he had a calm and tranquil expression as he said indifferently, “I just want to borrow your head.”

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