Chapter 589 – Monstrous Crimes

The person that had arrived wore a fiery red dress and possessed a clear, young, and gorgeous appearance, and she seemed to be lively. Her figure was tall while her waist was slender, and she possessed snow white and crystalline skin. She was precisely the North Radiance Peak’s An Ke.

After she flashed over and saw Chen Xi, she said hastily, “I just took an assignment at the Performance Hall and heard from the other Senior Brothers that Junior Brother Qing Yu is trapped in the Stone Kingdom’s Pheasant God Ridge. Elder Mo Yu asked me to notify you to quickly go and save him. Because if you’re late, Junior Brother Qing Yu will probably be struck with misfortune.”

“Could it be that the sect won’t do anything when a disciple is in trouble?” Chen Xi frowned, and he was extremely worried in his heart as well. Ling Bai had gone out with Qing Yu as well, yet Ling Bai was unable to break out of the encirclement with his ability? Exactly how formidable is the enemy?

“This is a test assignment of the sect, and all consequences must be borne by one’s self. Even though our Nine Radiance Sword Sect has numerous experts, but it can’t take care of the safety of every single disciple.” An Ke explained swiftly. “Not to mention that the difficulty of test assignments aren’t great. So with the strength of the disciples of our sect, it’s practically rare for anyone to encounter danger, and Junior Brother Qing Yu being entrapped can only be said to be very rare…”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi pondered for a moment, and he instantly made the decision to go take a look personally.

He turned around and instructed Mu Kui. “Mu Kui, you stay on West Radiance Peak. If anyone dares to offend the West Radiance Peak when I’m not around, then feel free to make a move, and you can kill on sight!”

“Master, go at ease, leave everything on West Radiance Peak to me.” Mu Kui agreed solemnly. At this moment, he understood how critical the situation was as well, and the West Radiance Peak couldn’t lack someone protecting it. Since Chen Xi went out to rescue Qing Yu, then he had to stay behind and protect the West Radiance Peak.

Chen Xi nodded before he spoke to Huo Molei and the others once more. “Seniors, all of you set your minds at rest and stay at West Radiance Peak. Don’t worry, I’ll surely bring Junior Brother Qing Yu back safely.”

“Little Junior Brother, you must be careful.” Huo Molei and the others urged.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Don’t worry. With Ling Bai there, there ought to be no danger to Senior Brother Qing Yu’s life.”

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, this is the content of the assignment taken by Qing Yu, perhaps it’ll be of use to you.” An Ke spoke as she flipped her delicate hand, causing a jade slip to appear, and then she passed it to Chen Xi and said helplessly, “The Peak Trials are about to begin. Master has already prohibited the disciples of my North Radiance Peak from leaving the sect. So I won’t be able to rescue Junior Brother Qing Yu with you this time, so you have to be more careful.”

Chen Xi received the jade slip and said seriously, “Senior Sister, thank you.”

“Alright, there’s no need to thank me. Go on, quickly! Who asked Martial Uncle Liu to entrust me with taking care of you before he left?” An Ke spoke with a clear voice.

Chen Xi smiled before flashing out right away to leave the West Radiance Peak.


“That kid has left?”

Within the empty and grand Starvault Pavilion on East Radiance Peak, Yue Chi stood up abruptly from his seat, and a wisp of excitement flashed on his face.

“Master, he has indeed.” A disciple spoke respectfully from outside the pavilion.

“Very good. You’ve done well, you can leave for now.” Not long after the disciple left, Yue Chi took a deep breath and muttered. Bing Shitian, oh, Bing Shitian! I’ve given you the chance, and next… it depends if you’re able to grab onto this chance!”


Stone Kingdom, a small scale kingdom nearby the outer area of the Nine Radiance Mountain Range.

But even though it was the outer area, it was an entire five million kilometers away from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and if one walked to it, it would be utterly impossible to arrive here without spending a few years.

Even with the speed of Chen Xi’s Starsky Wings, it required four or five days of flying with full strength while abstaining from food.

Fortunately, unlike a minor world, there were numerous teleportation formations set up in the Dark Reverie, and so long as it possessed sufficient spirit energy, it was capable of allowing one to instantly surmount a distance of five million kilometers.

As one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect naturally possessed a teleportation formation that led directly to the Stone Kingdom.

So after just a short moment, Chen Xi already stood on an enormous square outside Stone Kingdom.

There were streams of people moving about busily on the square. Numerous cultivators were entering the teleportation formation while numerous were walking out of the teleportation formations, and it seemed to be extraordinarily bustling.

This was the first time Chen Xi had gone out since arriving at the Dark Reverie, and everywhere his eyes could see were a variety of figures that had completely different ways of dressing. There was even no lack of demons of all shapes and sizes and members of other clans that possessed various auras. All of them were coming and going on the square, causing it to be a wonderful view.

It was even to the extent that he saw a peerlessly ferocious tiger with silver fur sitting lazily within a treasured carriage while a beautiful maidservant attended to his food and drink, and even the servants that pulled the carriage were actually beautiful human young women!

Since ancient times, the Dark Reverie was reputed for possessing a myriad of clans stand like trees in a forest and experts that were numerous like the clouds. Now it would seem like it really deserves its reputation… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.

Truthfully speaking, he rather disliked the human race being servants for other races because he felt it was trampling on the dignity of the human race, and it was extremely displeasing.

But when he saw the expressions of the nearby people that were accustomed to this since long ago, he instantly understood that such a situation was probably extremely common in the Dark Reverie, and he was unable to do anything about it even if he wanted to.

Chen Xi didn’t sigh with emotion too much before narrowing his eyes as he sized up the distant Stone Kingdom, and then he walked over to enter it.


Even though the Stone Kingdom was a small scaled kingdom, it possessed 360 cities and occupied over eight million kilometers. There were numerous mountains and lakes outside then Stone Kingdom, whereas the cultivation powers within the Stone Kingdom were mostly second-rate sects.

Unlike other kingdoms, the Stone Kingdom didn’t have a master, and the territory within the kingdom was controlled by the various sects, causing its order to be in disarray. Because of this, numerous villains, evil cultivators, and evil demons that possessed heavy crimes were gathered here, causing it to be a mix of good and bad.

The Pheasant God Ridge where the seven dark pheasant demons resided stood at the southeast area of Stone Kingdom, and it was outside a city called Moontrace City.

Half a day later.

A young man with a tall figure and an extraordinary bearing entered Moontrace City under the cover of dusk.

According to what the Dark Reverie Manual says, this Moontrace City is controlled by a sect called the Violetwind Sect, and it’s only a second-rate sect. The strongest expert within this sect is only at the Nether Transformation Realm…

On the other hand, the Pheasant God Ridge is situated 1,850km away from Moontrace City, and the seven dark pheasant demons reside there. They commit all sort of crimes, frequently seize mortals as food, and have committed heavy crimes…

This young man was precisely Chen Xi. All along the way, he’d already roughly understood the distribution of sects in Moontrace City and the situation on Pheasant God Ridge.

Strange, the Pheasant God Ridge is neighboring to Moontrace City, yet the Violetwind Sect disregards it and allows the seven dark pheasant demons that bring calamity to the surroundings. Could it be that there’s some relationship between the two? Or are the forces of the Violetwind Sect utterly insufficient to annihilate these monsters?

Chen Xi pondered as he flipped open a jade slip, and the content of the assignment Qing Yu took was recorded within it.

Mission – Stone Kingdom, Pheasant God Ridge, annihilate the seven dark pheasant demons.

Crimes – Harming mortals, feeding on souls, heavy crimes.

Strength – The strongest is at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, and the weakest is at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm.

Assignment difficulty – Normal.

Test requirement – Complete annihilation.

Suggestion – To be carried out by an Elite Disciple.

Nevermind, I’ll look for an inn first and get information first. Chen Xi shook his head, and he moved trippingly along the limestone road within the city.

The environment of Moontrace City wasn’t very good. The road was riddled with holes, whereas, the stores on the sides of the roads seemed to be rather old as if they hadn’t been repaired for a very long time. It was simply unlike a city, but like a village instead.

Moreover, the amount of people in the city was rather scarce. At this moment, dusk had just descended yet only a few pedestrians could be seen on the roads and alleys, causing it to seem extremely cold and reveal a desolate aura from every corner.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t care about the environment being bad. The reason he came was for the sake of rescuing Ling Bai and Qing Yu, so he wouldn’t stay here for long.

At the center of Moontrace City was a three floor restaurant that was illuminated brightly with lights and filled with a hubbub of voices, and its antique wine banner swayed about under the night breeze and seemed very conspicuous.

This was perhaps the most bustling place in Moontrace City, and a place where there were more people usually meant there was more information there.

Chen Xi sat down at the main hall on the first floor of the restaurant, and he ordered a jug of wine before pouring himself a cup of wine and drinking it.

“Have you heard? A few days ago, a disciple from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect headed to the Pheasant God Ridge to carry out a mission and was entrapped there. Presently, his fate is unknown.”

“It can’t be, right? The Nine Radiance Sword Sect is one of the 10 great immortal sects and possesses peerless might. Who would dare to touch a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect? Isn’t this like plucking a tooth from the mouth of a tiger?”

“Hmph! Brother, this is your first time coming to Moontrace City, right? Everyone in the city knows that there’s seven kings on Pheasant God Ridge, and every single one of them are ruthless and lawless! Not to mention a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, even if a disciple of the other immortal sects came here, they would be unable to return as well.”

“Cheh, isn’t it just a few demon cultivators that have occupied a mountain and proclaimed themselves king? If the Nine Radiance Sword Sect wanted to annihilate them, then just a single finger would be sufficient.”

“Alas, you’re too naïve. What sort of dirty thing hasn’t occurred in Moontrace City?”

A wave of discussion resounded out, and even though the voices were soft, they were still fully heard by Chen Xi.

Looks like the news of Junior Brother Qing Yu being entrapped is true… Chen Xi’s heart sank as a wisp of anxiousness arose, and he was slightly unable to sit still.

“Hmph! Which pussy dares to talk about his grandfather behind his grandfather’s back?” But, right when Chen Xi intended to get up and leave, a gloomy voice suddenly resounded out from outside the restaurant, and then a middle aged man that wore brown clothes walked in with large strides.

His wild looking long hair hung loosely on his shoulder, the joints on his palm were thick and large, and his face was even terrifying and covered in crisscrossed scars. Only his pair of eyes emitted bright lights, and he emitted a ruthless and violent aura.

Along with his entrance, the clamorous voices in the restaurant vanished instantly, and it became perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard. The expressions of everyone couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of terror.

It was even to the extent that some people couldn’t refrain from trembling while feeling terrified, and they wished for nothing more than to turn around and leave.

Hmm? What dense and heavy fiendish qi! What a dense glow of sin! Chen Xi raised his eyes to size up this stalwart middle aged man, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow. His soul was extremely enormous, so he instantly noticed that the surroundings of this stalwart middle aged man was suffused with strands of a jet black glow, and it was dense to the point of seeming to be material.

It was a glow of sin that was formed from committing crimes that were too great and killing too many innocent mortals. Moreover, based on the glow of sin on this stalwart middle aged man, the innocent mortals that had died at his hand were at least a few hundred thousand in number!

He could absolutely be described as possessing monstrous crimes and being extremely baneful!

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