Chapter 588 – Wings of Disruption

Yue Chi was stunned, and then he asked. “Qing Yu? That trash from the Azure Phoenix Clan?”

“Yes.” The respectful voice of that disciple sounded out once more from outside the pavilion.

“What about Chen Xi? He was actually able to refrain from making an appearance?” Yue Chi’s brows gradually knit together tightly.

He originally thought that Chen Xi would be unable to refrain from making a move personally, and Chen Xi would leave the sect to go complete the assignments. In this way, he could contact some experts to deal with Chen Xi outside the sect.

Never had he imagined that he hadn’t forced Chen Xi out, but forced a piece of trash out instead, and this slightly exceeded his expectations.

“I heard… Chen Xi is in closed door cultivation.”

“Closed door cultivation?” A strand of cold light suddenly flashed past Yue Chi’s eyes as he laughed coldly. “I understand, this little bastard is probably making preparations for the Peak Trials that’re being held soon.”

“What a good plan! But, want to cultivate in peace? Impossible!” Yue Chi restrained his cold laughter as a bright light flickered in his eyes, and then he asked. “Which assignment did that Qing Yu take?”

“Stone Kingdom, Pheasant God Ridge, annihilate the seven dark pheasant demons!”

“Stone Kingdom?”

Yue Chi pondered deeply for a long time before raising his hand to write on a jade slip, and then he threw it out and instructed. “Give this jade slip to the Violetwind Sect’s Master, and he’ll naturally understand what to do.”


“If you won’t come out, then I’ll force you out. I really want to know if you’ll be able to cultivate in peace once your Senior Brother is captured…” Within the empty pavilion, Yue Chi lowered his head as a wisp of gloominess suffused his face.


The world of stars.

The stars were like pearls that emitted chilly and hazy radiance.

Half a month had passed since Qing Yu left the sect, yet hadn’t been heard from, whereas Chen Xi had already been completely immersed in his comprehension within the world of stars for more than a year.

This was the miraculous and formidable point of the world of stars, cultivating within it for 10 years was only a year in the outside world, whereas a month in the outside world was more than a year inside the world of stars.


Suddenly, Chen Xi awoke from his comprehension. Strands of divine light were emanated from his mouth and nose as he breathed, while his vital energy coiled around his body like true dragons, and he seemed extremely mystical while his aura had become very formidable.

During this period of time, he’d immersed his entire mind and soul into an empty and occupied state as he examined the magnificent scenes during the primeval times and comprehended the boundless profundities within the Allheaven Truth.

His understanding towards Dao Arts was like a river that was grew explosively under the rain, and he’d unknowingly possessed an extremely deep attainment in Dao Arts.

This was all thanks to the profound effect of the Fuxi Divine Statue, which had caused his comprehension ability and strength of his soul to attain a height that was comparable to a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator since a long time ago. So he naturally comprehended Dao Arts extremely smoothly and without the slightest obstruction.

Otherwise, if it was another person, the person would probably have his mind thrown into chaos by the boundless profundities of the Allheaven Truth after comprehending it for a few days, and it was even to the extent that it might possibly be severe to the point of suffering from qi deviation.

Chen Xi had persisted and comprehended for more than a year! Such comprehension ability had already arrived at a shocking level, and if news of this were to spread, it would absolutely shock off a ton of jaws.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had the premonition that when he advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm, the strength of his soul would undergo a transformation, and it would be able to be comparable to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

Dao Art, so this is what a Dao Art is… Chen Xi muttered as a wisp of a light smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth, and a river of stars was reflected within his deep eyes.

Unfortunately, my time is limited, and it’s two months away from Peak Trials. I must seize this period of time to properly temper my cultivation. If I’m able to advance to the Nether Transformation Realm, then I ought to be afraid of no one. Chen Xi shook his head and stopped letting his mind run wild.

He didn’t continue staying here, and he left the world of stars with large strides and flashed out of the Heavenpeak of Trials.

Hmm? How could I have forgotten about this treasure… But, right when Chen Xi was about to leave, he suddenly noticed that a black and shiny mountain still stood towering by the side of the Heavenpeak of Trials.

This mountain stood towering at the center of great river and only revealed its extremely pointed peak. It was often drowned by the river water, causing it to be extremely easy for the mountain to be mistaken to be a rock in the river unless one inspected it carefully.

But Chen Xi knew that it wasn’t a rock, but an extraordinary treasure — the Profound Disruption Mountain!

According to what Ji Yu said, this peak possessed Profound Disruption Divinelight, and just a granule of it was extremely heavy. It innately countered the essence of the five elements, and even if it was during the primordial era, this Profound Disruption Mountain was an extremely rare equipment refinement material.

Moreover, the Profound Disruption Divinelight within it could be cultivated into a Divine Ability called the Wings of Disruption. Not only were these wings capable of tearing space apart to instantly move 5,000km in distance, a light flap of these wings while in combat would cause any magic treasure of the five elements to lose its capabilities and transform into a pile of scrap metal!

In terms of might, it wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Fivecolored Divinelight that was ranked in the top 10 during the primordial era!

All those years ago, just for the sake of taking away this Profound Disruption Mountain, Ji Yu had consumed too much of his energy and had to go into a dormant period within the Manor, and he lost all ability to make an appearance.

It was obvious from this that the Profound Disruption Mountain was an extremely miraculous treasure.

Even though I still don’t know the method to cultivate the Wings of Disruption, I already possess the Starsky Wings. If I absorb this Profound Disruption Divinelight, then would I be able to bring forth a special ability? Chen Xi pondered for a moment before flashing out, and he arrived at the center of the great river before stretching his hand out to grab the Profound Disruption Mountain.

“Rise!” Chen Xi shouted explosively as the Shaman Energy in his entire body surged, and then his muscles bulged explosively one after the other. He’d already utilized his entire strength, and even a 50,000kg rock would transform into powder under this grab of his.

However, this Profound Disruption Mountain just swayed slightly, and it emitted a fluctuation that was like tidewater that was gloomy, heavy, mysterious… It seemed to contain a force that was capable of crushing all life, and it caused others to be unable to refrain from feeling horror and shock.

Most terrifying of it all was that this fluctuation seemed like a devil that seized one’s soul, and it provoked the True Essence within Chen Xi’s body to the point of becoming restless while the blood in his entire body charged in the opposite directions and was on the verge of turning chaotic.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood how terrifying the Profound Disruption Mountain was, and he finally experienced how difficult it was for Ji Yu to have taken the Profound Disruption Mountain all those years ago.

For example, his current body refinement cultivation had already attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm now, and a bare-handed grab of his was still only capable of slightly shaking the Profound Disruption Mountain yet was unable to lift it up. Just this was already enough to cause others to feel despair.

“Rise!” But, Chen Xi wouldn’t give up just like this. In the next moment, he’d already executed the Heavenly Transformation and Deity Transformation, causing himself to transform into a 300m tall giant with six arms and three heads, and then the Shaman Energy in his entire body roiled like an ocean as his six arms that were thick like stone pillars held tightly around the Profound Disruption Mountain.


A wave of rumbling resounded out as the mountain started to shake violently, and it was slowly pulled out from the river water bit by bit.


In the next moment, he’d already carried the mountain along as he executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength and charged out of the Manor.

He had no choice. The Profound Disruption Mountain was too heavy, it was an entire 30km in height and when grasped like this, the weight of it almost caused the muscles on his entire body to burst apart while his facial expression warped and his veins bulged up explosively, and he was in a slightly sorry state.

He had no choice but to make the best use of his time to move this mountain out before making some arrangements to deal with it.



Huo Molei and the others were discussing something when they suddenly felt a shadow being cast upon them, and they were instantly dumbstruck when they raised their heads to look.

A 30km tall mountain was actually floating in midair!

“Look! It’s Little Junior Brother!”

“Oh, it’s Little Junior Brother! I was so nervous as I thought some unexpected event had occurred.”

“Hmm, Little Junior Brother is actually lifting up a mountain and playing with it. Could it be that he’s just like us, and he’s a freak that’s infatuated with lifting mountains?”

“You’re the freak. How can you speak like that?”

All of them discussed animatedly, and after they saw that the person who lifted the mountain was their Little Junior Brother, all of them became relaxed and started chatting cheerfully.

“Wait, that’s a Profound Disruption Mountain! My god! This treasure actually really exists in the world!” Huo Molei’s entire body shook, and he was excited to the point he cried out involuntarily. He was most skilled in equipment refinement, so he noticed the extraordinariness of the mountain with a single glance.

In the next moment, he’d already soared into the sky while coiled by flames. His hair was completely crimson red like fire, so as soon as he stood in midair, he was like a god of fire that had descended to the world and was extremely ferocious.

“Little Junior Brother, don’t throw it down. The Profound Disruption Mountain is too heavy, and it will smash a hole through the West Radiance Peak! Quickly! Quickly! Let me deal with it!” Huo Molei’s arms shook as he shouted out loudly, and he actually instantly struck out a myriad of obscure and strange seals that transformed into a net of fire that covered the sky before covering the entire Profound Disruption Mountain.

“Retract!” With a rumble, the Profound Disruption Mountain that caused Chen Xi to be helpless actually started shrinking under Huo Molei’s technique with a speed visible to the eye.

In practically an instant, the completely jet black Profound Disruption Mountain had transformed to a height of 30m, and it emitted an extremely oppressive and terrifying aura, causing it to seem extremely mystical.

Huo Molei took a step forward as he took out a grey cloth bag before instantly placing the Profound Disruption Mountain within it, and he easily held it within his hand.

At this moment, Chen Xi was already gasping for breath while his forehead was covered in sweat. But he couldn’t help but feel a wave of astonishment and disbelief when he saw Huo Molei handle the Profound Disruption Mountain so easily.

“Eldest Senior Brother… You’re…so formidable!” Chen Xi was stunned, and he sighed emotionally with shock in his heart. Sure enough, specialization is required in arts that require certain techniques. Who would have imagined that Eldest Senior Brother who was like trash in the eyes of others would actually be able to achieve this?

After all, at that time, Ji Yu had exhausted an enormous amount of strength before being able to put away the Profound Disruption Mountain into the abode!

“Haha, Little Junior Brother, don’t you forget that Senior Brother is a descendant of the Smeltflame Clan, and I innately possess formidable equipment refinement Dao Arts. So, bringing a Profound Disruption Mountain under control is nothing difficult.” Huo Molei laughed loudly.

Equipment refinement Dao Art? Chen Xi thought in his heart before he asked. “Eldest Senior Brother, can you extract the Profound Disruption Divinelight within it?”

“Of course, but I’ll need to spend some time…” When he spoke up to here, Huo Molei suddenly thought of something, and he said with surprise, “Little Junior Brother, you wouldn’t be intending to cultivate the Wings of Disruption, right?”

“Right.” Chen Xi was rather curious. “Could it be that Senior Brother knows the technique of cultivating this Divine Ability?”

“Even though I don’t, Junior Brother Qing Yu does. After all, the divine beast Azure Phoenix resided on the Profound Disruption Mountain during the primeval times, and this Divine Ability is the ultimate technique of the Azure Phoenix Clan.

“Unfortunately, the Profound Disruption Mountains were destroyed and vanished since a long time ago, and it’s extremely difficult to find one in the entire Dark Reverie. So this Divine Ability naturally became impossible to cultivate. If it wasn’t for this, the Azure Phoenix Clan wouldn’t have declined to the point even the Nethercrow Clan dared to look down upon them.” Huo Molei sighed with emotion.

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi thought in his heart. No wonder Du Xuan bullied Junior Brother Qing Yu so brazenly, so it turns out that it’s because the Azure Phoenix Clan isn’t what it used to be…

“Right, where’s Junior Brother Qing Yu?” When he thought up to here, Chen Xi swept out with his gaze yet didn’t notice Qing Yu, so he couldn’t help but ask with bewilderment.

“He went to carry out the assignments of the sect with Ling Bai.” Huo Molei puckered his lips and told Chen Xi about the matter of Xin Ruhai’s arrival half a month ago.

Chen Xi suddenly felt something was off after he heard the course of the matter, and he vaguely felt that this had a trace of the feeling of a scheme within it.

“The situation isn’t good! Is Junior Brother Chen Xi here? I just obtained news that your Senior Brother Qing Yu has been trapped within the Stone Kingdom’s Pheasant God Ridge!” Right at this moment, a clear and resounding voice that revealed anxiousness resounded out from the horizon.

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