Chapter 586 – Performance Hall

That pair of eyes were opened in the darkness in the deepest depths of the universe, it was pitch black and profound like the boundless annals of time were flowing within it, and a single gaze allowed one to notice the vicissitudes of life, the rise and fall of a hundred lifetimes, and the changes through the ages within it.

Besides that, there were also the extraordinary scenes of the sun and moon falling, the heavens and the earth collapsing, and the chaos being born.

But when he thought about it carefully, Chen Xi was instead able to see a sense of dignity and supremacy within that pair of eyes, and it was like the lord that controlled the universe had arrived, indifferent, cold, and horrifying.

What sort of eyes were these?

What sort of identity did their owner possess?

Even though Chen Xi had already awoken from that magnificent scene, there was still a wisp of terror that couldn’t help but gush into his heart when he thought about that pair of eyes.

He vaguely understood that the destruction of the Chaotic Divine Lotus ought to be closely related to that pair of eyes! On the other hand, the establishment of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was precisely from that final flower petal of the Chaotic Divine Lotus that fled into the universe!


Chen Xi took a few deep breaths before he was able to drive out the fear in his heart, and his expression turned back to normal.

He pondered for a long time before finally telling Mu Kui that he would be going into closed door cultivation for a period of time, and then he opened up the Manor within the jade pendant and entered the world of stars.


This was the first time Chen Xi had entered the Manor since leaving the Darchu Dynasty.

Because of being afraid of the Laws of the heavens and the earth in the Primeval Battlefield, he didn’t dare to open up the Manor then, otherwise if he relied on the miraculousness of the Manor, he would have avoided the boundless battles since long ago and wouldn’t have had to fall into such a sorry state.

Besides that, according to what Ji Yu said, so long as he didn’t make a big commotion, then even if he opened up the Manor after entering the Dark Reverie, there was no need to worry about being noticed by the Laws of the heavens and the earth.

After all, the Dark Reverie was too large and boundlessly vast. So if the Laws of the heavens and the earth wanted to detect a trace of change in the world, it was no different than searching for a needle in an ocean.

But Ji Yu couldn’t stay within the Manor, otherwise he would be detected by the Laws of the Heaven Dao as soon as he made an appearance, and it would strike down with boundless calamities.

This was why Ji Yu had chosen to stay behind when Chen Xi left the Darchu Dynasty.

It was still the same inside the Manor, the river flowed, a carpet of verdant grass covered the ground, and the Heavenpeak of Trials stood towering and alone at the center of the river, and it stood unshakably as if it wouldn’t experience the corrosion of time.

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze, and he sighed with emotion as the sight of this revived memories in his mind. After that, he shook his head before flashing out to arrive on the Heavenpeak of Trials.


In the next moment, the scene changed and a vast starry sky appeared. Numerous rivers of stars lay across the sky while expanses of constellations floated there, and a myriad of bright stars circulated in the sky, causing it to be an extremely profound, mysterious, and magnificent scene.

Chen Xi was standing on the starry sky.

“What a great place! The changes in time were controlled to develop a space that’s a world of stars. Such ability is sufficient to shock the three dimensions…” Right at this moment, the tiny cauldron on Chen Xi’s chest spoke out abruptly.

“Oh, you recognize this Manor?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“No, but I know that a person capable of creating such a Manor is absolutely not an ordinary figure.” The tiny cauldron answered. “You cultivate here at ease. Only a year passes in the outside world from cultivating here for 10 years, it’s extremely miraculous. You have to utilize it properly, and once your strength grows, you can help me…”

When he spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron stopped abruptly and went silent for a long time before he said, “We’ll speak of it in the future.”

After that, no matter how Chen Xi tried, the tiny cauldron wouldn’t speak again, and it fell into silence once again.

“Nevermind, once my strength grows to a certain extent, I don’t have to ask myself and the tiny cauldron would come looking for me…” Chen Xi shook his head.

In next to no time, his mind was placed once more onto the golden flower petal in his hand.

Strictly speaking, Chen Xi could actually be called a cultivation madman because he would forget everything as soon as he started cultivating. All those years ago when he was a talisman crafting apprentice in Pine Mist City, he’d once been like this, and he cultivated to the point of losing sleep and forgetting to eat while being utterly unaware of it.

Now, he was fascinated once more. His mind and will were placed into the Allheaven Truth as he comprehended its profundities to his heart’s content, and he searched for the strongest Dao Arts contained within it.

His mind was empty, it was like the snow reflected on the water of a well, the clear sky with a full moon hanging on it, flawless and translucent. The enormous and thick energy of his soul cast light onto the Allheaven Truth as he slowly deduced and comprehended.

The world of stars was tranquil and peaceful, the stars circulated while emitting a chilly and silver brilliant that illuminated the universe and seemed to be mysterious to the extreme. Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about being disturbed at all while being in here.

He placed his entire mind and soul into the Allheaven Truth, and he lost track of his whereabouts.

In this instant, he seemed to have returned to the primeval times once more, and he’d arrived at the era where gods were born, ferocious beasts rampaged about, and it was a scene of complete desolation and chaos.


A Roc unfolded its wings to cover the sky and blot out the sun, and it roamed freely up above the nine heavens, and it struck down star after star.

The Taowu roared toward the sky, causing the layer of clouds to shatter apart as the mountains and rivers in an extremely large area were blasted open, and everything transformed into devastated ruins.

The Feiyi slid about its 30km long body that was completely crimson red. Everywhere it passed, everything before it was incinerated and transformed into a sea of lava that wreaked havoc in the world.

An ancient Fiendgod that towered into the sky held the sun and moon in its hands while possessing the five elements within its body. It captured a ferocious flying beast with its bare hand, causing an expanse of a rain of blood to spray down, and it possessed monstrous might and was peerlessly ferocious.

This was the primeval times where ferocious beasts and Fiendgods roamed freely. Moreover, gods were born within these times while everything in the world was in a great state of chaos that was without order or laws.

At the same time, it was an era that caused the blood of men to boil. The gods fought for supremacy, the ferocious beasts fought for territory, and countless heroic experts were born and composed numerous brilliant and eternal legends.

This was only a strand of an imprint of the primeval times that was branded onto the Allheaven Truth, and it was just like a hair on nine cows. But through this limited view of things, Chen Xi was able to imagine how magnificent that era was, and it caused him to feel longing to experience it himself.

Chen Xi was able to sense the original essence of the Dao contained within the Allheaven Truth, and it ought to have come from the primeval times. At that time, the Chaotic Divine Lotus took root in the ground and stood towering in the word, and it similarly experienced countless slaughters and battles, whereas all the essence of the Dao it had comprehended and mastered were branded within the Allheaven Truth.

So if he wanted to comprehend Dao Arts that belonged to himself from the Allheaven Truth, then he must first understand the primeval times and everything the Chaotic Divine Lotus experienced before he would be able to comprehend the essence of a Dao Art more proficiently.

For example, the Nine Spirit Transformations were obtained from the nine ferocities after the divine lotus annihilated them, and it would form into a type of Dao Art comprehension after he finished comprehending it.

Just like this, Chen Xi was immersed within observing the changes during the primeval times and comprehending the profundities of the original essence of the Dao. He fell into a deep state of comprehension, and he was separated from the outside world, causing him to be utterly unaware of the passage of time.


West Radiance Peak.

Ling Bai rode on Bai Kui’s back while slowly moving through the mountain. They ate various spirit fruits, tried various delicacies of the mountains, and they were enjoying themselves so much that going home didn’t cross their minds. On the other hand, Mu Kui was sitting upright on the mountain peak with a cold expression as he stayed vigilant towards the surroundings.

Since experiencing the various events from that day, Huo Molei and the others seemed to have become completely different people, and they were secretly gathered together every day to discuss something.

All in all, since that day, no one dared to come offend the West Radiance Peak any longer, and a rare peaceful atmosphere appeared on the mountain.


Half a month later, a flowing ray of light appeared above West Radiance Peak, and when the light of the streak was restrained, a while clothed young man with a tall figure, and a strict and meticulous appearance emerged.

“Are the Fellow Junior Brothers of the West Radiance Peak present?” At the instant the white clothed young man arrived, he spoke with a clear voice. His voice was light yet clearly drifted all through the West Radiance Peak, and just this ability revealed his deep cultivation.

“May I ask Senior Brother why you’ve come to my West Radiance Peak?” A figure swiftly soared up into the sky. It was precisely Mu Kui, he’d already noticed this person earlier so he spoke out with a question.

Earlier, Chen Xi had instructed that if someone paid a visit to the West Radiance Peak, then Mu Kui should deal with it. After all, those seniors of Chen Xi’s were ignorant to the ways of the world, so only Mu Kui could do it.

“Hmm? It’s actually a wolf demon? How audacious! Do you have the qualifications to speak here?” The white clothed young man sized Mu Kui up before being unable to refrain from frowning as he spoke.

He knew a ferocious figure had emerged from West Radiance Peak so he didn’t dare to forcefully descend onto West Radiance Peak. But when he saw a wolf demon questioning him without knowing its place, he was instantly slightly displeased.

According to his knowledge, there wasn’t such a figure amongst the Elite Disciples of the West Radiance Peak.

“I’m an attendant by the side of my Master, Chen Xi. I was entrusted by my Master to guard this place. I hope Senior Brother can tolerate this.” Mu Kui was extremely unhappy from being reprimanded right to his face, but he still explained patiently.

“Oh?” The white clothed young man’s brows raised before he said indifferently, “So you’re someone by Junior Brother Chen Xi’s side. Go tell him that Xin Ruhai from the Matter Radiance Peak’s Performance Hall has come with matters to discuss.”

“Oh, so its Senior Brother Xin Ruhai.” Mu Kui was stunned, and he was slightly curious in his heart. He’d already found out earlier that the Matter Radiance Peak’s Performance Hall was the place that sect assignments were distributed and the contribution of disciples was tested.

Why did this Xin Ruhai come from the Performance Hall?

“Ah? Senior Brother Xin Ruhai has come to visit, truly…a rare guest.” Right at this moment, Huo Molei and the others head the noises here and came over, and all of them revealed embarrassed expressions when they saw Xin Ruhai.

Xin Ruhai couldn’t help but frown when he saw Huo Molei and the others, but he still restrained his temper and said patiently, “Junior Brothers, the assignments distributed to the West Radiance Peak by the sect has been delayed for half a year yet still incomplete. If this continues on, then all of you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits and various resources distributed by the sect.”

Huo Molei and the others revealed expressions that seemed as if they’d guessed why Xin Ruhai had come since a long time ago.

“What? All of you still want to continue delaying it?” When he saw all these fellows revealing such appearances, Xin Ruhai’s brows knit even more tightly together, and he said coldly, “It’s impossible this time. I’ve obtained the instruction of the elders that if all of you are unable to complete all the delayed assignments in a month, then at that time, not only will all of you be unable to enjoy the various benefits and resources, all of you will even be punished, and it might even be possible for all of you to be directly reduced to Inner Court disciples!”

At this moment, the expressions of Huo Molei and the others instantly went grim, and they realized the seriousness of the situation.

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