Chapter 585 – Chaotic Divine Lotus

The flower petal that had the Allheaven Truth recorded on it was gold in color and had dense and profound striations on it. It seemed like boundless Grand Daos were branded on it, causing it to emit a golden brilliance of divinity.

At the instant Chen Xi’s mind immersed itself into the flower petal, he felt his mind drone before his entire body seemed to have entered a chaotic world that had no heavens or earth, no stellar bodies, and no landscape, and it was an expanse of grey.


A strand of golden light charged out from within the chaos, and it was extremely blazing as it tore through the chaos. It was a green colored sapling that was extremely verdant, delicate, and young.

However, a terrifying aura suddenly suffused out as soon as it appeared, and it was formidable to the point this world that was an expanse of grey trembled and was boundlessly terrified.

When Chen Xi looked carefully, he noticed the strands of hazy divine light that were of various colors were actually being emanated around the green colored sapling, and a myriad of Grand Dao profundities were being developed within these divine lights, allowing it to illuminate the chaos and seem extremely miraculous.


A rumble of thunder that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out as the sapling started to grow, sprout, and gradually mature into a lotus flower with jade green leaves and nine petals that were respectively crimson, blue, black, gold, white… Every single flower petal flowed with a sheen of divinity that was dazzling and resplendent to the extreme.

The scene seemed like nine gorgeous and resplendent suns hung on a branch, and they formed an extremely miraculous lotus flower. It seemed as if it possessed life, and it looked down upon the gods, crushed the ages, and was dignified to the extreme.

Could this be that divine lotus that was born in the chaos? Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart, and he didn’t dare believe his eyes.


The divine lotus shook as it emitted a strand of divine light that was like a sharp sword that soared through the sky and tore apart the chaos. At this instant, boundless clear air rose and transformed into the sky while boundless muddy air sank to transform into the earth.

The shape of a world had been born just like this!

After that, the divine lotus leaped out and took root within the ground before holding up the sky above it, and rays of light that illuminated the boundless world surged around it.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that it was just this divine lotus, there were numerous extremely dazzling figures flashing out from within the chaos, and they were coiled in divine light that caused others to be unable to see their appearances clearly.

Some were tall like mountains, roared arrogantly in all directions, and were able to crush the starry sky with a stretch of the hand.

Some were capable of covering the sky and blotting out the sun with a single stretch of the wing, and they soared up above the nine heavens to wander freely in the universe with a light flap of their wings.

Some were only fist sized, yet transformed into a flowing ray of light and vanished as soon as they leaped out.

There was even no lack of divine lights that were in the form of bells, cauldrons, furnaces, and so on and so forth. All of them seemed to possess intelligence and vast divine might, and they either soared into the sky, plunged into the group, or directly transformed into mountains, rivers, and seas… All of them vanished.

These wouldn’t be the living beings that were born from within the chaos, right!? Chen Xi gasped. It was the first time he’s seen such a vast scene, and he was shocked to the point his heart was unable to calm down for a long time.

After that, his field of vision flashed, and the scene before his eyes instantly changed.

Numerous enormous mountains that were extremely ancient lay dormant on the ground, and they were luxuriant and towering. The landscape was gorgeous with a myriad of beings growing upon it. Enormous birds sometimes flashed through and covered the sky, casting a large shadow onto the earth; there were also terrifying ferocious beasts standing on the peaks of the mountains while roaring at the room, and there were even various enormous poisonous insects roaming about, causing it to seem extremely terrifying.

The entire world seemed extremely alike to the primeval times of legend. Primeval ferocious beasts roamed freely while peerless flying beasts flashed about. Everything in the world was in a state of chaos that was without order or rules.


Suddenly, a beast roar that shook the heavens and the earth sounded out, and it shook Chen Xi to the point he felt a piercing pain in his eardrums while his soul almost collapsed. When he opened his eyes to look over, he saw numerous primeval ferocious beasts that only existed in legend were flashing over explosively either in the sky or on the ground.

Everywhere they passed, mountain after mountain was trampled on to the point of collapse, river after river was incinerated to the point of drying up, and their might simple caused even the heavens and the earth to tremble endlessly and seem as if doomsday had arrived.

“Qiongqi, Taowu, Feiyi, Jiuxiao, Zhuhuai, Ya’yu…” Chen Xi was astounded as he recognized the identity of these ferocious beasts of the primeval times. They were actually the monstrous ferocious beasts that were renowned during the primeval times.[1]

These ferocious beasts were reputed as the nine ferocities of the primeval times. Every single one of them possessed terrifying strength that could tear gods apart, and they commanded the wind and clouds while looking down upon the world!

Presently, these nine ferocious beasts were flashing towards him in unison, and they terrified Chen Xi to the point he intended to turn around and flee.

However, in the next moment, he noticed that he was only a strand of consciousness, and he was located on a leaf of that divine lotus.

In other words, the target of these nine ferocious beasts was this divine lotus.


Divine rays of light illuminated the sky as the divine lotus stretched out a verdant branch that was like an iron chain of order, and it soared through the sky to directly penetrate the ferocious beast Qiongqi that had blood red wings and seemed partially like an ox and tiger. Blood sprayed through the entire sky as the vital blood in the entire body of the Qiongqi was absorbed by the verdant branch, and then it instantly transformed into ash that vanished without a trace.


The ferocity of the other ferocious beasts increased instead when they saw this, and the fur on their entire bodies surged with divine light as they executed their respective innate Dao Arts, causing the wind and the clouds in the entire sky to enter into a state of chaos as they clawed towards the divine lotus in unison once more. Even gods would probably only be able to flee in panic when facing such attacks.

The divine lotus didn’t dodge or move to avoid these attacks. Its nine layers of petals bloomed layer by layer like nine scorching suns launching into the sky, and they flew out to collide with the attacks of these ferocious beasts.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out while Chen Xi felt a piercing pain in his eyes. When he opened his eyes once more, the earth in an area of 50,000km was covered in desolation and without the slightest sign of life, whereas those numerous ferocious beasts had already vanished.

Only the divine lotus was still rooted in the ground and stood towering on the earth. Its branches had become even more verdant and crystalline, whereas its petals even developed countless dense and profound striations that were like numerous kingdoms, and they were suffused with eternal divine brilliance and immortal radiance.

At the same time, a wave of emotional sighs of comprehension silently slid past Chen Xi’s mind. “At the beginning of the primeval times, the world was covered in chaos. There were nine ferocities that emerged, they devoured the essence of the heavens, fed on the marrow of the earth, and their roars shook the world while their claws tore the universe apart. I slaughtered all of them and obtained their innate Dao Arts, and then I fused them into the Dao Art of nine transformations…”

Shockingly, this was related to the Dao Art inheritance of the Nine Spirit Transformations!


However, before Chen Xi could carefully contemplate the profundities within these words, he felt his entire body shake as the roots of the divine lotus actually tore the ground apart and pierced open countless spatial walls to enter a dim and dark world.

There was a vast river that surged with great might here. Its waves roared and rumbled like dragons, and the river water was actually a dark red like blood.

The Netherworld River!

Chen Xi’s heart jerked as he’d roughly deduced that this was the Netherworld, and this was the Netherworld River that was at the side of the six paths of reincarnation!


The Netherworld River seemed as if it possessed intelligence, and it suddenly gave rise to a myriad of blood red and enormous waves that swept over when it saw the roots of the divine lotus forcefully breaking through and entering here. Spindrifts surged and transformed into numerous savage ghosts that howled as they charged forward successively, and they were extremely terrifying.

The divine lotus was still composed as before when facing this scene. Numerous roots swirled and swept out, and they surged with a myriad of rays of divine light as they penetrated through all the ghosts from the bloody river before crushing and obliterating them.

Instantly, the bloody river stopped making rash moves, whereas the divine lotus stopped attacking as well, and its numerous roots took root in the ground.

Just as before, emotional sighs of comprehension gushed into Chen Xi’s heart. “There was a river in the Netherworld, it washed the hearts of man and eliminated their sins. The myriad of waves are like a tide that is impossible to resist by both ghost and god…”

It was the Dao Art inheritance of the Myriad Netherwave Palm.

At this instant, Chen Xi finally understood the profundity of the Allheaven Truth, and he finally knew the relationship between the Allheaven Truth and the 49 Dao Art inheritances clearly.

This Allheaven Truth was the source of those Dao Arts, it was the master framework, whereas the various Dao Arts within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect now were all obtained from comprehending the profundities within it!

In other words, he only had to carefully contemplate the profundities in the Allheaven Truth, and it wouldn’t be difficult for him to comprehend various formidable Dao Arts.

No wonder Senior Dao Lotus said that after I comprehended this Allheaven Truth, it would be extremely beneficial to me when I created Dao Arts of my own in the future. So this was the principle behind it… Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. He knew very well that the Allheaven Truth wasn’t a Dao Art, yet it was something that was at the essence of Dao Arts. It was the most primitive, most basic, and simplest, and it was the source of all the Dao Arts in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

When he figured out all of this, Chen Xi’s mentality had already changed when he looked once again at the various shocking abilities of the divine lotus.

He stood amidst the strange and magnificent scenes that emerge one after the other and silently contemplated the various variations within them, and he ceaselessly deduced, imitated, inferred…

His mind was translucent, his sea of consciousness empty, and he was without desire and had completely lost himself as he fell into a deep level of comprehension.

After a very long time, Chen Xi was jolted awake as a light buzz suddenly resounded within his mind.

He raised his eyes to look, and he saw a scene that was impossible to forget for his entire lifetime.

The divine lotus that was rooted into the ground and stood towering there suddenly emitted a myriad of divine lights that transformed into a rain of light that spread throughout the world, and the entire world was tainted by this light to the point of being completely resplendent to the extreme.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth rumbled as the tune of the Dao resounded endlessly, and it seemed as if the world was being formed. Besides that, strands of chaotic qi suddenly effused out from the divine lotus, and it rose from the ground to ascend towards the depths of the universe while stepping on the Laws of the Grand Daos and emitting boundless light.

Numerous rivers of stars fell down as infinite stars circled around the divine lotus, and as they circulated around the divine lotus, they emitted rumbling that was sufficient to shake the universe.

Such a scene was too shocking. It was like an exalted figure was standing majestically within the universe while the heavens and the earth, the universe, the 3,000 worlds, and the myriad of minor worlds were all circulating around it and were born because of it.

However, right at this moment, a pair of eyes suddenly opened up in the darkness at the depths of the universe, and it swept over before instantly locking onto the divine lotus.

In the next moment, the river of stars collapsed, the numerous stars exploded apart, and the heavens and the earth shook. On the other hand, the divine lotus seemed as if it had suffered a heavy injury, and its branches and leaves shattered apart while its stem turned dim and lusterless. The nine flower petals on it were even shattered and dispersed one by one by a mysterious force.

At the end, merely a single petal transformed into a ray of flowing light that penetrated through boundless space in the blink of an eye, and it fled from the universe to descend into the Mortal Dimension and vanish without a trace.

Chen Xi felt a wave of intense pain coming from his sea of consciousness, and he suddenly awoke from the numerous scenes that shook his heart. His entire body was already drenched in cold sweat, and it seemed as if he’d just walked out from a pool of water.

Why would a pair of eyes open in the depths of the universe…? Chen Xi muttered, and there was still a wisp of horror within his eyes that couldn’t be dispersed.

1. They’re beasts from ancient legends.

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