Chapter 583 – Shocking Changes

Strands of tempting fragrance from meat curled up and overflowed from the wooden house at the side of the lake, and it caused all the nearby beasts to drool and feel extremely covetous.

The wooden table within the house was covered in various dishes that possessed both an appealing look and fragrance. Blackbone chicken with poria, sautéed chicken feet, nine knots violet peony hotpot, stir fried azure tail fish…

Numerous delicacies cooked from various spirit materials and spirit beasts emitted steaming hot fragrance. They possessed abundant spirit energy, possessed various different textures, and were extremely wonderful.

Ling Bai and Bai Kui were already laying on the table since long ago, and they went all out with their mouths to eat rapidly. Both the little ones seemed to be extremely starved, and they’d placed themselves wholeheartedly into the delicacies on the table and ate with great delight.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief. He grinned as he held a bottle of aged wine made from spirit fountain water and a few ten types of spirit herbs as he drank with Mu Kui, and he was relaxed while his heart was filled with happiness.

After not seeing him for a long time, Chen Xi noticed that Mu Kui’s cultivation had actually attained the advanced-stage of the Rebirth Realm, and it even faintly showed signs of breaking through to the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm!

This discovery caused him to be slightly shocked. He’d gone through all kinds of hardships and obtained numerous fortuitous encounters to be able to attain the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm in a few years, whereas Mu Kui just cultivated within the Manor and was only a step away from catching up to him. How could he not be shocked?

“How many Dao Insights have you grasped now?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“Eight Grand Daos, all of them have attained the Initial Realm. I’m most skilled in the Grand Daos of Earth and Wind.” Mu Kui scratched his head with a silly smile on his face. He was always like this when facing Chen Xi.

But when he was facing his enemies, he would reveal his nature of a wolf demon, brutal, cold, and extremely merciless. In other words, only Chen Xi was able to make him restrain all his viciousness and become meek like an extremely obedient lamb.

This was a law that the demon clans carried out. Once they took someone as their master, they would surely be loyal and devoted, and they would absolutely not commit treacherous things like betrayal.

Eight Grand Daos! Even with Chen Xi’s composure, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart and be extremely astounded. Even though Mu Kui possesses a trace of the bloodline of the ancient divine beast, Lunarwood Wolf, isn’t this comprehension ability too great? It can simply be called outstanding and extraordinary!

“Oh, then have you cultivated any martial techniques?” Chen Xi continued. He was really curious because in the distant past, Mu Kui was only a Violet Palace Realm greater demon with a pitiably weak strength. However, only a few years had passed now yet he’d actually grown to such an extent. So Mu Kui’s changes could simply be described as tremendous.

“No, Ling Bai said that I’m not suitable to cultivate the Sword Dao, so he asked me to meditate and comprehend Dao Insight for the sake of making preparations to cultivate Dao Arts in the future.” Mu Kui replied truthfully.

“Ling Bai said that?” Chen Xi was stunned. “Could it be that all the accomplishments you attained in these years were taught to you by that little fellow?”

“Mmm, yes.” Mu Kui nodded, and his gaze already carried a wisp of admiration. “Master, Ling Bai is absolutely the most formidable person I’ve met. He’s skilled in various Grand Dao profundities, and it’s extremely shocking. If I didn’t have his guidance, then I would be utterly incapable of cultivating to this state.”

Chen Xi was astounded, and he pointed towards Ling Bai in the distance who ate without the slightest etiquette.

“What’s impossible about that?!” Ling Bai raised his head with a displeased expression when he heard this, and he stuffed food into his mouth as he mumbled. “Chen Xi, you’re looking down on me too much. I’m the sword soul of an immortal sword, what’s difficult about guiding a little wolf demon?”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and chuckled without end.

But when he thought about it carefully, Ling Bai’s origins were really very great. He still remembered that when he brought Ling Bai into the Manor for the first time, Ji Yu had once said that Ling Bai’s master ought to be a Heavenly Immortal from the primordial era’s Nirvana Sword Sect, whereas as the sword soul of an immortal sword, Ling Bai had inherited all his master’s inheritance in the Sword Dao.

Moreover, Ji Yu said that even Heavenly Immortals would fight to the death for a treasure like Ling Bai.

When he thought of this, Chen Xi came to an understanding. An existence like Ling Bai guiding Mu Kui in cultivation was nothing difficult and extremely easy indeed.

“Then to what state have you cultivated to now?” Chen Xi asked Ling Bai. He was able to see through Mu Kui’s cultivation with a single glance, yet was unable to see through Ling Bai. This was because the little fellow’s physique was extremely special; he wasn’t a person nor a demon. He was condensed from a strand of sword soul, and he couldn’t be judged with logic.

“I can enter the Nether Transformation Realm at any moment. Moreover, I’ve already grasped the Grand Dao of Metal to a flawless state, whereas my other nine Grand Daos have attained the Advanced Realm. I’ve cultivated the Dao Art, Nirvana Fatality Sword! So long as I advance into the Nether Transformation Realm, I’ll be able to exert two times my combat strength, and once my other Dao Insights attain the Perfection Realm, my combat strength will multiply explosively. How about it, aren’t I extremely ferocious?” Ling Bai held a bone in his mouth as he spoke complacently, and his pair of clear eyes had transformed into two crescents. Coupled with his peerlessly handsome little face, he looked extremely cute.

Chen Xi was instantly speechless, and he stared at Ling Bai as if he was looking at a little monster, and he suffered a great blow to his heart. This little fellow’s speed of cultivation is truly heaven defying, it isn’t ferocious, but too ferocious!

But after that, he faintly understood the reasons behind all this.

All those years ago, Ji Yu had once utilized the Soulfuse Arts to fuse Ling Bai into the Seventhgold Swordbamboo, causing Ling Bai to possess a body of his own and the ability to cultivate like cultivators.

Even though Ling Bai had resolutely utilized his vitality as the price to execute a forbidden technique and fell into an eternal slumber for the sake of guarding the entire Chen Clan after Chen Xi was pursued by Huangfu Chongming, Xiao Linger, and the others, similarly it was Ji Yu who utilized the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit to reconstruct Ling Bai’s body and allow him to undergo a transformation once again.

Now, Ling Bai had been within the Manor for many years and coupled with the complete Sword Dao inheritance he inherited from his master, the speed of his cultivating had become something logical.

“Amazing, truly amazing.” Chen Xi praised Ling Bai with a slight sigh, and then he glanced towards Bai Kui who was still eating voraciously, and he couldn’t help but sigh. “Only you, little fellow, are only eating all day and are completely useless. It’s truly…”

“Aowu!” Bai Kui raised his head and bared his teeth while roaring at Chen Xi, and he was extremely displeased by Chen Xi’s attitude.

He was very injured. As a top auspicious beast in the heavens and the earth, the Pixiu, he was an existence that countless great figures of the three dimensions were unable to obtain even if they fought each other to the death. Now he’d actually been taken as a useless glutton, and it was intolerable.

“What about it? You’re a glutton.” Chen Xi spoke angrily. Ling Bai dared to make noise because Ling Bai had ability, and Ling Bai could help him when he encountered trouble in the future, whereas Bai Kui only slept besides eating, and someone who didn’t know what Bai Kui was would think he was a pet pig.

Bai Kui was furious, the snow white fur on his entire body stood on end as he stared fiercely at Chen Xi.

But no matter how furious he was, he didn’t forget to first bite and swallow the bone in his mouth, and only after this did he shake his head and roar towards the sky.

As soon as this roar resounded out, Chen Xi instantly noticed that the entire room had become different. Numerous azure lotuses emerged in the sky while phenomena coiled around the entire room, and waves of chanting actually resounded out like the light chanting of the Grand Dao. The strange and auspicious atmosphere in the house seemed as if it was capable of allowing one to swiftly comprehend the Dao and profound techniques!


At the same time, expanses of spirit energy that were dense like water gushed into the wooden house from all around. Moreover, strands of Immortal Energy were contained densely within it, causing the entire wooden house to be filled instantly, and it was coiled with mist as if he was in an ocean of spirit energy.

Every single breath he took caused every single pore on his body to feel as if it was immersed in a hot spring of pure spirit energy, and it was comfortable to the point he couldn’t help but want to moan.

At this moment, the aura of the Grand Dao was surging while the karmic luck of the heavens and the earth was converging here. The strange scene and atmosphere shocked Chen Xi to the point of being dumbstruck, and he felt that if he cultivated here for a single day, it would be sufficient to compare to a hundred days in the outside world!

Now, he finally understood why those great figures of the three dimensions would show special favor to auspicious beasts. Because if an auspicious beast were to reside in one’s own place of cultivation, then even if it was a barren land, it would be able to quickly transform into a paradise that was filled with spirit energy and overflowing with Grand Dao.

This was a form of karmic luck that converged the might of the heavens and the earth to draw the spirit energy from everywhere. Only a top auspicious beast like Bai Kui was capable of possessing such a shocking innate ability.

Bai Kui shook his little head complacently when he saw Chen Xi being shocked speechless, and he buried his head into the delicious delicacies on the table once again.

“Oh, Bai Kui, feel free to let me know what you want to eat in the future, I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.” After a long time, Chen Xi coughed dryly before grinning as he walked over to Bai Kui’s side, and then he stretched out his hand to rub the little fellow’s soft and snow white fur while speaking lightheartedly.

Ling Bai couldn’t help but roll his eyes, and he disdained Chen Xi’s actions extremely.

Mu Kui scratched his head instead, and he chuckled endlessly.



At dawn the next day, Hua Molei and the others found out about the existence of Ling Bai, Bai Kui, and Mu Kui, and besides the slight surprise they felt at the beginning, they happily accepted these three new companions into the West Radiance Peak.

Mu Kui took the initiative to bear the responsibility of guarding the West Radiance Peak, and he sat cross-legged on the peak of the mountain.

On the other hand, Ling Bai was sent by Chen Xi to make an inventory of the assets of the West Radiance Peak. The West Radiance Peak occupied an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers, and there were countless spirit farmlands, herb gardens, abodes, and beasts within it.

There was no lack of spirit ores and spirit veins existing within the mountain as well.

All of these were the assets of the West Radiance Peak. Since Chen Xi had already made up his mind to assume the position of Peak Master of the West Radiance Peak, he naturally had to have a grasp of all the material and shapeless assets all over West Radiance Peak.

All in all, he already had a vague plan in his heart. He wanted to make the West Radiance Peak completely turn around its declining state and become powerful and prosperous instead. At the very least, it couldn’t be inferior to the East Radiance Peak!


Within the wooden room made from thousand year old Violetstar Wood, faint refreshing fragrance that refreshed the heart coiled about, and it was quiet and tranquil.

Chen Xi stretched his body while feeling refreshed. The West Radiance Peak had been weak for a long time and changing this was absolutely not something that could be done overnight. So he wasn’t anxious.

Now what he wanted to do was advance his cultivation and strength.

Without any more delay, he flipped his hand to withdraw a jade slip and a golden flower petal that had countless Dao striations branded upon it.

Within the jade slip was the records of the 49 Dao Art inheritances that came from the top of the lotus platform, whereas, the golden flower petal was the Allheaven Truth Dao Lotus had personally given to him, and it recorded all the profundities of the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture!

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