Chapter 582 – The Curtains Descend

In the end, the curtains to the matter descended with the Sect Master, Wen Huating, owing Chen Xi a favor.

Moreover, the matters that occurred lately didn’t sink down just like this, and it spread through the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect like sparks of fire instead.

It wasn’t just the elders and Elite Disciples, even the Inner Court and Outer Court disciples knew that a ferocious figure like Chen Xi had appeared in the sect.

On the first day he’d just entered into the sect, he’d bashed Du Xuan’s young brother Du Guan, forced Du Guan’s companions and apologize, and drove out all the disciples from the other peaks that were on the West Radiance Peak.

He ascended onto the top of the lotus platform and become the first existence to obtain the Dao Arts left behind by the Founding Ancestor in a few thousand years.

He’d fought and mightily defeated one of the five great Elite Disciples, Du Xuan, and he even forced Du Xuan to kneel and suffer boundless humiliation in the end.

He faced Elder Yue Chi directly and in an overbearing manner without the slightest fear.

He presented 49 Dao Art inheritances that possessed world shocking might to the Sect Master and shocked all the higher-ups of the sect.


All in all, the various major events that happened today were caused by Chen Xi, causing his name to reverberate in ears of all like thunder, and it resounded in the sky of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to the point everyone knew it.

In the entire history of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it was probably impossible to find another new disciple like Chen Xi who’d caused such a great commotion on the first day of entering the sect.


All the elders left with Wen Huating while being perfectly satisfied, whereas the disciples of the other peaks dispersed successively, causing the surroundings of the West Radiance Peak to completely calm down.

On the other hand, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief, and both his mind and body were slightly exhausted.

It couldn’t be helped. The things he encountered today were truly too numerous. He joined the sect, met all the elders, Madman Liu left, ascended the lotus platform, met Dao Lotus by coincidence…

It could be said that besides fighting, he wasn’t unoccupied at all during this short day of time, and the consumption of both his physical and mental strength was obvious.

But when he saw Huo Molei and the others reveal heartfelt smiles of happiness, Chen Xi felt that everything he did was worth it!

Actually, if said in a slightly exaggerated manner, no matter if it was battling Du Xuan, engaging in a verbal battle with Yue Chi, the successive requests he put forward to the Sect Master, or the 49 Dao Art inheritances he presented to the Sect Master, everything he’d done today was really for the sake of the West Radiance Peak and for the sake of these seniors of his.

If it wasn’t for this, he would utterly not fight so desperately and put on such a domineering and overbearing display.

Fortunately, he’d accomplished everything.

After this matter, even though he’d completely offended the disciples of the East Radiance Peak and Elder Yue Chi, but he’d undoubtedly established an extremely great reputation for the West Radiance Peak, and if anyone dared to scheme against the West Radiance Peak in the future, they would first have to get past Chen Xi, whereas Chen Xi had already presented 49 Dao Art inheritances to the Sect Master now and received the favor of the Sect Master and all the elders. Under these circumstances, there was no one that would dare to provoke him.

Even if one took a million step backs and someone wanted to deal with him, they had to wait for a period of time to pass and everything calmed down.

All in all, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about him or the West Radiance Peak encountering any trouble in the near future, and he could really seize this period of time to properly increase his cultivation.

Because three months from now was the Peak Trials of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that was held every 10 years. At that time, the Elite Disciples of the East Radiance Peak, West Radiance Peak, South Radiance Peak, and North Radiance Peak who’d attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm would participate in it.

On one hand, the objective of the Peak Trials was test to advancement of the cultivations of disciples, and on the other hand, it was for the sake of selecting Seed Disciples.

Not only would one’s status and identity in the sect increase greatly from becoming a Seed Disciple, one would be able to enter the Divine Radiance Peak to cultivate!

Divine Radiance Peak was the place some old freaks of extremely high seniority in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect lived in seclusion, and it was one of the top locations in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Not only was one able to enjoy a steady flow of various resources while cultivating here, one could even obtain the personal guidance of the old freaks here. Such benefits were something that were utterly not present in the other peaks.

All the Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect took becoming Seed Disciples as their objective as it was an honor, and it carried an extremely great attractive force to them.

On the other hand, Chen Xi urgently needed to become a Seed Disciple.

It wasn’t for the sake of entering the Divine Radiance Peak to cultivate but because he wanted to smoothly assume the position of Peak Master of West Radiance Peak. The preconditions were that he must become a Seed Disciple and advance to become an elder after that, and only then could he sit firmly on the position of West Radiance Peak’s Master.

All in all, no matter what, Chen Xi would surely participate in the Peak Trials three months from now.


The entire West Radiance Peak was in a mess, and the traces of being plundered were present everywhere.

Huo Molei and the others felt a wave of heartache when they saw this, and they felt as if their homeland had suffered the plundering of bandits.

“Senior Brothers and Senior Sister, don’t worry, the Sect Master has already agreed that our losses today will be repaid ten times by the East Radiance Peak within a month.” Chen Xi consoled repeatedly from the side.

Only then did Huo Molei and the others gradually become better.

After that, they pulled Chen Xi along once more and arrived at the bank of the Sword Purification Pool, and then they insisted to give this precious location that had the densest spirit energy on West Radiance Peak to Chen Xi for cultivation.

Chen Xi didn’t refuse because he lacked a place to cultivate. This Sword Purification Pool was steep and precipitous, with a waterfall, flowing fountain, and a large lake that was enshrouded with spirit energy. At the banks of the pool was a variety of spirit flowers and grass, with glowing orchids and hanging immortal vines, and the scenery was gorgeous to the point it was like an immortal paradise. It was absolutely a top place of cultivation.

In next to no time, all of them worked together to construct a wooden house of antique design for Chen Xi at the side of the lake, and there was even a small courtyard established before the wooden house.

The wooden house was made from a thousand pieces of Violetstar Wood that was solid and sturdy. There were strands of refreshing fragrance drifting out from the wood, and it was capable of providing the miraculous effect of calming the mind.

The roof of the house was covered with dense and soft Powdergold Grass. The Powdergold Grass were fine like the strings on a tassel, tough and beautiful. Not only were they capable of keeping out the wind and rain, they could even drive bugs and evil away. When piled together, they glowed brilliantly like gold, and it was like the roof was made of sunlight, causing one to feel as if it was warm like the summer.

On the other hand, besides a few luxuriant and ancient trees that towered into the sky, the courtyard only had some spirit herbs planted in a simple manner. Swallowtail Orchid, Whirling Herb, Red Lantern, and so on and so forth. They were spirit herbs yet flowers at the same time, and they were elegant and gorgeous.

The rippling surface of the lake was right opposite of the courtyard. Azure lotuses clustered together on the lake with a few pink lotuses, and flying beasts frequently flashed past the surface of the lake and drew out numerous exquisite arcs.

Staying here to cultivate was simply like staying in an immortal paradise in the world of man, and it was enviable.

Du Xuan had chosen this place with a single glance a long time ago, and he wanted to forcefully occupy this place for his own cultivation. Unfortunately, he probably didn’t have the chance to step foot on this place ever again in his entire lifetime.

After the house was constructed, Huo Molei and the others bid their farewells and left. They’d experienced too many things today, and they were extremely exhausted as well, so they needed to rest and recuperate as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had already laid down on his bed instead, and he couldn’t help but stretch his body while his gaze that revealed satisfaction silently sized everything within his room up.

From today onward, this is my home in the Dark Reverie….

Since entering the Primeval Battlefield and the Dark Reverie, he’d experienced countless upheavals and slaughters, and he’d practically been in continuous battles while roaming about without a permanent place to stay.

Now he was finally able to possess a place of residence that belonged to him in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and this sort of steady feeling caused Chen Xi to feel extremely satisfied and treasure it.

But he understood that he must be even more hardworking and cultivate more painstakingly if he wanted to maintain this peace and steadiness. Otherwise, all of this would change along with the passage of time, and it would leave him in the end.


Deep in the night, the starry sky above West Radiance Peak was like a painting. Numerous stars were like bright stars that were dazzling and resplendent, while layers of ripples undulated on the calm blue lake under the night breeze, and it reflected the starry light and was suffused with a silvery white gentle sheen.

The aquatic plants in the lake were swaying lightly as the flowers on the side of the lake rustled, and some of the spirit fish and spirit turtles stuck their head out of the surface of the water to breathe spirit energy. Moreover, the spirit beasts by the side of the lake were laying quietly while flickering with bright rays of light…

Everything was so tranquil and beautiful.

“Chen Xi, I’ll kill you! How many years has it been? You bastard! You actually disregarded me and left me in the Manor!”

“Master, I’m truly too excited that I’ve seen you once again!”

“Aowu~”However, amidst this tranquility, a wave of clamorous noise instantly resounded out within the wooden house at the side of the lake, and a beast roar was mixed amongst these noises.

The beast roar instantly shocked the spirit fish and spirit turtles within the lake to shrink back and drill down to the bottom of the lake, whereas the spirit beasts on the side of the lake trembled before they stood up and leaped into the deep night.

Chen Xi had a helpless expression in the wooden house.

A white clothed tiny person stood on his left shoulder. The tiny person was only 10cm tall, had a pair of pitch black and bright eyes, and a peerlessly handsome appearance, and he was grumbling endlessly and angrily by Chen Xi’s ear.

On his right shoulder stood a tiny beast that was like a snowball. Its fur was snow white and soft, and its eyes were clear and pure. At this moment, it was rolling on his shoulder while roaring repeatedly to vent its displeasure.

Opposite him stood a tall and robust young man with dense long hair, a craggy and cold appearance, and his eyes revealed a strange light green color, and he was scratching his head while looking at Chen Xi with a silly smile on his face.

These three fellows were naturally Ling Bai, Bai Kui, and Mu Kui.

Just like Bai Kui, Ling Bai had been thrown into the Manor within the jade pendant after Chen Xi left Pine Mist City and entered the central plains’ Maple Leaf City, whereas Mu Kui was sent into the Manor after he left Silken City and was about to head to the Primeval Battlefield.

Because of various reasons, Chen Xi could only let them out of the abode at this moment, yet never had he imagined that as soon as they appeared, Bai Kui and Ling Bai would be resentful like abandoned wives and grumble endlessly to him.

But he couldn’t do anything because he was in the wrong, and he could only helplessly reply with a bitter smile.

But he was still extremely happy in his heart. As he listened to Ling Bai’s grumble, watched Bai Kui rolling about while roaring, and had the extremely loyal Mu Kui accompanying him, this sort of feeling caused him to feel a long lost feeling of warmth.

He seemed to have returned to that period of time in the past. Now that he thought of it, everything felt as if it had occurred just yesterday, and they were still vivid before his eyes, causing him to be extremely dazed.

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