Chapter 581 – Shocked Silent

What did Dao Lotus tell me?

Chen Xi was stunned. When he saw the Sect Master and all the elders staring fixedly at him, he didn’t hesitate any longer and said, “Senior Dao Lotus didn’t speak much about anything else, and he only guided me.”

Senior Dao Lotus…actually guided this fellow?

The breathing of the Sect Master and all the elders instantly became rapid and even their eyes were red like a group of rabbits. Exactly how great must his fortune be to be able to listen to Senior’s profound guidance!?

For example, existences like them knew clearly how shocking the ability of Senior Dao Lotus was. He was formed from a strand of Divine Intent of the Chaotic Divine Lotus that had survived until now and had experienced the passage of countless years. Even though he’d never arrived at the Immortal Dimension, yet his cultivation had already attained the level of transcending the three dimensions and beyond the five elements.

He was countless times more formidable than a Heavenly Immortal!

Most importantly, Dao Lotus was innately born with a Divine Intent body, and he possessed the various quintessence Grand Daos when the chaos was first split apart. If it was in terms of understanding towards the Heaven Dao, then there were few that could compete with him in the entire Dark Reverie.

Now such an ancient figure had actually made an appearance and guided Chen Xi, how could their eyes not go red with envy towards such fortune?

“If I’m able to listen to a single word from Senior, then why would I worry about being unable to take the final step to become an immortal?” A 9th level Earthly Immortal Realm elder sighed endlessly with emotion.

The other elders nodded their heads ceaselessly in their hearts when they heard this.

On the other hand, the disciples in the surroundings seemed as if a thunderclap had resounded out by their ears when they heard this, and it shocked them to the point that a tempestuous arose in their hearts. Exactly what sort of existence is this Senior Dao Lotus to actually be so respected by all the elders?

“Right, what did Senior Dao Lotus entrust you to bring to me?” Suddenly, Wen Huating recovered from his shock and asked hurriedly.

As he spoke, even with the composure his cultivated now, his heart still couldn’t help but thump, and he was slightly impatient to see exactly what Senior Dao Lotus had entrusted to Chen Xi.

A single sentence jolted awake all who were dazed. As soon as Wen Huating finished speaking, the gazes of every shot onto Chen Xi in unison, and their gazes were filled with burning curiosity that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.


With a flip of his hand, 49 verdant green bamboo slips floated in midair. All of them emitted an ancient aura of books and were extremely ancient, causing others to seem to have instantly returned to the desolate primeval times where sages used their blades as brushes.

This is…

As they sensed the ancient aura emitted from the bamboo slips, the gazes of everyone present focused as they felt indescribable shock in their hearts.

“These are the 49 Dao Arts stored at the top of the lotus platform. Every single Dao Art possesses a might that shakes the heavens and the earth. Senior Dao Lotus said that these things would be like useless paper if nobody possessed them, so he gave it to junior to manage.” Chen Xi answered lightly.

Perfect silence!

When they heard these bamboo slips were actually the numerous Dao Arts at the top of the lotus platform, everyone including the Sect Master and elders were shocked to the point of forgetting to breathe and were speechless for a long time.

It seemed as if only silence could display the shock in their hearts at this moment.

They were really too shocked. After all, the Dao Arts on these bamboo slips were left behind by the Founding Ancestor himself, and every single one was peerlessly formidable and shook the ages with its brilliance!

Most importantly, in the long history of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, all the disciples that were capable of stepping foot on the top of the lotus platform were the most outstanding existences in the world yet they only were able to obtain a single Dao Art.

But even though they obtained only a single Dao Art, in the end, all of them had become proud geniuses of the Dark Reverie, an overlord that roamed freely through the world and commanded great authority!

Moreover, at that time, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was absolutely capable of being ranked amongst the top three of the 10 great immortal sects and look down upon all with peerless might.

Unfortunately, in the recent few thousands of years, there wasn’t a single disciple that was capable of stepping foot on the top of the lotus platform and obtaining the Dao Art inheritances left behind by the Founding Ancestor, whereas because of various reasons, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect fell into a gradual decline. Presently, its ranking amongst the ten great immortal sects had even fallen to the lowest in history, and it was worrying.

However, now, Chen Xi had stepped foot on the top of the lotus platform, and not only had he obtained the Dao Art inheritance that the Founding Ancestor left behind, he even brought back an entire 49 Dao Arts. How could this not cause them to be shocked!?

Those were 49 Dao Arts! Such a number was absolutely an unprecedented mark in history that was unheard of!

At this moment, the disciples in the surroundings had come to a complete understanding. Chen Xi…actually ascended the top of the lotus platform and became the first existence amongst us to have ascended the top of the lotus platform.

Infinite shock was like an unparalleled typhoon that rumbled through the hearts of everyone, and it gave rise to a tempestuous storm that caused them to be unable to recover from their shock for a long time.

“Sect master, please keep these Dao Arts.” Chen Xi spoke calmly to break the silence in the scene, and he caused everyone to seem as if they were jolted awake from a dream and be unable to help but heave a sigh.

As Chen Xi spoke at this moment, the 49 bamboo slips had already transformed into a long green colored ray of light that flashed towards Wen Huating.

When he took out these 49 bamboo slips, he’d already copied all the Dao Arts recorded on them with a jade slip, and he kept it with him so he wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t be able to cultivate the inheritance recorded on these bamboo slips any longer.


As they looked at the green ray of light formed from the numerous bamboo slips that flashed towards the Sect Master, the eyes of everyone present couldn’t help but emit a wisp of fervor.

Those…are numerous Dao Art inheritances left behind by the Founding Ancestor. If I’m able to obtain one of them, then to what extent would my strength raise to?

“Skycontrol Burial Sword!”

“Grand Confinement Dao Art!”

“Myriad Netherwave Palm!”

“Nine Spirit Transformation!”


Wen Huating was unable to restrain himself since long ago, and he stretched his hand out to grab all the bamboo slips before scanning through them one by one. Every time he read through one, he couldn’t help but let out an exclaim of shock, and he was extremely careful with them as if he was holding the most valuable treasures in the world.

The other elders stretched their necks over as well, and they sized up those bamboo slips from the side with gazes that were covered in admiration and burning desire.

If it wasn’t for fear of the Sect Master’s status, they’d probably have made a move to seize the bamboo slips and properly review them a long time ago.

On the other hand, the eyes of all the disciples in the surroundings went red as their hearts itched intolerably, and they stared their eyes wide open. Even though they were unable to see anything, how they yearned for the Dao Art inheritance that were like the Ultimate Treasures of the sect could be perceived from this.

“Good, good, it’s really the Dao Arts left behind by the Founding Ancestor himself!” After a short moment, Wen Huating put away the bamboo slips before sighing with emotion, and his voice revealed indescribable happiness.

“Haha, with these Dao Arts, why would my Nine Radiance Sword Sect be worried about being unable to rebuild its glory of the past and dominate the world!” Some elders were already excited to the point they couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

The other elders were extremely delighted as well.

Normally, with their level of cultivation, they actually had utterly no reason to be moved by Dao Arts. But these Dao Arts were different, they were left behind by the Founding Ancestor himself, and they contained boundless profundities that were greatly beneficial to their cultivations.

It wasn’t just that, if these Dao Arts were passed down, it would surely help the sect foster even more formidable figures. It was even to the extent that it would be able to allow the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to undergo a tremendous change in less than a thousand years!

This was what they attached most importance to.

“Chen Xi, you’ve done extraordinary service to my Nine Radiance Sword Sect today. As the Sect Master, I naturally ought to reward you heavily. Tell me, what do you need? So long as the Nine Radiance Sword Sect possesses it, then I can satisfy your request!” Suddenly, Wen Huating looked at Chen Xi and spoke with a face covered in smiles, and his voice was heroic and delighted while revealing unconcealed affection, causing all the other disciples to be extremely envious.

Everyone knew that merely these 49 Dao Art inheritances were sufficient to negate all Chen Xi’s offences from before, and it was even to the extent that his status in the sect would surely become better and better to the point of being invincible.

“I have no requests. These 49 Dao Arts were something Senior Dao Lotus entrusted me to give to Sect Master, so I don’t dare seek merit for it.” Chen Xi cupped his hand as he spoke.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel a wave of astonishment when they heard this. How did this fellow become so modest in the blink of an eye? Where’s his domineering, overbearing, and lawless imposing aura from before?

He’s simply like another person!

“Hahaha! Good! Good! Good!” Wen Huating roared with laughter towards the sky as he said good successively three times, and it obviously displayed how happy he was at this moment.

The other elders twisted their beards and smiled as well, and the expressions they looked at Chen Xi was indescribably amiable and filled with extreme admiration.

Yue Chi was an exception. His appearance was already gloomy to the extreme. But, no matter how furious he was and how much he wished to annihilate Chen Xi, at this moment, he understood that he was really unable to touch a hair on this kid’s body while in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the future…

On the other hand, Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and all the East Radiance Peak disciples looked at each other with bitterness in their hearts. Never had they imagined that the situation today would actually play out to such an extent.

It was especially so for Du Xuan. As he looked at the scenes before him, he felt as if the heavens were intentionally playing tricks on him. It angered him to the point his entire body trembled as his face darkened, and he was almost unable to refrain from spitting out a mouthful of blood.

He was already able to predict that he would probably have no chance to wash away the humiliation he suffered today…

“So everything that happened today was in the calculations on this fellow. No wonder he dared to be so arrogant! But this fellow is really detestable. He didn’t even notify me beforehand and made me be worried for nothing.” An Ke puckered her pink and glossy little mouth as she spoke angrily.

An Wei couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Her beautiful face was like a flower that bloomed after the rain, fresh and extraordinary, and she said, “Now, you finally understand how formidable this fellow is, right? Remember to stay away from him in the future or you’ll be sold off before you even know it.”

“Hmph! He wouldn’t dare!” An Ke swung her small fists as she spoke fiercely.

“Chen Xi, you’ve done an extraordinary service for my Nine Radiance Sword Sect today. If you don’t receive a reward, then wouldn’t it disappoint others?” Right at this moment, the Sect Master laughed loudly as he said, “Nevermind. This matter is too significant, and you’re probably unable to think of anything for now. You can come find me when you’ve thought of what you need. Just take it as…I owe you a favor!”

Everyone was instantly stunned when they heard this. He actually made the Sect Master personally admit to owing him a favor. This is even more precious than an Immortal Artifact!

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