Chapter 580 – Turning The Situation Around

Du Xuan’s howl was resolute and vehement. He revealed an appearance of being willing to die than submit, and it aroused the resonance of many people.

Right, death is better than humiliation. As one of the five great Elite Disciples and the outstanding genius of the Nethercrow Clan, how could he kneel and apologize?

If he really did this, then what dignity would he have left to stand up in the sect?

“Noisy!” Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to discern if Du Xuan was really unyielding as he displayed, and he directly struck his palm onto Du Xuan’s neck, causing Du Xuan’s raised head to be pressed down once more.

He seemed as if he was kowtowing to everyone present, and it was indescribably humiliating. Du Xuan was angered to the point blood gushed up his throat and sprayed from his mouth once more, and his gaze was resentful to the point he truly wished for nothing more than to slice Chen Xi up and eat him alive.

He was unable to figure out why this fellow was so overbearing even if he racked his brains. He’d already brought up his identity as a member of the Nethercrow Clan to threaten Chen Xi, yet Chen Xi actually didn’t care in the slightest! Could it be that his balls are made of steel?

The people in the surroundings were astounded even more when they saw this, and they experienced how overbearing and domineering Chen Xi was even more.

“Enough!” Wen Huating couldn’t tolerate it anymore and frowned as he stopped Chen Xi with a shout.

Chen Xi’s display was lacking in restraint and too domineering, and it caused him to be unable to tolerate it. He felt that this little fellow was simply a troublemaker that was audacious to the extreme, reckless, ignores the larger issues, doesn’t know how to show restraint, and is an extreme headache.

It was even to the extent that if it wasn’t for him knowing that Chen Xi was the first disciple in a few thousand years to ascend the top of the lotus platform and possesses an extremely formidable Divine Ability like the Eye of Divine Truth, he’d have left with a flick of his sleeve since long ago.

But even then, the entirely of Chen Xi’s display today had caused him to be rather disappointed, and his good impression of Chen Xi in his heart had fallen to the lowest possible level.

“This matter will be dealt with according to what I said. As for Du Xuan, he’ll be temporarily ordered to go into closed door cultivation to repent, and he can come out when he advances to the Nether Transformation Realm!” Wen Huating’s gaze was like a cold bolt of lightning as it swept the surroundings, and his voice revealed an indisputable tone. At this moment, he had an imposing aura of controlling everything and ruling over the world, and he vividly portrayed the bearing of a Sect Master.

It wasn’t just the disciples in the surroundings, even the other elders felt apprehensive in their hearts and didn’t dare say anything further.

Only Elder Yue Chi swept Chen Xi with an icy cold gaze that revealed a trace of undisguised detest and rage. He’d already decided that he would surely find an opportunity in the future and eliminate this kid!

Moreover, Yue Chi had already perceived that the perception of the Sect Master and the various elders had already turned to extreme disappointment, whereas this was precisely his opportunity! Even if he dealt with Chen Xi in the future, the Sect Master and the others would probably not act as they did today and spare no efforts to protect Chen Xi.

Be arrogant to your heart’s content. Once you lose all trust, let me see who’s able to save you in the future! Yue Chi looked at the distant Chen Xi while sneering endlessly in his heart.

After Wen Huating made the decision, Elder Yue Chi maintained silence while Du Xuan lowered his head and kept silent, and they seemed to have accepted this decision. When they saw this, everyone perceived that this battle was finally about to end, and Chen Xi seemed to have become the one and only winner.

But everyone didn’t look favorably upon him. Even though Chen Xi occupied the right side in everything that happened earlier, and his actions were reasonable and logical, but he was too domineering, overbearing, and lacking in restraint. He caused all the higher-ups to feel extremely disappointed in him, and it was extremely disadvantageous towards his future situation.

After all, the Peak Master of the West Radiance Peak, Madman Liu, had left, whereas he was a disciple that had just entered the sect and had nothing to rely on. Today, not only had he completely offended the East Radiance Peak, he’d even made all the higher-ups disappointed in him, so how could his situation be good in the future?

“Sect Master, please wait a moment!” However, right when Wen Huating and the other elders turned around with the intention to leave, Chen Xi’s voice resounded out once more, and it seemed especially ear piercing in this silent atmosphere.

What does this fellow want to do now?!

The disciples in the surroundings were extremely shocked when they heard this voice, and they looked at Chen Xi as if they were looking at a monster. The Sect Master has already made a decision, could it be that he doesn’t intend to stop?

Even Wen Huating and the elders instantly revealed gloomy expressions while their eyes held rage. What does this troublemaker want now? He’s simply trying to take a yard after being given an inch!

“Chen Xi, what else do you have to say?” Wen Huating took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the annoyance in his heart before asking indifferently, and his voice already carried a strand of undisguised dissatisfaction.

Yes, he was very dissatisfied.

He felt the he was too conniving of this little fellow earlier. If it wasn’t for that, how could Chen Xi try to take a yard now?

When they heard this, everyone instantly knew clearly that Chen Xi had poked a hornet’s nest now, and if he dared to bring forward any request, then even if it was entirely reasonable, he would suffer the refusal and even punishment of the Sect Master!

On the other hand, Elder Yue Chi and all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak laughed coldly without end instead, and they’d already taken Chen Xi to be a rash fellow that didn’t know what was good for him. They felt he became proud from receiving favor, didn’t know where to stop, and would die ignorant to the reason of his death!

When facing the strange gazes that shot towards him from the surroundings, Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent to the extreme instead. He walked forward and cupped his fists to the Sect Master. “I just returned from the lotus platform earlier, and I was entrusted by a senior to bring some things to you.”

“Oh?” Wen Huating’s expression eased up when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

Truthfully speaking, he’d already made the preparations that no matter what request Chen Xi brought forward, he would turn it down at the first possible moment and not give Chen Xi any face.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi wasn’t pressing on without letting off and wasn’t bringing forward any excessive request but had something to give him instead, he naturally couldn’t refuse it with a cold face.

The others were all shocked as well, and they couldn’t figure out exactly what Chen Xi was doing.

“Heh, this fellow isn’t an idiot. He perceived that the Sect Master and the others are disappointed, so he intends to use treasures to save the situation.”

“Save it? It looks to me like he’s ‘bribing’! But, this fellow is really weird, he’s ‘bribing’ the Sect Master in front of everyone, it’s truly absurd.”

“Indeed. With the Sect Master’s status, what treasures has he not seen? How could he possibly take a fancy to treasures offered up by Chen Xi?”

“Shhh. Didn’t you hear? Chen Xi was entrusted by a senior of the sect to bring some things to the Sect Master. Perhaps it’s some extraordinary treasure.”

“Hmph! No matter how extraordinary it is, it’d impossible to turn around the disappointment of the Sect Master and the others!”

Everyone whispered in discussion, and they were secretly guessing what objective Chen Xi wanted to attain by doing this.

“Chen Xi, which senior entrusted you with this?” Wen Huating spoke slowly. Actually, he had a rough answer in his heart because amongst the seniors of the sect that Chen Xi was able to encounter, it ought to be that Martial Uncle that guarded the Book Reserve Pavilion.

That Martial Uncle had concealed his identity many years ago and usually guarded outside the Book Reserve Pavilion while remaining indifferent to worldly matters, but his strength was unfathomable. All those years ago, he was a great figure that roamed freely through the world and was renowned throughout the Dark Reverie.

Even if it was him, the Sect Master, he still had to be respectful and reverent when he met this Martial Uncle, and he didn’t dare be disrespectful in the slightest. The other elders had similar thoughts as Wen Huating, but all of them were very curious. What exactly has that Martial Uncle entrusted to Chen Xi to give the Sect Master?

“That senior called himself Dao Lotus…” Chen Xi answered yet hadn’t finished speaking when he noticed the atmosphere wasn’t right. Because he clearly noticed that the expression of all the elders including the Sect Master had frozen as their pupils dilated, and their appearances were rather strange, seeming shocked and in disbelief, whereas, the disciples in the surroundings revealed bewildered expressions and didn’t have any strange reactions.

“You said…you saw Senior Dao Lotus?” Wen Huating spoke with a voice that carried a trace of excitement and shock that couldn’t be restrained.

“Speak, you little bastard! Quickly!” Another elder with an explosive temper had already roared in excitement.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded, and he was curious in his heart as well. Could it be that they’ve heard of Dao Lotus’s name before, and they’ve seen him?

“It’s actually true!”

“How many years has it been! Since the primordial era until now, Senior Dao Lotus hasn’t made an appearance in the boundless years. I thought he’d left us long ago, yet never had I imagined…he’s still here!” All the elders seemed to have thought of something from the past, and they cried out involuntarily with excitement while seeming to be in insane states. They didn’t have the slightest elegant demeanor any longer.

This scene caused all the disciples in the surroundings to be dumbstruck, and they were surprised and bewildered in their hearts. Who exactly is that Dao Lotus? Why did he make the Sect Master and the others become so excited from just hearing his name?

Besides that, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi became strange as well. This fellow has actually met a great figure of the sect. What sort of heaven defying fortune is this?

“No wonder he dared to act so fearlessly. So it turns out that he actually has this to rely on. In this way, how could the Sect Master and the others make a fuss about his earlier actions?” An Wei’s red lips puckered slightly as she muttered, and her beautiful and classical face had a wisp of shock on it.

With her natural talent, she’d naturally heard that within the secret realm at the top of the lotus platform was a senior of mysterious and unfathomable origins cultivating there. Supposedly, he was formed from a strand of Divine Intent that belonged to the Founding Ancestor, and his cultivation was exceedingly high and had guarded the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for countless years.

But since the primordial era until now, that senior had never made an appearance, and everything related to that senior had become a secret of the sect that wasn’t spread out and very few people knew of.

If it wasn’t for her having ascended to the ninth layer of the lotus platform, it would be impossible for her to know that such a great figure actually existed at the top of the lotus platform.

Now when she heard Chen Xi himself verify that he’d seen that senior, even she couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of envy. This fellow’s fortune is really so great that no one can compare.

“Did Senior Dao Lotus say anything to you?” Wen Huating took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the excitement in his heart as he asked slowly, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi had already transformed to become kind and amiable to the extreme.

The other elders stared fixedly at Chen Xi as well with gazes that were filled with encouragement and expectations, and the various ill feelings they had towards Chen Xi in their hearts had already vanished long ago.

Only Yue Chi had an extremely unsightly expression, and it was gloomy to the extreme. At this moment, Yue Chi finally understood that this damnable little bastard wasn’t a rash fellow that didn’t know restraint but dared to openly challenge him because he had something to rely on!

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