Chapter 579 – Fierce Pursuit

At this moment, Chen Xi had actually used Du Xuan’s life to threaten Elder Yue Chi!

The surrounding people were shocked to the point their hearts rose and fell when they saw this scene, and they felt Chen Xi simply seemed as if he’d gone mad and was overbearing to the limit.

Even Wen Huating and the others frowned and were furious in their hearts. If it wasn’t for them knowing Chen Xi was the first disciple in a few thousand years to have ascended the top of the lotus platform, they’d have made a move to punish him since long ago.

As a disciple, he actually dared to use the life of another disciple to threaten a senior of the sect. This was simply a monstrous crime!

“This fellow seems to be even more vengeful than Martial Uncle Liu…” An Ke muttered to herself and was slightly puzzled why Chen Xi didn’t know when to stop and acted willfully instead.

“He isn’t like a person that doesn’t know how far to go, let’s watch before we decide.” An Wei was slightly unable to see through what Chen Xi intended. Could it be that he doesn’t know that doing this would cause him to fall into a disadvantageous situation?

“Good! Very good! Threatening a senior when you’ve just entered the sect, how far would you go in the future!? Yue Chi was angered to the point his entire body trembled.

His favorite disciple had been forced to kneel in public and used to threaten him. These scenes were like sharp blades that jabbed at his heart to the point it faintly ached, and he was furious to the limit.

“Sect Master, at this moment, do you still want to protect such an abominable disciple!?” Yue Chi turned around to question the Sect Master and elders.

His voice already revealed boundless ruthlessness and killing intent. Obviously, he intended to capture Chen Xi as soon as he obtained the consent of the Sect Master.

“Elder Yue Chi, these words are mistaken. The sect set out long ago that the various elders wouldn’t interfere in the conflicts between disciples, whereas Du Xuan had provoked me earlier, so receiving some punishment is a must!” Before Wen Huating and the others could speak, Chen Xi had already said coldly, “Moreover, everyone present has seen that Du Xuan led all his companions to trample upon my West Radiance Peak and humiliate my Senior Brothers and Seniors Sisters. Could it be that such actions shouldn’t receive punishment?”

Chen Xi’s words were perfectly logical. Not to mention anything else, just at this moment, everyone was able to see that all around West Radiance Peak, the numerous spirit farmlands were trampled upon and the multitude of herb gardens were plundered. Everywhere was in a mess, and the surrounding atmosphere was foul.

Shockingly, all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak were standing all around the mountain. Even a blind man was able to discern that everything was done by these people.

Moreover, when Du Xuan fought Chen Xi earlier, he really had humiliated Chen Xi at every corner, and if it wasn’t for Chen Xi executing the Light of Eradication in the end, the person that was kneeling now would have probably been Chen Xi.

So after they heard what Chen Xi said, the surrounding people rather understood Chen Xi’s feelings. As the saying goes, karma goes around in circles, and it’s a bitch.

But even though they understood, they didn’t dare publicly display support for Chen Xi.

After all, Chen Xi was only a disciple that had just entered the sect yet had made such a mighty and overbearing display, and he actually used Du Xuan’s life to threaten Elder Yue Chi. This was slightly going too far, and they felt that he would probably suffer a calamity.

At this moment, Wen Huating and the elders seemed to be discussing something via voice transmission as well.

“This kid Chen Xi has a ruthless nature and seeks revenge for the smallest grievances. If he’s allowed to continue like this, then Du Xuan will probably be angered to death. Should we make a move and stop him?”

“I don’t agree with that. From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hasn’t violated the rules of the sect. Even though his actions seem to be rather offensive, they can be understood. After all, Senior Brother Liu has just left yet his West Radiance Peak already suffered being trampled like this. No matter who it was, that person will probably not let the matter go so easily.”

“Nevermind. This might be a good thing for Du Xuan. If he’s able to endure suffering such a blow and turn shame into motivation, it will be an enormous breakthrough for him, and it would be of limitless benefit to his future.”

“Isn’t this conniving Chen Xi too much? He just entered the sect for a single day yet has used Du Xuan’s life to threaten Senior Brother Yue Chi. Aren’t such actions too arrogant and overbearing?”

“The crux is that Senior Brother Yue Chi was the one at the wrong. If he didn’t make a move to harm Chen Xi earlier, the situation ought to have not arrived to such a state.”

“Alas, it’s truly a headache. If we don’t interfere and stop him, it would draw the displeasure of Senior Brother Yue Chi, whereas if we make a move and stop him, it would draw the displeasure of Chen Xi. After all, he’s doing it for the sake of the West Radiance Peak.”

“Fellow elders, did all of you perceive the Divine Ability Chen Xi utilized earlier?” Wen Huating spoke right away when he saw all the elders discussing animatedly yet unable to come to a conclusion.

“Divine Ability?” All the elders were stunned, and then they seemed to have realized something, causing all their eyes to squint and reveal a wisp of shock.

“All of you have noticed as well?” Wen Huating sighed lightly. “The Eye of Divine Truth, a terrifying Divine Ability that had been obliterated in the infinite annals of time. It possessed a shocking reputation during the age where ancient Fiendgods roamed free and their might reigned supreme in the world. Since Chen Xi was actually able to obtain this Divine Ability, he’s obviously another disciple with great fortune.”

“Now that you say this, this kid really can’t be underestimated. He’d already ascended the top of the lotus platform earlier and has surely obtained a Dao Art personally left behind by the Founding Ancestor of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Such heaven defying karmic luck is simply something that’s rare to see in a million years.”

“Then… Sect Master, your intentions are to not punish Chen Xi?”

“We’ll act according to the situation.”

These figures of the higher-ups communicated in an instant, and it was only carried out for the time of a few breaths.

Meanwhile, Du Xuan had always been kneeling before Chen Xi, and his True Essence was sealed, causing him to be unable to crawl up from the beginning until the end even though he struggled repeatedly.

Even though he’d only knelt down for a short moment, it seemed long like a century to him. He felt as if everyone in the surroundings were looking at his unsightly state and discussing while pointing at him. All of this was like a flame that burned his heart, angering him to the point smoke escaped his seven apertures, and his expression was warped while he almost exploded.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to spare him a glance, and he just shot his gaze towards the Sect Master and the others.

At this moment, everyone had shot their gazes towards Wen Huating and the others, and they were waiting the outcome of the discussion between the Sect Master and elders.

“Chen Xi, will you stop after you punish Du Xuan?” Under the gazes of everyone present, Wen Huating spoke slowly as his gaze descended onto Chen Xi.

Even though he was speaking to Chen Xi, it wasn’t inferior to a thunderclap when it descended into the ears of everyone, and it caused them to be extremely shocked in their hearts.

How could they be unable to discern the meaning of the Sect Master’s words? He was obviously saying that since you’ve already punished Du Xuan, shouldn’t you stop? If you stop, then perhaps everything can be bygones.

This was too shocking!

After all, Chen Xi had used Du Xuan’s life to threaten Elder Yue Chi earlier. If it was any other disciple, the disciple would have probably already suffused fierce punishment since long ago. But now, Chen Xi actually escaped calamity so easily!

But even more unexpected to everyone was the next scene that occurred.

When facing Wen Huating’s question, Chen Xi answered without the slightest hesitation. “No. Those disciples that willfully trampled upon my West Radiance Peak have to receive punishment as well. Otherwise, my West Radiance Peak will probably have no power or prestige left.”


Boundlessly overbearing!

Everyone was shocked to the point of being dumbstruck. The Sect Master already didn’t intend to pursue the matter yet he was unforgiving instead and wanted to pursue the matter fiercely. Exactly how bold would someone need to be to dare speak such words!?

“Sect Master, this kid is overbearing and arrogant to this point. How long more will you connive him for?” Yue Chi’s voice seemed as if it was squeezed out bit by bit from his chest, and it was hoarse and low while revealed matchlessly dense resentment and indignation.

The decision made by the Sect Master and the others were unexpected to him and caused him to feel furious, whereas Chen Xi’s reaction caused boundless killing intent to arise in his heart instead. He gnashed his teeth with hatred and wished for nothing more than to pluck out Chen Xi’s tendons right now before burning his bones and scattering his ashes.

Exactly. He was already furious to the limit like a live volcano that might erupt at any moment.

Wen Huating frowned yet continued. “How do you intend to deal with them?”

“Sect Master, it’s actually very simple. Du Xuan must kneel and apologize to my Senior Brothers and Senior Sister, whereas those disciples who trampled upon my West Radiance Peak must return 10 times worth of treasure to repay the losses of my West Radiance Peak!” Chen Xi replied calmly.

“Impossible! You want me to apologize to those pieces of trash? It’s impossible unless I die!” Du Xuan howled madly. Chen Xi’s words were simply trampling upon the last bottom line and piece of dignity left in his heart, and it was more painful than death. How could he possibly accept it?

On the other hand, those East Radiance Peak disciples that stood on West Radiance Peak had extremely unsightly expressions instead. A repayment of 10 times? Even if they sold off all their belongings, they would probably be unable to produce so many treasures!


This fellow is simply like a devil!

At this moment, Chen Xi had already become a heinous devil in their hearts, and they were furious, terrified, and uneasy.

How could they have imagined that following Du Xuan to plunder the West Radiance Peak would cause such bitter consequences? If they knew earlier, they wouldn’t take a single foot in West Radiance Peak even if they were beaten to death!

Even the other disciples in the surroundings felt that Chen Xi’s request was too difficult to accept.

First he questioned Elder Yue Chi repeatedly, then forced Du Xuan to kneel. Now, he put forward such a request, and this was like waves that arose in succession of another, and it caused all of them to wonder exactly what Chen Xi’s balls were made of. Could it be that he doesn’t have the slightest reverence in his heart?

Chen Xi was indifferent towards all this. He just shot his gaze at the Sect Master while keeping a calm and composed expression, and his composed bearing caused everyone to find it difficult to brand the words overbearing, arrogant, and domineering on him.

“Sect Master!” Yue Chi roared furiously, and even his eyes had gone red. If Chen Xi were to prevail, then it wouldn’t just be Du Xuan and those other disciples that would lose all face, even he who was their master would lose all face.

“Nevermind. The losses of the West Radiance Peak will be repaid by the East Radiance Peak. As for Du Xuan…” Wen Huating frowned for a long time before speaking slowly.

“Sect Master, my Nethercrow Clan has its own supreme dignity, and the blood that belongs solely to the Nethercrow Clan flows in me. I would rather die than suffer this humiliation!” Before Wen Huating could finish speaking, Du Xuan had already roared loudly with a resolute tone that revealed a fearless feeling, and his words carried a deep threat.

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