Chapter 578 – Kneel

“As an elder of the sect, you have no self-respect, trample on the rules of the sect, and allow your disciples to bring disaster to the sect! Now, you even disregarded your demeanor and bullied the young! Martial Uncle Yue Chi, you’re the one that’s truly lawless!” Chen Xi’s shout was simply like the sound of a resounding bronze bell, and it resounded in the heavens and the earth. Moreover, the overbearing feeling revealed from his words caused everyone present to gasp.

He’s too domineering!

A new disciple that has just entered the sect has actually directed attacks right at an elder. Moreover, he spoke bluntly, and every single word of his was sharp like blade and struck the heart!

Who could have imagined that Chen Xi would actually possess such boldness?

If it was any other disciple, then no matter how unfair the treatment the disciple received, the disciple wouldn’t probably endure it forcefully. Who would dare to directly challenge the higher-ups of the sect?

In the distance, Yue Chi’s expression was gloomy to the extreme while his eyes narrowed lightly with a gaze that was cold and sharp like blades as he stared at Chen Xi, and he seemed as if he was staring at a dead person.

He was already completely enraged. As an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the Peak Master of the East Radiance Peak, even if it was in the entire Dark Reverie, his status and identity was lofty and respected to the extreme.

Now he’d been repeatedly provoked by a little fellow that was like an ant, and if he still didn’t display his might, then how would he stand in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the future?


“You’re courting death!”

Right when Yue Chi was thinking in his heart, the distant Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou’s expressions went grim as they shouted angrily. Both of them were disciples of the East Radiance Peak, whereas Yue Chi was their master. Since their master was humiliated, how could they as disciples possibly restrain their rage?

“Chen Xi, you actually dare offend your seniors and commit such an offense. Kneel quickly and apologize!”



All those disciples of the East Radiance Peak shouted loudly one after the other as well, and their voices were like a tide that swept straight towards Chen Xi. All of them had murderous gazes in their eyes, and they seemed as if Chen Xi had been condemned as a sinner throughout the ages and must kneel down to receive punishment.

If it was in terms of the strongest force, then amongst the West Radiance, South Radiance, North Radiance, and East Radiance Peaks of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it was surely the East Radiance Peak. Not only did it possess over 1,000 Elite Disciples, there were also dazzling figures like Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan who were ranked amongst the five great Elite Disciples, so it could be said to be filled with outstanding talents and form an enormous force.

At this moment, all the East Radiance Peak disciples present here shouted out as they denounced Chen Xi in unison. The impetus of this shocked the disciples of the other peaks to the point their faces went slightly pale, and they didn’t dare say anything.

Even though their statuses were much higher than that of Inner Court and Outer Court disciples, they still had to be extremely careful when facing such a situation so as to avoid drawing a calamity of death.

The expression of Yue Chi who was about to be unable to restrain the flames of rage in his heart eased up when he saw this. After that, he couldn’t help but laugh with self-ridicule. Right, he’s only a tiny ant, how could there be a need for me to make a move myself? Those with position have no need to do anything themselves. Fussing about it with him would disgrace my own status instead.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when being denounced by so many people, and he utterly paid no attention to them while his gaze shot directly towards Wen Huating before he cupped his hands. “May I ask you, Sect Master, can the members of just the East Radiance Peak represent the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect?”

“Of course not.” Wen Huating was stunned, and then he shook his head.

“Thank you for telling me, Sect Master.” Chen Xi cupped his hands once more before turning around, and he swept the surrounding East Radiance Peak disciples with his gaze as he said coldly, “Looks like the East Radiance Peak is really full of outstanding talents. Not only do you want to interfere in the affairs of my West Radiance Peak, all of you even exceed your authorities and order me to kneel while in the present of the Sect Master and elders. May I ask who gave all of you the authority!?”

The expressions of Leng Qiu and the other East Radiance Peak disciples froze, and their imposing aura weakened greatly along with this.

After all, as one of the 10 great immortal sects of the Dark Reverie, it had countless members and experts that were numerous like the clouds in the sky. Moreover, its rules and system of seniority was extremely strict, and those who dared to violate it in the slightest would surely suffer an extremely miserable end.

Chen Xi’s words were completely in the right by the rules of the sect, and he’d even obtained a reply from the Sect Master himself. If they still dared to refute him, they might really be accused with the crime of trampling on the rules of the sect.

“Could it be that all of you have really taken yourselves to be the rulers of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?” Chen Xi didn’t intend to let them off when he saw them keep silent, and he spoke coldly once more. “I just want to know, do the rules of the sect still exist in your eyes!? Or the Sect Master and elders!? Or all the Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers present here!?”

Leng Qiu and the other disciples of the East Radiance Peak were rendered speechless. They wanted to refute just happened, but were unable to find any reason, and it angered them to the point their faces went gloomy and they revealed hostile gazes.

On the other hand, the surrounding disciples were already dumbstruck. Never had they imagined that not only did Chen Xi possess extraordinary strength, even his ability to argue was so formidable, and he taught all these East Radiance Peak disciples a lesson as easily as one would teach a dog a lesson…

“Enough!” Yue Chi shouted with a deep voice. He knew that if Chen Xi was allowed to continue, then the situation would probably become more and more disadvantageous to him. So it would be better to take resolute action and resolve the matter swiftly.

“I admit, that I made a move against you rashly, and I was really too impulsive.” Yue Chi’s expression was indifferent as he said slowly, “But everyone present ought to know and understand that as an elder of the sect, how painful it is to see fights and disputes occur between disciples. So slightly losing control of my feelings is naturally unavoidable.”

These excuses seemed to be an apology, but it actually resolved all the crimes Chen Xi accused him of one by one, and it was extremely experienced and vicious, causing Chen Xi to be utterly unable to dispute it.

There wasn’t anything that could be done. Yue Chi had already apologized, so how could he continue clinging on without letting go? If he did that, it would probably arouse the displeasure of the Sect Master and other elders.

After all is said and done, the reason Chen Xi dared to question Yue Chi repeatedly and even scold the disciples of the East Radiance Peak in an extremely humiliating manner was actually because he was relying on the ‘might’ of the Sect Master and elders. Without them being present here, it would be useless no matter how many sect rules he spoke of.

After all, the rules were set by them, and as the higher-ups of the sect, they already stood above the rules, so did they have to care about the rules if they wanted to deal with a little disciple like him?

But seeing Elder Yue Chi actually speaking out with an apology to Chen Xi still caused the nearby disciples to be extremely shocked. No matter what, Chen Xi occupied the advantageous position in this battle in the end, right?

Wen Huating and the other elders heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw this. Yue Chi was the Peak Master of East Radiance Peak, and he possessed an extremely great amount of authority and might amongst the elders, whereas Chen Xi was the first disciple to ascend the top of the Lotus Platform in a few thousand years, and he possessed peerless natural talent and limitless potential.

They felt their heads ache extremely as well when facing a conflict between these two people, and they didn’t know which side they should side towards. At this moment, when they saw Yue Chi take the initiative to give in a little with the intention of resolving the situation, they naturally felt relaxed in their hearts.

“Alright, the matter of today…” Wen Huating took a step forward and spoke slowly, and he was about to give the final verdict and completely resolve this dispute.

It was at this moment that Chen Xi suddenly spoke and interrupted him. “Sect Master, wait a moment. Since Elder Yue Chi has already apologized, I naturally feel heartfelt admiration and don’t dare have any resentment. But…”

When he spoke up to here, he raised his hand to point towards the distant Du Xuan and all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that had plundered the West Radiance Peak earlier, and then he said slowly, “The enmity between me and these people can’t be written off just like this.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone instantly went into an uproar.

It wasn’t just the disciples in the surroundings that were astounded, even Wen Huating and the elders frowned, and they felt Chen Xi’s actions were too overbearing and he didn’t know what was good for him.

“Chen Xi, don’t be too arrogant! This is the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and not a place you can behave atrociously at will!” Leng Qiu frowned and spoke coldly.

“Chen Xi, your mentality has already gone down the path of Devils, and not the path of Immortality. What do you think you’re doing by seeking revenge for the smallest grievances?” Pang Zhou criticized Chen Xi loudly as well.

“It seems to me that this kid is a spy that has sneaked in with the intention of causing calamity to my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he will absolutely not stop until he turns everything upside down!” Du Xuan shouted abruptly.

“Du Xuan, you actually still dare to make slanderous charges at such a time? Do you really think you can escape calamity today?” Amidst his cold and indifferent voice, Chen Xi’s figure flashed out. In the next moment, he’d already appeared before Du Xuan, and then the Eye of Divine Truth gushed out into appearance between his brows before suddenly shooting out a strand of the Light of Eradication.

Du Xuan was shocked, and the Profound Qi Instakill Technique he’d just executed was crushed by this strand of Light of Eradication, whereas his neck was directly grabbed by Chen Xi before being lifted up like a little chick.

Not to mention that the surrounding disciples hadn’t expected it, even the Sect Master and elders were slightly stunned by this sudden attack, and they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi actually dared to make a move right under their noses!

What sort of imposing aura is this? It’s simply arrogant and overbearing to the limit!

“Kneel!” A loud shouted resounded out as Chen Xi raised his hand and slapped down, and the True Essence in his palm pressed down like a mountain.

Instantly, the clothes and armor of Du Xuan collapsed while he couldn’t help but roar repeatedly yet his knees were pressured to the point of breaking, and he actually knelt before Chen Xi.

“He actually… He actually forced Du Xuan to kneel!”

“What sort of figure is Du Xuan? One of the five great Elite Disciple that had always thought himself to be a genius, a remarkable talent, and was insufferably arrogance. Now he was actually forced to kneel by a new disciple like Chen Xi before everyone. He’ll probably be unable to raise his head in public anymore from this moment onward!”

“My god! Chen Xi is too ferocious. He actually made the arrogant Du Xuan kneel. This is simply an unparalleled blow that’s even more difficult to accept than death!”

The scene went into a complete uproar because everyone was shocked when they saw Chen Xi raise his hand and force Du Xuan to kneel.

“You…” Du Xuan’s face flushed red as boundless humiliation gushed out from the depths of his heart, and his eyes almost split apart as he went completely berserk. “Chen Xi, our enmity is absolutely irreconcilable! The day will come when I’ll slice you into pieces, extract your soul and refine your bones, so that you’ll never be able to have a natural death!”

As he spoke, he’d exerted all his strength with the intention of resisting, but Chen Xi was a step ahead of him, and he slapped down with his palm and completely sealed the True Essence within Du Xuan. Du Xuan’s body went limp and didn’t have the slightest trace of energy to struggle any longer, and he was infuriated to the point of crying out before a large mouthful of blood sprayed out abruptly.

“Elder Yue Chi, I’ll kill him right now if you make a move!” It was at this moment that Chen Xi glanced at Yue Chi in the distance who was already boiling with rage since long ago, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to directly press his hand onto Du Xuan’s head while accumulating strength as he waited.

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings shook greatly when they saw this scene, and they were extremely astounded. Could it be that this fellow really doesn’t want to continue living!?

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