Chapter 577 – Lawless

The profundity of space was something that only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert could master, and only Earthly Immortal Realm experts were the clearest about exactly what existed outside space.

But according to legend, the heavens and the earth of the entire Dark Reverie wasn’t just made up of the single layer on the surface, and it was made up of numerous layers overlapped upon each other. Every single layer his countless amounts of space that concealed boundless profundities.

At this moment, a terrifying and enormous hand had suddenly stretched out from the space above West Radiance Peak. Obviously, it had already broken through the limits of space, and such ability was something only one that possessed a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm or above was capable of mastering!


The layer of clouds collapsed as space was torn apart. This enormous hand was coiled with boundless divine light and Immortal Energy, it seemed capable of plucking the stars and scooping up the bright moon, and it possessed a vast imposing aura of annihilation.

At the instant it stretched out, it directly enveloped Chen Xi!


The intense Immortal Energy fluctuations on this terrifying and enormous hand even directly and easily shattered the strand of ‘Light of Eradication,’ and it spread towards the surroundings, causing space to be collapsed and the sky to crumble!

All the surrounding cultivators felt suffocated while their souls almost left their bodies, and they hastily moved far away to avoid it.

Such a terrifying and enormous hand was already not an ability someone of the Rebirth Realm or Nether Transformation Realm could grasp. It was obviously something that only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that had seen through the Spatial profundities was capable of executing!

A wisp of an extremely dangerous aura swiftly gushed into his heart as great terror enveloped all Chen Xi’s senses. At this instant, he’d sensed the copious killing intent within this enormous hand.

Obviously, it wanted to kill him in one go and utterly not give him the slightest chance to react or struggle!


Under the stimulation of death, a sun and moon surged within the Eye of Divine Truth between Chen Xi’s brows as it displayed a myriad of variations in the workings of the heavens. It seemed to reflect everything in the universe and flowed with strands of Light of Eradication that caused one to feel extremely uneasy.

At this moment, if an ordinary cultivator were to meet the gaze of Chen Xi’s vertical eye, them the cultivator would surely have a horrified feeling as if he’d fallen into an abyss of hell, and even his soul would be on the verge of sinking into it.

At this instant, all the scenes, time, and space before Chen Xi became slow, and even the movement of grass from being blown on by the wind had become slow like a crawling snail.

He noticed Du Xuan’s originally terrified expression burned once more with a wisp of hope when he saw this enormous hand tear through the space, and the corners of his mouth even curled into a wisp of a complacent cold smile.

He noticed the distance Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou suddenly stop as their expressions eased up, and they secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Obviously, both of them intended to rescue Du Xuan earlier. But when they saw this enormous hand appear, then stopped right away.

He noticed that many disciples revealed astonishment, shock, and bewilderment… After that, all these complicated expressions transformed into pity and inability to bear to continue watching. They seemed to have firmly believed that Chen Xi would surely die miserably beneath this enormous hand.

He similarly saw the sorrowful and furious appearances of Eldest Senior Brother and the others, and this caused him to be unable to help but feel warm in his heart, and his desire to survive grew stronger.

However, his heart went cold because when facing this terrifying and enormous hand that descended from the sky and when he felt the Immortal Energy that was suffused upon it, he actually aroused a deep feeling of being unable to resist it.

It was even to the extent that even room to struggle had been stripped away from him!

What should I do?

Chen Xi unconsciously held the tiny cauldron on his chest tightly.

The tiny cauldron was extremely mysterious. On that day at the Primeval Battlefield when he was facing the threat of Bing Shitian, the tiny cauldron had once said that it possessed a 30% chance to heavily injure Bing Shitian. Now, when facing this enormous hand, Chen Xi could only entrust his hope onto the tiny cauldron and risk everything.

When the enormous and terrifying hand was about to grab down and at this extremely critical moment that was right at the instant Chen Xi intended to utilize the tiny cauldron, the distant sky exploded open with a bang, then a slender and white enormous hand flew out and directly grabbed towards the terrifying and enormous hand.


Two enormous hands that tore through space to arrive here collided above Chen Xi. At the instant they collided, they exploded out with a boundless rain of light formed from Immortal Energy, and it was like a dazzling sun had exploded with a deafening blast that charge out in all direction.

The collision of such forces was truly too terrifying. In merely an instant, violent winds rose from all directions, lights formed into sparkling rivers, and Immortal Energy interweaved together and flashed as it drowned the entire sky.


This was the sky above the West Radiance Peak. As one of the nine peaks of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the West Radiance Peak was similarly set up with countless restrictions. At this moment, when it encountered a threat, it suddenly exploded out with boundless brilliance and resisted the impact caused by this collision.

On the other hand, those spectators had already retreated a sufficient distance yet were still assaulted by the strong winds and dazzling lights, causing their bodies to be shaken to the point of being on the verge of collapse while their vital blood roiled endlessly.

“Retreat, quickly!” Everyone was greatly shocked. A collision of force at such a level was truly too heaven defying, and it caused the minds of everyone to tremble while they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

At the same time, Chen Xi felt a gentle energy hold him before bringing him flying right away, and he descended onto the extremely distant ground and barely avoided this collision that shook the heavens and the earth.

Instantly, the two terrifying and enormous hands transformed into surging airflow that dispersed into the surroundings. They raged out like a solar storm that tore countless horrifying rifts in the sky that seemed like innumerable ravines and valleys, and it was extremely terrifying.

When the light dispersed, there was already a group of figures standing at the point of collision. All of their sleeves fluttered in the wind while their entire bodies were coiled with Immortal Energy. Shockingly, it was all the elders of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, whereas, the person in the lead was precisely the Sect Master, Wen Huating.

Besides being shocked, everyone in the distance couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw the Sect Master and elders appear in unison. After all, the scene from before was truly too terrifying, and if it were to continue, then they were very worried if they would be affected by it.

Chen Xi didn’t have these feelings from surviving instead, and his gaze swept the Sect Master and the others before finally descending onto Yue Chi.

That terrifying and enormous hand from before was surely executed by one of the higher-ups of the sect, whereas only Yue Chi would dare to intend to kill him willfully and without the slightest fear!

The reason was extremely simple. This person had always been at odds with Madman Liu, and he was Du Xuan’s master. So when he saw Chen Xi intended to punish Du Xuan, he naturally couldn’t tolerate such a thing occurring.

“Senior Brother Yue Chi, what’s the meaning of this!?” Wen Huating spoke with a low voice. At this moment, his face that was warm like jade already carried a feeling of fury, and his eyes were like cold lightning that caused the hearts of others to palpitate.

At this moment, everyone present understood that it was shockingly Elder Yue Chi that made a move against Chen Xi earlier!

Even though they understood why, Yue Chi’s actions caused most of the people present to frown.

Because it was common knowledge that Yue Chi was the Peak Master of East Radiance Peak. At this moment, he’d interfered in a battle between disciples instead, and the palm strike from before even wanted to annihilate Chen Xi in one go. Such overbearing actions naturally caused everyone to be extremely uncomfortable in their hearts.

It was Chen Xi today, then what if it was them tomorrow?

Everyone was a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. On what basis had Chen Xi had to be annihilated when Du Xuan was bullied? If it was like this, then who would dare spar with disciples of the East Radiance Peak in the future?

“Sect Master, could it be that you didn’t notice this kid’s methods are ruthless, and he intended to annihilate Du Xuan? Such a malicious disciple should naturally suffer some punishment, otherwise he might cause some disaster in the future.” Yue Chi’s expression was calm as he spoke casually, and he didn’t show the slightest guilt. It seemed as if everything he did to Chen Xi earlier was only an extremely ordinary thing.

The Sect Master, Wen Huating, frowned as deep displeasure flashed past his eyes, and he was just about to speak when Chen Xi was a step before him.

“May I ask Martial Uncle Yue, did the Sect set the rule that higher-ups of the sect can’t interfere in the competition between disciples?” Under the focused of numerous shocked gazes, Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward and questioned coldly. His figure was tall, his clothes fluttered in the wind, and his expression was calm and fearless.

Everyone couldn’t help but arouse admiration in their hearts when they saw this. Chen Xi is probably the first person that dares to speak like this to an elder of the sect, right? But what Chen Xi said was precisely what they were thinking in their hearts.

They’d already known early on that the higher-ups of the sect had provided that they wouldn’t interfere in the competition between the disciples of the sect. No one had imagined that this order had only been issued out for less than a day, yet Elder Yue Chi had already went against this rule?

“Audacious! As a disciple, you actually dare go against your superiors. You’re simply lawless!” Yue Chi’s eyes squinted as he berated loudly and with shocking might.

As an elder of the sect and the Peak Master of East Radiance Peak, he possessed a lofty status and a respected identity. When had he ever been questioned so bluntly by a disciple?

This was simply a provocation to his standing!

“Who’s lawless? Martial Uncle Yue, I respect you as a senior, but you better not make irresponsible remarks!” Since he’d already shed all pretenses, how could Chen Xi be courteous? And he naturally wouldn’t be intimidated by Yue Chi’s imposing aura.

Chen Xi took a step forward and pointed at Du Xuan. “Let me ask you this. This person led his companions and colluded with them to plunder my West Radiance Peak without restraint, and he even repeatedly humiliated these seniors of mine with despicable methods and an arrogant and overbearing attitude. Why didn’t you bother about this?”

“When Du Xuan fought me, he aroused killing intent on many occasions and intended to annihilate me. Why didn’t you bother about this?”

As he spoke, Chen Xi’s voice grew louder and louder, clear and indignant, and it shook the surroundings and already carried an overbearing feeling. “As an elder of the sect, you didn’t differentiate between right or wrong before making a move against me. What evil intentions did you harbor when doing this?”

Three questions that were like three successive thunderclaps that exploded in the sky, and it shook the heads of all the disciples present to the point that they were dazed. They didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi actually dared to speak to an elder of the sect like this!

Even Wen Huating and the other elders were slightly stunned by this, as they never imagined that this little fellow Chen Xi’s nature would actually be so unyielding, resolute, and firm.

After that, they came to an understanding. Because as far as they were concerned, Chen Xi had just escaped death, and he was probably extremely upset, causing him to vent his bellyful of indignation.

On the other hand, Yue Chi’s expression was already completely gloomy to the extreme. These successive questions of Chen Xi’s were simply like successive provocations towards his reputation in front of everyone, and it was no different from slapping him on the face!

This caused him to be extremely furious in his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to smash this fellow that made sharp remarks to death.

However, before he could open his mouth, Chen Xi had shouted coldly and questioned loudly. “As an elder of the sect, you have no self-respect, trample on the rules of the sect, and allow your disciples to bring disaster to the sect! Now you even disregarded your demeanor and bullied the young! Martial Uncle Yue Chi, you’re the one that’s truly lawless!”

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