Chapter 576 – The Light of Eradication

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Due to his speed being too swift, Chen Xi’s figure dragged out a string of afterimages in the sky, and every single step he took allowed him to dodge the layer upon layer of attacks with extreme precision.

The Instakill Sword Qi that surpassed the speed of sound by 10 times were utterly unable to touch the corners of his clothes now, let alone injure him.

The scene was too shocking, and it seemed as if Chen Xi had calculated where an Instakill Sword Qi would appear beforehand, allowing him to always be able to dodge it a step earlier. It was like he was strolling idly beneath a dense rain of a myriad of swords, and it aroused shock in the hearts of all.

“Exactly what has occurred to him? Why has closing his eyes allowed him to escape danger and be able to dodge extremely easily instead?”

“How terrifying! Those Instakill Sword Qi are a Dao Art that circulates the energy of the heavens and the earth, and it’s traceless. Moreover, its speed is exceedingly swift as well. It’s simple unbelievable that he’s able to dodge them so easily!”

“Look, quickly! Even though his eyes are closed, there’s a vertical eye between his brows. Perhaps all of this is related to that vertical eye!”

“A vertical eye? This seems to be a Divine Ability, right?”

“This ability simply allowed him to turn the situation around and obtain new life in a hopeless situation. Who would have imagined earlier that the he would be able to turn the situation around?”

Everyone in the surroundings couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw that Chen Xi who was about to be crushed had suddenly seemed as if he was assisted by the gods, and he repeatedly avoided the Instakill Sword Qi that besieged him without suffering the slightest injury and instead become more and more at ease. After that, they exploded into an uproar, and disbelief was written all over their faces.

Just like one of the disciples had said, never had anyone imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to return to might and turn the situation around in this precious and hopeless situation.

It was precisely because no one had expected it that everyone was shocked.

“That seems to be…” Pang Zhou was horrified, moved, surprised, and bewildered, and he was unable to maintain his composure any longer. The vertical eye between Chen Xi’s brows caused him to vaguely guess something, yet because this answer was too shocking, it caused him to not dare believe it.

“Right, it ought to be that Divine Ability!” Leng Qiu’s eyes surged with cold lights as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi’s figure, and his lips that were like the thin edge of a blade lightly spat out a few words with a voice that actually carried a trace of shock.

“How could this be possible!?”  Pang Zhou’s expression finally changed when he heard Leng Qiu’s firm answer, and a scene couldn’t help but emerge in his mind. An ancient Fiendgod roaring proudly in the heavens and the earth while fighting the experts of the three dimensions, and then the eye between his brows opened up before numerous black colored beams of light charged out to destroy everything before it with all powerful might!

“The Light of Eradication! That supreme Divine Ability of legend actually really exists…” Xia Yi’s eyes burned as his firm face revealed a rare fervent expression. As a body refiner with a will that was firm like a rock, only encountering a supreme Divine Ability of legend was capable of causing him to be moved.

“Big Sister, exactly what Divine Ability is that vertical eye?” When she saw the expressions of all the fellows ranked amongst the five great Elite Disciples turning heavy, An Ke felt even more curious to the point she was unable to endure it any longer, and she pulled the corners of An Wei’s clothes as she asked in a low voice.

“If I’m not wrong, that is probably…the Eye of Divine Truth.” An Wei spoke while staring blankly, and her beautiful and classical appearance revealed a rare ripple.

Chen Xi’s display had caused her to be shocked more than once. But when she saw this scene and especially when she saw the vertical eye that appeared between Chen Xi’s brows, her heart still couldn’t help but tremble.

During the ancient times, this Divine Ability was an existence akin to a taboo, and it had been obliterated in the infinite years of the past to become a legend.

Now, it had actually appeared once more in the world. Moreover, it had even appeared in the possession of a young man from a small world. If news of this were to spread, it would probably give rise to a mighty uproar!


Up above in the sky, Du Xuan’s expression gradually became unsightly. How could Du Xuan have imagined that a new disciple who’d just entered the sect would actually be like a cockroach that couldn’t be beaten to death while his valiance grew as the battle progressed. Now he’d actually started to turn the situation around!

Why is it like this!?

Du Xuan’s heart was filled with bewilderment and unwillingness, and then flames of rage exploded forth from the depths of his heart, causing his gaze to become even more ghastly and ruthless.

As one of the five great Elite Disciples, I was actually unable to suppress a new disciple that had just entered the sect while relying on my famed Dao Art. If news of this were to spread, how would I stand up in the sect? How would I stand up in the Dark Reverie?

I absolutely can’t allow this fellow to turn the situation around! Otherwise, I’ll probably lose all standing and reputation today…

Du Xuan took a deep breath when he thought up to here, and his serious expression faintly revealed a wisp of madness, whereas, the speed he formed seals in his hand grew swifter and swifter, causing the Instakill Sword Qi to grow more and more brilliant.

Countless strands of Instakill Sword Qi that were fine like hairs suddenly gushed out from the surrounding space like a violent storm. They droned like tidewater while shaking the winds and the clouds in the surroundings, and the ground trembled as the beasts in an area of 5,000km in the surroundings fell to the ground while wailing endlessly.

When looked at from afar, the entire sky seemed to have been penetrated into a sieve, and they were all dense holes that were fine like needles and caused others to feel horrified in their hearts.

This was Du Xuan’s full forces strike, and he’d exerted everything he had. He believed that even if it was a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator before him, the cultivator would only be instantly and easily killed and suffer the end of having his soul annihilated.

So, could Chen Xi avoid it?

Don’t blame me for being merciless. You can only blame yourself for forcing me too hard… Du Xuan muttered in his head. He originally didn’t intend to kill Chen Xi. After all, killing amongst those of the same sect was a great taboo of the sect, and if he was punished, he would be unable to endure it as well.

But at this moment, he didn’t care anymore. Chen Xi’s display was too shocking and had far exceeded his estimations. If Chen Xi was allowed to continue growing, then Chen Xi would absolutely become a disaster for him.

So he could only rest at ease after Chen Xi died.

As for the punishment of the sect, he’d already thought of an excuse, and he would say he accidentally killed Chen Xi. He believed that the sect wouldn’t ask him, who was one of the five great Elite Disciples, to pay with his life for the death of a new disciple…


Right when Du Xuan executed his final strike, the distant Chen Xi suddenly steadied his body as well, and the vertical eye between his brows seemed to have come to life and surged with a dark light that was pitch black to the limit.

The dark light contained a forbidden energy that was mysterious and icy cold, and it was filled with a terrifying aura that seemed capable of eradicating all techniques.

At the instant it appeared, the space in the surroundings of Chen Xi seemed as if it was suddenly confined, and everything fell into a strange and absolutely motionless state!

Everyone saw to their shock that the countless Instakill Sword Qi that shot out explosively from all directions seemed like dead fish that were frozen within a layer of ice, and they were unable to move in the slightest any longer.

After all, the speed of the Instakill Sword Qi was exceedingly swift and sharp to the point of being sufficient to penetrate anything. But it had actually instantly fallen into a motionless state, and such a visual impact caused the scalps of everyone in the surroundings to go numb and feel suffocated.

“Explode!” A word that contained a piercingly cold and indifferent aura was spat out lightly from between Chen Xi’s lips, yet it was like an order given out by a god. Practically at the instant this voice resounded out, all the motionless Instakill Sword Qis exploded apart with a bang and transformed into nothingness.

At this moment, all the obstructions that blocked Chen Xi’s path had been wiped out!

“Pu!” Du Xuan’s face went pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face that was originally filled with confidence had its expression replaced with shock and astonishment. His soul almost left his body while his pupils dilated, and he seemed scared out of his wits.

“How could this be possible!? How can a new disciple that has just entered the sect like you possess such a terrifying Divine Ability!?” Du Xuan’s lips were trembling as he cried out involuntarily, and he didn’t have the slightest pride and bearing to speak of at this moment and seemed like a madman instead.

The expressions of everyone become complicated when they saw this scene. Who could have imagined that Du Xuan who was mouthing off and intending to fiercely trample upon Chen Xi just a moment ago would actually become like this at this moment?

But this sort of unfavorable change in the situation was too great, and any one of them would probably be unable to accept this sudden situation as well.

“Why can’t it be possible? Could it be that only you, Du Xuan, can willfully humiliate others, yet you can’t accept it when it’s you?” Chen Xi spoke coldly.

Earlier, when he was seeing through everything with the Eye of Divine Truth, it allowed him to acutely sense the killing intent contained within that strike of Du Xuan’s from before. Obviously, Du Xuan intended to kill him, and this caused him to arouse dense killing intent at this moment.

“Wait! How could a fellow that has come from a small world like you possess such a Divine Ability?! You’re surely a spy! You intend to sneak into my Nine Radiance Sword Sect and bring disaster to the sect!” Du Xuan’s expression changed indeterminately as his gaze flickered repeatedly, and then he suddenly shouted out explosively. “Right, it’s surely like this. It’s precisely my actions that have forced out your true identity. Fellow Senior Brother and Junior Brothers present, attack together and kill this traitor that harbors sinister motives!”

Everyone present was stunned and extremely astounded when they heard this.

Never had anyone expected that Du Xuan would actually speak such words at this moment. This was undoubtedly a reason that was put together by force to make everyone go against Chen Xi!

Of course, some people aroused suspicion in their hearts. Right, Chen Xi is a new disciple that has just entered the sect for a single day. Isn’t such strength too terrifying? Could he really be a spy sent by other sects?

There were even some people that were eager to take action and respond to Du Xuan’s summons. For example, all those East Radiance Peak disciples that had plundered the West Radiance Peak without restraint earlier revealed ferocious gazes and burned with eagerness.

They were naturally unable to accept such a situation. Because if Du Xuan lost, then their situation would surely not be good!

So they could only seize this opportunity and join forces with everyone to annihilate Chen Xi because only then would they be able to be eternally rid of future troubles.

“Making irresponsible remarks and making trouble out of nothing! A despicable person like you must suffer punishment!” Chen Xi suddenly shouted out loudly like the enormous roar of a dragon, and it carried a feeling of judgment that was dignified and inviolable.


As he shouted out loudly, a beam of dark light suddenly shot out explosively from the vertical eye between his brows, and it shot towards Du Xuan who was opposite him.

Du Xuan’s existence had similarly caused Chen Xi to arouse boundless killing intent. If a despicable and malicious person like Du Xuan were to survive, he would be a potential trouble in the end, and he might cause trouble in the future, so Chen Xi had to kill him in order to get rid of future troubles.

“How dare you! You actually dare to kill in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and harm a fellow disciple. You simply show no respect to the law, have trampled on the rules of the sect, and must atone with death!” Right at this moment, the layer of clouds surged as space was broken open before an enormous palm that was like a mountain stretched out, and it was like the hand of a god descending from the sky as it enveloped down and grabbed fiercely towards Chen Xi!

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