Chapter 575 – Seeing Through Reality

In the sky above West Radiance Peak.

Du Xuan’s entire body emitted a sharp aura of metal, and he was brilliant like a golden full moon. Profound and dense seals were ceaselessly formed in his hands while strand after strand of Instakill Sword Qi shot out explosively like torrents of flowing water.

Every single sword qi was fine like a hair and was interwoven together to form an enormous net that struck out with a speed that was 10 times the speed of sound and possessed a peerlessly sharp imposing aura, and it penetrated numerous rifts through the sky.

Chen Xi was like a bug that was stuck within an enormous net. No matter how he soared and moved about, he seemed to be so powerless and helpless, and the horrifying blood and injuries on his body grew more and more numerous.

This was the Profound Qi Instakill Technique. The ferocity of its attacks created from circulating and transforming the energy of the heavens and the earth for one’s own use was absolutely something a Dao Grade martial technique could compare to.

The surrounding spectators were shocked in their hearts when they saw this scene, and they speculated that if they were in Chen Xi’s place, they’d probably have been annihilated by the ghastly sword qi that covered the entire heavens and the earth a long time ago.

“This Profound Qi Instakill Technique of Junior Brother Du Xuan’s has been cultivated to an even more proficient level. It’s filled with killing intent and peerless sharpness, and if it’s advanced a step further, it would probably be able to tear space apart and slash apart all techniques.” Leng Qiu spoke with a light voice, and his voice carried a trace of admiration.

“Haha, yeah. Unfortunately, even if Junior Brother Du Xuan wins, he would have won slightly unfairly. After all, Chen Xi has just joined the sect and hasn’t cultivated a Dao Art, and his ability to persist until now is truly rare amongst those of the same generation.” Pang Zhou spoke with a smile.

After the battle had been carried out until now, both of them had firmly affirmed that Chen Xi would lose for sure, and it was only a matter of time. But there was someone that had a different opinion from them.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi has just never come into contact with Dao Arts, so he was naturally taken off guard. But the outcome will be hard to say once he reacts to it.” This voice was deep and resounding, and it emitted a cold and fierce feeling of battle. It was actually the South Radiance Peak’s Xia Yi!

When they saw this young man that was usually silent like rock suddenly speaking, Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou were both stunned slightly. Because according to their knowledge, this fellow was extremely quiet and scant with words, and he rarely spoke a single word in a day.

Now, he’d actually made a rare move to support Chen Xi, and this especially drew the attention of the two of them.

They didn’t speak anymore, and then they raised their eyes to look towards the battlefield. When they looked carefully, it was indeed as Xia Yi had said. Chen Xi seemed to have already fallen into an encirclement, was unable to struggle free, and was in an extremely sorry state. However, Chen Xi’s expression and gaze didn’t have a trace of panic, and it was calm like icy snow.

In other words, he was like a lone wolf that had fallen deep into a hopeless situation. Even if his entire body was bathed in blood while his injuries increased bit by bit, it was still incapable of collapsing his desire to survive and his fighting spirit to win!

This discovery caused both Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou to be shocked in their hearts. On one hand, they were astounded by how discerning Xia Yi’s gaze was, and on the other hand, they were shocked by Chen Xi’s tenacity and determination.

This caused both of them to be unable to help but examine this new disciple that had just entered the sect once more. He possesses such shocking natural talent, strength, and tenacity. If he’s given sufficient time, then to what extent would he grow to?

“Big Sister, aren’t you going to make a move?” An Ke was slightly anxious. Chen Xi was bathed in blood while his situation was extremely unfavorable, and it caused her to be slightly unable to bear to watch this continue.

“Wait a while longer. Perhaps there’ll be a change.” An Wei’s clear eyes glistened as she stared at the battlefield, and she pondered for a long time before a sentence was spoken from her peerlessly beautiful red lips.


Hiss! Hiss!

Instakill Sword Qi covered the heavens and the earth as it poured down like mercury, and it encompassed the entire surroundings. Moreover, its might grew stronger and stronger while the frequency of attacks grew closer and closer together. It was like an enormous net that was slowly being drawn in, and it had started to drag its prey in.

Du Xuan was extremely complacent in his heart as he looked at Chen Xi who was in an extremely sorry state under his Dao Art. His Profound Qi Instakill Technique relied on the energy of the heavens and the earth, and the longer it persisted, the greater its might would be, whereas the amount of True Essence it consumed wouldn’t change much.

In other words, the longer this battle was delayed, the more advantageous it would be for him.

Sure enough, Chen Xi state deteriorated, and even more injuries that flowed with blood had appeared on his body.

Even though these injuries vanished with a flash, they still caused Du Xuan to be unable to help but sneer complacently. “Chen Xi! Go ahead and struggle! Enjoy this pain of being sliced by a myriad of swords! Haha! Oh! You’ve been injured once more, truly pitiable!” Du Xuan started playing his favorite game of a cat teasing a mouse, and his eyes stared fixedly at Chen Xi who struggled bitterly under his Profound Qi Instakill Sword Qi as he didn’t want to miss anything.

“Tsk, tsk. You’re truly tenacious! Unfortunately, all of this is a futile effort, and you’re overestimating your ability! Moreover, this is the consequence of going against my East Radiance Peak!” Du Xuan laughed coldly without end, and he even started laughing without restraint.

Suffering setbacks repeatedly at the hands of Chen Xi earlier had caused him to have accumulated a belly full of resentment, and now he finally had the opportunity to take revenge, so how could he let it slip by?

Humiliate! He wanted to humiliate Chen Xi horribly. He wanted Chen Xi to make a fool of himself in front of everyone and be unable to raise his head up high forever!

Most of the people in the surroundings revealed gazes of pity and sighed repeatedly when they saw this scene. All of them knew clearly about Du Xuan’s ruthless and malicious nature, and he would absolutely not stop until he tortured his opponent sufficiently.

Chen Xi who was besieged by the Instakill Sword Qi stayed silent instead as he held on bitterly. But everyone didn’t notice that a vertical eye had silently appeared between Chen Xi’s brows, and it was pitch black to the point of being horrifying. 


Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings with all his strength while flickering in the sky as he dodged the Instakill Sword Qi. His brows were knit tightly, his expression serious, and he didn’t relax in the slightest.

Along with the passage of time, he was able to clearly feel the pressure upon him multiplying, and he had to give more than 120 percent because the slightest carelessly would cause him to be obliterated by the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth.

It was the first time that he’d experienced the might of a Dao Art. Unlike the martial techniques he’d seen in the past, Dao Arts had a unique energy that conformed with the heavens and the earth and possessed an exceedingly terrifying might.

But he didn’t give up, as he was utilizing the Eye of Divine Truth to see through the flaws of this Dao Art, and he locked down firmly upon every single threadlike Instakill Sword Qi that flashed past him.

At this moment, he was unusually calm, his mind was empty, and the sword qi that were locked onto by him flashed past like shadows within the Eye of Divine Truth between his brows.

How should I defeat this technique?

Could it be that these sword qi really have no trace to follow?

Wait, the Grand Dao is shapeless, but it will always leave a strand of a mark behind. As the saying goes, the Dao is never perfect, yet is impossible to mend. Every single Dao Art should have a flaw.

Chen Xi’s eyes blinked as his mind became unprecedentedly concentrated, and he completely didn’t notice that there was a horrifying jet black light flowing within the Eye of Divine Truth between his brows.


After pondering for an unknown period of time, Chen Xi felt the space between his brows shake abruptly. In the next moment, the entire scene before his eyes had undergone a change, and the scenes in the surroundings were completely reflected down to the slightest detail within his heart.

The striations on the mountain range, the veins in the earth, and every single trace of change in the various airflows of the sky, everything was reflected instantly within his heart, and he had the feeling as if he’d seen through reality, penetrated through the surface, and directly seen the essence. 

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi felt his gaze was capable of seeing through space and penetrate through to the world outside this area of space!

Moreover, time seemed like a string that grew longer and longer, and it became exceedingly slow. He noticed acutely that those Instakill Sword Qi that flashed towards him were like snails flying past, and every tiny property of it entered clearly and completely into his eyes.

In the distance, Du Xuan’s movements of forming seals with his hands had become slow as well, and it was like every single movement was broken down before appearing clearly before his eyes…

It felt as if the entire world had become slow, and it gave him an extremely strange feeling.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had the misconception that so long as he casually stretched out his hand and grabbed, he would be able to easily grab onto a strand of Instakill Sword Qi!


However, right when Chen Xi just had the thought of destroying the strand of Instakill Sword Qi before him, space instantly trembled before a beam of light shot out explosively from the Eye of Divine Truth. The beam of light flowed with a jet black light, and it directly blasted the strand of Instakill Sword Qi apart with a bang!

It felt as if the Instakill Sword Qi was like a piece of paper that couldn’t withstand a single blow.

But, only Chen Xi knew exactly how tough the Instakill Sword Qi was. It was the state of ‘Sword Qi Threads’ condensed to the limit, and it was also tough and sharp to the limit.

Now, it had been easily destroyed instead, and this could only indicate that the beam of light that was shot out explosively from the Eye of Divine Truth had a might that was even more formidable than the Instakill Sword Qi!

What a formidable Eye of Divine Truth. Not only is it capable of seeing through reality, penetrate through the surface of things to see its essence, and cause everything in the world to seem as if it had slowed down, it’s even capable of blasting out a jet black light to attack… Could it be that this is the true might of the Eye of Divine Truth? This thought flashed within his mind. In the next moment, Chen Xi had already closed his eyes, and only the single vertical eye between his brows swept towards the surroundings.

The extremely delighted Du Xuan was stunned. Chen Xi has actually closed his eyes! What is this fellow planning? Could it be that he intends to surrender? Hmph! Does he think that I would let him off if he does this?

Du Xuan sneered as a cold and ruthless sheen suffused his eyes. He hadn’t humiliated Chen Xi to his heart’s content yet, and it was only the appetizer earlier while the main event was next.

Hmm? However, right at this moment, his pupils dilated abruptly as his sneer froze on his face.

Amidst the Instakill Sword Qi that were like an enormous net, Chen Xi who had his eyes clothes moved like a butterfly between a garden of flowers, and he moved extremely precisely to the point that the sword qi that covered the heavens and the earth were actually unable to touch even the corner of his clothes!


A bad feeling arose in Du Xuan’s heart. Chen Xi was still in an extremely sorry state a moment ago and was like a trapped beast that had fallen into a hopeless situation. Now, he actually seemed as if he was strolling idly in a courtyard. Could it be that he was pretending intentionally earlier?


It’s the vertical eye between his brows that’s doing this!

Instantly, Du Xuan noticed that there was a sword shaped slit between Chen Xi’s brows, and within the slit was a pitch black and horrifying vertical eye that was glowing.

What cultivation technique is this?

Could it be that he’s a disciple of the Cyclops Clan?

No, the Cyclops Clan only has a single eye between their brows, and they don’t have a pair of eyes. It’s completely different from this fellow.

Thoughts flickered endlessly within Du Xuan’s heart, and he was surprised and bewildered while the bad feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. That vertical eye was too strange, and it actually caused him to be unable to see through its origins.

Moreover, the more unknown something was, the more terrifying it was!

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