Chapter 574 – Sword Qi Threads

Less than 10 minutes had passed since Chen Xi and Du Xuan started their battle, yet the collision between the two of them was so intense that it could described as shocking and horrifying.

Especially at this moment when they saw Du Xuan being blasted to the point of seeming like a beggar with tattered clothes and disheveled hair from Chen Xi’s strike, tempestuous waves couldn’t help but gush out from the hearts of everyone.

After all, Du Xuan was one of the five great Elite Disciples and possessed a brilliant reputation and combat achievements amongst the thousands of Elite Disciples in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he’d even annihilated a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, causing him to be famous in the world.

Even if it was in the entire Dark Reverie, Du Xuan could be considered to be a famous figure amongst the younger generation. However, now he’d fallen into such a state because of a new disciple that had joined the sect for a mere day. How could it not shock everyone?

Especially those East Radiance Peak disciples that had willfully plundered the West Radiance Peak and threatened to forcefully occupy it just moments ago, all of their expressions went grim when they saw this scene, and their hearts couldn’t help but constrict.

If Senior Brother Du Xuan loses, then how could any one of us be a match for Chen Xi?

On the other hand, Huo Molei and the others heaved long sighs of relief instead while smiles crept onto their faces. Never had they imagined that their Little Junior Brother would actually be so powerful and ferocious to the point that even a figure like Du Xuan wasn’t capable of obtaining an advantageous position against him, and based on the current circumstances, Du Xuan seemed to have suffered quite a loss.

“I admit that I’ve really underestimated you earlier. But now, I’ll make you completely understand exactly how great the distance is between us!” At this moment, the expression on Du Xuan’s face had been completely replaced with a serious and gloomy expression, and he’d started to really take Chen Xi as an opponent of the same level.

“Senior Brother Du Xuan, cut the crap and bring it on!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and straightened his back while ancient, mysterious, and powerful Shaman Energy gushed out from his body, causing his long hair to flutter as his imposing aura rose steadily!

His countenance that was originally pale from the enormous consumption of his True Essence was instantly replaced with burning and firm battle intent, and he seemed like an ancient Fiendgod that possessed an imposing manner than shot into the sky like a rainbow.

“Shaman Energy!” In the distance, after one of the five great Elite Disciples from the South Radiance Peak, Xia Yi, witnessed this scene, his craggy face that seemed to have been chiseled out finally revealed a trace of a moved expression. He seemed to have never imagined that this new disciple that had just entered the sect would actually possess both a body refinement and qi refinement cultivation.

It wasn’t just Xia Yi, the eyes of Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou squinted as well, and they took Chen Xi even more seriously.

Only An Wei seemed to have seen through everything about Chen Xi a long time ago, and her classical and beautiful face remained unchanged. But a wisp of curiosity flashed within her clear eyes.

She really wanted to know if Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation or qi refinement cultivation was stronger.

“The School of Fiendgod Body Refinement? Haha, I never imagined that you still had such a trump card. No wonder you seem fearless. But all of this is useless because you’ve encountered me, and you’re bound to lose!” A wisp of surprise flashed past Du Xuan’s eyes, and then his expression turned serious as he took a stride forward while his hands slowly formed into numerous profound and strange seals. The seals he formed were like sharp swords that possessed indeterminate and complicated forms, and they emitted strands of dazzling dark golden light that seemed like numerous stars were slowly rising in his hands.


At the same time that he formed these seals, the space in his surroundings suddenly started surging violently as the world was cast into a shadow, and it seemed as if the entire sky had poured all its strength into his palms, causing it to be extremely shocking.

It was even to the extent that the surrounding people noticed acutely that the spirit energy in the surroundings seemed like sharks that had smelled blood, and they gushed madly towards Du Xuan’s palms.

It could be said to contain the might of the world and transform everything in the world to be of use to him!

This was the might of a Dao Art, and it was extremely miraculous. The various changes in the Dao Insight energies within it had stopped following a fixed pattern since long ago, and every single move one made revealed a unique and terrifyingly imposing aura.

“Dao Art — Profound Qi Instakill Technique!” The disciples that were spectating from afar suddenly revealed shocked expressions when they saw this shocking scene, and they’d obviously recognized this Dao Art that had won great reputation for Du Xuan.

Leng Qiu and the others frowned instead as they revealed serious expressions. The might of this Dao Art Du Xuan had comprehended and grasped was absolutely not simple, and even if it was them who were similarly part of the five great Elite Disciples, they would probably be unable to take this move if they didn’t resist it with their entire strengths.

“Big Sister, will Junior Brother Chen Xi…be able to resist it? I promised Martial Uncle Liu that I would take good care of him…” An Ke’s beautiful brows knit slightly, and she spoke with slight worry.

“He asked you to take care of him?” An Wei smiled without end, and then she pondered briefly and said, “We’ll see what happens first. If he really loses…it wouldn’t be late for me to make a move then.”

“Big Sister is the best.” An Ke smiled sweetly when she heard An Wei’s reply, and her beautiful and pure face was covered in a relaxed expression. Because what trouble couldn’t be resolved with her Big Sister standing by her side?

She tilted her small head and even started pondering about how she should ask for some benefits from Chen Xi after her Big Sister saved him…

“Little Junior Brother hasn’t comprehended a Dao Art. His situation is slightly bad.” At the same time, the hearts of Huo Molei and the others couldn’t help but rise to their throats, and they were extremely anxious and worried.

At this moment, they even started to detest themselves as they hated their inability that caused them to always be rescued by their Little Junior Brother, whereas they weren’t able to help in the slightest…

This won’t do!

I must change!

I absolutely can’t allow Little Junior Brother to bear everything by himself!

The various things they encountered today was like wave after wave of tempestuous storms that struck an enormous blow to the hearts of Huo Molei and the others, causing the feelings in their hearts to rise and fall.

Moreover, at this moment, when they witnessed how difficult Chen Xi’s situation was, it caused them to be unable to help but start looking through their lives, and they felt that they had to change themselves from today onward!



“He’s finally executing this Dao Art?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly as a wisp of a serious expression gushed out onto his face. Du Xuan had relied precisely on this Dao Art to surmount a realm and annihilate a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator.

Moreover, according to what Madman Liu said, this Dao Art’s was most formidable for its ability to kill instantly with a sword qi that possessed a speed that surpassed the speed of sound by over 10 times, and it was simply impossible to defend against.


Instantly, his Shaman Energy rumbled as Chen Xi transformed into an almost 300m tall giant with three heads and six arms, and the Eye of Divine Truth opened up between his brows. At the same time, numerous dazzling and resplendent thunderstorm vortexes coiled around his body while crackling and shaking the sky.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi was simply no different to a Fiendgod from the ancient times. His height could compare to a mountain while possessing three heads and six arms, and thunderstorms surged around him, causing him to have a great imposing aura that was majestic and powerful.


However, right when Chen Xi had just finished doing all this, he felt his heart tremble abruptly as the scalp at the back of his head went numb, causing him to dodge at extreme speed. A strand of sharp sword light that was tinier than a hair flashed past close to his face, and it slashed down a bunch of his hair. Moreover, the terrifying sword qi actually caused a bloody mark that dripped with blood to appear on his face.

“Sword Qi Threads!” Chen Xi spoke with a light voice. ‘Sword Qi Threads’ was a level higher than the ‘Enlightened Sword Heart,’ and it was known to be capable of destroying all techniques with a single strike. No matter what technique or treasure one possessed, a single strike would slash it apart, so it was naturally impossible to resist!

Simply speaking, ‘Sword Qi Threads’ was the condensation of sword qi into threads that were 100 times sharper, tougher, and more indestructible than sword qi. Any technique or treasure would be slashed apart by these sword qi threads, and it was terrifying to the extreme.

Obviously, Du Xuan had relied on the Dao Art Profound Qi Instakill Technique to comprehend the level of ‘Sword Qi Threads,’ and when struck out with a speed that was 10 times swifter than the speed of sound, the threads that were 100 times sharper than sword qi possessed a might that was absolutely terrifying to the extreme.

For example, if Chen Xi was just slightly slower earlier, his head would have been sliced apart earlier, and at that time, even if he was a body refiner, he would die without a doubt.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

A wave of strange sounds of the air being torn apart resounded out, and it surpassed the speed of sound. Because of this, it didn’t seem to be sharp and was instead extremely tiny like the sound of a mosquito, and it conformed to the profundity of the greatest sounds being soundless.

Amongst these sounds were strands of sword qi that had transformed into threads before instantly arriving before Chen Xi from all directions, and due to their speed being too swift, they seemed extremely terrifying and as if they’d suddenly gushed out from the surrounding space.

Instant kill, it was the annihilation of one’s enemy in an instant.

This Dao Art, Profound Qi Instakill Technique carried the might of the heavens and the earth, and it circulated the strength of everything in the world. Moreover, after it was executed by Du Xuan, it was really like an enormous net that spread throughout the heavens and the earth without leaving a single spot out, and it was shocking, difficult to deal with, and revealed resolute killing intent. If it was an ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator, the cultivator would have probably been annihilated long ago.

But Chen Xi was prepared this time. He executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength, causing him to seem like a flowing light that leaped between space and the void, and his figure flickered repeatedly without end.

His figure was 300m in height and comparable to a mountain. At this moment, when he suddenly made such agile and swift movements, he seemed as if he was teleporting indeterminately, causing all the surrounding spectators to be dumbstruck by the sight of it. They simply didn’t dare believe that such a terrifying movement technique that could surpass the speed of sword lights actually existed in this world.

Before this, Chen Xi had once guessed that if he executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength, he would be entirely capable of comparing with a speed that was 10 times the speed of sound, and it wasn’t the slightest bit different to teleportation.

On the other hand, even though the Profound Qi Instakill Technique was swift, yet it was only capable of being slightly swifter than the speed of 10 times the speed of sound when utilized by Du Xuan. In this way, so long as he was careful, he would be entirely capable of dodging in time.

Hiss! Hiss!

However, what caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink was that he’d underestimated the formidableness of the Profound Qi Instakill Technique. The sounds of sword qi tearing through the sky that was tiny like the sound of mosquitos were like the sound of death from hell, and it practically enveloped all the space Chen Xi could dodge to. Not only were their trajectories strange and ruthless, their density was like a torrential rain that left no space unaffected, causing it to be extremely strenuous for him to dodge them.

In just the time of a single breath, no less than 100 plus bloody injuries had been inflicted on his body, and all of them were torn open by those sword qi threads.

Fortunately, he’d dodged quickly, otherwise just this breath of time would have been sufficient to annihilate him over 100 times.

Moreover, the injuries on his body were only injuries to his skin, and his injuries healed automatically with a flash of white light. This was attributed to the formidableness of his body refinement cultivation, but if this were to continue, his Shaman Energy would dry up sooner or later, and he would be exhausted to death!

This won’t do! The surrounding space has already been locked down by the Instakill Sword Qi. If I’m unable to break through this deadlock, then I’ll probably become like a turtle in a jar and been trapped to death. Chen Xi did his best to dodge the Instakill Sword Qi that was present everywhere while swiftly contemplating in his heart, and he was like a bug that had fallen into a spider’s web and was thinking of a way to escape.

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