Chapter 573 – Infinite Obliteration

“Since we’re going to fight, then let’s fight to our heart’s content!” After achieving success with a strike, Chen Xi pursued him without holding back in the slightest. He executed the Starsky Wings and transformed into a wisp of flowing light that moved through the sky, and his fists were like landslides and tsunamis as the Grand Obliteration Fist was executed by him with all his strength.

Since he grasped the Grand Dao of Obliteration, the might of the Grand Obliteration Fist had undergone a qualitative transformation that caused its might to surge up. Every single move of it was filled with an oppressive imposing aura of obliterating everything in the world.

At this moment, when it was executed by him with his entire strength, it was instantly as if doomsday had arrived. The entire sky was covered in a chaotic scene of obliteration and collapse, and the various airflows, light, and dust that drifted in the heavens and the earth were completely crushed and obliterated by its peerless might.

“Hmph! So you have some ability. But you dare mouth off with such little tricks!?” Du Xuan laughed coldly when facing Chen Xi’s attack, and his figure shot out explosively like a surging black mist, a devil god that charged directly at Chen Xi.

His expression was cold and fierce, and it revealed a ruthless and bloodthirsty aura. Every single move of his palm caused winds that surged like a tide to explode out, and he actually revealed a vast imposing aura that conformed with the heavens and the earth.

It seemed as if the entire heavens and the earth had transformed into his own, whereas he, Du Xuan, was the one and only ruler.

“Fight!” A loud shout resounded out as the two of them instantly entered into a fierce battle. True Essence rumbled and collided like the eruption of a volcano, causing the sky to wail as the airflow within it surged explosively, and it transformed the sky into a chaotic, violent, and horrifying battlefield.

Fortunately, they were in the sky, so their battle didn’t bring disaster to the West Radiance Peak.

But it was completely different for the battlefield. Violent winds raged while emitting ear piercing whistling sounds, and the collision between their fist and palm caused everything in an area of 5,000km in their surroundings to become chaotic. Winds and clouds surged everywhere while blazing rays of light and chaotic flows of air dispersed.


Numerous azure colored lotus shaped sword qi surged out explosively and emanated a blazing glow, and there was an extremely profound aura of metal flowing faintly within it. It seemed capable of splitting the world apart and annihilating the sun and moon, and it was peerlessly fierce to the extreme.

“Myriadlotus Azuresky Sword Qi!” Everyone was shocked in their hearts. This was a formidable martial technique of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and its history was ancient to the point it could even be traced back to the primordial era of a million years ago. It was created by a great figure, and with a single intent, a myriad of lotuses would emerge from the azure sky. The myriad of lotuses contained a myriad of sword qi that were utilized to annihilate the enemy, and it was simply like a heaven encompassing net that caused it to be impossible to dodge.

Moreover, when this sword technique was cultivated to the extreme, its lethality wasn’t any different from an ordinary Dao Art!

Om! Om! Om!

It was like the sound of countless bees fluttering their wings, and it resounded in the entire heavens and the earth. The azure lotus flowers that suffused the sky revolved endlessly and were like numerous peerless sword cultivators as they successively emitted matchlessly sharp sword qi that interweaved together like a sword rain that covered the heavens and the earth, and it poured down. Just looking at it from afar caused one’s scalp to go numb and feel a powerless feeling of having nowhere to escape.

“Chaotic Obliteration!” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as well when facing this scene, and then he shouted out explosively. The True Essence in his entire body surged like a myriad of streams that returned to the sea, and they condensed onto his right fist before emitting a horrifying energy that caused others to almost spit blood.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like two worlds had been developed on Chen Xi’s fist. One world’s sky was at the bottom while the ground was at the top, and it seemed as if it had been overturned. The other world’s sky and ground was extremely normal, yet all the beings within it were overturned, and their heads were towards the ground while their legs faced the sky.

Moreover, there were countless strands of chaotic energy of obliteration surging within it, and it displayed everything in an overturned form. Merely looking at this fist strike caused most people present to feel uncomfortable to the point of having the impulse to spit blood while the vital energy and blood in their bodies faintly showed signs of chaos, flowing backwards, and going berserk.


The fist that carried two completely overturned worlds and filled with the energy of obliteration finally exploded out. Instantly, a 3km long rift was torn open in the sky. In the surroundings of the rift, vitality withered as everything transformed into nothingness, and it fell into a state of chaos where order was completely destroyed.

The Myriadlotus Azuresky Sword Qi was completely crushed and obliterated, and if he didn’t dodge in time, Du Xuan would have almost been swept into the chaotic flow of this fist strike as well.

“Not bad, not bad indeed. But Junior Brother Chen Xi, you have to watch out next. Senior Brother won’t hold back anymore.” Du Xuan’s narrow and long eyes were cold like a blade as the aura emanated from his body rose explosively, and a black mist surged around him before transforming into numerous hideous red eyed Nethercrows that ‘squawked’ in the air.

Obviously, having two moves destroyed successively by Chen Xi has already caused him to arouse killing intent in his heart. The strength Chen Xi revealed caused him to start attaching importance to this opponent of his. He has just entered the sect for just a single day yet is already so terrifying. To what extent would he grow to in the future?

This time, even if he was unable to kill Chen Xi, he wanted to fiercely suppress Chen Xi and bury the seed of terror in Chen Xi’s heart so that it would be impossible for Chen Xi to grow in the future!

“Senior Brother Du Xuan, there’s no need for words. Make your move!” Chen Xi saw dense killing intent from Du Xuan’s eyes. But wasn’t killing intent boiling in his heart as well?

“Hahaha!! Good! Very good!” Du Xuan roared with laughter yet his eyes didn’t have the slightest smiling expression, and it was instead filled with extreme icy coldness and killing intent. After that, he took a deep breath before a formidable fluctuation slowly stretched out from within his body.

Moreover, when this fluctuation gushed out into appearance, the space around Du Xuan’s body actually emitted the sound of being blasted apart inch by inch, and it seemed as if space was sliced open layer after layer by an extremely sharp blade, causing an expanse of chaotic space to appear.

In an instant, Du Xuan’s aura had risen explosively once more. An enormous Nethercrow with black feathers, red eyes, and silver claws had appeared above him, and it unfolded its wings with the intention of flying. Moreover, it possessed a monstrous imposing aura that seemed capable of tearing apart the sky and looking down on the world!

This is…

At this moment, the gazes of many disciples focused. Du Xuan is actually about to utilize his Innate Dao Art! This is a unique strength possessed solely by the Nethercrow Clan!


Numerous fine cracks swiftly stretched out beneath Du Xuan’s legs, and the space beneath his legs was crushed apart inch by inch at a shocking speed as if it had been corroded by a gale of frost.

Innate Dao Arts were the most special power of the myriad of clans from the primordial times. Every single clan possessed one, and they possessed it innately. As a genius of the Nethercrow Clan, Du Xuan naturally possesses this power.

This Innate Dao Art of his Nethercrow Clan’s was the Myriad Crow Soul Devourer!

Supposedly, when this Dao Art was cultivated until the limit, it was capable of summoning a true Evil Nethercrow God that shook the heavens and the earth, awed the hearts and souls of all, and was extremely formidable.

Chen Xi had once seen Du Xuan’s younger brother, Du Guan, execute this Dao Art. But, different to when Du Guan executed it, when it was executed by Du Xuan, no matter if it was imposing aura or might, it was obviously more than 10 times more formidable than when Du Guan executed it.

The Nethercrow was lifelike and extremely enormous. Its eyes were like blood as it looked down upon the heavens and the earth, and it was practically like a true evil god that had descended into the world and possessed peerless might.

Squawk! Squawk!

A wave of extremely sharp, ear piercing, and unpleasant sound that seemed material was swiftly emitted from the mouth of the Nethercrow, and the soundwave that was visible to the eye transformed into numerous arrows that blazed with pitch black flames. They shot out explosively like numerous black rays of light that shook the heavens and the earth as they tore through the sky and approached Chen Xi.

“Shit! Flee quickly!”

“This madman Du Xuan actually disregarded everyone else that’s nearby!”

After everyone in the surroundings of West Radiance Peak witnessed this scene, practically all the disciples revealed shocked expressions as they retreated back in unison, as they were deeply afraid of being affected by those black colored arrows that the soundwave formed.

They knew that not only was that soundwave capable of heavily injuring the body, the most formidable part of it was its capability to absorb the soul, and the slightest carelessness might cause them to meet the end of having their souls annihilated!

Only Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, Xia Yi, and a few others stood without moving.


When facing this scene, Chen Xi’s expression became extremely serious as he took a deep breath, and then he soared up. His clothes and long hair fluttered as his right hand seemed to be holding tightly onto a scorching sun that emitted an extremely blazing and resplendent white light.

At that instant, the entire heavens and the earth was filled by the dazzling and resplendent white light, causing everyone present here to feel as if their eyes were sliced into pieces, and tears flowed from their eyes.

“Infinite Obliteration!” Chen Xi’s indifferent voice resounded out in the sky, and then an aura of obliteration that was caused even the heavens and the earth to tremble swiftly exploded out from his fist. It was like a chaotic torrent had gushed out from the depths of the universe, and it intended to obliterate the entire world!

This was the might of the third move of the Grand Obliteration First, and it was also the first time Chen Xi really executed this move!

In the past, because he hadn’t comprehended the Obliteration Dao Insight, he was unable to comprehend this move for a long time, and he only grasped the technique, yet was unable to bring forth its essence.

But it was different now. When he was in Primeval City, his cultivation had risen steadily because he’d absorbed a huge amount of divinity, and his cultivation had risen explosively from the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm to attain the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm in a single day.

Moreover, the tiny cauldron had personally passed down the complete Obliteration Dao Insight to him. All of this had allowed him to possess the conditions to execute ‘Infinite Obliteration.’


Boundless lights of obliteration erupted to envelop the entire world, and everyone present was in a state of temporary blindness and were unable to see anything that was occurring in the battlefield.

They could only hear an explosion that shook the heavens rumbling and sweeping through the world, and then a violent and raging airflow surged out in all direction and pressed down upon them to the point their bodies had no choice but to repeatedly retreat backwards.

Some with slightly weaker strengths were even directly shaken by this airflow to the point of spitting blood and being blasted flying while emitting shrill cries, and the scene was extremely shocking.

“The might of this move is simply no different than a Dao Art.” Leng Qiu muttered. His face was icy cold as always, and it caused others to be unable to see through exactly what he was thinking in his heart.

“Who could have imagined that a new disciple who’d just entered the sect would actually possess such a shocking martial technique?” Pang Zhou was extremely shocked in his heart as well, and this move caused him to not dare underestimate Chen Xi any longer.

“Looks like Big Sister doesn’t have to lend a hand anymore.” In the extreme distance, An Ke who wore a fiery red dress, had a beautiful and pure appearance, and possessed a tall and hot body spoke with a clear and melodious voice.

“Continue watching quietly. It ought to not end here.” A young woman with a gorgeous and classical appearance, a bearing that was ethereal like a deep gorge that had just experienced rain, and possessed an extremely graceful and seductive body stood by An Ke’s side, and she spoke after pondering for a moment. Shockingly, she was An Wei.

“Oh?” An Ke’s beautiful brows knit together, and she was slightly puzzled. But, she believed her Big Sister’s judgement, and she didn’t think any further before shooting her gaze towards the distance once more.

After some time, the sounds of explosion gradually sunk down, and the violent airflow returned to calm.

When everyone saw the scene before them clearly, they couldn’t help but be flabbergasted.

They saw Chen Xi standing upright in the distance, his back was straight like a sword, and he was completely unharmed. But his countenance was slightly pale while his aura was slightly exhausted. Obviously, executing that move from before was a great consumption to him.

Opposite Chen Xi stood a young man that was in tattered clothes, had disheveled hair, a dirty face, and was completely burned black. His appearance seemed to be rather miserable, and it caused others to be unable to refrain from wanting to laugh.

But at this moment, no one dared to laugh. On the contrary, all their hearts jerked fiercely when they saw the person’s appearance clearly. Because, surprisingly, that person was Du Xuan!

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