Chapter 572 – Holding The World In His Palm


A wisp of flowing light tore through the sky, and due to its speed being too swift, it caused a wave of violent ripples to undulate in the sky from the friction while emitting an extremely ear piercing sonic boom.

After that, a tall figure appeared atop West Radiance Peak.

He’s finally here…

Du Xuan raised his head as his eyes that were narrow and long like blades were suffused with a wisp of extremely cold and fierce killing intent. He came to the West Radiance Peak this time because he was waiting precisely for Chen Xi!

At this moment, those East Radiance Peak disciples that were seizing the abodes had stopped what they were doing, and their gazes shot towards the tall figure in midair.

They knew that even though their Senior Brother Du Xuan said he’d brought them over for the sake of forcefully occupying the West Radiance Peak, his final objective was still to take revenge for his younger brother Du Guan.

So when they saw Chen Xi finally making an appearance, their eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of an excited and ridiculing expression. They seemed like hunters that were waiting under a tree for a hare to knock onto the tree by itself, and they’d finally awaited the moment their prey fell into their trap.

“Little Junior brother!” Huo Molei and the others were both anxious and worried when they saw Chen Xi. Du Xuan was one of the five great Elite Disciples, a ferocious figure that had once annihilated a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm, so how could they possibly not be worried about Chen Xi’s safety.

“Fellow Seniors, I’ve caused all of you to suffer injustice.” Chen Xi puckered his lips as he spoke word by word, and his tone emitted an extremely resolute killing intent that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

He was really furious to the limit because he noticed that Huo Molei and the others were all on the ground in sorry states, and their expressions were dejected and dispirited. Obviously, they’d suffered a great deal of humiliation earlier.

He noticed that the entire West Radiance Peak was in a mess. Numerous abodes were plundered while multiple spirit farmlands and herb gardens had been trampled upon. The atmosphere in the surroundings was foul and simply seemed as if it had been plundered and raided by a group of bandits, and the scene was painful to the point it was infuriating.

The person that had caused all this was Du Xuan!

At this moment, Chen Xi had already aroused killing intent in his heart. He was on the verge of exceeding the limits of his rage yet his expression became even more calm and indifferent, and people who were familiar with him knew that this was because he was already really angry.

“Haha, what high-sounding sentiments. You’ll surely kill me if I even touch a single plant on your West Radiance Peak? Tsk tsk, this tone is really even more arrogant than anyone.” Du Xuan laughed lightly as he glanced at Chen Xi with a gaze that revealed a trace of cold and fierce killing intent, yet most of it was disdain.

Chen Xi was the first new disciple that actually dared speak to him like this after just entering the sect, and it caused him to feel that it was slightly laughable.

“Du Xuan, do you dare come fight me!?” Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold as he shouted out loudly with a voice that was like a thunderclap that shook the surroundings.

He’d already discerned that Du Xuan had come this time for the sake of his younger brother, Du Guan, so since it was like this, he didn’t have any intention to waste his breath on Du Xuan.

“Ha, this fellow is so impatient to die?”

“The earlier he dies the earlier he’ll be reborn. This fellow has obviously already intended to fix the crack by smashing the jar.”

“He looks like an idiot to me. If he obediently accepts his misfortune, then Senior Brother Du Xuan wouldn’t make it difficult for him. After all, Senior Brother Du Xuan is someone that keeps his promises, and he would only teach him a lesson during the Peak Trials three months from now. Unfortunately, he just had to collide with Senior Brother Du Xuan now. Isn’t he courting death?”

“Now, it’s impossible for Senior Brother Du Xuan to not teach him a lesson.” 

All the East Radiance Peak disciples sneered endlessly when they heard Chen Xi talk nonsense in the air, and their expressions revealed indescribable disdain and ridicule.

“What? You’re anxious to fight me now? If Martial Uncle Liu finds out, he’ll probably blame me for bullying the weak.” Du Xuan crossed his arms before his chest and laughed coldly.

“I asked you if you dare come fight me!” Chen Xi’s expression turned even calmer as he stood in the air and spoke coldly.

“What a bad method of goading me into fighting you. If you had the confidence to defeat me, you’d probably have made a move since long ago. Making loud noises like this will only make others suspect that you’re making an empty show of strength.” Du Xuan remained unmoved, and he laughed endlessly.

“You’re wrong. I chose to fight in midair because I can’t tolerate anything on my West Radiance Peak being dirtied by scum like you,” said Chen Xi calmly.

“At this moment, you actually still dare to mock me, you’re truly courting death!” Du Xuan’s eyes emanated cold lights as his figure flashed out like an eagle as he shot into the sky and appeared directly before Chen Xi. His brows raised as boundless baleful qi gushed out from his body, and it surged out like a tsunami.

Instantly, his entire body seemed to have transformed into a mountain that was towering, lofty, and reached the heavens. He caused others to feel like ants before him, and it was a shocking sight.

Chen Xi’s heart shook as he sensed the change in the vital energy within Du Xuan’s body yet he wasn’t afraid in the slightest. Since he’d advanced into the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, he’d very rarely fought another of the same generation. As for Du Guan, Dong Qi, and the other disciples like them, they were utterly incapable of making him exert his entire strength.

On the other hand, even though Du Xuan was only at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm yet he obviously wasn't someone that people like Du Guan could compare to. Not to mention he was capable of ranking amongst the five great Elite Disciples of the sect, so his own strength would surely be extremely shocking and couldn’t be underestimated.

Moreover, Madman Liu had once said that Du Xuan had comprehended a Dao Art called the Profound Qi Instakill Technique. A single sword strike of his was like an instant strike that moved at a speed that surpassed the speed of sound by over ten times, causing it to be impossible to defend against. It was precisely by relying on this Dao Art that he’d annihilated a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator while experiencing tempering outside the sect.

So Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless when facing Du Xuan.

At this moment, numerous disciples had suddenly appeared in the surroundings of the West Radiance Peak, causing the shadows of figures to be everywhere, and all of them were disciples from the East Radiance Peak, South Radiance Peak, and North Radiance Peak.

Shockingly, the East Radiance Peak’s Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou; and the South Radiance Peak’s Xia Yi were standing proudly amongst these figures, and they were surrounded around by the other disciples like a host of stars surrounding a bright moon, causing them to be extremely conspicuous.

Obviously, they’d come after hearing the news, and they intended to watch the battle between Chen Xi and Du Xuan.

Even though Chen Xi had just entered the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for a mere day, his reputation had already been spread to the point of being known to all, and even the Elite Disciples of the other peaks knew of this figure called Chen Xi yet only few of them had really seen him in person.

“That’s Chen Xi? Supposedly he has just entered the sect yet actually dared to pick a fight with one of the five great Elite Disciples like Senior Brother Du Xuan. The young really should be feared.”

“What do you know? Supposedly, this kid came from the Primeval Battlefield and was ranked the first on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet. His strength and natural talent are both matchlessly formidable. So his ability isn’t something an ordinary Elite Disciple can compare to.”

“The Primeval Battlefield? That’s the place the gods went on an expedition. Since Chen Xi was capable of becoming eminent there, he really can’t be underestimated.”

“But unfortunately, Senior Brother Du Xuan is a genius from the Nethercrow Clan and one of the five great Elite Disciples of out Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Chen Xi has probably bitten off more than he can chew today.”

“Oh, actually, Junior Brother Chen Xi is rather handsome. It would truly be sad if he loses…”

“Ptooey! You’re delusional!”

A wave of whispered discussion sounded out ceaselessly in the surroundings of the West Radiance Peak, and all the disciples of the other peaks shot their gazes towards Chen Xi and Du Xuan while discussing animatedly.

Amongst them was no lack of beautiful female disciples from the North Radiance Peak that frequently revealed some clear, resounding, and playful laughter as they whispered in discussion, and it caused the atmosphere to become even hotter.

But Chen Xi turned a deaf ear to all of this. His mind was calm like snow, like the moon that was reflected within a well. All his thoughts were concentrated onto Du Xuan, and there was only a single thought in his heart, and it was to completely crush this person!

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, since you want to fight me, then I can only accept. You better not say that Senior Brother doesn’t keep his word.” Du Xuan stretched his body as he swept everyone with his gaze, and he laughed lightly.

So many people coming to watch the battle fitted exactly with his wishes. So long as he defeated Chen Xi and fiercely humiliated and trampled on Chen Xi, then it wouldn’t take a single day for the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect to know that the end of anyone who dared offend him, Du Xuan, would be just like Chen Xi!

“Does a person like you have any reputation to talk about?” Chen Xi spoke calmly and remained unmoved.

“Haha, strength is everything in this world. Junior Brother Chen Xi, merely relying on your mouth for some things just won’t do!” Du Xuan roared with laughter as a cold light surged within his eyes, and then he strode forward before raising his hand and smashing out with his palm.

This palm seemed as if a dragon resided within it, it seemed to come from all directions with both straight and curved trajectories, and it seemed to be fast yet slow. It was an extremely normal palm strike yet contained boundless variations and rumbling Dao Insight, and it seemed capable of countering any martial technique in the world. No matter how his opponent dealt with it, it would be able to firmly counter his opponent a step earlier.

This palm could be said to envelop the surroundings and lock down the world.

The palm hadn’t even approached him when the terrifying force contained within it had already shaken the surrounding space to the point of collapsing inch by inch while the layer of clouds dispersed, and they transformed into an expanse of chaotic flow and endless sharp droning.

“World Grasp!” The eyes of the spectating disciples squinted. This move, World Grasp, could be said to be a secret technique of annihilation that belong solely to Du Xuan, and it caused others to tremble with fearing upon hearing its name. When executed to the limit, it was capable of controlling the heavens and the earth to annihilate everything.

No one had expected that as soon as Du Xuan attacked, he would actually utilize a killing move. Obviously, he intended to completely beat Chen Xi down in a short period of time.

“Earthly Obliteration!” However, when facing this palm that seemed to be everywhere, Chen Xi didn’t dodge or try to avoid it, and his figure flashed out like a dragon emerging into the world and swimming in the sky. At the same time, his right fist smashed out fiercely like a sledgehammer that descended from the heavens.


Winds whistled from his fist that was suffused with a pitch black and horrifying sheen. It was like a ferocious beast from hell had appeared in the world, and everywhere it passed, the air, light, space, airflow…everything was completely obliterated and transformed into nothingness.

“What sort of fist technique is this?” Such a phenomenon was truly shocking. It felt as if Chen Xi’s right fist was the entrance that led to death, and it could obliterate everything!

“The Grand Dao of Obliteration! This is a rare Grand Dao profundity! According to rumor, everything transforms into nothingness and is eternally destroyed before obliteration!”

“Exactly, it’s precisely this Dao Insight. I never imagined that Chen Xi was actually capable of comprehending such a supreme Dao Insight. No wonder he dares to pick a fight with Senior Brother Du Xuan.” Many people communicated via voice transmission and were surprised and bewildered when they saw the terrifying destructive force created by his fist strike.


Under Chen Xi’s Grand Obliteration Fist, Du Xuan’s palm was instantly struck to the point of dispersal, and the True Essence and Dao Insight on it was completely obliterated.

The terrifying and violent energy of obliteration gushed over, causing Du Xuan who had an imposing manner like a mountain that dominated the world to squint, and his footsteps were rapid as he retreated explosively without end. At the same time, he stretched out his hand to make a grabbing and tearing motion before dispersing the energy of obliteration from Chen Xi’s fist strike.

But at this moment, he was already forced out 3km away. Even though he was safe and sound, it still caused his expression to become very gloomy because he never imagined that a new disciple who had just entered the sect wasn’t just able to resist his annihilation technique, the new disciple had even forced him to retreat!

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