Chapter 571 – Fickle

On the top of the lotus platform, a ray of light flashed by before Chen Xi’s figure swiftly appeared there, and he shook his head slightly before he felt more awake and couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

The flower petal that seemed like jade yet wasn’t jade in his hand allowed him to understand that everything he encountered earlier wasn’t an illusion, and it was true.


A pile of verdant green bamboo slips descended from the sky and scattered before Chen Xi. Shockingly, they were precisely the 49 Dao Art inheritances.

Chen Xi hurriedly looked towards the surroundings when he saw this, yet he actually noticed to his shock that the entire nine layers of the lotus platform were completely empty, and there wasn’t a single person besides him.

What’s going on?

Chen Xi pondered for a long time yet was unable to wrap his head around it. He carefully put away the numerous bamboo slips right away and placed them into the Buddha’s Pagoda along with the golden flower petal that had the Allheaven Truth recorded upon it, and then he turned around and left.

Everything he encountered today could simply be described as miraculous. He ascended the top of the lotus platform and not only had he seen numerous ‘book demons’ that seemed to possess intelligence, he’d even had a long chat with Dao Lotus who was a trace of the Divine Intent of the Chaotic Divine Lotus. Up until now, he still had the feeling as if it was a dream.

But if he thought carefully about it, he’d ascended the lotus platform this time for the sake of obtaining a Dao Art, and now that he’d actually unexpectedly obtained so many Dao Arts, it already made him extremely satisfied.

In next to no time, Chen Xi had already walked down the lotus platform and walked along the small pathway on the mountain of books, and then he passed by the banks of the Sea of Dao Comprehension as he walked out of the Book Reserve Pavilion.

To his surprise, the entire Book Reserve Pavilion was actually silent and without a single person!

He still remembered clearly that when he entered that gorge from before, there was no less than a few thousands of disciples within the Book Reserve Pavilion. Merely less than two hours had passed yet there was actually no trace of a single person. Such a scene was truly too unusual.



After he walked out of the Book Reserve Pavilion and saw the old man that lay on the rocking chair was still present, Chen Xi instantly heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, this proved that everything he saw earlier wasn’t an illusion.

As for where exactly those disciples had gone, he couldn’t be bothered to be concerned about it.

Presently, his entire mind was filled with how to comprehend the Dao Art, how to charge into the Nether Transformation Realm, how to use the Dao of Talismans to control his other Dao Insights, and so on and so forth. He wished for nothing more than to go into closed door cultivation, so how could he have the mood to care about these little details.

“Chen Xi.” Right when Chen Xi was about to leave, the old man that lay on the rocking chair spoke abruptly. “Your master has left.”

Chen Xi’s figure went stiff as a wisp of gloominess flashed past his eyes, and then he nodded. “Thank you, Senior, for notifying me. I understand.”

“Cultivate properly, you’re the first disciple to have ascended the top of the lotus platform in a few thousand years. Don’t let down the Dao Art inheritance you obtained. If you encounter anything you don’t understand during your cultivation, you can enter the Book Reserve Pavilion to search through the books at any time.” The old man instructed with a warm voice.

“Thank you, Senior.” Chen Xi cupped his hands.

“The news of you ascending the top of the lotus platform has already been locked down, and all the disciples that had entered the Book Reserve Pavilion today have already been ordered to keep silent about this matter. This was done to protect you.” The old man said slowly, “But the truth can never be concealed. Seize the opportunity of this period of time to work hard and improve your own cultivation. If you want to become an expert, then you can only rely on yourself.”

Only now did Chen Xi understood why the Book Reserve Pavilion was completely empty, so it turned out that those disciples had been gathered by the higher-ups of the sect and given an order of secrecy.

After he bid farewell to the old man, Chen Xi left the Matter Radiance Peak right away, and he flashed towards the West Radiance Peak.

However, right when he was on the way, a ray of light suddenly charged over right at him, and it hurriedly cried out upon seeing him. “Junior Brother Chen Xi, quickly return to the West Radiance Peak and take a look. That Du Xuan has brought over the disciples of the East Radiance Peak and threatened to forcefully occupy your West Radiance Peak.”

This person wore a fiery red long dress with beautiful long hair that flowed down like a waterfall, her appearance was clear and gorgeous while her skin was jade white, and her figure was graceful and slender. It was precisely the female disciple of the South Radiance Peak, An Ke.

At this moment, her beautiful brows were knit together while a wisp of anger could be seen between her smooth brows, and she was like a furious little kitten that was anxious and enraged.

“What!? Du Xuan actually went against the agreement?” Chen Xi’s slanted brows raised up. He remembered clearly that Madman Liu had fiercely reprimanded Du Xuan before leaving. Moreover, they’d come to the agreement that Du Xuan would only fight Chen Xi during the Peak Trials that would be held three months from now.

Never had he imagined that Madman Liu had just left not too long ago yet this fellow had already returned, and he’d even brought along a group of East Radiance Peak disciples and threatened to forcefully occupy the West Radiance Peak!

“Going back on his word, domineering, and unreasonable. These disciples of the East Radiance Peak are really arrogant!” A wisp of visible killing intent flashed within his eyes, and he was slightly anxious in his heart. He wasn’t worried that the West Radiance Peak would be forcefully occupied, and he was instead worried about the safety of his Eldest Senior Brother and the others.

He knew clearly that these seniors of his were a group of good and kind hearted people that stood aloof from worldly success. They were infatuated with the path of the Dao that they were skilled in, and it was utterly impossible for them to be a match for Du Xuan and the others. If they were to be injured, then it would be an outcome that he would absolutely be unable to tolerate.

“You quickly go back and take a look, I’ll go notify my Big Sister.” An Ke swiftly instructed before turning around and transforming into a wisp of divine light that left here.

“You…” Chen Xi’s mouth opened before closing it. He originally intended to say that it was a matter of the West Radiance Peak, and it ought to be resolved by him, so there was no need to trouble others with it.

However, An Ke had already left hastily before he could open his mouth and speak, and she utterly didn’t give him the chance to refuse.

“Nevermind. The pressing matter at the moment is to return to the West Radiance Peak first.” Chen Xi shook his head, and he executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength right away, causing his entire body to transform into a wisp of a flowing light that vanished in the blink of an eye.


West Radiance Peak.

Never had Huo Molei and the others imagined that only a few hours had passed yet Du Xuan had actually returned, and he even brought along a group of East Radiance Peak disciples to forcefully occupy all the abodes on West Radiance Peak!

“Haha! This abode isn’t bad! It actually possesses 36 spirit springs, and a strand of flames from the core of the earth.”

“Don’t fight with me, this abode is mine!”

“My god! The disciples of the West Radiance Peak are simply wasting god's given gifts! There’re so many herb and material gardens yet there’s actually no one gathering them!”

“Once Senior Brother Du Xuan deals with Chen Xi, this West Radiance Peak is our territory in the future.”

In the distance, a wave of clamorous noise rose and fell. Some were seizing abodes, some were willfully seizing spirit herbs, and some were even discussing how to distribute the entire West Radiance Peak.

At of this caused the expressions of Huo Molei and the others to be extremely unsightly, and they were angry to the point their chests rose and fell indeterminately while flames almost sprayed out from their eyes. But, they were unable to move in the slightest.

Because just moments ago, Du Xuan had suddenly arrived here and placed restraints on all seven of them, causing their entire bodies to be limp, and they were utterly unable to exert any strength.

“Du Xuan, you’ve gone against your promise, and you’re simply a downright despicable person. You’re utterly not worthy of the name of one of the five great Elite Disciples!” Hua Molei gritted his teeth as he cried out with anger.

“I didn’t come here for the sake of fighting Chen Xi. I only brought along some Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers to find a place to cultivate.” Du Xuan who stood opposite them shook his head while smiling lightly, and he spoke in a leisurely manner.

“You’re…going too far!”

“This West Radiance Peak isn’t the territory of your East Radiance Peak. On what basis have you come to our West Radiance Peak to cause trouble and search for a place to cultivate?”

“Aren’t all of you afraid of suffering punishment if the Sect Master finds out that all of you have acted in this way!?”

When they say Du Xuan avoiding all the major points and admitting the minor points with such despicable intentions, it angered Huo Molei, Lu Sheng, Yi Chenzi, Duan Yi, and the others to the point of bursting into rage, and they shouted out furiously in succession.

Du Xuan crossed his hands before him and laughed coldly without end when he heard this, and his gaze seemed as if he was looking at a group of idiots and revealed an expression of disdain and pity.

After a short moment and after Huo Molei had finished cursed him, he said slowly, “I forgot to tell all of you. The higher-ups of the sect won’t interfere with the matters between us disciples anymore in the future. In other words, no one will pay any attention to all of you even if you cry your lungs out!”


The expressions of Huo Molei and the others instantly turned grim, and they didn’t dare believe this was true. However, they faintly felt that Du Xuan wasn’t lying when they saw Du Xuan’s fearless appearance.

At this moment, their hearts unconsciously fell to rock bottom. Their Master, Madman Liu, had left, and only the few of them remained in the entire West Radiance Peak, and now that the higher-ups of the sect had disregarded them, what would they do in the future?

In the distance, the disciples of the East Radiance Peak were emitting waves of complacent laughter while seizing the numerous abodes and the multitude of spirit farmlands and herb gardens, and it seemed as if they’d taken the West Radiance Peak to be their own backyard.

It was so ear piercing when their laughter entered into the ears of Huo Molei and the others, and besides causing them to be furious, they couldn’t help but feel a wave of disappointment. Why have the higher-ups of the sect made such a heartless decision?

“Senior Brother Du, that Sword Purification Pool is enshrouded with spirit energy, and it’s the best cultivation ground in the entire West Radiance Peak. We’ve especially left it for you as your place of residence in the future.” Right at this moment, an East Radiance Peak disciple ran over excitedly.

“Oh? I heard a long time ago that the Sword Purification Pool was the place Daoist Hua Kong of our sect comprehended the Dao, and it’s miraculous and extraordinary. Leaving it to be used by these pieces of trash is no different than wasting god’s given gifts.” Du Xuan smiled lightly as he spoke.

“Senior Brother Du is right. Such a precious place is something only someone of your state is worthy of possessing.” That disciple glanced at Huo Molei and the others with disdain, and when he turned around to look at Du Xuan, a wisp of a flattering expression already hung on his face as he said, “Senior Brother Du, wait a moment. I’ll help you clean up that Sword Purification Pool for you and establish a special small courtyard. I’ll welcome you respectfully to stay there once I’ve arranged everything.” 

As he spoke, the disciple had turned around and left swiftly.

“This fellow is quite diligent.” Du Xuan shook his head, and he rather enjoyed this in his heart. As far as he was concerned, being able to make the other disciples to curry favor with him was a sign of strength by itself, right?

“That Sword Purification Pool is the cultivation ground we left for our Little Junior Brother, you can’t occupy it forcefully. Otherwise, I’m ready to risk everything and take you down with me!” The eyes of Huo Molei and the others almost split apart when they saw this, and they roared with rage.

“Chen Xi? He’ll be unable to protect this Sword Purification Pool even if he comes!” A wisp of cold killing intent suddenly flashed past Du Xuan’s eyes when he mentioned Chen Xi. He recalled his younger brother, Du Guan, who’d been beaten to the point of suffering serious injuries by Chen Xi, and he already wished for nothing more than to annihilate Chen Xi right now. If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t have turned around and returned as soon as Madman Liu left.

“Du Xuan, I’ll surely kill you if you dare touch even a single plant on my West Radiance Peak!” Right at this moment, a piercingly cold and murderous voice sounded out abruptly, and it rumbled as it resounded throughout the entire West Radiance Peak.

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