Chapter 570 – Allheaven Truth

In the past, Chen Xi had comprehended Dao Insights to be utilized, and he’d never thought of selecting a Grand Dao profundity to control and command the other Dao insights.

But after carefully considering it, he noticed that what Dao Lotus said was truly brilliant.

For example, he’d only purely comprehended and mastered the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture in the past, but now that he thought about it, didn’t the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture utilize the Sword Dao to control the Dao Insights contained within the eight great sword moves?

For example, the Stellar Lightningform contained that Grand Dao of star, water, lightning, and devour, but it was the Devour Grand Dao that controlled the other Grand Dao’s, and this was similarly a type of command.

A further example was the Grand Astral Palm. Even though it was a Divine Ability, yet it was capable of containing various Dao Insights that circulated within it. But if he thought about it carefully, this Divine Ability was led by the Grand Dao of Star, and it commanded and controlled all the other Dao Insights.

All in all, the command and control between Dao Insights had already existed within the Dao Insights Chen Xi had comprehended and utilized in the past, but he’d just never thought about it carefully.

Now being reminded by Dao Lotus was simply like a word that woke him from a dream, and it caused him to attain sudden enlightenment.

“Only by flawlessly controlling the various Dao insights would I be able to bring out their entire might. If it’s like this, then I really must choose a Dao Insight to lead and command the other Dao Insights.” Chen Xi muttered lightly.

“It’s indeed like that. This path is a step that every single cultivator has to take, and it’s of utmost importance to you right now.” Dao Lotus said with a smile, “After all, you’re about to advance to the Nether Transformation Realm. If you’re unable to coordinate all your Dao Insights, then it would be very difficult for you to bring forth your entire strength.”

The Nether Transformation Realm!

Conforming with everything in the world and transforming one’s self into the heavens and the earth. Once one attains this realm, every single movement one made controlled the energy of the heavens and the earth, and one was really capable of collapsing mountains and splitting the ground with a flick of the finger!

Moreover, after one advanced to this realm, the Rebirth Wheel within the body would transform into a Blackhole, and it would be like a world had been opened up within one’s body, causing it to be also called the Blackhole World.

At that time, the entire body of a cultivator would reflect the heavens and the earth from the outside while the soul connected the body from within, and one would conform with the Heaven Dao. No matter if its strength or the essence of one’s life, they would obtain a completely new transformation.

Presently, Chen Xi’s cultivation had already attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, and he was only a step away from ascending to this realm, so he was naturally extremely concerned about this, yet he was slightly unable to understand exactly what Dao Lotus meant.

Could it be that the controlling of one’s Dao Insight is closely connected to the Nether Transformation Realm?

“The reason is extremely simple. Once you advance into the Nether Transformation Realm, then being able to control one complete Grand Dao would allow you to exert double the combat strength of a Dao Art, whereas if you’re able to control two complete Grand Daos, it would allow you to exert three times the combat strength of the Dao Art, and so on and so forth. When you’re able to completely control all the various Dao Insights you’ve grasped, you can imagine how many times of combat strength you’ll be able to exert.” Dao Lotus had a profound gaze as he said word by word, “Most importantly, doing this will allow your Blackhole World to become vaster and more solid, and the True Essence accumulated within it would be multiplied!”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart when he heard this, and he felt slight disbelief.

When he was in the Darchu Dynasty, he’d never heard that the strength possessed by cultivators of the Nether Transformation Realm was actually so great to the point of being able to cause combat strength to rise explosively and multiply according to the amount of Dao Insights the cultivator was able to control!

This is perhaps the difference between a minor world and large world. The difference in the Laws of the heavens and the earth causes the things one can come into contact with to be different… At this moment, Chen Xi deeply understood the distance between a large world and a minor world.

This was like the difference between a remote village and a flourishing capital city. No matter if it was strength, cultivation systems, and various other aspects, a minor world was extremely inferior when compared to a large world, and it was simply like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

If he didn’t come to the Dark Reverie, then he would probably be unable to imagine in his entire lifetime that there were actually so many things he didn’t know of in this world.

“Now, have you figured out which Dao Insight to choose, and use it to lead and command the other Dao Insights?” Dao Lotus seemed to understand Chen Xi’s feelings at this moment extremely well, and he waited silently for a long time before speaking.

“The Dao of Talismans!” Chen Xi was silent for a long time before he replied slowly.

“Talisman?” Dao Lotus was stunned, and then an indescribable bright sheen gushed out abruptly from the depths of his eyes. He seemed to be astounded, then seemed to have recalled some matters of the past and felt shocked.

“Exactly, the Dao of Talismans. If it’s in terms of commanding the other Dao Insights, then there’s only the Dao of Talismans.” At this moment, Chen Xi had thought of many things, and his answer was extremely firm.

Presently, the Dao Insights he mastered included the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, sky, star, Paramita, Oblivion, sword, talisman, obliteration, devour, slaughter, and so on and so forth.

Every single one of them was a Grand Dao profundity, and many were even rare Grand Dao profundities. However, if he had to choose one to control the other Dao Insights, then it would be the Talisman Dao without a doubt.

The reason was extremely simple, since the day he obtained the Manor within the jade pendant and he saw Ji Yu for the first time, an inseparable relationship had formed between him and the Dao of Talismans.

For example, the five great Divine Talismans that resided within the Talisman Armament, they contained the Grand Dao profundities of the five elements, yet all of them were controlled by the Dao of Talismans.

For example, the Grand Astral Palm was capable of encompassing various Dao Insights. However, the trajectory of the circulation of the stars within it were similarly covered by the Dao of Talismans.

Up until today, Chen Xi still remembered clearly that when he entered the Manor within the jade pendant, he’d once faced the test of the Star Secret Realm. At that time, he saw the trajectory of a myriad of stars circulating without end. These trajectories were of different length and thickness. They were either winding about, straight like a spear, curving into arcs, or spinning into circles, and they seemed like talisman markings made of various strokes.

It was as if a shapeless hand was using the sky as the talisman paper, the myriad of stars as the brush, and utilized a talisman crafting technique that was beyond imagination to freely draw unfathomable and profound talisman markings that were too wonderful for words.

It was precisely because of the Dao of Talismans that he was able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Master of the Manor and obtain various unbelievably formidable Divine Abilities like the Grand Astral Palm, Starsky Wing, and Stellar Lightningform.

It was just that, it was because of the Dao of Talismans that he was able to deduce the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to its limits, inscribe the five great Divine Talismans, refine the Talisman Armament…

All in all, in Chen Xi’s eyes, the meaning of the Dao of Talismans far surpassed the profundities of the other Grand Daos, and only the Dao of Talismans would be able to allow him to control the other Dao Insights easily!

“I have to say, your choice is extremely unexpected to me.” After a long time, Dao Lotus spoke with a voice that carried a trace of indescribable emotion. “From the ancient times until now, the Grand Dao of Talismans had been the most profound and complicated existence amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos. But very few were able to obtain accomplishments on this path, and the reason is that it’s too difficult.”

As he spoke, Dao Lotus pointed towards the distance. “Look at the traces of the sky, the geography of the land, the striation on the plants, the veins on the rocks. The traces of the Dao of Talismans exist everywhere.”

“Now look at the trajectory of the heavy rain that descends from the sky, the traces of the violent wind that flashes through the land; talisman markings exist within everything in this word. Even fate, karma, prediction, luck… All these imperceptible things can be deduced and grasped with the power of the Dao of Talismans.”

“However, it’s precisely because the traces of the Dao of Talismans exists in everything that taking this path seems to be even more difficult.”

When he finished speaking, Dao Lotus turned around to stare at Chen Xi as he said, “Have you really prepared yourself?”

Chen Xi nodded with an extremely firm gaze.

“Then do you know what it means when the Dao of Talismans is attained to the limit?” Dao Lotus continued.

Chen Xi shook his head. With his current cultivation, he was utterly incapable of knowing all these things. Unless he really attained the Dao of Talismans to the limit, then he might be able to answer this question.

As for now, he was indeed unable to answer it.

“Hahaha…” Dao Lotus let out a rare burst of laughter when he saw this, and his voice was clear and melodious like the tune of the Dao and reveal a carefree and heroic feeling. “Those who are ignorant are unafraid. Even though one might die while moving ahead fearlessly, there are no regrets!”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was slightly puzzled about why Dao Lotus would be so excited.

“According to the rules, all disciples that come here may select a Dao Art to comprehend, but you’re an exception.” After a long time, Dao Lotus recovered his calm and pointed at the pile of bamboo slips on the nearby stone table. “It’s fine to pass down all these 49 Dao Arts to you.”

“What? You’re passing down all these Dao Arts to me?” Chen Xi was greatly shocked.

According to his knowledge, the Dao Arts left behind within these bamboo slips were left behind personally by the Founding Ancestor. Every single Dao Art possessed a heaven shaking might. In this history of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, every single disciple that step foot in here possessed exceedingly outstanding natural talent, yet in the end, they were only able to obtain a single Dao Art.

This was the rules that had been passed down until now, and it had never been changed for anyone.

Now, Dao Lotus had actually said that Chen Xi could comprehend all of the 49 Dao Arts. How could Chen Xi not be shocked?

“What? Are you not willing?” Dao Lotus smiled.

“I’m willing of course. But…this seems to be slightly against the rules, right?” Chen Xi rubbed his nose as he spoke.

“The three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval. If no one cultivates them, then these Dao Arts that are always covered in dust would be utterly useless.” Dao Lotus sighed, and then he said, “You can comprehend all these Dao Arts, and you can also pass it to the higher-ups of the sect once you leave and allow them to make a decision.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he came to an understanding. Dao Lotus’s actions were because he was worried the upheaval of the three dimensions would affect the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so he gave these Dao Arts to Chen Xi to be spread out, so that it would increase the overall strength of all the disciples.

“As the saying goes, the Dao is never perfect, yet is impossible to mend.” Dao Lotus suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, “But I think the most suitable Dao Art to you isn’t any of these 49.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and flickered out a wisp of golden light that descended into Chen Xi’s hand. It was actually a flower petal!

The flower petal was golden in color and contained boundless profound striations, and it seemed to have boundless Grand Daos branded open it. Moreover, it emitted strands of golden sheens of divinity.

“This flower petal was refined by me, and it records the original Dao essence of the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture. I call it the Allheaven Truth. All the Dao Arts of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect can be comprehended from it, and with it by your side, it would be extremely beneficial for when you create your own Dao Arts and open up the path towards the Dao of Talismans…” As he spoke, Dao Lotus flicked his sleeve, causing 49 phantoms to appear suddenly atop the 49 bamboo slips on the stone table. “Give the bamboo slips to Chen Xi to take away. All of you find another place to reside in.”

“Good, good.” All these phantoms nodded in unison, and then they transformed into gusts of cool wind that vanished within the pergola.

Chen Xi instantly recognized to his surprise that these phantoms were the existences he guessed to be ‘book demons’ earlier.

“Chen Xi, if you have fate in the future, then we’ll surely be able to meet again.” Dao Lotus smiled warmly before he flicked his sleeve, and then the entire heavens and the earth instantly fell into chaos.

The gorge vanished, the stream disappeared, and the pergola by the side of the stream was gone, whereas Chen Xi felt his vision go black, and his body couldn’t help but be taken away by an enormous force.

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