Chapter 568 – Bamboo Slip Book Demons

“Right, it really is inadvisable to reveal this matter too early. It’s easy for one that’s outstanding to suffer the envy of others. Presently, the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval, and a storm is approaching. Such a good seedling can’t suffer any harm.” The Sect Master pondered slightly before he understood the old man’s intentions, and he gave the order right away. “From today onwards, everyone is prohibited from speaking of this matter, and violators…”

“Will be thrown into the Floating Island!” As he finished speaking, Wen Huating’s face that was warm like jade was already filled with killing intent, and it caused all the nearby elders to be shocked in their hearts.

They knew clearly that the Floating Island was a restricted area of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and the traitors of the sect and great sinners were locked in there. Once one was thrown in there, it would be impossible to escape forever!

“Sect Master, this kid’s natural talent is extraordinary, but if he’s protected just like this and doesn’t experience tempering, then he wouldn’t be any different than a sheltered flower, and it would probably be easy for him to come to a premature end.” Elder Yue Chi spoke out abruptly.

Wen Huating frowned. He knew that Yue Chi and Madman Liu didn’t get along, so when he heard these words, he couldn’t help but be worried in his heart that Yue Chi would implicate Chen Xi in this conflict.

Wen Huating knew extremely well that even though he was respected as the Sect Master, yet he didn’t possess the supreme authority to decide everything.

After all, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was truly too enormous, causing there to be numerous elders, and there were even many seniors of extremely high seniority that lived in seclusion. All of this restricted his authority greatly, and he had no choice but the carefully consider the opinion and intentions of every single elder.

Simply speaking, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was like a Dynasty of the mortal world. There were marquis, kinsmen of the Emperor, and both internal and external officials. The entire power was extremely complicated and complex, so even if he was respected as the Emperor, there were some places where he was unable to manage.

“Let him walk down his path by himself, all of you only have to pay close attention to him, and it would be sufficient if all of you don’t interfere.” The old man on the rocking chair opened his eyes and swept everyone with his gaze, and there was a faint trace of warning within. “As for the matters between the younger generation, allow the younger generation to resolve it themselves. After all, in this Dark Reverie, every expert can only rely on himself at all times as he rises!”


This place was a world covered in beautiful mountains and clear rivers. Twittering birds, fragrant flowers, and hanging plants were visible all over the heavens and the earth while Immortal Energy drifted all over, and it seemed like an immortal paradise in the realm of men.

Chen Xi saw this scene before him once he charged into the beam of light at the center of the lotus platform, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. This place… seemed to be just like the world of stars in the Manor, and it forms a world of its own.

But, compared to the world of stars, the space here isn’t very big, and it’s like a gorge that’s split apart by a river

Chen Xi didn’t ponder for took long before moving forward.

According to his inference, he ought to have passed through the test of the lotus platform, and since he’d already arrived here successfully now, he ought to not encounter any danger.

The gorge was covered in lush verdant grass while a small stream that was clear like jade gurgled as it flowed through the center. There was a pergola at the edge of the stream, and within the pergola was a stone table that had a pile of books scattered on it.

These books were cut out from bamboo and bound together. When piled up together, they emitted an ancient fragrance of books that seemed to go back to the primeval times and the primordial era when sages used blades as their brushes.

When Chen Xi arrived here, his attention was drawn by the numerous bamboo slips on the stone table at first glance. If it was said that Dao Art inheritance existed within the gorge, then it would surely be stored within these bamboo slips.

He’d once heard that during the primeval times, men used the skin of beasts, bamboo, stones, and furnaces as their material to inscribe words upon and pass on the Dao, and it was an entirely different when compared to the jade slips that were commonly used now.

“Is this the place of inheritance that’s the most mysterious in the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and restrained the excitement in his heart before stepping forward and walking towards the pergola by the bank of the stream.

“Ah, look! How many years has it been? Someone has finally come today.”

“The disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect are really getting worse and worse generation after generation. They made us wait bitterly for a few thousand years before someone has finally appeared. Truly disappointing.”

“Oh, actually, it can already be considered to be not bad that someone was capable of entering here.”

Right when Chen Xi had just started moving, a wave of whispered discussions suddenly resounded out. At this moment, it instantly shocked him to the point of breaking out in cold sweat because his Divine Sense had stretched out 5,000km in the surroundings, but he didn’t notice any living being with signs of life!

What’s going on?

“Haha, let me test your strength first, little fellow!”


Suddenly, loud laughter resounded out, and then an extremely sharp sword qi that carried the might of the heavens and the earth flashed over from the sky, and it slashed through the sky as it struck towards Chen Xi.

This sword qi was extremely swift like a bolt of lightning, and a vast and surging river of sword qi actually appeared in the sky as it slashed out. It seemed like a silver river that lay across the heavens and the earth, and it possessed a tremendous imposing aura and seemed rather magnificent.

Most horrifying of it all was that this sword qi seemed to have transformed the heavens and the earth to be of use to it, and it was filled with an unshakable might of the heavens and the earth. The sword qi flashed out both horizontally and vertically, and it simply seemed capable of slashing apart the stellar bodies and shattering both Yin and Yang!

With Chen Xi’s reaction speed, he was still caught off guard and retreated repeatedly while the protective barrier on his body was slices into pieces, and the sword qi almost broke through his defenses and heavily injured his body.

It was exceedingly terrifying.

After all, Chen Xi was almost injured by this sword qi even with his current strength and the speed of his Starsky Wings that could compare to the speed of teleportation, and if it was any other Rebirth Realm cultivator, the cultivator would probably have been killed instantaneously.

This was actually executed by a bamboo slip… As he dodged repeatedly, Chen Xi noticed that the thing that executed this sword qi was actually one of the bamboo slips within the pergola!

At this moment, this bamboo slip was floating in midair while covered in multicolored flowing lights, and it emitted a peerlessly fierce and vast sword qi that was simply shocking like that of a peerless expert of the sword.

Then the voice from before wouldn’t be… Chen Xi suddenly realized that there seemed to be a sound of laughter that spoke about wanting to test his strength.

“Not bad, not bad. You were actually able to dodge 10% of my sword qi attacks, you can inherit my mantle. Haha!” In the next moment, Chen Xi heard that voice resound out once more. Moreover, it had surprisingly come from that bamboo slip!

“What’s going on? Could it be that all these bamboo slips have become demons?” Chen Xi was shocked.

Everything in the heavens and the earth had a spirit. If some ordinary grass and rocks obtained a fortuitous encounter, they would turn into demons. Moreover, there were numerous legends about demons in the mortal world. For example, the Pagoda Tree Demon that would transform into a beauty at night and sneak into the temple to tempt young men before absorbing their Yang energy to nourish itself.

But these type of demons were generally extremely weak, and even ordinary martial artists were capable of annihilating them.

For example, in the cultivation world, only Demon-kind that had gained intelligence possessed formidable abilities like cultivators, and some demons were formidable to the point of being able to pluck that stars in the sky and overturn the world.

Chen Xi had once come into contact with numerous demons in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, but he’d never heard or seen demons that had transformed into demons from bamboo slips like the demons before him.


Right at the instant when Chen Xi was pondering swiftly, a wisp of green light suddenly flashed into the sky. Shockingly, it was that bamboo slip that emitted fierce sword qi.

“Come, little fellow from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. After you receive my inheritance, it’ll surely be able to allow you to swiftly transform into an expert that moves freely in the cultivation world and commands the winds and clouds.” That voice from before sounded out once more from within the bamboo slip, and then the bamboo slip had already spread open with a swish to be displayed before Chen Xi’s eyes.

Chen Xi forcefully restrained the astonishment in his heart as he sized it up, and he noticed that this bamboo slip had a verdant color and simple pattern, and words that seemed like the marks of swords were inscribed on its surface.

The words were written with vigorous, sharp, and powerful strokes, and it emitted a brilliant glow and a great imposing aura. Every single stroke was a formidable sword technique, and it seemed like a peerless sword cultivator had deduced the Sword Dao and inscribed the profundities of his inheritance onto the bamboo slip.

The words on the bamboo slip were primeval symbols that seemed like numerous tadpoles. Chen Xi didn’t recognize them, yet through the words he was instead able to clearly sense the terrifying sword technique it contained. With a single glance, it had caused his eyes to have a piercing pain of being pierced by a sharp light, and it was extremely shocking.

“Little fellow, how’s my Skycontrol Burial Sword? This Dao Art gained a shocking reputation in the heavens and the earth all those years ago, and its name shook the heavens and the earth. I remember it seems to have been 8,000 years ago when a disciple called Gu Cangxue inherited this sword technique, and it allowed him to kill countless experts of the three dimensions.” The bamboo slip spoke slowly.

“Skycontrol, you’re bragging again. No matter how formidable your Skycontrol Burial Sword is, is it as formidable as my Grand Confinement Dao Art? All those years ago, the 37th Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect relied on my Grand Confinement Dao Art to become famous in the world.”

“Hmph! Grand Confinement Dao Art? It’s nothing great. I think this kid is suitable to inherit my Myriad Netherwave Palm because as soon as it’s executed, obliterating mountains and seas would be nothing difficult.”

“Be quiet, be quiet. This kid was able to enter here at a young age, so he’s surely searching for the most formidable Dao Art. If it’s like this, then he can choose to cultivate my Nine Spirit Transformations and transform into the nine spirits of the primeval times, and he can kill anything in his path!”

Before Chen Xi could open his mouth, over 10 bamboo slips suddenly flew out from within the pergola, and all of them emitted translucent divine lights and glowed brilliantly as they shouted at Chen Xi in unison.

This scene seemed completely chaotic as if he was in a market.

This…is simply a group of book demons! Chen Xi was extremely shocked.

But after listening to the introductions of these bamboo slips, they did indeed have numerous formidable Dao Art inheritances recorded on them, and based on the situation, it seemed that they were competing to get him to inherit their mantle.

This feeling of suddenly become a hot item was too sudden, and it caught Chen Xi slightly off guard.

“Alright, all of you keep quiet for a while. It wouldn’t be late for him to look for all of you to select a Dao Art after his mind calms.” It was amidst these chaotic noises that a voice that was calm like the water on the surface of a lake resounded out slowly.

This voice seemed to have possess magical powers as it instantly suppressed all the other voices, and then all the bamboo slips closed their mouths as if they’d heard an imperial edict before obediently turning around to return to the pergola and keep silent.

Chen Xi raised his head, and then he saw that a young man was suddenly standing within the pergola at the side of the stream. He wore a green robe, had hair that dropped down to his waist, had a handsome appearance, and an expression of calm and relaxation was contained between his brows.

This green robed young man was like a modest gentleman, warm like jade and emanated a pure and flawless feeling, and he possessed a light and scholarly bearing. With just a single glance at him from afar, it caused one’s heart to be unable to help but surge with a feeling of peace and tranquility, and it was miraculous to the extreme.

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