Chapter 567 – Shocking The Higher-ups


Dao Insight rumbled as blazing lights raged, it was like tempestuous waves were surging down from the nine heavens, and the scene could simply describe as apocalyptic.

Chen Xi’s expression became extremely heavy when he noticed how terrifying this strike was. Especially shocking to him was the fluctuation emitted from the River Diagram fragment was actually retreating in defeat bit by bit under this pressure!


Chen Xi’s figure shook, and he was shaken by this extremely terrifying and enormous force to the point of taking a step back and almost being blasted flying out of the lotus platform.

Chen Xi pursed his lips, and his expression was slightly unsightly. Presently, he was already standing on the border, and if he was unable to neutralize this pressure, then he would fail a step short of success and fall back into the ninth layer.


The Dao Insight pressure on the top of the lotus platform grew even more terrifying, and it pressed down upon him to the point his long hair flew backward as the skin all over his body showed signs of collapse. Moreover, his soul even trembled intensely and was extremely oppressed, causing the vital energy in his entire body to show signs chaos.

However, he could only endure it bitterly, and only now had he experienced firsthand that the pressure on the top of the lotus platform was indeed as An Wei had said and was simply impossible to be resisted.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi was currently like an ant that had climbed up the edge of a mountain, and he was so tiny and was on the verge of being swept flying by the raging mountain gales.

“This fellow is going to stop here in the end, and he doesn’t have the fortune to ascend the top of the lotus platform…” When they saw this scene, everyone was able to predict that it wouldn’t be another moment before Chen Xi would be forced back to the ninth layer of the lotus platform, and besides feeling regretful in their hearts, they couldn’t help but heave a long sigh of relief in their hearts.

Just thinking about, it was already extremely lucky that a new disciple that had just entered the sect was capable of ascending the ninth layer of the lotus platform, so how could he possibly be able to achieve the feat of stepping foot onto the top of the lotus platform that no one had stepped foot on in countless years?

“It’s good that he receives this lesson, then perhaps he wouldn’t be so arrogant and conceited in the future.” An Wei sighed lightly and muttered with a light voice when she saw this.

Chen Xi seemed to not know all this, and he utterly couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to all of this.

At this moment, his mind was strained as he tried hard to resist the terrifying pressure that came from all directions, and the spirit, energy, and essence of his entire body boiled and revealed a feeling of unsurpassed persistence.

Even if he was unable to ascend the top, he wanted to resist until the end. Because up until this point, even though his soul had suddenly a great deal of pressure, yet it didn’t show any signs of injury, and this allowed him to give it one last try without holding back in the slightest.


Another monstrous and enormous wave of Dao Insight pressure swept over, and it was even to the extent that this energy had already transformed into numerous ancient symbols and numerous primeval divine beasts that were exceedingly ferocious. Phenomena rose successively, and they were terrifying to the extreme. The space in the surroundings was warped to the point of shattering, and the aura of doom that revealed great chaos and destruction.

Obviously, the Dao Insight pressure on the lotus platform intended to blast Chen Xi flying with this strike.


However, it was precisely at this instant that Chen Xi suddenly sensed a fluctuation that was vast to the point it caused his heart to palpitate suddenly stretch out from his sea of consciousness, and it charged fiercely towards the Dao Insight pressure that assaulted directly at him.

This strange fluctuation was so vast and powerful, and it was simply like the energy of new life that was born at the instant the world was split open, brilliant, mighty, and all powerful.


Chen Xi saw to his shock that along with this fluctuation stretching out, the myriad of ancient symbols and boundless ferocious divine beasts formed from the Dao Insight pressure were completely obliterated.

The scene before his eyes was simply like snow melting in water, and in the blink of an eye, all the Dao Insight pressure on the top of the lotus platform was completely wiped out.


Moreover, what stunned Chen Xi was that after the strange fluctuation wiped out all the Dao Insight pressure, it didn’t slow down in the slightest before charging into the beam of light at the center of the lotus platform, causing even the beam of light to tremble faintly.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi recovered from his shock, and he strode out like an arrow that left the bow and flashed explosively towards the beam of light. If he didn’t seize this trace of a rare opportunity to sprint forward now, then it would simply be intolerable even by the heavens!

Moreover, he faintly sensed that the core profundities of the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture and the formidable Dao Art he sought ought to be stored within the beam of light that shot into the sky.


Without the presence of the Dao Insight pressure, Chen Xi’s figure was swift like a bolt of lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he’d charged into the beam of light at the center and vanished instantly.

“How… How can this be possible!?”

“This fellow actually succeeded! My god! This isn’t real, right?”

“A miracle! It’s absolutely a miracle!”

When they witnessed this scene with their own two eyes, shock that couldn’t be concealed gushed out onto the faces of all the people in the surroundings of the lotus platform. Just moments ago, they were still thinking that Chen Xi would fail for sure, yet never had they imagined that just the time for a single breath had passed and Chen Xi had actually succeeded!

It had been so many years yet no one was capable of stepping foot onto the top of the lotus platform. Now, a new disciple that had just entered the sect for a single day had succeeded, so this caused all of them to feel disbelief.

“Is this fellow…still human?” Some disciples looked at each other, and a feeling of powerlessness slowly crept out from their hearts. This sort of natural talent and strength caused others to utterly not have the courage to pursue him because he was too abnormal…

“He actually succeeded…” An Wei’s beautiful and ethereal face couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression, and then she laughed with self-ridicule and muttered. “Looks like what I did earlier was unnecessary indeed.”

Outside the Book Reserve Pavilion, a wisp of indescribable color flashed suddenly on the old man’s wrinkled face, and his eyes that were profound like the starry sky emanated a rare expression of excitement.

The old man knew the Dao Insight pressure on the top of the lotus platform extremely well. Even though that level of pressure from before was only rejecting Chen Xi instinctively, that force was absolutely not something a disciple like Chen Xi was capable of resisting.

But the situation before him showed that not only had Chen Xi resisted this pressure, he’d even completely dispersed it, and his actions that were almost heaven defying caused the old man to be shocked in his heart as well.

According to his knowledge, in the boundless years since the creation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, there was no lack of great figures that had ascended the top of the lotus platform, yet there wasn’t a single one that could do what Chen Xi had done!

In other words, Chen Xi’s actions seemed to be an unprecedented miracle.

“I wonder if this little fellow is able to obtain one of the Dao Arts the Founding Ancestor wrote himself…” The old man muttered with an absent-minded expression.

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect had countless books that could be said to be vast like an ocean, yet those that could be called ultimate inheritances were stored on the top of the lotus platform. The various great Dao Arts the Founding Ancestor left behind himself were there, and every single one of them had extraordinary might that was unbelievable to the extreme.

In the history of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it had given birth to numerous leading experts that shocked the entire Dark Reverie. But all these experts had a similarity, they’d stepped foot on the top of the lotus platform and obtained a Dao Art left behind by the Founding Ancestor!

Unfortunately, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had lost its former glory. Even though it still stood towering amongst the ranks of the top 10 immortal sects, it was already at the back and faintly showed traces of decline.

On the other hand, the other sects were extremely flourishing and strong, and young geniuses that shook the world frequently emerged from their sects. When these two sides were compared, it caused the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s higher-ups to be extremely worried and anxious as well.

The core reason behind this was that during these past few thousand years, there wasn’t another person in the sect that had stepped foot onto the top of the lotus platform to obtain the Dao Art inheritance left behind by the Founding Ancestor.

It was precisely because of this that the higher-ups of the sect had entrusted their hopes onto An Wei, and they hoped she would one day be able to step foot onto the top and obtain an inheritance left behind by the Founding Ancestor.

An Wei’s display was extraordinary indeed. She’d only spent a short amount of time to ascend to the ninth layer of the lotus platform, and according to this speed of advancement, she might be able to step foot onto the top of the lotus platform in a few years.

But all of this hadn’t been realized yet in the end, and the higher-ups of the sect didn’t dare be certain if An Wei would be able to accomplish it. After all, the pressure on the top of the lotus platform was truly too terrifying.

This also caused the hearts of all the higher-ups to be slightly anxious and fearful as well.

Yet now, Chen Xi’s appearance was undoubtedly a reassurance that caused their hopes to blaze once more. It was even to the extent that the old man could already predict that all the higher-ups of the sect would surely be greatly shocked and seethe with excitement when they obtained this news!

“Which disciple stepped foot onto the top of the lotus platform!”

“Sect Master, let’s go take a look together.”

“Hahaha! I never imagined that after a few thousand years, an outstanding genius has appeared once again in my Nine Radiance Sword Sect!”

Right when the old man was in contemplation, a wave of loud laughter resounded out, and then the sky above the Matter Radiance Peak suddenly started fluctuation violently before over 10 figures that were dazzling like the scorching sun appeared. It was precisely the Sect Master, Wen Huating, and all the elders.

“These fellows really have an acute sense of smell.” The old man couldn’t help but laugh before laying back down onto the rocking chair, and his wrinkled face had already recovered its composure once more yet he still muttered in his heart. Jianheng, you’ve brought back a good disciple this time…

“Martial Uncle, exactly who was it that stepped foot onto the top of the lotus platform?” Wen Huating sleeves fluttered with the wind as he walked forward and bowed towards the old man before he asked.

Meanwhile, the other elders had restrained their thoughts and stood at the side as well. No matter how excited they were at this moment, they still didn’t dare be disrespectful when facing the old man on the rocking chair.

“It wouldn’t be An Wei, right? According to her natural talent and strength, she really does possess the strength to ascend the top.” Before the old man could answer, Wen Huating had pondered briefly and spoke out.

“It isn’t her.” The old man shook his head.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Wen Huating, even all those elders were extremely astounded. It isn’t An Wei? Then who would it be? Amongst the younger generation, only An Wei possesses the strength to ascend the top, right?

“Martial Uncle, please enlighten me.” Wen Huating took a deep breath and asked slowly.

“Jianheng came over earlier and brought a disciple along with him. I don’t know his name, but it was precisely that little fellow that ascended the top…” The old man spoke slowly.

“Chen Xi!?” Wen Huating was amazed, and he felt slightly shocked in his heart. This little fellow has just entered the sect for a day yet has actually stepped foot onto the top of the lotus platform!?

The other elders revealed shocked expressions and felt disbelief as well.

“Chen Xi…” When he heard this name, the old man seemed to be lost in thought, and he said after a short moment, “Don’t spread the news of this matter, and we’ll speak about it after that little fellow comes out from the lotus platform.”

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