Chapter 566 – Stepping Onto The Top

This was a beautiful face that was filled with a classical feeling. Her brows were like lush mountains, her eyes filled with light, her red lips peerlessly beautiful, her skin supple and white like jade, her elegant hair like a waterfall that flowed down behind her, and her forehead was full and white, causing her to look gorgeous and ethereal

Classical yet beautiful, ethereal to the point of transcendence like a celestial maiden.

However, her figure possessed shocking allure. Her legs were long and slender, her waist fine like the branches of a willow tree, with a plump chest that hung beneath her long and snow white neck, and her delicate shoulders that were white like ivory flickered with a bright sheen. Her figure curved up and down gracefully, and it revealed an extremely alluring charm.

An ethereal and gorgeous classical appearance yet combined with a figure that possessed charming and alluring curves. All of this gave others a strong visual impact.

With Chen Xi’s level of composure, he couldn’t help but be dazed for a short period of time upon laying eyes on An Wei, and then his gaze recovered its clarity and calm.

This young woman was really a peerless stunner. She possessed an appearance that could overturn a country and a figure that could bring ruin to a nation. But Chen Xi had met too many young woman of unsurpassed beauty, so he naturally wouldn’t have his soul enchanted away like a fledgling.

For example, Qin Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan… Even though all their appearances had their own merits, yet they were on par with this young woman. But they just didn’t give him a strong visual impact that took his breath away.

While Chen Xi was sizing An Wei up, An Wei was sizing him up as well, and when she saw the trace of a dazed expression that flashed within his eyes, her moist and red lips couldn’t help but curve into a wisp of coldness. But this coldness vanished without a trace a moment later.

Because she noticed to her shock that the gaze of the handsome young man before her had recovered its clarity in practically an instant, and there was only calmness and a trace of admiration within his gaze. He was entirely not like the other people that would more or less reveal a trace of greed, burning desire, or the intent to possess her when they saw her for the first time.

This tiny discovery caused An Wei to sense that the fellow before her eyes was really as her younger sister had said, and he possessed a unique bearing that was beyond ordinary.

But she merely felt like this. As the number one disciple amongst the Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, she’d seen countless outstanding young experts. Amongst them were those with graceful bearings, heroic and unrestrained bearings, and various other types, so she naturally wouldn’t arouse a favorable impression towards Chen Xi from just seeing him for the first time.

So she restrained her thoughts very quickly, and then her red lips opened lightly as she said, “At the top of the lotus platform is the core area of the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture. All the various domains on the nine layers of the lotus platform were formed from it, and once an outsider approached it, it would automatically create a resistive force, so venturing there will only cause injury to yourself.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s brows raised, and then he smiled. “I just want to confirm if I’m able to obtain an even more formidable Dao Art from up there, so I really didn’t know there was something like this.”

“You don’t believe what I said?” An Wei’s beautiful brows knit slightly. Combined with her gorgeous and classical appearance, and her figure that was charming and graceful, it had a shocking beauty of its own.

“Uh, of course I believe you, but I still want to try.” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and spoke lightheartedly.

“If I’m not wrong, you ought to have something within your body that’s capable of resisting the Dao Insight pressure.” Right when Chen Xi intended to turn around and take the final step, An Wei suddenly spoke out.

Chen Xi heart shook instantly. Could it be that this young woman is capable of detecting the River Diagram fragments within my sea of consciousness?

“There’s no need to be alarmed. No matter if it was in the past, or now, practically all the Elite Disciples that were capable of arriving at the ninth layer of the lotus platform had something to rely on, and so do I.” An Wei spoke lightly with a melodious voice.

Chen Xi went silent as he thought in his heart. Looks like this young woman before me is an outstanding talent that possesses great fortune as well. Right, since she was able to become the number one disciple amongst the Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, this woman has surely obtained fortuitous encounters to be able to become eminent from countless outstanding geniuses.

“But any reliance would suffer suppression and even suffer destruction at the core area of the lotus platform.” An Wei glanced at Chen Xi who went silent, and she continued. “You ought to know that this Art Cultivation Ground was formed from a lotus petal left behind by the Founding Ancestor, and it possesses boundless profundities. Up until today, there hasn’t been anyone that has see through all its profundities. So when facing a divine object like this, my advice to you is that it’s better to stay on the ninth layer, because rashly moving forward might not be a good thing.”

“Thank you.” Chen Xi replied seriously. “But since I’ve come, I won’t be satisfied until I’ve tried it myself.”

“Do you think I’m dissuading you because I’m worried you would surpass me?” An Wei frowned, and her soft and pleasing voice carried a trace of displeasure.

Chen Xi went silent as he didn’t know how to explain it to her.

“Forget it. Since you’re determined to act in this way, then do as you please. I hope you don’t injure yourself.” An Wei shook her head and seemed to feel that Chen Xi didn’t know what was good for him, and she couldn’t be bothered to say another word to him before closing her eyes once more.

The conversation between the two of them was conducted via voice transmission, so all the people in the surroundings were bewildered by the sight of it and were unable to figure out exactly what the two of them were speaking about.

But everyone still felt a wave of envy when they saw An Wei had actually spoken with Chen Xi.

After all, An Wei was the number one figure amongst all of them, and she was a drop dead gorgeous beauty that possessed unrivaled elegance. They’d practically never seen her talk with another man, and she was simply like a goddess that could only be looked at from afar but not disrespected.

Now she’d chatted for a long time with a new disciple that had just entered the sect, so how could it not cause them to feel envy?

“Look, quickly! This fellow is starting to move!”

“My god! He really wants to ascend the to the top!”

A wave of clamorous exclaims resounded out, and then everyone saw to their shock that Chen Xi’s tall figure faced towards the platform at the top before resolutely taking the final stride.

At this moment, even An Wei couldn’t help but open her eyes once more and look towards that figure before her with a gaze that contained a wisp of a bewildered expression.

She was truly unable to understand why a fellow that had just entered the sect for a single day would risk his life to ascend the top of the lotus platform.

Outside the Book Reserve Pavilion, the old man seemed to have noticed something, and his tall and thin figure gradually became strained as he muttered. “He actually wants to surmount the lotus platform… Looks like the little fellow has many secrets…”

The old man’s gaze was deep like the starry sky, and even though he stood outside the Book Reserve Pavilion, he seemed as if he’d clearly seen the scene within the lotus platform. In his senses, a strange fluctuation existed within Chen Xi’s tall figure, and no matter how he probed it, he was unable to see through from exactly what treasure this fluctuation came from.

This caused him to be astounded. Because not to mention an Immortal Artifact, an existence like him had even seen many treasures that were greater than Immortal Artifacts. But he’d never seen such an unbelievable treasure like the treasure within Chen Xi’s body.

“Interesting. Even though Jianheng said he was repaying a favor, but didn’t he also win over good fortune for the West Radiance Peak?”


Under the numerous gazes from the surroundings that were filled with shock, the final step Chen Xi took descended onto the top of the lotus platform. However, right when his figure had stood up on it and before he could make any preparations, an exceedingly terrifying Dao Insight pressure gushed over like a powerful torrent, and it was vast and ferocious as it charge fiercely at him.

The Dao Insight pressure this time was actually a few tens of times more violent than before. Moreover, it seemed as if it possessed intelligence, and it carried a strong intent of attack, causing it to feel as if there was someone controlling the energy of Dao Insights to attack him!

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he looked at the beam of light that shot into the heavens and the center of the platform. Under normal circumstances, the Dao Insight pressure ought to not possess such a strong intent to attack and seem as if it was intentionally striking him. In other words, the Dao Insight pressure on this lotus platform was emitted intentionally!


Right when Chen Xi was contemplating in his heart, the terrifying Dao Insight pressure had blasted fiercely onto his body.

At this instant, the scene in the entire lotus platform changed. Various blazing lights flowed about and transformed into surging torrents, and it seemed like a slumbering ferocious beast had been disturbed and awakened, causing it to rage furiously.

This sudden change caused everyone on the lotus platform to exclaim with shock, and many disciples had suddenly stood up as they looked at this scene with astonishment. Obviously, in so many years, it was the first time they’d seen such a shocking change would actually occur in the lotus platform.

At practically the exact same time, the River Diagram fragments in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness seemed to have sensed this unexpected change as well, and it droned violently right away before it emitted wave after wave of strange fluctuations that stretched out like tidewater and fiercely collided with the Dao Insight pressure that surged over.


Sounds of collision that were low and heavy like the sounds of thunder resounded out at the top of the lotus platform before a shocking fluctuation of energy blasted out in all directions along with it. It surged out in all directions and shook all the disciples on the nine layers of the lotus platform to the point their vital blood and energy roiled, their minds droned, and they felt extremely astounded.

Under this sort of fluctuation, Chen Xi’s figure trembled violently for a moment, and he couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan. Even though the Dao Insight pressure was dissolved in the end, but the energy of the collision still caused his soul to feel as if it was struck by a sledgehammer, and he couldn’t but feel pain and tremble.


Seeming as if to have noticed that this strike didn’t beat Chen Xi back, an extremely violent Dao Insight pressure surged out once more from the top of the lotus platform. At the same time, the beam of light that shot into the sky suddenly emitted boundless piercing rays of light that flowed down successively before transforming into monstrous torrents that charged towards Chen Xi.

Its impetus simply seemed as if the world was about to end. Various Dao Insights surged as a myriad of brilliant lights rumbled, and it shocked open the jaws of everyone on the nine layers of the lotus platform and caused them to reveal extremely astounded expressions.

“This fellow is probably going to be blasted down…” An Wei’s red lips pursed together lightly when she saw this scene, and a wisp of regret couldn’t help but gush out onto her beautiful face.

She’d once attempted to ascend the top of the lotus platform as well. Unfortunately, she’d lost at the hands of the extremely terrifying and surging Dao Insight pressure in the end, whereas the scene Chen Xi was facing at this moment was simply exactly the same as what she encountered earlier. So she was extremely sure that not to mention Chen Xi, even if it was an elder of the sect, everyone was bound to fail beneath such an attack.

“If he’s able to persist through this step, then perhaps he’ll really be able to obtain one of the most mysterious Dao Art inheritances of the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture…” A wisp of rare nervousness couldn’t help but suffuse the old man’s aged face. 

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