Chapter 565 – The Domain of Lightning

Within his sea of consciousness, the fragments of the River Diagram that usually floated there quietly without moving actually emitted a strange fluctuation at this moment, and it stretched out to completely dissolve all the Dao Insight pressure in the Domain of Wind!

Besides feeling surprised, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be delighted in his heart when he saw this scene. 

After all, even though he’d already gathered three River Diagram fragments now, this thing was too mysterious, and he hadn’t figure out exactly what uses it possessed even until this day.

It was only during the Allstar Meeting that the River Diagram seemed as if it possessed intelligence and passed down a supreme Divine Ability that could be ranked in the top 100 of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions — The Eye of Divine Truth!

But since that moment onward, the River Diagram had fallen into silence and had never shown any intelligence ever again.

Yet now, under the pressure of the Dao Insight pressure within the eighth layer of the lotus platform, the Domain of Wind, the River Diagram fragments had demonstrated its might once more, and it emitted a fluctuation that annihilated all pressure, causing it to be really capable of being considered as a pleasant surprise to Chen Xi.


Along with the pressure on his soul vanishing completely, Chen Xi’s face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of a smile, and he didn’t hesitate any longer to directly and suddenly speed up under the astounded gazes of everyone.

“He’s actually fine…”

“How could it be like this? The Dao Insight pressure of the Domain of Wind is sufficient to shatter the soul of ordinary Elite Disciples. How could he seem to be so relaxed?”

“My god! He’s going to charge into the ninth layer and break the record set by Leng Qiu!”

As they looked at Chen Xi’s relaxed appearance as he took swift and large strides forward, exclamations instantly exploded out in the surroundings, and everyone had astounded expressions and didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi was actually capable of resisting the terrifying Dao Insight pressure…

Outside the Book Reserve Pavilion, the old man had already stood up from the rocking chair and gazed silently towards the Book Reserve Pavilion behind him, and his gaze was profound and seemed capable of penetrating through the boundless space.

Many disciples had just left the Book Reserve Pavilion, and all of them were extremely astonished when they saw the old man had actually stood up. They looked over along with his gaze yet didn’t see anything, and they couldn’t help but be bewildered.

Could it be that something has happened in the Book Reserve Pavilion?

Everyone was curious. But they’d just exited the Book Reserve Pavilion and hadn’t noticed anything unusual, so they hesitated briefly before resolutely turning around to return into the Book Reserve Pavilion.

The seniority of the old man that guarded the pavilion was extremely high, and even the elders of the sect had to bow extremely reverently and respectfully to him when they met him. Ordinarily, he was always laying on the rocking chair while dozing with narrowed eyes, and it was always the same every single day, causing him to be like a living stone that was completely silent. They’d long since been accustomed to the old man being like this.

Now he’d actually suddenly stood up, and this scene was simply too unusual, so they couldn’t help but be curious. Exactly what happened within the Book Reserve Pavilion that drew the old man’s attention?

“Come back here.” However, right when these disciples turned around with the intention of going back in, the old man suddenly spoke out with an aged voice that carried an indisputable tone.

Everyone was instantly stunned, and they moved back without the slightest hesitation.

But this didn’t stop their curiosity and caused them to be even more curious instead. Exactly what has happened within the Book Reserve Pavilion?




The strange fluctuation emitted by the River Diagram fragments had completely dissolved all the Dao Insight pressure. Under these circumstances, Chen Xi seemed as if he was walking on even ground, and he’d walked into the depths of the Domain of Wind in an extremely short period of a few breaths of time before ascending the ninth layer of the lotus platform!

This place was the Domain of Lightning.

It was the final layer of the lotus platform, and above it was a boundlessly vast flat platform. At the center of the flat platform was the beam of light that was connected with the sky and emitted a myriad of rays of light that Chen Xi had seen when he’d just arrived at the peak of the mountain of books!

At this moment, violent Lightning Dao Insight filled the Domain of Lightning, and they developed into numerous ancient symbols that represented lightning. There were surging seas of lightning, raging thunderstorms, and numerous divine beasts that were born from lightning here, and everywhere that met the eye, the entire heavens and the earth were enveloped in an expanse of a dazzling and resplendent glow of lightning.

Moreover, amidst this world that was filled with boundless Lightning Dao Insight was a graceful and beautiful figure sitting cross-legged there. Her jet black hair was dense like a waterfall that flowed down her shoulders, and it drew out graceful lines of her back, whereas her slender waist revealed shocking allure.

Chen Xi was unable to see her appearance clearly because she had her back towards him, but Chen Xi felt his breath taken away just from looking at this figure from behind.

That gorgeous hair that was like a waterfall that was suffused with a misty sheen and that slender and graceful outline of her back seemed as if they were carved and polished meticulously by the heavens. She was gorgeous, exuberant, and revealed an indescribable aura of allure.

If it was a cultivator with insufficient composure that saw this scene, the cultivator would probably have his soul entranced on the spot.

Chen Xi was slightly dazed as well before returning to his senses, and he couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in his heart. He’d never imagined in the past that merely the sight of someone’s back would be able to take his breath away.

This woman is probably the number one Elite Disciple of the South Radiance Peak, An Wei… Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something, and then he shook his head before moving forward.

Even though a woman’s beauty was a nice thing, it didn’t belong to him in the end, and the pressing matter at hand was to search for a Dao Art to comprehend.

Actually, comparatively speaking, Chen Xi’s composure could already be considered to be outstanding.

All the way during his path of cultivation until now, he’d encountered countless young women that were as gorgeous as celestial maidens, and most of them had deep relationships with him. It was even to the extent that he was very sure that so long as he took the initiative to open up his heart, he would probably already possess a family now like his younger brother, Chen Hao.

But regretfully, he didn’t do this.

Sometimes, when the responsibility one carried on one’s shoulder was greater than everything, it would cause one to have no choice but to give up the fetters of personal emotions because only in this way would one be able to be at ease while traversing one’s path.

Chen Xi was just like this. There were truly too many things that he carried on his shoulders. So while he was still in a state of wandering about and without a definite residence, he didn’t hope that the person he loved would lead a wandering life with him.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Firm sounds of footsteps drifted clearly within the Domain of Lightning, and everyone in the surroundings opened their wide like saucers when they saw Chen Xi’s figure appear on the ninth layer of the lotus platform.

It was even to the extent that those disciples that had always been in a state of comprehension had opened their eyes, and they shot their gazes towards the ninth layer of the lotus platform.

The ninth layer of the lotus platform!

In the hearts of the Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it was simply impossible to surmount like a tall mountain, and the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect had already been stirred a few days ago because An Wei had ascended the ninth layer. Now, there was actually someone that had stepped into it once more, so how could it not arouse shock in their hearts!?

“This new fellow…is really formidable!”

“Yeah. He broke the records of Du Xuan, Pang Zhou, and Xia Yi successively earlier, and now he has broken Leng Qiu’s record as well and stepped into the ninth layer, the Domain of Lightning, in one go, allowing him to be on par with the number one figure amongst the Elite Disciples, An Wei. Such natural talent and strength is indeed formidable to the extreme.”

“Based on his relaxed appearance, not only is he capable of ascending the ninth layer, it’s probably extremely likely that he’ll be able to comprehend a Dao Art from it!”

“Tsk! The West Radiance Peak’s Martial Uncle Liu has finally taken a good disciple. The situation of the West Radiance Peak might change in the future because of this kid.”

Everyone whispered in discussion, and their voices revealed indescribable shock. Who could have imagined that this fellow was only a new disciple that had just entered the sect for a day?

“It seems…as if I can still go slightly higher.” Chen Xi looked above the ninth layer and at the beam of light on the boundlessly vast platform that emitted a myriad of rays of light, and he spoke a sentence that was sufficient to cause the other disciples to spit blood.

After all, some of them had exhausted many years here yet were still unable to comprehend a single Dao Art, let alone step foot on the ninth layer. Yet now, Chen Xi had charged all the way to arrive at the ninth layer and was actually still unsatisfied…

Of course, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about what other people thought.

He only wanted to become stronger, strong to the point that when he faced Bing Shitian once again, his strength would be sufficient for him to not be like a powerless doll that Bing Shitian could humiliate at will.

Now, an opportunity to become stronger had appeared, so he naturally wouldn’t give up.

Because of this, as soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi had directly taken a stride forward under the astounded gazes of the surrounding disciples.


Along with Chen Xi’s footsteps striding out once more, all the disciples in the surroundings of the lotus platform gasped. Could it be that this fellow intends to surpass the Domain of Lightning and ascend above the top of the lotus platform? Could it be that he doesn’t know that every single step on the top of the lotus platform would cause one to suffer a Dao Insight pressure that was a few tens of times stronger than before?

Outside the Book Reserve Pavilion, the old man slowly straightened his body as his clothes fluttered without the wind, and his pair of profound and clear eyes that seemed like the vast starry sky seemed to have a bright light flash past it.

Under the focused gazes of the numerous disciples, Chen Xi moved out step by step. He was able to clearly sense the Dao Insight pressure around his body that had suddenly become terrifying. But before this pressure arrived before him, it was dissolved completely by the strange fluctuation emitted by the River Diagram fragments, and it was like the autumn wind that swept the fallen leaves away, skillful and with ease. 

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Steady footsteps resounded out rhythmically and struck onto the hearts of everyone like the sound of a drum. Everyone practically forgot to breathe as they looked at the tall figure that ceaselessly approached the top of the lotus platform, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.


Chen Xi was only a step away from stepping foot onto the top of the lotus platform!

In the history of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, only a very few Elite Disciples had successfully taken this step. But all of that was something from an extremely long time ago, and it was long to the point that people were already unable to clearly remember everything that happened all those years ago.

Yet now, there was a new disciple who’d just entered the sect that was approaching and about to take this step. This was like the creation of a miracle, and it caused everyone to stare their eyes wide open and feel deeply afraid that they would miss the slightest detail.

“Do you know what exists at the top of the lotus platform?” However, right when Chen Xi was about to take this step, a soft and delicate voice that was pleasing to the ear sounded out by his ears.

Chen Xi was slightly stunned, and then he turned his head around. He saw that An Wei who sat cross-legged there without moving had suddenly opened her clear eyes, and she was looking towards him.

This was also the first time Chen Xi had clearly and directly seen An Wei’s peerlessly beautiful appearance that could be described as drop dead gorgeous, and a wisp of undisguisable shock silently slid past his eyes.

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