Chapter 561 - The Sea of Dao Comprehension

West Radiance Peak.

Chen Xi and the others were slightly at a loss for what to do as they looked at Madman Liu.

At this moment, Madman Liu suddenly changed his attitude and revealed rare seriousness and solemnness, and he seemed as if he was making arrangement for matters after his death. Even though his voice was calm, yet Chen Xi and the others were able to perceive the reluctance and sentimentality within it.

“Master, are you really going to leave?” Qing Yu’s eyes were red as he spoke in a low voice.

It wasn’t just Qing Yu, the others had dejected expressions as well, and they were extremely reluctant. Who could have imagined that after being away for nine years, Madman Liu was about to leave completely as soon as he returned?

Only Chen Xi understood that Madman Liu really had no choice but to leave this time. Early on when they were in the Primeval City, Madman Liu’s identity as a forsaker of the heavens had already been exposed, and according to what Bing Shitian said, Madman Liu would at most be able to stay in the Mortal Dimension for three days before he would be forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension.

When he thought of this, a wisp of sorrow couldn’t help but gush out into Chen Xi’s heart. He knew that the reason Madman Liu’s identity was exposed was entirely because of him, and this enormous kindness caused it to be extremely difficult for him to calm his heart.

Even though he hadn’t been in contact with Madman Liu for a long time, Chen Xi was able to sense that Madman Liu’s feelings towards him came from the heart, and Madman Liu had taken him to be his disciple since long ago.

“Alright, alright. Once all of you have cultivated and become immortals in the future, wouldn’t we be able to meet once again?” Madman Liu frowned as he waved his hand. The heartfelt expressions of reluctance on the faces of his disciples caused him to be extremely agitated in his heart as well. He’d been unrestrained and uninhibited all his life, and his bearing was extremely careless and open-minded, so he was extremely unable to stand the sorrowful and unhappy scenes of parting.

“But… How long would that take?” Eldest Senior Brother Huo Molei spoke in a low voice.

“Idiot, can’t you have a little bit of ambition? You don’t even dare to think about becoming an immortal, then what’s the point of me fucking taking you as a disciple?” Madman Liu was angered to the point of cursing Huo Molei to his face.

“Master, you’re right.” Huo Molei rubbed his head and was extremely embarrassed.

“It’s the same for all of you.” Madman Liu’s gaze turned to descend onto Lu Sheng and the others, and he continued letting loose a torrent of abuse. “All of you are like logs. You’re studying some crappy trash all through the day and ignore your proper cultivation to the point all of you don’t dare say a single word when your enemies have come knocking at your door. You’re simply a group of pussies! Let me see how all of you survive when there’s no one to take care of all of you in the future!”

“Master’s teaching is correct.” Lu Sheng and the others lowered their heads and were exceedingly ashamed.

If it was before, Madman Liu would surely be angered to the point of letting loose a torrent of curses when he saw his disciples like this. However, at this moment, he suddenly shut his mouth as a wisp of an imperceptible doting expression flashed within the depths of his eyes.

Chen Xi noticed it, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. No matter how he scolds them, Madman Liu actually dotes on these disciples of his in his heart. If it wasn’t for him, how could Eldest Senior Brother and the others stay on West Radiance Peak while doing as they liked and be engrossed in studying the things they liked without being disturbed by the outside world?

It was even to the extent that if it was put in a crueler way, if it wasn’t for Madman Liu, his Eldest Senior brother and the others would have been kicked out of the sect a long time ago. After all, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was established by the sword, causing what his Eldest Senior Brother and the others cultivated wasn’t proper in the eyes of the others, so they would naturally encounter a great deal of reproach and discrimination.

“In the future, everything on West Radiance Peak will be decided by your Little Junior Brother. Do everything he says, understand?” Madman Liu went silent for a long time before he spoke out slowly.

Huo Molei and the others nodded successively and didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

“Alright, go do what you ought to be doing. Chen Xi, you stay behind.” Madman Liu waved his hand as he spoke.


“In the future, everything related to the West Radiance Peak will be up to you.” After Huo Molei and the others left, Madman Liu stared fixedly at Chen Xi and said, “I can feel at ease with you here.”

“Mmm.” Chen Xi nodded. “Don’t worry, Master. I’ll take care of everything.”

At this moment, even if Madman Liu instructed him with even more things, he wouldn’t refuse anything. Because he truly owed Madman Liu too much, and only be working hard to do the things Madman Liu instructed wouldn’t he not feel guilty in his heart.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the Matter Radiance Peak’s Book Reserve Pavilion. As a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, you have to familiarize yourself with the inherited martial techniques of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect eventually.” Madman Liu smiled as he patted Chen Xi on the shoulder, and he didn’t say anything further before flashing out while bringing Chen Xi along to fly towards the distance.

The Matter Radiance Peak was situated behind the True Radiance Peak, and it was shaped like a treasure pot. It was tall to the point of being capable to hold the sky up, and it emitted blazing divine rays of light while being coiled by mist and clouds, causing it to seem like an immortal realm.

Under Madman Liu’s lead, the two of them descended onto the peak of Matter Radiance Peak after a short moment.

There was only a single pavilion here. It was completely constructed from enormous rocks, was 3km tall to the point of towering into the sea of clouds. It was like a divine palace constructed above the nine heavens, and it possessed a majestic and ancient imposing aura. Moreover, in the surroundings of the pavilion were numerous limestone paths that lead to various places on the mountain.

At this moment, there were already many disciples coming and going here. All of them bowed hastily when they saw Madman Liu and Chen Xi descend here, and then numerous curious gazes shot towards Chen Xi. Chen Xi had already seemed to have become a famous person in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect now.

Madman Liu paid no attention to those disciples and directly led Chen Xi towards the ancient pavilions. The closer they got, the more Chen Xi was able to sense the grandness and ancientness of this pavilion. It was like it had been standing towering here since the boundless primeval times, and it emitted a heavy and ancient feeling that caused reverence to involuntarily arise in one’s heart.

Its ancientness symbolized the resources and inheritance of a sect, and only an extraordinary power like the Nine Radiance Sword Sect would be capable of perfectly maintaining this place of inheritance that had stood here for countless years.

Chen Xi looked at the pavilion before him, and a wisp of curiosity couldn’t help but arise in his heart. As one of the 10 great immortal sects of the Dark Reverie, how great exactly is the collection of inheritances of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?

But after that, his gaze was drawn by an old man that was before the pavilion.

The old man wore a grey robe and had an extremely aged appearance. He had very few strands of hair left while wrinkles were like ravines all over his face. At this moment, he lay on a rocking chair before the pavilion while basking under the sunlight with squinted eyes.

Moreover, there was a chubby black cat curled up on his knees. Its fur was jet black and soft, and it lay there lazily while basking under the sunlight with squinted eyes just like the old man.

The old man was very ordinary like an old man in the mortal world that was spending his remaining days happily, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of aura emitted from him, whereas the black cat was very ordinary as well, and it didn’t seem like any formidable spirit beast. However, when a combination of very ordinary like this appeared before the Book Reserve Pavilion, it seemed to be so unusual.

“Let’s go.” Madman Liu glanced at Chen Xi before walking in the Book Reserve Hall, and from the beginning until the end, he didn’t spare a glance to the old man that sat on the rocking chair.

Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and hurriedly followed.


After they pushed open the door and entered, what entered Chen Xi’s field of vision was an extremely vast expanse of space. The blue sky was clear and dotted with white clouds while mountains rose and fell, and a sun hung at the center and emitted boundless light.

On the other side was a boundlessly vast ocean. The sea was clear while numerous lotuses that emitted a bright golden glow floated upon it, and it was an extremely magnificent scene.

Chen Xi felt surprised because there were actually row after row of bookshelves atop those mountains. Every single bookshelf towered into the clouds and were covered in books. All these books were in the form of jade manuscripts, bamboo tablets, golden rock tablets, jade slips, and even leaves, beast skins, clouds… There was a dense array that encompassed every single type of material.

It was simply a real mountain of books!

Besides that, at this moment, there were numerous disciples sitting cross-legged on the golden lotuses on the boundlessly vast ocean. They were either holding scrolls, pondering deeply with closed eyes, or reading aloud… All of them were studying various books.

There are no shortcuts through the mountain of books for learning, nor are there boats to traverse the sea of knowledge swiftly. For no reason or rhyme, such a passage appeared in Chen Xi’s mind, and didn’t the scene before his eyes represent a mountain of books and a sea of knowledge?

“The interior of the Book Reserve Pavilion forms a world of its own. Within that mountain of books is the various books that the numerous ancestors of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect gathered. There isn’t just martial techniques and Divine Abilities within there, there are even astronomy, geography, medicine, astrology, and so on and so forth. It contains and covers everything.” Madman Liu sent a voice transmission with a light voice. “Besides that, that sea is called the Sea of Dao Comprehension, and it’s something left behind by the founder of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect. You’ll be able to yield twice the result from comprehending cultivation techniques on those lotuses.”

Mountain of books, Sea of Dao Comprehension… Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart. Compared to the scenes before him now, the treasure vault of the Darchu Dynasty seemed to be extremely negligible.

This was the resources and reserves of one of the top 10 immortal sects of the Dark Reverie, and it was ancient to the point one couldn’t avoid being shocked.

“You can read all the books here in the future, and no one will dare obstruct you. This is a benefit I got for you with great difficulty. If it’s any other Elite Disciple, then Hmph! They can only stay here for a single month every year.” Madman Liu had a proud expression as he said, “Come, I’ll bring you over to view the supreme inheritance of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect — The Nine Radiance Dao Scripture!”

The Nine Radiance Dao Scripture… Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Within the rumors, the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture was formed from a lotus petal left behind by the founding ancestor, and it contained a world of its own within it that developed boundless Grand Daos, causing it to be marvelous to the extreme. It was the foundation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

It was precisely because of the existence of this Nine Radiance Dao Scripture that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was capable of standing amongst the top 10 immortal sects of the Dark Reverie for countless years and be renowned throughout the world!

“Martial Uncle Liu!” Right at this moment, a clear and melodious voice sounded out from the distance, and accompanying this voice was a young woman that ran over there swiftly.

She wore a fiery red dress that drew out the curves of her tall and slender figure. She possessed a beautiful appearance, a snow white long neck, a plump chest, a slender waist, and a pair of long and slender gorgeous legs. A combination like this vividly displayed the lively and gorgeous beauty of the young woman.

Along with this young woman running over here, numerous gazes shot towards the young woman from the surroundings, and they revealed expressions of infatuation and adoration.

“Little Ke’er?” Madman Liu was surprised. “You little monkey, you hate cultivating the most. So why have you come over to the Book Reserve Pavilion?”

“It’s all because of the Peak Trials three months from now. My Big Sister forced me to come here.” The young woman waved her jade white and tender small fists as she spoke with indignation.

Even though she said this, her pitch black and lively eyes moved to size up Chen Xi instead, and her gaze contained a trace of thought-provoking playfulness.

“Disciple, this is Miss Ke. How is it? Both her face and figure are gorgeous, right?” Madman Liu grinned and introduced extremely indecently. “Her Big Sister An Wei is even more beautiful. Go have a look if you have the chance, it will absolutely be a feast for your eyes.”

Besides feeling embarrassed in his heart, Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of curiosity. An Wei? Isn’t that the one and only female cultivator amongst the five great Elite Disciples?

Moreover, this woman is even reputed to be the number one disciples amongst the five great Elite Disciples, and she stands above all!

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