Chapter 560 – Peak Trials Showdown

There were two young men standing in the sea of clouds extremely far away from West Radiance Peak.

Rosy clouds and mist converged around them, causing their sleeves to flutter, and it made them seem extraordinary like celestial beings.

There were numerous cultivators standing behind them, and these figures had formed into two extremely distinct circles that respectively surrounded these two young men like a host of stars surrounding a bright moon while revealing gazes that contained reverence.

Because these two young men were precisely two of the most outstanding Elite Disciples of the East Radiance Peak, Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou. Just like Du Xuan, they were ranked amongst the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

“Senior Brother Leng, what do you think?” Pang Zhou asked with a smile. He wore battle armor that was gilded with a hundred leaves while his ginger and dense hair was bound behind his head with golden wire, and his eyes were shining with vigor and frequently flickered with strands of lightning. Even though there were numerous tall disciples of the East Radiance Peak following behind him, yet their imposing auras were far from being able to compare with him.

“He’s a very good new disciple.” Leng Qiu went silent for a long time when he heard this, and then spoke indifferently. He wore a snow white long robe, his appearance was beautiful like jade, his aura was icy cold, and he possessed a reserved bearing.

“Oh?” A wisp of a bright light silently slid past Pang Zhou’s eyes when he heard this evaluation, and he seemed to be lost in thought.

Amongst the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, their East Radiance Peak occupied three of these positions, whereas amongst these three people, it was Leng Qiu’s strength that was the most unfathomable. Leng Qiu was a reserved person, and there were very few people that he took seriously. Now he’d actually made such an evaluation of a new disciple that had just entered the sect, so it was shocking indeed.

At least, according to Pang Zhou’s knowledge, there were only a few people in the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect that were capable of obtaining an evaluation like this from Leng Qiu.

“So in this way, that Chen Xi is a great figure as well?” Pang Zhou laughed as he turned to look at one of the people by his side. Shockingly, it was Ming Yan, and just like Chen Xi, he was a new disciple and had just been accepted by Elder Yue Chi.

“Junior Brother Cheng Xiao was defeated by him in a single move, so his strength…really can’t be underestimated,” said Ming Yan in a low voice. Even if he wasn’t convinced of Chen Xi’s strength in his heart, he had to admit that Chen Xi’s strength did cause him to be extremely fearful.

“Then who do you think is stronger between him and Du Xuan?” Pang Zhou continued to ask with a smile.

“It’s naturally Senior Brother Du Xuan.” Ming Yan answered without the slightest hesitation. What a joke! Du Xuan is one of the five great Elite Disciples, an existence that has annihilated a Nether Transformation Realm expert. How could a disciple that has just entered the sect possibly be a match for him?

“This kid isn’t weak. Du Xuan probably has to use all his strength to defeat him.” Leng Qiu spoke out abruptly.

“Senior Brother Leng, are you sure?” Pang Zhou felt apprehensive in his heart, and he spoke with surprise. He suddenly noticed that Leng Qiu was too unusual today as he actually thought so highly of a new disciple. Could it be that Chen Xi’s strength is really so formidable?

Ming Yan was even shocked in his heart and felt slight disbelief. He originally intended to find an opportunity to fiercely bash Chen Xi, however Leng Qiu’s words were like a sharp blade that directly obliterated this thought of his.

“You’ll know soon enough,” said Leng Qiu, and then he suddenly turned to glance towards the distance as the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curve into an arc. “The South Radiance Peak’s Xia Yi has arrived as well.”

“Xia Yi?” A ball of a piercingly cold glow exploded out from Pang Zhou’s eyes as he swiftly turned around, and then he saw a young man that wore beast skin clothes had suddenly appeared in the depths of the sea of clouds.

The young man’s figure was thin yet imposing, his face seemed hard as a rock, and muscles that possessed boundless explosive force could be clearly seen beneath his rough skin. He stood there all by himself yet gave others an immovable feeling, and he seemed like an immovable rock that stood towering amidst the sea of clouds. No matter how the wind blew or rain struck, it would be unable to shake him in the slightest.

All the disciples of the South Radiance Peak were of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. Even though they only numbered over a 100, their strengths couldn’t be underestimated. After all, body refiners surpassed qi refiners innately.

Moreover, Xia Yi was one of the top figures amongst the disciples of the South Radiance Peak, and he was one of the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect! At the same time, he was the one and only body refiner amongst the five great Elite Disciples!

“I never expected that this fellow has come as well. I thought he wouldn’t step out of South Radiance Peak in his entire lifetime…” A wisp of dense battle intent surged within Pang Zhou’s eyes as his ginger long hair fluttered, and he seemed like an unsheathed sharp sword that intended to drink its fill of fresh blood.

“We came to watch the battle.” Leng Qiu glanced indifferently at Pang Zhou. His gaze was calm and he didn’t say anything further, yet it caused Pang Zhou to feel apprehensive in his heart.

“Right, let’s watch the battle.” After going silent for a short while, Pang Zhou suddenly laughed lightly as the battle intent he emitted dispersed like tidewater, and then he said with a light voice, “Alright, it wouldn’t be too late to fight him during the Peak Trials three months from now.”

The conversation between the two wasn’t concealed in the slightest, so Xia Yi was naturally capable of hearing it clearly with his cultivation. But he stayed silent from the beginning until the end, and his gaze had always been staring fixedly at the distance.

At the place his gaze stared at, Chen Xi was in confrontation with Du Xuan.

“Now that I speak of it, Chen Xi has just entered the sect, yet was able to cause such a commotion. He really can be considered to be a great figure.” Pang Zhou shook his head and was just about to say something.

Suddenly, an unexpected event suddenly arose in the distance.

In the sky above West Radiance Peak, Chen Xi and Du Xuan were just about to battle. However, right at this moment, the space between the two of them was suddenly torn apart as an old man that had a goatee, emitted the smell of wine, and was extremely slovenly walked out from the tear. Shockingly, it was Madman Liu.

“Martial Uncle Liu?” Pang Zhou was stunned.

“Looks like it’s impossible for this battle to be carried out.” Leng Qiu spoke with slight regret.


“Master has arrived!” Huo Molei and the others revealed happy expressions and heaved long sighs of relief when they saw Madman Liu appear out of thin air. Now Little Junior Brother finally doesn’t have to fight with his life on the line against Du Xuan.

Du Xuan was stunned as well when he saw Madman Liu, yet he didn’t reveal the slightest panic, and he just gazed silently at Madman Liu as he said, “Martial Uncle Liu, I was just about to spar with Junior Brother Chen Xi. You won’t obstruct such a challenge, right? Don’t worry, I know how far to go and know clearly of Junior Brother Chen Xi’s natural talent, so I won’t allow him to be heavily injured.”

Chen Xi started smiling. This Du Xuan can really be called a relentless person. He even dares to speak like this when facing Madman Liu for the sake of taking revenge for his younger brother. He isn’t called one of the five great Elite Disciples for nothing.

Madman Liu frowned when he heard this, and then he said with displeasure, “Little fellow, you ran over to my West Radiance Peak and behaved atrociously, yet still dare to speak with confidence and reason. Do you think that I wouldn’t dare beat a junior with my status?”

Chen Xi was amused. This Master of mine is really a wonderful figure. He utterly doesn’t possess the bearing of a senior of a sect, nor did he take status and dignity seriously. Only he would dare say something like this, right?

Du Xuan’s face sank. “Martial Uncle Liu, you’re going to interfere in a matter between disciples? If news of this is spread, it will probably damage your reputation.”

“What the fuck is reputation good for? Can it be eaten?” Madman Liu glared. “Kid, if you still don’t leave, then Martial Uncle will pretend to not know you and bully the young!”

Du Xuan’s face froze, and he was angered to the point he almost suffered internal injuries. When facing this unreasonable Martial Uncle of his, he had to carefully consider the consequences because he was extremely sure that Madman Liu really dared to do this!

Because in the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect, if it was in terms of whose temper was the most disagreeable and which elder was the greatest headache, then there wasn’t a second person besides Madman Liu.

“Nevermind, Martial Uncle won’t make it difficult for you. Didn’t you want to spar with this disciple of mine? It wouldn’t be late for both of you to fight during the Peak Trials three months from now. At that time, don’t be bashed to the point of crying.” Madman Liu restrained his expression and swung his hand as he spoke.

He knew that if he wanted to allow Chen Xi to smoothly replace him as the Peak Master of West Radiance Peak after he left, then defeating Du Xuan was essential.

Bashed to the point of crying… The corners of Du Xuan’s mouth twitched, and he was angered to the point of being on the verge of erupting. He looked at Chen Xi with a gloomy expression as he said coldly, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, since Martial Uncle Liu has said this, then make the best use of this period of time. Three months from now, we’ll decide a winner during the Peak Trials!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Du Xuan left directly.

Chen Xi smiled lightly and wasn’t afraid in the slightest, and he was only bewildered in his heart. Peak Trials? Could it be a competition between the disciples of the various peaks?

Once Du Xuan left, the distant Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and the others left successively as well, and they only noticed that the South Radiance Peak’s Xia Yi had already left when they were leaving.

On this day, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect knew that an amazing new disciple called Chen Xi had appeared in the West Radiance Peak.

He’d bashed up Du Xuan’s younger brother Du Guan and forced Du Guan’s companions to apologize, then he drove out all the other disciples on West Radiance Peak. Such domineering moves that were made successively caused an extremely great uproar amongst the Elite Disciples of the various peaks.

A new disciple that had just entered the sect for less than a day was actually overbearing and domineering to such an extent. How could it not cause others to exclaim in shock?

Most shocking of it all was Chen Xi actually accepted the challenge issued by one of the five great Elite Disciples, Du Xuan… Even some elders were extremely astounded when the news of this spread out. This new disciple called Chen Xi really is unwilling to live in obscurity. He just entered the sect and has successively carried out extremely shocking deeds one after the other.

There were numerous outstanding talents hidden within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and there was no lack of various geniuses. But there were very few like Chen Xi who’d entered into confrontation with one of the five great Elite Disciples on the first day they entered the sect. Because everyone knew clearly exactly how great the gap between an Elite Disciple and a new disciple was.

The formidableness of Du Xuan’s strength was obvious to all. Even though his cultivation was only at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, yet he’d once annihilated a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, so ordinary geniuses were utterly not a match for him.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had just entered the sect. Even though he similarly possessed a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, yet he was a new disciple that came from a minor world after all. No matter how formidable his strength was, there was bound to be a great gap between him and Du Xuan.

“There’ll be a great show to see three months from now…” Besides being surprised, a wisp of anticipation couldn’t help but gush out from the hearts of everyone. They really wanted to see if a new disciple was able to put on a shocking display once again when facing a well known figure amongst the five great Elite Disciples like Du Xuan!

“Senior Brother Liu has finally taken a good disciple.” On True Martial Peak, Wen Huating sighed endlessly with praise, and then his brows knit together as a wisp of desolation surged onto his face. “Unfortunately, Senior Brother Liu is about to leave, and he won’t be able to see all this…”

All the other elders by his side went silent as well. Even though Madman Liu was disagreeable, yet he’d contributed a great deal to the sect. As a forsaker of the heavens, his departure would undoubtedly weaken the entire strength of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to a certain extent.

This was something that none of them were willing to see happen.

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