Chapter 559 – Overbearing

West Radiance Peak, at the bank of the Sword Purification Pool.

Along with the departure of the disciples from the other peaks, the atmosphere recovered to its usual peacefulness.

Chen Xi walked forward and smiled as he cupped his hands. “Chen Xi greets seniors.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi raised his eyes to size up these seniors of his.

The Eldest Senior Brother Huo Molei had a tall figure, his bronze colored upper body that bulged with muscles were laid bare, and he possessed crimson red hair, causing him to seem extremely boorish.

Second Senior Brother Lu Sheng wore feather clothes, had a rather handsome appearance, and his eyes were especially extraordinary and lively. Moreover, there was a green flute stuck on his waist, and he seemed extremely unrestrained.

Third Senior Brother Yi Chenzi wore a black colored tall crown, wore a long robe that was white like the moon, had a thin face, and he seemed extremely solemn.

Fourth Senior Brother Duan Yi was like a scholar and possessed an elegant and unrestrained bearing. His entire body flowed with an indescribable aura that caused him to seem extremely unusual. Even though he was a demon cultivator, yet strictly speaking, he was born naturally from the essence of jade, and he was an extremely rare existence.

Firth Senior Sister Ah’Jiu was like a naïve little lady, her hair was coiled into two buns, her appearance young and pure, and she possessed extremely gorgeous dimples. Every single move of hers revealed a simple and natural feeling.

All in all, everyone single one of these senior brothers and senior sisters had their own traits, and it was extremely easy for them to leave behind a deep impression. Something especially difficult to come by was there wasn’t any aura of slaughter on them, and they possessed extremely natural auras that caused it to be extremely easy for others to have a good impression of them.

“Little Junior Brother, there’s no need to be courteous. There are no rules on our West Radiance Peak.” Huo Molei laughed loudly and said, “Come, we’ll go enjoy ourselves by drink and properly celebrate for Little Junior Brother.”

“Right! Little Junior Brother has just arrived today, yet has already completely solved our problems. He’s simply a lucky star that fell from the heavens, and we must celebrate it.” The others nodded successively as well, and they spoke with smiles on their faces.

Thus the curtains to a banquet of new beginnings was drawn at the banks of the Sword Purification Pool.

The seven disciples of West Radiance Peak sat on the ground while drinking wine and chatting, and it was a scene overflowing with joy.

Besides that, Chen Xi finally witnessed the consummate skill of these seniors of his.

For example, Second Senior Brother who was skilled in music casually plucked a leaf and actually composed a wonderful tune that was like the sound of nature. The tune was light, fast, and nimble, and it cleansed the souls of others, causing one’s heart to become tranquil and feel the joy of being free.

This was like an immortal tune that resonated with the heavens and the earth, and the rhythm actually transformed into a string of talisman markings that were like a stream of flowing water as they drifted out in a light and disorderly manner while seeming crystalline and translucent.

On the grassland on the banks of the Sword Purification Pool, there were young grass growing up slowly, flowers blooming silently, and it seemed as if they heard the tune of the Grand Dao, causing them to be overflowing with vitality and seem as if they possessed intelligence.

Besides this, numerous multicolored butterflies fluttered over from the distant forest, and they fluttered about around Second Senior Brother. Moreover, there were numerous beasts that were drawn over by the tune, and they lay silently on the ground while revealing expressions of being enchanted.

At this moment, this scene had already vividly portrayed the profundities of how the actions of man affected the world, the movement of the world affected the Dao, and the Dao affected nature itself.

Chen Xi was shocked by this scene, and he instinctively aroused the feeling that this tune ought to only be possessed in the heavens. Second Senior Brother’s ability to attain such a level in the Dao of Sound was extremely shocking indeed, and it was worthy of praise.

“Little Junior Brother, what do you think of Senior Sister’s drawing?” Fifth Senior Sister A’Jiu approached while in good spirits, and she held a drawing in her hand before showing it to Chen Xi as if she was presenting a treasure.

The drawing was painted with splashes of ink, and amidst the landscape was a group of vivid and lifelike people drinking wine and enjoying themselves. The drawing was exactly of the seven of them.

Chen Xi was surprised by this drawing was because when he stared at it, the clouds seemed to be drifting, the river water seemed to be gurgling as it flowed, the people in the drawing actually seemed to have come to life, and every single move of theirs seemed exactly similar to all of them that were here!

It was even to the extent that when Chen Xi looked at himself who was within the drawing, he had the strange feeling as if he was staring eye to eye with another ‘Chen Xi,’ and it caused him to be extremely dazed.

He wondered. Is the person in the drawing me, or am I within the drawing?

“Little Junior Brother, what do you think about these writing of Senior Brother’s?”

“Little Junior Brother, come, come, come! Let’s play a game.”

“Little Junior Brother, do you lack any magic treasures? How about I refine a set of protective magic treasures for you?”

“Little Junior Brother, didn’t you want to see how I arrange the formation of troops in battle?”

When they saw Second Senior Brother and Fifth Senior Sister had made a move successively and caused Chen Xi to exclaim repeatedly with admiration, the others couldn’t sit still any longer, and they brought out their specialties successively with the intention of making Chen Xi review them.

They seemed like a group of children that were presenting their treasures with the intention of obtaining praise and commendations. Besides causing Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from laughing, a wisp of a warm feeling that he hadn’t felt for a long time couldn’t help but gush out from within his heart.

It was really easily for one to unknowingly feel happy when being together with these seniors, and he felt completely carefree as if he’d forgotten all his worries in this world.

“Where’s the West Radiance Peak’s disciple, Chen Xi!?” Right during this moment of overflowing joy, a low and deep voice that was like thunder suddenly resounded out in the heavens and the earth, and it shook the clouds and wind in the surroundings and completely destroyed the atmosphere here.

Chen Xi and the others raised their heads and saw a black robed young man standing proudly at the extremely distant horizon. His black hair fluttered, his lips were thin like blades, and his pitch black eyes were suffused with an extremely cold and ghastly light. He seemed like a devil god that was completely filled with a peerlessly sharp killing intent that dispersed the layer of clouds covering the sky, and his aura was imposing to the extreme.

“Du Xuan?” Chen Xi stood up as his eyes narrowed. This person’s appearance was 50 or 60% similar to Du Guan, yet had an aura that was more than 10 times stronger, whereas his killing intent was extremely condensed to the point it seemed material. Obviously, he’d experienced countless battled and was a ruthless figure that had fought through mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

At the side, Hua Molei and the others felt a wave of panic as well. Du Xuan was one of the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that had once annihilated a Nether Transformation Realm expert with a cultivation at the Rebirth Realm. His combat strength was terrifying to the extreme, causing him to be looked favorably upon by all the higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and his status was even higher than some elders.

At this moment, he’d come over menacingly and had obviously come will ill intent.

“Senior Brother Du, what’re you looking for me for?” Chen Xi flashed up and looked at the distant Du Xuan from afar, yet his brows had knit together. He never expected that he’d just bashed Du Guan and now Du Guan’s brother, Du Xuan, would be unable to sit still and come looking for him.

“I heard Martial Uncle Liu wants to you to succeed the position of the Peak Master of West Radiance Peak, but I don’t agree with this, so I specially came to see you.” Du Xuan’s long hair fluttered as he spoke with a low and deep voice, and he possessed a unique ferocious and cruel aura.

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged yet he was extremely surprised in his heart. He didn’t know that Madman Liu had actually made such a decision, and he hadn’t heard the slightest rumor of this before this moment.

But after that, he already faintly understood Du Xuan’s thoughts. In the open, it seemed that he was relying on this opportunity to meet him, yet in secret, he’d probably come for the sake of taking revenge for his younger brother!

This person’s extremely scheming! Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. He knew extremely well that Du Xuan had surely done this because he was afraid that it would cause trouble for him. After all, his younger brother was bullying the weak and deserved being beaten, so if Du Xuan came looking for trouble with him because of this, it would surely affect his reputation once news of it spread.

Moreover, at this moment, he noticed that Du Xuan hadn’t come alone, and there were a few formidable auras being emitted from the extreme distance. Obviously, there were people watching what was happening here.

Who would it be?

Could it be Du Xuan’s help?

Chen Xi was lost in thought.

“Since my Nine Radiance Sword Sect was established, the master of a peak was a position assumed by an elder of the sect. Not only was the elder required to possess extraordinary strength, he also had to possess convincing qualifications.” Right when Chen Xi was in deep contemplation, Du Xuan spoke slowly with a low and deep voice while his eyes that were like sharp blades stared coldly at Chen Xi, and he said slowly, “You’ve just entered my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, are extremely young, have a low cultivation, and don’t have any prestige at all. Even though the Sect Master gave you a hundred years to improve yourself, yet I feel that you should give up the position of Peak Master as soon as possible and take the initiative to relinquish it to another.”

“Senior Brother Du Xuan, there’s an exception for everything. Since the Sect Master has already agreed, it’s equivalent to acknowledging Junior Brother Chen’s ability. How could it possibly be changed because of the objection of you alone?” Huo Molei frowned as he spoke.

“Exception?” A wisp of coldness curled up onto the corners of Du Xuan’s mouth. “I don’t think that Junior Brother Chen has the qualifications to obtain an exception.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Huo Molei and the others couldn’t help but knit their brows together tightly, and they were extremely displeased in their hearts. Du Xuan’s words obviously displayed that he utterly looked down upon Chen Xi.

Chen Xi expression remained calm as before instead, and it didn’t fluctuate in the slightest as he stared directly at Du Xuan and a wisp of a light smile actually appeared on the corners of his mouth as he said, “Then in Senior Brother Du Xuan’s opinion, what sort of qualifications must I achieve before I can assume the position of Peak Master?”

“It’s very simple, possess a strength and prestige that’s sufficient to convince everyone.” Du Xuan crossed his arms before his chest as he spoke indifferently.

“I’ve just arrived at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so perhaps there are numerous seniors that don’t know me. Thus if it’s in terms of prestige, I do indeed have no advantage. But I dare to say that 100 years from now, no one besides me will have the qualifications to assume the position of Peak Master!” Chen Xi’s light and unhurried voice sounded out in the air and revealed strong confidence, and it caused Huo Molei and the others to be surprised to the extreme. Never had they imagined that their Junior Brother would actually have such an overbearing side.

These words could even be said to be rather arrogant as the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was one of the 10 great immortal sects of the Dark Reverie that possessed countless experts hidden within it. So standing above all these experts to become the master of a peak wasn’t a simple thing.

“What wild arrogance!” Du Xuan sneered. “Who gave you the ability to be so arrogant?”

“You’ll know in 100 years if I’m arrogant or not. At that time, I hope that Senior Brother Du can take back your words.” Chen Xi smiled lightly as he spoke.

“Hmph! You truly refuse to give up your wild ambition! With just this little bit of cultivation you possess, it’ll be impossible for you to achieve success even if you’re given a thousand years!” Du Xuan suddenly took a step forward, causing his imposing aura to explode out, and he seemed peerlessly cold and fierce. “Since you’re so confident, then do you dare to fight me now?”

The hearts of Huo Molei and the others instantly jerked as they looked at Chen Xi with slight worry. Du Xuan wasn’t like anyone else as he was one of the five great Elite Disciples. His strength was extremely formidable, and he struck exceedingly ruthlessly and mercilessly, so the outcome would be difficult to predict once he entered into battle with Chen Xi.

Chen Xi seemed as if he’d guessed this would happen since long ago when he heard this, and his expression was without emotion and extremely calm and indifferent as he took a step forward before lightly cupping his hands. “Senior Brother Du Xuan, please enlighten me!”

He knew extremely well that no matter if it was for the sake of taking revenge for his younger brother or for the sake of pressuring him to give up the position of Peak Master, Du Xuan would absolutely not let the matter go, whereas a battle had become the one and only method of resolving this.

So instead of talking so much nonsense, why not have a battle directly!?

Chen Xi wanted to experience exactly how formidable Du Xuan’s strength was as one of the five great Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect as well.

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