Chapter 558 – Fuck Off, All of You!

The sound wave was like a tide that spread throughout West Radiance Peak, causing the roiling sea of clouds to be shattered into dispersal while the rare and strange beasts in the mountain trembled as they fled in all directions, and they were in complete panic.

The West Radiance Peak occupied an extremely large area that caused it to simply be comparable to a small scale kingdom of the mortal world. However, at this moment, Chen Xi’s voice could be clearly and flawlessly spread to every single inch of space throughout this mountain, and it was extremely shocking.

When Dong Qi who had his arm severed and was emitting shrill cries heard this, his body couldn’t help but tremble as his face turned ashen, and he instantly stopped his cries. This fellow actually intends to drive out everyone on West Radiance Peak by himself!

At this moment, he finally understood that he’d bitten off more than he could chew.

On the other hand, the others were even shocked to the point of being horrified, and they didn’t dare have any intention of fleeing any longer as they cried bitterly in their hearts. Why has such a maleficent existence appeared in the West Radiance Peak?

He’s simply like a ferocious tiger that suddenly leaped out from a group of sheep, and it’s impossible to guard against!

Huo Molei and the others were stunned as well. Their new Junior Brother had appeared out of nowhere with oppressive might, and he caused them to simply not dare believe everything that was happening before their eyes.

“Excellent! The voice Junior Brother emits is like a horrifying dragon emerging into the world and awing everything in its surroundings. It’s like the drum of the battlefield, and his intent to slaughter comes from the heart. Such a soundwave is absolutely impossible to be emitted by someone without a will that’s like steel.” Second Senior Brother Lu Cheng clapped and praised. He was from the Lark Clan and sought the Dao through sound, causing him to possess deep knowledge about the miraculous effect of various sounds, so he was naturally able to discern the resolute intent of slaughter that was contained within Chen Xi’s words.

“Not bad. Not bad. Junior Brother’s arrival is absolutely the fortune of our West Radiance Peak. With Junior Brother present here, there’ll probably be no one that dares to look down on the disciples of our West Radiance Peak ever again.” The other seniors praised endlessly as well.

Even though they stood aloof from worldly success and were engrossed deeply in the domain they were skilled in, they weren’t stupid, so they were naturally able to discern that after the arrival of Chen Xi, the West Radiance Peak might really turnaround its dispirited state to shine with new vitality.

Chen Xi’s voice had just finished reverberating in the air when numerous streaks had swiftly flashed up from all over the West Radiance Peak in the next moment. They formed a dense mass of at least over 100, and it was a rather magnificent scene.

“Who was it? Who dared to make noise here?”

“You’re courting death! You actually dare to disturb our cultivation!”

“What? You asked all of us to fuck off from West Radiance Peak? What high-sounding sentiments! Who had such enormous guts?”

“What a bastard! A nice cauldron of fucking medicinal pills was completely destroyed from this disturbance!”

“Over there, at the bends of the Sword Purification Pool!”

“Come on, let’s go over together! Let me see who’s so brave to actually ask all of us to leave West Radiance Peak!” A wave of chaotic roars of anger resounded out, and they seemed to be rather irritated. In next to no time, everyone noticed Chen Xi’s location, and they flashed over menacingly.

These 100 over people gathered together were like a dark cloud that soared through the sky, and their imposing aura was rather frightening.

However, when they arrived at the bank of the Sword Purification Pool and saw Dong Qi who had his right arm severed and his other companions who were in a sorry state, the expressions of everyone became serious.

“Senior Brother Dong Qi, what happened? Who dares to severe your arm in the territory of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect? That person is simply running wild!” Someone was puzzled and spoke with indignation.

Dong Qi’s mouth gaped yet was closed tightly once more, and he felt extremely bitter in his heart. Could it be that these bastards haven’t seen the situation clearly!?

Everyone felt apprehensive in their hearts when they saw Dong Qi in such a state, and their gazes swept past Huo Molei and the others before quickly descending onto Chen Xi.

In their hearts, Huo Molei, Lu Sheng, Qing Yu, and the others were a group of trash that were weak to the extreme, and no matter how brave they were, they wouldn’t dare attack and injure another. So, the answer was extremely simple, the person that injured Dong Qi to such an extent was surely the unfamiliar young man.

“Kid, it was you who made noise earlier?” Someone questioned.

“What? You have a complaint?” Chen Xi spoked coldly.

He already knew clearly now that all of these fellows were disciples from the other peaks, and the East Radiance Peak represented the most. They were unable to continue living on their own territory, so they’d run over to the West Radiance Peak to lord over everything, make endless demands, and seize control of the various abodes, spirit farmlands, and spirit materials. They were simply no different than a group of locusts.

Hua Molei and the others were kind hearted and had taken all of them in out of good intentions, yet never had they imagined that not only would these people not know how to try to repay their kindness, they would instead take a yard after being given an inch and became even more arrogant and overbearing. They pressured Hua Molei and the others to the point of undergoing unspeakable suffering, and they were simply a group of scum!

What was this called? A good person is never rewarded with good, and evil isn’t rewarded with justice!

Now, since he’d arrived here, he naturally couldn’t tolerate these bastards continuing to bring ruin upon West Radiance Peak.

“It isn’t only me who has a complaint! Everyone has a complaint!” The person crossed his arms before him as he sneered, and then he shouted explosively. “Who do you think you are to dare interfere in the matters of the West Radiance Peak?”


Chen Xi’s figure flashed. In the next moment, he’d already arrived before that person and slapped the person to the point blood sprayed from his mouth, and his entire body was fiercely slapped down from midair by an enormous force. He was ‘planted’ into the ground like a log, and then his legs twitched for a moment before he fell completely unconscious.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already returned to the spot he originally stood at since long ago. He attacked so resolutely and had such a swift movement technique that is had simply attained an astonishing degree.


Everyone only felt something flash before their eyes before that person was already stuck into the ground and fainted, and they couldn’t help but gasp as they were exceedingly shocked in their hearts.

“Thinking of using numbers to threaten me? Such intentions deserve death,” said Chen Xi indifferently before he swept everyone with his gaze. “I know that all of you will surely be disgruntled if I ask all of you to fuck off now. But make a decision after all of you have seen the contents of this jade slip.” Chen Xi withdrew a Mirage Jade Slip with a flip of his hand as he spoke.


A bright light flashed before an image appeared vividly in midair, and the scene within it was extremely simple, it was the scene of Chen Xi holding the neck of a person while slapping him violently.

“Senior Brother Du Guan! It’s the East Radiance Peak’s Du Guan!” The pupils of everyone dilated abruptly, and they looked at this scene with disbelief.

Who was Du Guan?

He was the younger brother of one of the five great Elite Disciples, Du Xuan!

No matter if it was in terms of identity or cultivation, he surpassed every single of them who were present here now, and his character was arrogant and domineering as well. They could only stay in West Radiance Peak and bully Huo Molei and the others, whereas Du Guan dared to act as he pleased without restraint on East Radiance Peak!

It was even to the extent that many of them had been bullied by Du Guan. Now, when they saw such a lawless figure had actually been bashed by Chen Xi to such an extent, the shock in their hearts was obvious.

The scene flashed, causing Du Guan’s companions to appear once more, and it was the scene of them apologizing to Qing Yu.

These companions of Du Guan were comprised of both men and women, and all of them were rather domineering disciples of the East Radiance Peak. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, those that were able to become companions of Du Guan naturally wouldn’t have backgrounds that were too inferior to him.

Compared to these people, all of them who were behaving like tyrants on West Radiance Peak were more than just a little bit inferior, so the hearts of everyone present was shocked once more when they saw this scene, and it rendered them speechless for a long time.


Too terrifying!

Not to mention bashing Du Guan to such an extent, he even pressured these companions of Du Guan to apologize successively. Exactly what level of formidable strength would be needed to achieve this!?

The Mirage Jade Slip flashed before the scenes vanished, and it was kept away by Chen Xi. When he bashed Du Guan at that time, for the sake of taking precautions against being questioned by the elders of the sect, he’d intentionally kept a Mirage Jade Slip as proof. But never had he imagined that it would actually be of use at this moment.

“Now, have all of you made a decision?” Chen Xi asked indifferently.

Everyone seemed as if they’d been jolted awake from a dream as they recovered from their shock, and their gazes carried deep fear when they looked at Chen Xi once more.

But they felt extremely unwilling to choose to leave just like this. Because there were utterly no abodes available for them to cultivate in on East Radiance Peak, and it wasn’t like West Radiance Peak that was covered in paradise like places?

Moreover, no one was capable of restraining them on West Radiance Peak. They could pick and gather the spirit farmlands, spirit herbs, and various treasures on the mountain and no one would dare interfere. It was such a free and joyful life! Now, when asked to leave just like this, how could they be willing?

“Senior Brother, we guarantee that we’ll absolutely not misbehave, so can you allow us to cultivate here?” Someone asked while looking at Chen Xi with eyes that were filled with hope.

“Laughable! All of you have forcefully occupied my West Radiance Peak during all these years, and how many spirit materials have all of you plundered without restraint? How many spirit herbs have all of you seized? I’ve already given all of you enough face by allowing all of you to leave safely, yet you actually dare to shamelessly put forward such a request? Could it be that you feel you’re even more arrogant than Du Guan?” Chen Xi spoke coldly.

That person’s expression instantly became anxious and indeterminate, and he dared feel indignation, yet didn’t dare speak out.

“Alright, we’ll leave right now.” The others completely extinguished any thoughts of staying when they saw this. Even though they were unwilling, they could only accept their fate when facing a ferocious person like Chen Xi that even dared bash Du Guan.

“Fuck off now! If anyone dares to take away a single thing from my West Radiance Peak, then he’s the example!” Chen Xi pointed at the distant Dong Qi as he spoke.

Dong Qi was stunned, and he held his severed arm while being embarrassed to the point of wishing for nothing more than to drill his way into the ground. Motherfucker! It’s too humiliating! But he only dared to curse Chen Xi in his heart.

“Could it be that returning to our abodes to pack up our things isn’t something we should be allowed to do?” Someone mustered up the courage and asked. It couldn’t be helped, some of the treasures he’d gathered during these past few years were stored within his abode, and if he didn’t take it along with him, then such a loss would absolutely be something he was unable to recover from in the next few years.

“Yeah. We’ll leave right after we pack up our things, and we won’t take a step into West Radiance Peak again.” The others spoke out successively as well, and their voices carried a wisp of a begging tone.

“Three breaths of time. If all of you haven’t vanished from West Radiance Peak, then stay here forever. My West Radiance Peak just happens to be lacking some slaves to mine ores.” Chen Xi acted as if he didn’t hear them, and he seemed to be cold and merciless to the extreme.

Everyone felt extremely resentful in their hearts when they saw this fellow being adamant, and they wished for nothing more than to attack jointly and cut him to pieces. However, when they recalled the scene from the Mirage Jade Slip they saw earlier, they could only grit their teeth and swallow this grievance.

“One breath of time.” Chen Xi’s voice resounded out, and it was like a soul urging bell chime when it entered into their eyes, causing them to not dare stay any longer. They turned around and flashed towards the distance, and each of them was faster than the other.

“Do all of you want to stay behind to be slaves?” Chen Xi turned around to look at Dong Qi and the others, terrifying them to the point their faces went pale, and they flashed off hastily and anxiously as well like a pack of panic-stricken stray dogs.

Huo Molei and the others were shocked to the extreme when they saw these scenes, and they were already incapable of finding a word to describe their feelings.

All they knew was that after their West Radiance Peak obtained the addition of this little Junior Brother of theirs, it would surely undergo a tremendous change!

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