Chapter 557 – Letting None Escape

The voice that sounded out abruptly was piercingly cold and indifferent, and it revealed an unconcealed aura of resolute slaughter, causing the expressions of everyone present to go grim.

Who is it?

Could it be that there are other experts in the West Radiance Peak besides these six idiots?

On the other hand, the robust young man with dense crimson hair and the others were stunned. This voice was very unfamiliar to them, and it seemed to not belong to a disciple of their West Radiance Peak!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, two figures swiftly appeared at the scene, and they stood before the robust young man.

The person in the lead had a handsome appearance, deep and profound eyes, a tall figure, and an extraordinary bearing. It was precisely Chen Xi, and naturally Qing Yu was by his side.

“Junior Brother Qing Yu?” The robust young man was stunned as he’d recognized Qing Yu, and then he laughed bitterly without end as his expression dimmed down once more. Presumably, he understood that the arrival of Qing Yu was incapable of changing the situation before him.

“Eldest Senior Brother, these bastards intend to forcefully seize the Sword Purification Pool?” Qing Yu was furious as he gritted his teeth and spoke.

“Forget it, if we really can’t do anything about it… Then we’ll give it to them.” The robust young man shook his head with dejection and was extremely frustrated.

“Seniors, calm yourselves. Leave this matter to this Junior Brother of yours to deal with.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly and smiled towards the robust young man and the others. After that, he took a step forward as his smile was restrained, and he swept the group of people that stood opposite him with his cold gaze.

“Junior Brother Qing Yu, he’s?” The robust young man and the others were stunned from being called seniors by Chen Xi, and they were extremely bewildered.

“Senior Brother, he is…” Qing Yu swiftly sent a voice transmission and told the robust young man and the others every detail about Chen Xi.


When they saw the people who’d arrived were Qing Yu and an unfamiliar young man, the violet clothed young man and the others instantly heaved a long sigh of relief, and a cold smile hung once more on the corners of their mouths.

As disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, how could they be unaware that Qing Yu was a piece of trash that didn’t fight back, and his arrival was utterly incapable of causing the slightest waves in the situation.

As for the young man by Qing Yu’s side, even though they hadn’t seen him before, since he was able to become friends with a piece of trash like Qing Yu, how strong could he be? He was nothing to be feared.

“Hmph! I never expected that Junior Brother Qing Yu who’d never fought back would actually find help? Such a rare sight.” The violet clothed young man sized Chen Xi up before his narrow and long eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of disdain as he sneered. “There doesn’t seem to be such a figure amongst the Elite Disciples of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect, right? Junior Brother Qing Yu, could it be that you find him from amongst the inner court disciples?”

“Inner court disciples? Junior Brother Qing Yu really has a lot of friends.” The others roared with ridiculing laughter.

“Alright, just because of the words ‘inner court disciples,’ you’ll have to pay the price of an arm.” Chen Xi spoke calmly. He’d noticed all the scenes of the violet clothed young man bullying his Eldest Senior Brother and the others, and killing intent surged in his heart.

“What high sounding sentiments! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll cut your tongue!?” The violet clothed young man’s voice was ghastly. “Kid, speak your name. I, Dong Qi, do not kill a person I don’t know the name of!”

Dong Qi wasn’t an idiot, and he spoke in this way for the sake of probing Chen Xi’s origins. After all, not only was this fellow before him unafraid when facing him and the others, the fellow had a calm and composed appearance that caused him to seem very extraordinary.

“Scum like you isn’t worthy of knowing my name!” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“You’re courting death! You actually insulted Senior Brother Dong Qi!”

“Kid, how could you talk like that?”

“Quickly kneel down and apologize, and we can spare you this time!”

Everyone behind Dong Qi roared successively as they rubbed their hands together, and they assumed the posture of being ready to attack.

“Enough.” Dong Qi’s face sank as a wisp of fury flashed within his eyes, and then he took a deep breath to suppress the flames of range in his heart before he said with a cold smile. “Nevermind, since you look unfamiliar and are probably a disciple that has just entered the sect, ignorance is not a crime, so I can give you one final chance. Leave now and I can take it as nothing happened, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent, and he asked without hesitation.

“Looks like you plan to do things the hard way?” Dong Qi’s expression turned extremely gloomy. “I’ll say it once more. This is a matter between us and the disciples of the West Radiance Peak. If you join into this matter, then you have to take care of your life!”

“I forgot to tell you, I’m a disciple of the West Radiance Peak as well.” Chen Xi spoke with an extremely indifferent tone, and he swept Dong Qi and the others with his gaze. “Now, I’ll let all of you leave if you kneel down and beg forgiveness right now. Or I’ll make a move myself. But, at that time, I can’t guarantee whether I’ll kill any of you or not.”

“What high-sounding sentiments! You really took yourself to be some sort of figure because I talked so much nonsense with you!” Dong Qi was unable to restrain the flames of rage in his heart any longer, and he laughed gloomily before abruptly pointing out with his finger.


A wisp of a peerlessly sharp golden sword qi flew out from his hand and assaulted Chen Xi directly.

This sword qi was over 10m in length, wide like a door, and it contained the fierce and sharp Metal Dao Insight while it emanated an imposing aura of all powerful penetration and slaughter.

This was the Goldlotus Sword Qi, a perfect Dao Grade martial technique of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Once one had cultivated this sword qi, one didn’t require any magic treasure to shoot out the sword qi with a casual point, and the peerlessly fierce lethality of it was even more terrifying than some flying sword magic treasures.

According to legend, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was created by a naturally born divine lotus in the primeval times. This divine lotus was born while grasping the heavens and the earth, its nine petals revealed nine types of divine radiances that were branded with boundless Grand Dao profundities, and it was extremely inconceivable.

Presently, the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture enshrined within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Book Reserve Pavilion was supposedly formed from the petal of this divine lotus, and it contained a world and Gran Daos of its own within it. The past Ancestors of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had precisely comprehended the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture to create various martial techniques, Dao Arts, and Divine Abilities that were numerous like the stars in the sky.

This Goldlotus Sword Qi was exactly an extremely formidable Dao Grade martial technique that came from the Nine Radiance Dao Scripture.


The sword qi tore through the sky like a golden ray of light that could penetrate the sun, and it was fierce and swift to the extreme. However, Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing this sword qi, and he stretched out his hand to grab directly towards the sword qi while the energy of Obliteration flowed between his fingers.

He moved extremely swiftly. The energy of Obliteration in his palm was suffused with a horrifying jet black glow that was filled with a vibrating energy that was extremely repulsive, and he clenched firmly and directly onto this sword qi!

Crack! Crack!

The Goldlotus Sword Qi emitted a wave of cracking sounds as it shrunk ceaselessly and was on the verge of collapse.

Dong Qi wasn’t shocked, but delighted instead when he saw this, and he revealed a smile of obtaining success in his scheme. At the critical moment, a clap of spring thunder erupted from his mouth. “Lotus Rage, Radiance Explosion!”

Om! Om! Om!

The Goldlotus Sword Qi clenched in Chen Xi’s hand suddenly emitted intense droning sounds as it concentrated into a gold pill, and then it erupted fiercely and instantly like a flower bud, causing numerous petals that were like sharp blades to disperse out explosively.

“Lotus Rage! Senior Brother Dong Qi has actually cultivated the Goldlotus Sword Qi to such an extent. This move annihilates everything before its path, and it absolutely can’t be guarded against! All those years ago, the Sect Master relied on this exact same technique to annihilate countless devils!” Everyone behind Dong Qi were shocked to the extreme.

“Is Junior Brother Chen Xi in danger?” The Eldest Senior Brother Huo Molei and the other’s expressions went grim. Even though they didn’t like to fight, they still had a discerning ability, so how could they be unable to recognize that what Dong Qi had executed was a supreme move in the Goldlotus Sword Qi technique?

Chen Xi seemed to be about to have his entire arm blasted into pieces by this move, yet right at the critical moment, a bang echoed out as a ball of thunderstorm vortex gushed out onto his palm, and it completely devoured the Goldlotus Sword Qi that were like tiny blades and had dispersed out explosively!

It simply seemed like a clay cow entering into the ocean, and it didn’t give raise to the slightest wave, nor injure Chen Xi at all.

“How could this be possible! What martial technique is this?” Dong Qi’s pupils constricted abruptly as he cried out involuntarily with shock.

The expressions of the others by his side were covered in shock as well, and they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi had actually destroyed this move with his bare hands!

“You only have this little bit of strength, yet you dare to act like a tyrant at my West Radiance Peak?” Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold as he said indifferently, “Since all of you are unwilling to kneel and beg for forgiveness, then receive the punishment of my West Radiance Peak!”


He hadn’t finished speaking when Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished on the spot.

“Leave!” Dong Qi’s face went pale when he heard the killing intent that wasn’t concealed in the slightest within Chen Xi’s voice, and he stood on a ray of light as turned around and tore through the sky without the slightest hesitation, causing him to seem extremely decisive.

“Would my West Radiance Peak have any face left if you’re allowed to escape?” Chen Xi’s indifferent voice drifted in the air while his figure was like a wisp of a flowing light that flashed a few times before arriving behind Dong Qi, and then he pressed his fingers together to form a sword before slashing down with it.

“AH!!!” Dong Qi let out a shrill cry as his entire right arm was cut off, causing fresh blood to spray and gush out like a fountain, and it hurt to the point his figure staggered and almost fell from midair.


In the next moment, he was already grabbed by Chen Xi and tossed onto the ground like a pierce of trash, causing an expanse of dust and dirt to flutter in the air.

“Flee!” The entire bodies of all Dong Qi’s companions shuddered when they saw this scene, and their souls almost left their bodies while their fighting spirit collapsed. They were terrified to the point of fleeing in all directions, and they simply seemed as if they wished for nothing more than for their parents to have born them with an extra pair of legs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, no matter how swiftly they fled or which direction they fled towards, there was always a black figure that appeared before them like a shadow, and his palm was like a hammer than blasted them flying successively, causing them to fall heavily on their backs onto the position they were at previously before crying endlessly in pain.

For a time, the entire bank of the Sword Purification Pool seemed like it was raining people, and numerous black figures fell onto the ground and rolled about like bottle gourds while emitting shrill cries without end.

Hua Molei and the others were stunned as they looked at this shocking scene. Never had they imagined that this new Junior Brother of theirs would actually be so peerlessly ferocious, and not only had he severed the right arm of the chief offender, Dong Qi, he didn’t even let a single one of the others escape!

Chen Xi dusted his sleeves as he walked over slowly, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of pity in his eyes as he looked at the fellows that covered the ground and were emitting shrill cries. If it wasn’t for his arrival, then it would probably be his Eldest Senior Brother and the others that were lying on the ground.

“Senior Brother Qing Yu, how many disciples of the other peaks are there in total on our West Radiance Peak?” asked Chen Xi.

“132 people.” Qing Yu replied without hesitation.

“So many?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded. “Alright, I’ll seize this opportunity today to clear out all these scoundrels that have forcefully seized the territory of my West Radiance Peak so as to avoid troubles in the future.”

As he spoke, his figure had flashed up into the sky, and he stood proudly in the layer of clouds as he looked down towards the West Radiance Peak below him and said indifferently, “From this moment onward, all disciples that aren’t from my West Radiance Peak, fuck off from here!”

It was like the roar of a dragon, the howl of a tiger, and it shook the sky as it resounded out in the entire West Radiance Peak.

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