Chapter 556 – Sword Purification Pool

West Radiance Peak!

Waterfalls, flowing springs, and luxuriant green pine trees and bamboos. The fragrance of spirit herbs drifted everywhere while rare and bizarre beasts came and went.

Stepping foot in the mountain was like walking into an immortal paradise. Beautiful orchids emitted a sweet fragrance and flickered with a bright glow while mist shrouded the surroundings and fluttered about gracefully. In the depths of the mist, multicolored spirit cranes danced about while phoenix-like birds soared about, and their clear cries were like the sound of nature.

This was West Radiance Peak, a paradise that stood towering above Dao Grade spirit veins.

At the instant Chen Xi stepped foot onto the mountain path, a strand of spirit energy that was dense like gel assaulted his face, causing him to feel refreshed. Moreover, there was even strands of Immortal Energy within this spirit energy, and they caused him to feel full of spirit and as if his body was slightly lighter when he absorbed it into his body.

What shocking spirit energy, and it actually contains strands of Immortal Energy. If a mortal was here, then even if the mortal didn’t cultivate, he would probably be able to obtain a prolonged life and be free from disease, whereas to cultivators, being able to cultivate here is simply like a great fortune. Why should cultivators worry about being unable to ascend into immortality? Chen Xi exclaimed with admiration in his heart, and he deeply felt that his trip this time was worth it.

Was there such dense spirit energy in the Darchu Dynasty? Was there such a flawless and complete Law of the Heaven Dao? Was there such a miraculous paradise?

All of this seemed to be out of the ordinary.

“Our West Radiance Speak is 288km high and occupies a few tens of thousands of kilometers in the surroundings. There’re over 300 cultivation paradises, countless spirit farmlands, and various spirit materials and spirit herbs all over the mountain. If it’s in terms of the vastness of wealth, then the East Radiance, North Radiance, and South Radiance are far from being able to compare with us.” Qing Yu introduced proudly as they walked up the stairway. After he returned to West Radiance Peak, he seemed as if he’d returned home, and his handsome face was covered in happiness. Obviously, he had extremely deep feelings towards the West Radiance Peak.

“Junior Brother, when you cultivate here in the future, you can use the various resources on the mountain as you please because us seven senior and junior brothers are utterly incapable of using so many. But…” When he spoke up to here, Qing Yu hesitated slightly, and then he shook his head and said, “Forget it, it’s better not to mention these troublesome things. Junior Brother, just be at ease and cultivate on the peak.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle. Looks like pure and kind hearted people have more troubles.

The both of them chatted idly as they flashed up the top of the mountain.

On the way, Chen Xi had finally figured out a part of the situation on West Radiance Peak. Madman Liu had taken a total of six disciples before he’d arrived, and Qing Yu was ranked at the 6th, causing him to be the lowest seniority.

The Eldest Senior Brother was called Hua Molei, and he was a descendent of one of the myriad of primordial clans, the Smeltflame Clan. He sought the Dao through equipment, and he’d already attained the extent of perfection in his ancestral equipment refinement technique. He was a great Equipment Refiner of exquisite craftsmanship.

Second Senior Brother was called Lu Sheng, and he was from the Lark Clan. He sought the Dao through sound, causing him to be especially adept in various musical instruments, and his tune was like the sound of nature and capable of drawing the phenomena of a hundred birds adoring a phoenix and a rain of flowers.

Third Senior Brother was called Yi Chenzi, and he was a human., He sought the Dao through Go, and he commanded his strength amidst black and white pieces. The descent of a piece shook the heavens and the earth, and when the board is set, even the gods weep.

Fourth Senior Brother was called Duan Yi, and he was a demon cultivator that was born from the essence of jade, causing him to possess a natural disposition and intelligence, and he was an extremely rare existence. He was infatuated in the Dao of books, causing him to be skilled in various writing and adept in the various ancient languages that had come to pass from ancient times until now.

The fifth was a female cultivator called A’Jiu instead. She sought the Dao through drawing, causing everything in the world to be fused into every stroke and drawing of hers, and they were extremely marvelous, possessed extraordinary Dao Insight, and were even capable of developing into various profound phenomena.

“Equipment refinement, sound, go, books, drawing… All these Senior Brothers and Senior Sister are really unusual.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded and mutter when he heard about them.

He was really surprised, because the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was established by the sword, and its name revealed an aura of slaughter that assaulted the face. However, all these senior brothers and sister of his were extremely abnormal, and none of them were adept in anything related to the sword, so he couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Hehe. That’s not true. All of them are real geniuses, otherwise they wouldn’t be taken as disciples by Master,” said Qing Yu with a smile, and his voice actually revealed deep admiration. It was absolutely praise that came from the heart.

“If I have the chance, I must meet them.” Chen Xi smiled as he suddenly noticed that it was extremely interesting like this as well, because he would perhaps be able to learn even more unexpected things from those seniors of his.

“Right, Senior brother Qing Yu, what’re you adept in?” asked Chen Xi.

“Me?” Qing Yu was stunned, and then he seemed to be slightly embarrassed as he said, “I’m more interested in arranging the formation of troops in battle…”

“Arranging the formation of troops in battle?” Chen Xi sized Qing Yu up with surprise, and he was truly unable to discern how a fellow that was extremely pure, kindhearted, and in harmony with everyone in the world like Qing Yu would actually have eyes for war.

“Mmm, yes. Junior Brother, don’t laugh at me. Even though I like arranging the formation of troops in battle, I only use puppets to rehearse my combat tactics, and I’ve never thought of waging war to kill others.” Qing Yu felt even more embarrassed from being stared at like this by Chen Xi, and he was on the verge of burying his head in the ground.

“Senior Brother Qing Yu, may I observe from the side if you rehearse your combat tactics again?” Chen Xi asked curiously. No matter if it was equipment refinement, sound, go, books, drawing, or combat tactics, all of them were categories that he hadn’t had thorough contact with, and he was truly curious about how these seniors of his cultivated.

“Of course, anytime.” Qing Yu agreed readily. Obviously, he was extremely happy as well that Chen Xi appreciated what he liked.

Both of them chatted as they walked, and they’d arrived at the peak of West Radiance Peak without even noticing it.

The peak of West Radiance Peak didn’t have any vast palaces nor did it have clusters of buildings that were built row upon row. On an enormous flat platform was a dense forest, a clear lake, a sea of flowers… All in all, there weren’t any houses, and it seemed as if no one stayed here.

“Our West Radiance Peak advocates nature. All the Senior Brother and Sisters pay no attention to the trifles of life, and they each have their own abodes to cultivate in. As for those luxurious palaces, our West Radiance Peak doesn’t have any.” Qing Yu said, “Junior Brother, if you’re not accustomed to living in an abode within the mountain, then you can construct a palace of your own. No one will stop you.”

“There’s no need. It’s enough so long as I have a place to stay.” Chen Xi smiled as he sized the surroundings up, and then he asked. “Right, where’s the place Master cultivates at?”

Qing Yu was stunned and scratched his head. “Master rarely appears on West Radiance Peak, and he’s living happily and freely in the outside world most of the time. For example, bringing Junior Brother back this time is the first time Master has returned to the sect in nine years.”

“He doesn’t supervise all of you?” Chen Xi was astounded, and he felt that Madman Liu could be said to be special when it came to being a master because he disregarded his disciples while he went to amuse himself freely instead.

“Master said that everyone has their own path in the Dao. If we didn’t understand something, then we should ponder about it ourselves, and we could head to the Matter Radiance Peak’s Book Reserve Pavilion to choose anything we wanted to learn. All in all, we have to rely on our own hard work in everything.” Qing Yu smiled.

“Yes, this way isn’t bad as well. A Master brings one through the threshold and everything else is up to one’s self.” Chen Xi nodded. Madman Liu was unusual, yet Chen Xi rather agreed with this point of view of his.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to go meet the seniors, and I’ll settle you down in an abode later.” Qing Yu spoke excitedly. “At this moment, the seniors are surely at the banks of the Sword Purification Pool.”

“Sword Purification Pool? What a good name…” Chen Xi muttered.

However, at this moment, when Qing Yu brought him along to arrive before a precipitous precipice, his brows knit abruptly before he said, “Senior Brother Qing Yu, are there any other people besides the seven of us on West Radiance Peak?”

“Huh?” Qing Yu was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something, causing him to actually reveal a slightly bitter expression. “Yes. Moreover, there are numerous people. Junior Brother, you know as well that there’s an enormous number of Elite Disciples in the East Radiance, South Radiance, and North Radiance Peaks. Some of their disciples were temporarily without a place to stay, so…”

“So they came to our West Radiance Peak?” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“Exactly. It can’t be helped. Since they’ve come, we couldn’t just drive them out. We’re from the same sect after all…” Qing Yu laughed bitterly as he explained with a lowered head.

“Alright, I understand. Eldest Senior Brother and the others seem to have encountered some trouble, let’s go over quickly and take a look.” Chen Xi interrupted.

“Trouble?” Qing Yu was stunned. In the next moment, he was already brought along by Chen Xi to transform into a flowing light that flashed towards the precipitous precipice in the distance.



At the bank of the Sword Purification Pool, a 3km tall waterfall poured down from above the precipice like the milky way that descended from the nine heavens, causing water to splash out in all directions while it emitted rumbling that seemed like the roars of dragons, and it was grand and magnificent.

The Sword Purification Pool encompassed an extremely large area, its water was clear and suffused with a glow, and it seemed as if it contained a pool full of spirit liquid and jade dew. The was the place with the densest spirit energy of West Radiance Peak, and it was richly endowed by nature.

There was also an expanse of a vast sea of flowers at the side, and flowers of various varieties rose and fell on it like waves. They shook amidst the wind and bathed within the drifting mist of spirit energy, causing them to seem beautiful and magnificent.

When looked at from afar, the scenery was like a painting, and it seemed like a place that gods resided in.

But at this moment, the sound of argument rose and fell as it resounded out from here.

“You’re going too far! My West Radiance Peak has been kind enough to allow all of you to cultivate here, yet you want to take a yard. Not only have you seized our places of cultivation and residence, you even want to take possession of this Sword Purification Pool. It’s simply absurd!” At the bank of the Sword Purification Pool stood a robust young man with messy hair that was roaring with fury. His beard and hair were crimson and dense while the muscles exposed on his upper body bulged and were suffused with a sheen that was hard like bronze, and he seemed to be rather powerful.

Behind him stood three young men and a young woman, and all of them were extremely furious at this moment.

On their opposite was over 10 people that were like a host of stars that surrounded a bright moon which happened to be a young man who wore violet clothes, had narrow and long eyes, and was thin like a rod.

“Metalworker! Who’re you yelling at?” When they saw the robust young man roar furiously, all of them laughed coldly and indifferently without end, and they’d directly disregarded the rage of the young man.

“All of you, leave! My West Radiance Peak doesn’t welcome despicable people like all of you who know no bounds!” The robust young man swung the enormous hammer in his hand as he shouted loudly, and his voice was like a thunderclap that was exceedingly mighty.

“Hmph! This Sword Purification Pool is our territory now. If someone has to leave, then it’s all of you. Trash like all of you don’t deserve such a precious place! It’s simply a waste of god’s given gifts!”

“Exactly. You six idiots of the West Radiance Peak have utterly shamed our Nine Radiance Sword Sect. If I was all of you, I’d just take my own life.”

“Fuck off, quickly! You’ll get bashed if you delay any longer!”

The group of people grunted coldly, ridiculed, threatened, and they cursed successively and bluntly, and it angered the robust young man and the others to the point his entire body trembled and he felt exasperated.

“All of you… All of you are truly shameless to the extreme. Could it be that you aren’t afraid my master will punish you once he returns!?” The robust young man gritted his teeth, and he was angered to the point the veins on his forehead bulged.

“Enough! Martial Uncle Liu hasn’t returned in nine years, and he has forgotten your band of trash since long ago.” The violet clothed young man that had spoken since the beginning suddenly grunted coldly. “I’ll give all of you one last chance. Will you leave yourselves, or do you want us to ‘send’ all of you pieces of trash away?”

The robust young man and the others were stunned speechless, and their expressions dimmed down to the extreme.

They just wanted to cultivate at ease on the path of the Dao that they were infatuated with, and they stood aloof from worldly success and were without any intention of making enemies. How could they have imagined that their kind heartedness and good intentions would actually bring such disastrous consequences to them?

Could it be that there really isn’t a paradise in this world that can accommodate all of us?

At this moment, as they looked at the mocking and ridiculing expression on the violet clothed young man, they felt an unprecedented sense of loss and bewilderment, and they were deeply aggrieved.

“Who said that my West Radiance Peak is filled with a group of trash?” Right at this moment, an indifferent and piercingly cold voice suddenly resounded out in the heavens and the earth like a thunderclap, and it exploded in the ears of everyone present to the point their eardrums seemed to be on the verge of splitting apart.

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