Chapter 555 – The Five Great Elite Disciples

Slap! Slap!

Two successive and resounding slaps sounded out, and it directly slapped Du Guan flying again. Blood sprayed from his mouth while his face grew even more swollen, and his hair hung loosely, causing him to reveal an extremely miserable appearance.

Everyone was stunned because this string of movements had occurred too quickly, and it utterly didn’t give them the time to react, causing it to be too late for them to lend a hand.

Moreover, they never imagined that Du Guan would actually be unable to withstand a single blow like this, let alone have room to resist. Under Chen Xi’s attacks, Du Guan was like a top that was slapped spinning, and it was an unbelievable sight.

Du Guan was furious, completely and utterly furious. He was a dignified expert at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, and a descendant of the Nethercrow Clan that possessed a respected status. Yet he’d actually been slapped successively? If news of this were to be spread, just the embarrassment would probably be able to kill him!


A formidable aura erupted from his body, causing black mist to surge and develop into numerous crows that possessed pupils that were crimson red like fire, black wings that were like blades, and sharp silver claws. The crows cawed and emitted a soundwave that was like an awl that pierced others to the point their eardrums ached, and their souls felt terrified.

This was the Nethercrow Clan’s Innate Dao Art — Myriad Crow Soul Devourer. Supposedly, when this technique was cultivated to the limit, one would be able to summon the real Evil Nethercrow God that shook the heavens and the earth, frightened the hearts of all, and was formidable to the extreme.

Even though Du Guan hadn’t cultivated to such an extent, it was still terrifying to the extreme when executed by him at this moment. A myriad of Nethercrows fluttered about and let out sharp cries all around him, and roiling black mist gushed out as they flapped their wings, causing him to seem like a devil god.

“Senior Brother Du is utterly furious. That kid is fucked now.” The others heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw this, and their expressions became excited once more.

All of them knew clearly that this technique, Myriad Crow Soul Devourer, was Du Guan’s trump card, and countless experts had lost before this technique. It was precisely this technique that allowed Du Guan to become the core figure amongst them.

“Bastard! You’re just a newbie, yet you actually don’t know respect and offend your seniors. As your Senior Brother, I must fix you up to the point you’re docile and obedient!” Du Guan let out a sharp cry that emitted a ghastly and cruel aura.

“Looks like Senior Brother Du still needs to get bashed. Such a mental state isn’t beneficial to your cultivation.”


He’d just finished speaking when Chen Xi had already appeared soundlessly by his side, then Chen Xi’s right palm stretched out while gushing with a terrifying aura of obliteration, and his palm actually broke through Du Guan’s Myriad Crow Soul Devourer technique right away, causing the crows to wail before dispersing into balls of black mist.

After that, he swung up his right palm and caused a resounding ‘slap’ to sound out in the air as another slap was struck onto Du Guan’s face, and it struck him to the point both tears mixed with blood from his nose sprayed out while his face became swollen into a ball.

This time, Du Guan wasn’t blasted flying because Chen Xi had held on tightly to the front of his clothes and held him up.

“Senior Brother Du, there’s great attention to be paid to when getting bashed. It must dispel the pride, laziness, arrogance, wildness, and other bad habits you possess. I wonder how Senior Brother Du feels like now? Do you want me to continue?” Chen Xi asked with a smile.

“Are you aware that you’re courting death by doing this!? Quickly let me go, otherwise, there’ll be no place for you in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!” Du Guan was angered to the point of almost going mad when Chen Xi used his own words to teach him a lesson, and he roared with a shrill voice.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The smile on Chen Xi’s face didn’t vanish in the slightest while his movements didn’t slow down at all. Slap after slap that was extremely resounding struck fiercely onto Du Guan’s face, and it slapped him to the point blood sprayed while his head shook wildly like a rattle drum.

The others were completely stunned, they gaped while revealing terror on their faces, and their entire bodies couldn’t refrain from starting to tremble.

In the past, as Elite Disciples of the East Radiance Peak, they were respected everywhere they went. Not to mention violently bashing a new student, even if they bullied the other older disciples, these disciples would only dare feel indignant, yet not dare speak up. All of this had fostered an overbearing and domineering aura in them, causing them to become arrogant and entirely not take anyone seriously.

When they heard the West Radiance Peak had taken a new disciple this time, they’d impatiently come over with the intent of flaunting their prowess, yet never had they imagined that such a scene would actually occur!

We’ve bitten off more than we can chew!

Even though all of them were arrogant, yet were extremely astute in heart, and they noticed with a single glance that Chen Xi was absolutely not a ‘ripe persimmon’ that they could squash as they wished.

Conversely, this fellow had put on a display that was even more arrogant and ruthless than them, and he’d utterly not shown the slightest mercy or considerations for Du Guan’s face as he slapped Du Guan. He was absolutely a domineering figure!

“Senior Brother Du, how do you feel now?” Chen Xi grinned as he asked.

The others couldn’t help but shudder when they saw this smile of his. This fellow is surely a devil that kills without batting an eyelid!

Meanwhile, at this moment, Du Guan had already been bashed to the point his features were all mangled up, his consciousness muddled, and his appearance extremely miserable. His eyes opened up into a slit with great difficulty when he heard this, and his gaze was resentful as he roared with a low and hoarse voice. “I won’t let you off, I won’t…”

Chen Xi’s eyes went cold as a wisp of killing intent surged out from within, but after that, he restrained this strand of killing intent. This was the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so killing Du Guan was a small matter to him, yet it would bright great trouble to him, and it wasn’t worth it.

“Junior Brother Chen, why don’t…we just let it go like this.?” Qing Yu spoke out weakly from the side. His heart had already been shocked to the limit by the scene from before as he never imagined that his Junior Brother Chen would actually be so ferocious, and it caused him to be unable to refrain from arousing a wisp of reverence.

“Forget it. Out of respect for my Junior Brother Qing Yu, I’ll let you off for now, and I’ll have a proper ‘spar’ with Senior Brother Du once you’ve recuperated so as to strive to completely heal the problems in your body.” Chen Xi smiled lightly as he raised his hand to toss Du Guan away as if he was tossing trash away, and he couldn’t be bothered to spare him another glance.

The other East Radiance Peak disciples heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this, and they hurriedly moved forward to support Du Guan up before intending to turn and leave.

“Wait. If all you dare to leave, then don’t blame me, your Junior Brother, for turning hostile and being merciless!” Chen Xi’s voice sounded out from behind him, causing their hearts to instantly go stiff. These words were precisely the words they’d spoken earlier, and they never imagined that Chen Xi would actually turn around and use it on them, causing their hearts to instantly rise to their throats as their expressions turned unsightly.

“What do you want to do!? Do you know that the sect prohibits killing between disciples?” Someone took a deep breath and mustered the courage to reproach Chen Xi.

“Right, don’t go too far!”

“Kid, don’t be too arrogant. My East Radiance Peak is filled with geniuses, and three of the five great Elite Disciples are in my East Radiance Peak. You can’t bear the consequences of humiliating us like this!”

Since someone had started, the courage of the others was boosted, and they spoke out one after the other.

“Looks like all of you are just like Senior Brother Du Guan, and you impatiently require a bashing.” Chen Xi started smiling, and he revealed an utterly carefree and indifferent attitude.

The pupils of everyone constricted as they instantly shut their mouths. They had no other choice, Du Guan’s consequences were too horrible, and he was slapped to the point even his mother would probably be unable to recognize him. How could they dare repeat the same mistake when an example was right before them?

“Then what do you want?” Someone asked.

“Very simple, apologize.” Chen Xi pointed towards the nearby Qing Yu and said, “After you apologize, I won’t pursue the matter of all of you bullying Senior Brother Qing Yu in the past, and I’ll let all of you leave.”

“You want us to apologize?” The expressions of every turned extremely unsightly as they glanced at Qing Yu. In their hearts, Qing Yu was a piece of trash that didn’t fight back or defend himself, and apologizing to a piece of trash was simply more painful than being killed.

“That won’t do. That won’t do.” Qing Yu was stunned and felt slightly overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, and he shook his hands repeatedly from embarrassment. He possessed a pure and kind hearted nature, so he was slightly unable to accept such treatment.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further, and he just grinned as he looked at these disciples of the East Radiance Peak.

All of them couldn’t help but shudder when they saw this smile, and the arrogance and dignity in their hearts vanished. All of their heads drooped and were dejected as they apologized to Qing Yu.

“Junior Brother Qing Yu, I was in the wrong in the past. Please forgive me.”

“Junior Brother Qing Yu, you’re a magnanimous and great figure, so please forgive our disrespect from the past.”

“Junior Brother Qing Yu…”

After all of them finished apologizing, they didn’t even raise their heads before turning and leaving with a speed that was extremely swift, as if they simply wished for nothing more than for their parents to have given them two more legs at birth. It couldn’t be helped, as they were truly afraid that Chen Xi would raise more requests that embarrassed them, because merely apologizing to Qing Yu had already caused their dignity to be lost to the extreme.

“Junior Brother Chen… Thank you!” After everyone had left, Chen Xi and Qing Yu flashed towards West Radiance Peak, and all along the way, Qing Yu was excited to the point of being suffocated for a long time before squeezing out a few words while the gaze he shot at Chen Xi revealed dense admiration.

During these past few days, he was frequently bullied by Du Guan and the others, and it was indescribable painful. If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t have hidden himself in True Martial Peak to seek protection. Now that he saw Chen Xi reveal divine might that slapped Du Guan to the point he was like a ball and had even compelled those bastards to apologize to him, this sort of feeling he’d never ever felt caused him to be filled with gratitude towards Chen Xi.

“No one can bully you with me around in the future.” Chen Xi smiled as he patted Qing Yu on the shoulder, and he sighed with emotion in his heart. It actually isn’t bad to have a Senior Brother who’s so kind hearted and clean like a blank piece of paper. At the very least, I was able to find out through him that the numerous kindhearted and simple people still exist…

“But Junior Brother Chen, since you’ve bashed Du Guan this time, the disciples of the East Radiance Peak will probably not let it go at that.” Qing Yu suddenly frowned and spoke while full of worry.

It turned out that Du Guan was one of the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that was renowned for being a bully. His strength was rather strong, yet his nature was ruthless and unruly to the extreme. He frequently brought his group of henchmen along to bully the weak within the sect, and it wasn’t just Elite Disciples, even inner court disciples and outer court disciples were frequently bullied by him, causing him to be infamous and notorious.

But the reason he dared be so arrogant and didn’t receive any punishment was because he had someone to rely on.

His older brother, Du Xuan, was one of the five great Elite Disciples in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. A few years ago, Du Xuan had encountered a joint attack while gaining experience and tempering outside the sect, and he’d successively slaughtered over 30 Rebirth Realm cultivators like him. Moreover, there was even a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator amongst them that had died tragically at his hand. Thus, it was obvious how formidable his strength was.

It was precisely because of this that Du Xuan was fostered with emphasis by the higher ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, causing his status to rise along with this, and the treatment he received was even better than some elders.

“Oh? One of the five great Elite Disciples? Interesting. I wonder exactly how formidable his strength is…?” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and then his eyes lit up. A mountain that emanated divine rays of light and seemed like a lotus flower in full bloom surged out into his field of vision, and its leaves were connected to the sky, causing it to be extremely grand.

“Junior Brother Chen, we’ve arrived.” Qing Yu pointed towards the mountain that was like a lotus flower in the distance, and a wisp of heartfelt happiness gushed out onto his face. “Look, that’s the West Radiance Peak, the place we brothers cultivate!”

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