Chapter 553 – The Dispute For The Position Of Peak Master

Before a vast and ancient hall on the peak of True Martial Peak.

The atmosphere here had instantly fallen into deathly silence because of a single sentence spoken by Madman Liu.

In the Dark Reverie, or perhaps it should be said as within the extraordinary sects like the 10 great immortal sects, all of them had forsakers of the heavens existing within them.

All these people had overcome the nine waves of Heavenly Tribulation long ago and were able to ascend into the Immortal Dimension to become a Heavenly Immortal. However, because of various reasons, they were unwilling to ascend and become an immortal. So they executed extraordinary techniques to conceal their immortal body and stay in the Mortal Dimension.

But acting in this way required them to pay an extremely heavy price. Firstly, their lifespan would gradually dry up along with the passage of time because they were unable to exist eternally, and secondly, their cultivations could only be maintained at the 9th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, causing them to be unable to exert the true strength of a Heavenly Immortal.

Most importantly, once their identity as a forsaker of the heavens was exposed and they were noticed by the workings of the heavens, then they would be forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension without a chance of returning to the Mortal Dimension ever again. Moreover, they had to suffer a certain level of immortal punishment as well!

“Why did this happen? Could it be that you fought with a Heavenly Immortal?” The Sect Master frowned as cold lights surged within his eyes. According to his knowledge, with Madman Liu’s strength, unless it was a Heavenly Immortal, otherwise it would be utterly impossible to force him to expose his identity as a forsaker of the heavens.

“More or less,” said Madman Liu indifferently.

“Amongst the emissaries of the Dark Reverie that descended to the Primeval Battlefield, only Bing Shitian was a Heavenly Immortal. Senior Brother Liu, you wouldn’t have…” An elder couldn’t help but ask.

“Exactly.” Madman Liu laughed coldly as he said, “That bastard humiliated my disciple repeatedly, so how could I possibly stand idly by? If it wasn’t for him holding the decree of the Immortal Dimension, I’d have annihilated him long ago!”


Everyone present gasped. Even though they knew since a long time ago that their Senior Brother Liu’s disposition was extremely unbridled, they still couldn’t avoid being shocked when they heard him bluntly admit that he’d gone against Bing Shitian.

Who was Bing Shitian?

He was the most dazzling and outstanding genius of the Heavenflow Dao Sect in a thousand years, a real Heavenly Immortal that was renowned throughout the Dark Reverie, and the news of his descent to the Primeval Battlefield of the Mortal Dimension this time had caused a great uproar in the entire Dark Reverie.

If the news that Madman Liu had actually gone against Bing Shitian were to be spread out, then it would surely give rise to mighty uproar.

“Wait. If Bing Shitian possessed a decree of the Immortal Dimension, then Senior Brother Liu would have been forcefully drawn to the Immortal Dimension long ago. Could it be that some sort of unexpected event occurred at that time?” The Sect Master, Wen Huating, pondered for a long time before he spoke out abruptly.

“Exactly. It was quite a coincidence, right when I was in confrontation with that bastard Bing Shitian…” Madman Liu didn’t conceal anything and recounted every single scene that occurred on that day.

He spoke of it extremely casually, yet it was like a thunderclap when it fell into the ears of the others, and it shook them to the point their expressions changed indeterminately and were covered in disbelief.

The Great Sage Heaven Trampler, the Saintly Land of Ascension’s Huang Meiweng, the Dhyana Forest Temple’s Six Senses, the First Heaven Devil Sect’s Fang Zhanmei… Every single one of all these names seemed to have a frightening charm, a legend that shook the heavens and the earth, and they’d once shaken the entire Dark Reverie and left behind their eternal prestige.

These great figures had vanished without a trace since innumerable years ago, yet now, they’d actually appeared successively in the Primeval Battlefield to select disciples and receive those that had fate with them. How could this not be shocking?

“How fortunate of the Darchu Dynasty to actually have so many disciples recruited.” An elder sighed with emotion of the superb karmic luck the Darchu Dynasty possessed.

That little fellow called Chen Xi actually had a relationship with Qing Xiuyi’s current reincarnation. This…is truly unbelievable. An elder was astounded in his heart, and he finally understood why Bing Shitian would make things difficult for Chen Xi.

“Great figures are revealing themselves one after the other and even members of the Buddhist Sect couldn’t refrain from making a move. Looks like the three dimensions are really going to be in great chaos. I wonder how many living beings will be affected by this calamity…” An elder felt a trace of something different, and he couldn’t help but become worried.

On the other hand, the other elders that remained silent had various expressions as well, and they’d fallen into deep contemplation. The information revealed by Madman Liu was truly too shocking, and they required a certain amount of time to digest it.

“There’s still a long time to the upheaval of the three dimensions, so everyone doesn’t have to be worried about it so early.” The Sect Master swept everyone with his gaze as he spoke abruptly. “As the saying goes, heroes emerge in troubled times. Every time an upheaval occurs, there would surely be countless great fortunes descending along with it, and to us and my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it’s similarly a good opportunity bestowed by the heavens.”

As he finished speaking, Wen Huating’s eyes were already filled with profound divine lights, and he had an arrogant expression of possessing absolute power and controlling the world.

Everyone recovered from their shock, and they pondered briefly before agreeing with Wen Huating’s point of view.

The arrival of an upheaval was a monstrous calamity, but at the same time, it was an opportunity to reshuffle! At that time, the entire three dimensions would surely reveal the scene of numerous kings rising to seize power and experts fighting for supremacy, and the old order would surely be destroyed to form a new structure!

So the person who was able to rule over uncertainty and laugh until the end would be the biggest winner.

A strand of lofty sentiments shook endlessly in the hearts of all the elders as ambition arose in their hearts, and their hot blood and lofty aspirations that had been silent for a long time surged once more throughout their hearts.

Their Nine Radiance Sword Sect had been silent for too long, and it had fallen in the ranks amongst the top 10 immortal sects since a long time ago, the sect had lost its former brilliance, whereas at the same time that the upheaval of the three dimensions caused them to see calamity, they also saw a great opportunity for themselves and the Nine Radiance Sword Sect behind them to turn the situation around and be reborn!

“Only by taking precautions before the upheaval would we be able to obtain the greatest amount of benefit from the upheaval. In Sect Master’s opinion, what sort of measures should our Nine Radiance Sword Sect take now?”

“Yes, the upheaval is at hand. We must make sufficient preparations.”

“Sect Master, why don’t we…”

All the elders started discussing in unison, and all of them rubbed their palms together and wished for nothing more than to go all out.

Madman Liu sighed in his heart instead when he saw this scene, and he recalled the four Xeno-race experts he encountered in the Primeval Battlefield as he said in his heart, How could the destructive force caused by the upheaval of the three dimensions be so simple? All of you still want to obtain great fortune from it? You’re truly indulging in wild fantasies…

When faced with the discussions of everyone, Wen Huating shot his gaze at Madman Liu instead as he asked. “Senior Brother Liu, do you still have any instructions?”

“Me?” Madman Liu was stunned, and he was about to shake his head when he seemed to have thought of something and said, “I have no regrets anymore, and I’m only worried about that disciple of mine. Junior Brother Wen, can you agree to a request of mine?”

“Go ahead and speak what’s on your mind.” Wen Huating smiled.

“Alright, then I’ll go ahead and say it.” Madman Liu pondered for a short moment before he said, “Junior Brother Wen, temporarily keep the position of West Radiance Peak’s Master empty after I leave, and let Chen Xi assume the position after he matures, alright?”

“What? All the positions of Peak Master are assumed by seniors of the sect. Chen Xi is only a little kid, how will he be able to take it on? If news of this is spread out, then we’ll probably become the laughing stock of the other sects!” Before Wen Huating could speak, Yue Chi had already frowned and objected. “This matter isn’t a trifling matter, I hope Senior Brother Liu thinks this over before making a decision.”

“Yeah, Senior Brother Liu, this matter is too important and involves the dignity and might of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect. If a disciple that has just entered the sect is allowed to take the position of Peak Master, it would probably be unable to satisfy everyone.”

“Senior Brother Liu, to put it bluntly, you’re completely screwing around, what would everyone think of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect? Our Nine Radiance Sword Sect is one of the 10 immortal sects of the Dark Reverie and is renowned throughout the world. The position of Peak Master in our sect can compare to the position of Sect Master in a first-rate sect. You’re obviously screwing around by allowing a fledgling little fellow to assume such a position!”

“A Rebirth Realm Peak Master? My Nine Radiance Sword Sect has already been established for a few tens of thousands of years now, but has it ever had such a weak Peak Master? Senior Brother Liu, acting like this isn’t helping him, but harming him!”

All of the elders were in an uproar as they successively indicated their disapproval. All of them felt that Madman Liu was too rash and was completely taking the position of Peak Master to be a trifling matter.

“What’s are you panicking about!?” Madman Liu’s face revealed a furious expression when he saw everyone had finished speaking, and he berated. “My West Radiance Peak only has a few disciples, so what is there that he wouldn’t be able to take control of? Not to mention I didn’t say that Chen Xi should be allowed to assume the position of Peak Master right now, so why the fuck are all of you getting flustered? Could it be that all of you have taken a fancy to my West Radiance Peak since long ago and intend to seize the opportunity after my departure to seize it for yourselves?”

Before those elders could speak out and refute him, Madman Liu continued. “I know that some of you have taken over a thousand Elite Disciples, or at least a few hundred, and have always been complaining about having insufficient space. But if you put your eyes on my West Radiance Peak, then you’re overstepping your boundaries!”

“Do all of you still remember the rules of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect? The position of Peak Master is decided on by the previous Peak Master and Sect Master, and others have no authority to oppose!”

Everyone went silent, as what Madman Liu said was the irrefutable truth.

“Hmph! You’re arguing irrationally, but since Senior Brother Liu has said this, then we’ll hear what the Sect Master says.” Yue Chi grunted coldly before shooting his gaze at Wen Huating

The other elders shot their gazes at Wen Huating as well. Amongst the people present, only Wen Huating had the authority to make a decision and deny Madman Liu’s almost foolish arrangement.

Wen Huating seemed to be rather calm when being stared at by so many people, and he only pondered briefly before he nodded and said, “Senior Brother Liu, I can agree to your arrangement and temporarily keep the position of the West Radiance Peak’s Master empty.”

“But there must be a time limit. We’ll give him a hundred years. If his strength is unable to allow him to be promoted to an elder within a hundred years, then the position of Peak Master can only be assumed by another.”

“Alright!” Madman Liu didn’t even think before nodding in agreement.

The other elders sighed endlessly in their hearts, and even though they were unwilling, since the Sect Master had already made a decision, then they could only let it be.

What allowed them to feel at ease was that the position of the West Radiance Peak’s Master would only be kept empty for a hundred years, and it wasn’t very far away. Moreover, they utterly didn’t believe that Chen Xi would be able to be promoted to an elder within such a short period of time, because it was utterly impossible!

After all, if one wanted to be promoted into an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, then one had to pass through the layer upon layer of selection from an outer court disciple, inner court disciple, Elite Disciple, and Seed Disciple, and one could only obtain the position of elder after one’s cultivation had attained the Earthly Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was only an Elite Disciple now and was only at the Rebirth Realm. Would he be able to attain the Earthly Immortal Realm in a hundred years? Would he be able to go through the layer upon layer of selections?


All the elders were extremely sure because not to mention their Nine Radiance Sword Sect, such a thing had never ever occurred in any of the great powers of the Dark Reverie.

For example, Qing Xiuyi who possessed exceedingly shocking natural talent from all those years ago had spent over 160 years to attain the Earthly Immortal Realm from the Rebirth Realm.

No matter how great Chen Xi’s natural talent is, could it be better than Qing Xiuyi’s?

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