Chapter 552 – Mighty Counterattack

When Chen Xi’s display fell into the eyes of everyone else, it transformed into undisguised arrogance, and he was simply treating Cheng Xiao with contempt. That fellow had officially invited you to a battle yet you didn’t even give him the slightest face, and it’s even to the extent that you placed your thoughts somewhere else!

“I never imagined that this fellow who looks to be an extremely mild person would actually be so arrogant inside.”

“Indeed. Everyone is so careful when being before the Sect Master and elders, and they’re deeply afraid of being disrespectful. But he actually had the mood to become lost in thought, he really is arrogant.”

“Interesting. It’s only interesting when it’s like this.”

All the young men and women discussed endlessly in secret, and the gazes they shot a Chen Xi carried a wisp of curiosity. Since this fellow is so arrogant, does he think that he’s sufficiently strong?

“You…” Cheng Xiao was angered to the point his face sank, and his gaze revealed a ferocious glow as he grinded his teeth and said, “Alright, I’ll repeat myself once more. Junior Brother Chen, do you dare to fight me!?”

“Doesn’t the True Martial Peak have a rule that prohibits battles?” Chen Xi frowned as he swept his gaze towards the surroundings.

“Brother Chen, this is a spar and can’t be considered to be a battle. With the Sect Master and elders present here, a bloody incident will absolutely not occur.” Qing Yu explained in a low voice.

“A waste of time.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. He came to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for the sake of concentrating on his cultivation, and he wasn’t interested in the competition here.

A waste of time?

Cheng Xiao’s face twitched when he heard this, and he was furious to the point of almost exploding. This fellow actually took my challenge to be a trifling matter!

At this moment, not to mention those young men and women, even the Sect Master and all the elders were slightly stunned as they never expected that Chen Xi would speak so bluntly, and then they couldn’t help but burst into chuckles. This fellow’s temper is rather alike to Senior brother Liu.

“Junior Brother Chen, you have such little courage, yet you’ve joined the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to learn? You should just go back home and be a pussy!” Cheng Xiao took a deep breath as he suppressed the flames of rage in his heart, and he grunted coldly.

“I’m not interested with this type of battle, and whether I’m a pussy or not will be clear in the future.” Chen Xi replied calmly. Battling all the here from the Primeval Battlefield had caused him to be truly unable to arouse any interest towards things like sparring.

“You really are stubborn. Alright, you can leave so long as you admit that your strength is inferior to me. How about it?” When he saw Chen Xi decline over and over again, Cheng Xiao felt even more sure that this fellow was making an empty show of strength and only seemed strong on the outside, and he instantly felt confident in his heart as he spoke coldly.

Chen Xi’s brows raised. Even the calmest of men had a moment of rage. Being pestered ceaselessly by this fellow caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but become slightly infuriated, and he said indifferently, “I only know how to kill. If you want to spar, then have you made the preparations to lose your life?”

Cheng Xiao’s face stiffened before he roared with laughter as if he’d heard an enormous joke. He’d truly never imagined that Chen Xi would still be so stubborn at a time like this. Using death to threaten me? Heh, does this fellow think he can frighten me like that?

The others couldn’t help but smile endlessly because the Sect Master and numerous elders were present here, so even if he wanted to kill someone, how could they possibly sit idly by?

They subconsciously felt that Chen Xi was actually boasting.

Only Madman Liu frowned. as he’d perceived the trace of impatience in Chen Xi’s voice, and he waved his hand and said right away, “Forget it. Asking you to spar with him is making things rather difficult for you.”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and laughed bitterly. “You should have said that since the beginning.”

“Junior Brother Chen, you want to leave before you admit your inferiority? Get back here!” Cheng Xiao’s face went cold as his right hand flicked out abruptly, and a 1m long sword light swished out and actually stuck right towards the back of Chen Xi’s head.

Even though this sword light was only 1m in length, it was extremely condensed and sharp, and it was suffused with a frightening cold aura as it tore through the sky, causing it to be capable of annihilating all vitality.

“Allheaven Fatality Sword Qi!” Someone exclaimed with surprise.

“Making a move to kill another at the slightest disagreement. You’re really used to looking upon human lives as if they were grass.” Chen Xi was inwardly angry in his heart. Looks like if I want to cultivate in peace in this Nine Radiance Sword Sect, then not making a show of force won’t do.


Chen Xi made a backhand point, causing a strand of Obliteration energy to condense on the tip of his finger before it directly shattered the sword qi.

After that, Chen Xi turned around to face Cheng Xiao directly while his eyes turned icy cold. Instantly, a strand of exceedingly fierce and pure killing intent gushed out from his body. “I give you an inch, but you take a yard, huh!? There’s no end to you, huh!? Alright, then open your eyes wide and see exactly how great the distance between the two of us is!”

Chen Xi suddenly stomped on the ground as he spoke.


In the next moment, his figure had already flashed to arrive before Cheng Xiao, and then his right palm stretched out while flowing with the aura of obliteration as it slapped down.


Cheng Xiao’s eyes squinted as he put up all the defensive magic treasures in his possession. However, all of this was in vain because he was directly pressed down into the ground by Chen Xi’s palm, causing the all the clothes he wore to tear apart as his bones shattered with a crack, and his entire body seemed like a wooden pole that was stuck deeply into the ground.

The ground was made of jade and covered in talisman markings to the point of being treated like a heaven-rank magic treasure, so it was obvious how terrifying the strength of Chen Xi’s palm was.

Everyone was shocked! He’d defeated a Rebirth Realm expert with merely a single palm strike, and this sort of ferocious ability could be said to be capable of easily overcoming and sweeping through anything before it, and it utterly didn’t give the opponent the slightest chance to react.

“You…” The nearby Ming Yan was first shocked before exploding into rage, as he never expected Chen Xi would suddenly make a move and be so ruthless to the point of directly heavily injuring Cheng Xiao, breaking Cheng Xiao’s bones, and causing Cheng Xiao to faint.

Not to mention he never expected it, even Elder Yue Chi, the Sect Master Wen Huating, and the other elders were astounded as well. As far as they were concerned, even if there was a great distance in strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for the battle between two juniors to last for a few rounds. How could they have imagined that Cheng Xiao would lose in a single move?

This caused them to be devoid of a chance to make a move and stop anything.

“This fellow… All of us have misjudged him!”

“Exactly. He has really concealed his strength deeply without revealing it in the slightest. No wonder he declined repeatedly earlier, it wasn’t that he was arrogant, but he utterly didn’t take Cheng Xiao seriously.”

“Where did this ferocious fellow come from? As soon as his killing intent appeared earlier, it was simply like the killing intent of a devil god that awed the hearts of all. I wonder how much blood his hands have been tainted with.”

At this moment, those young men and women finally understood that what Chen Xi said earlier wasn’t exaggerated in the slightest, because based on how he easily defeated Cheng Xiao, he only had to use a little bit more strength and it would be sufficient to annihilate Cheng Xiao.

Obviously, he’d already shown mercy.

“You, what you? Feel free to come over if you’re disgruntled!” Chen Xi reproached. He was slightly angry as he’d just stepped into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for the first day and actually encountered such provocation, and if he still didn’t display his might, then he would probably be respected by none while he cultivated here in the future.

Moreover, he noticed that the more he showed weakness, the more people looked down upon him here. Conversely, the more overbearing his display was, the more respect he would win over, and this could be perceived from the attitudes of the Sect Master and the various elders.

It felt as if the Nine Radiance Sword Sect encourages its disciples to compete. Perhaps, only by competition would they be able to truly select the true outstanding geniuses.

Ming Yan grunted coldly as he stepped out with the intention of making a move.

“Alright, we’ll stop this here.” Right at this moment, the Sect Master spoke out indifferently.

“Ming Yan, bring that good for nothing fellow back!” Yue Chi grunted coldly, and his expression was slightly unsightly. He was originally thinking of using this opportunity to deflate Madman Liu’s imposing aura, yet never had he expected that he would go for wool but come home shorn, causing him to be rather furious.

“Oh, Qing Yu, take your Senior Brother Chen back to the West Radiance Peak and arrange a dwelling for him.” Madman Liu grinned as he spoke complacently. He was extremely satisfied from Chen Xi’s display, and he felt that he’d finally taken a good disciple that suited his taste.

“Yes, Master.” Qing Yu bowed as he spoke, and then he brought Chen Xi along to leave while revealing an expression of admiration.


After Chen Xi and Qing Yu left, an elder couldn’t help but ask. “Senior Brother Liu, the disciple you took this time is slightly different. Could it be that he’s a disciple from some Prestigious Clan of the Ancient Kingdoms?”

“Yeah, Senior Brother Liu, please do tell. The palm strike that kid executed earlier seemed to contain a trace of the energy of Obliteration, and that’s an extremely rare Grand Dao profundity.” Another elder asked curiously as well.

“A Prestigious Clan? He isn’t. This disciple of mine is only from an ordinary Dynasty.” Madman Liu smiled as he drank a cup of wine and spoke, and his words were simple yet astonishing, causing him to seem slightly profound.

“An ordinary Dynasty? How could that be possible?” All the elders present were astounded.

“What? Can’t ordinary Dynasties produce true geniuses?” Madman Liu said with displeasure, “I’m not afraid to tell you that this disciple of mine has already overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth and had the honor to ascend to the first position on the Warsoul Tablet, and no one was capable of shaking his position. All of you can dream of obtaining a disciple with such natural talent in your entire lifetimes.”

As he finished speaking, he himself couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth…

The first place on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet…

Everyone present was stunned, and even the corners of Elder Yue Chi’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch because he’d never expected that kid from before would actually possess such terrifying natural talent and potential.

When one attained their level of cultivation, one had actually seen countless outstanding geniuses that possessed extraordinary natural talent since long ago, and it was to the point that they’d seen all types of geniuses. But everything that had happened to Chen Xi still felt breathtaking to them.

It was breathtaking indeed. After all, the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth was something that very few disciples were capable of drawing even in the boundlessly vast Dark Reverie. Moreover, Chen Xi actually had the fortune to overcome this tribulation, so didn’t that mean that he already possessed the potential to grow into an exalted figure!?

“He really is a good seedling!” The Sect Master sighed lightly.

“Of course, didn’t you see who took him as a disciple?” Madman Liu had a proud expression.

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh. They knew Madman Liu’s temper, so none of them made a fuss about what he said.

“But unfortunately, I’m probably unable to see him grow up.” Suddenly, Madman Liu’s expression became bleak, and there was a slight sense of loss on it.

“Senior Brother Liu, what happened?” Everyone was shocked, as it was the first time they’d seen Madman Liu reveal such a state.

“My aura has already been noticed by the Heaven Dao, and I’ll be forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension in less than three days.” Madman Liu took sipped a mouthful of strong wine before he smacked his lips and sighed. After this, his expression became calm and firm as he said proudly, “But I don’t regret it. I, Madman Liu, have no other regrets in my life after taking such a disciple!”

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