Chapter 551 – Suddenly Encountering Provocation

The True Martial Peak had an extremely grand shape, like a coiled dragon that rose layer by layer, and it was like a peak that led to the heavens.

Madman Liu reprimanded the green haired young man for a moment before bringing him and Chen Xi along to continue towards the peak of the mountain.

On the way, Chen Xi found out that this young man was called Qing Yu, and he was from the Azure Phoenix Clan that was one of the primordial clans. He was a descendent of the divine beast, Azure Phoenix, and one of the disciples Madman Liu had taken. In other words, Qing Yu was a demon cultivator with an extremely pure bloodline.

This caused Chen Xi to recall Bi Lingyun. That woman was the descendant of the peerless flying beast, Inferno Crane, and he wondered if she had an extremely deep relationship with the Inferno Crane Clan amongst the primordial clans.

Qing Yu’s nature was extremely meek and slightly shy like a little lady. However, Chen Xi was confident that this fellow was a man, but Qing Yu’s appearance was too handsome while his temper too good, and it caused him to seem very soft.

On the other hand, after Qing Yu found out that Chen Xi had come from the Primeval Battlefield, he instantly aroused feelings of admiration in his heart because he knew how difficult it was for a disciple of an ordinary Dynasty to surmount a minor world and arrive at the Dark Reverie.

In next to no time, Madman Liu brought the two of them along to the peak.

There was a vast and lofty palace that was extremely ancient here. The eaves of it were suffused with light golden and tiny lights, and it seemed as if it had existed here since the primeval times, causing it to carry an ancient and aged aura.

Fog and mist drifted, while a sea of clouds rose. Beneath the vast sky, a five colored peacock displayed its tail that emitted a precious brilliance while a Three Legged Golden Crow soared through the sky like the sun that illuminated this palace to seem like an Immortal Palace.

Besides that, mist curled upwards about before the palace as a vast platform emerged. The platform was smooth, translucent, and suffused with a bright glow, and it seemed like a vast square that could accommodate more than 10,000 people.

“Senior Brother Liu, you’ve finally returned.” When Chen Xi’s group of three arrived before this platform that seemed to be made of jade, a sound of laughter sounded out from the distance.

After that, Chen Xi saw that numerous jade tables were set up in rows on this platform while over 10 people were seated cross-legged there, and behind them were some young men and women standing there respectfully.

Even though the 10 plus people were seated cross-legged there, they seemed like small suns instead as they emitted blazing divine brilliance, and they still emitted an imposing aura that shook the heavens and the earth when their auras were restrained.

When looked at from afar, they were like living gods. The person that sat at the topmost seat emitted a blurry and resplendent divine light that brightly illuminated everything in the surroundings.

Obviously, these were the great figures of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Chen Xi’s gaze swept past these great figures before quickly withdrawing his gaze while feeling shocked in his heart. The aura emanated from these figures seemed like bottomless abysses caused him to have the horrifying feeling as if his soul was about to devoured from just briefly sizing them up.

Besides that, the young men and women that stood behind these great figures possessed extremely formidable auras and were in high spirits, and their strengths were at least at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm!

It was even to the extent that the bearing revealed by some even caused Chen Xi to feel slight pressure.

Especially a handsome young woman that wore feathered clothes and wore a black colored flat crown, and her aura was even slightly stronger than Feng Jianbai!

Looks like I’ve still been using my knowledge from the past to look at geniuses. Actually, at the Dark Reverie, geniuses have already become worthless. Chen Xi sighed emotionally in his heart. Genius, genius, outstanding talents that the heavens sent into the world. But this is the Dark Reverie that possesses a complete Grand Dao and gives birth to outstanding figures. All of these figures are extraordinary, as they were born while being tainted by the spirit energy of the Dark Reverie, so I absolutely can’t underestimate the heroes of the world.

“Brother Chen, these are the elders of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and just like master, they’ve just returned from other places, whereas the young men and women that stand behind them have passed through numerous tests just like you and are about to join the sect.” Qing Yu guided Chen Xi via voice transmission from the side.

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi nodded to himself.

According to his knowledge, besides the True Martial Peak, there was also the East Radiance, West Radiance, South Radiance, North Radiance, Heaven Radiance, Earth Radiance, Divine Radiance, and Matter Radiance peaks

The peaks of the north, south, east, and west were the location where Elite Disciples cultivated, whereas every single peak had an elder taking the position of Peak Master and being in charge of passing down knowledge.

The Heaven Radiance Peak and Earth Radiance Peak were respectively the places of cultivation for inner court disciples and outer court disciples, and there were numerous inner and outer court elders present there.

The Divine Radiance Peak was the restricted area of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect as it was the place of seclusion for some old fellows of extremely high seniority, and under ordinary circumstances, no one would dare step foot on that peak.

Besides that, the Matter Peak was the place the Nine Radiance Sword Sect stored its treasures, and the Book Reserve Pavilion, Treasure Pavilion, Spirit Herb Garden, and so on and so forth were spread out on it, so it was similarly an important place of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

For example, a disciple like him that was brought back to the sect by Madman Liu was already capable of directly becoming an Elite Disciple and staying within one of the north, south, east, and west peaks, and he didn’t have to start from an outer court disciple and inner court disciple.

But according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, there were also Seed Disciples that stood above Elite Disciples. Every single one of these disciples were monstrous geniuses that shook the world, and their statuses were even higher than some elders. So their location of cultivation was set up in the surroundings of the Divine Radiance Peak that was the place of secluded cultivation of the old seniors of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Thus, it was obvious how high their statuses were.

“Oh, all of you have arrived.” Madman Liu walked slowly up the jade platform, and he glanced at those elders before casually sitting before a jade table at the side.

Chen Xi and Qing Yu hurriedly followed him and stood behind Madman Liu.

“Senior Brother Liu, this little fellow is Chen Xi, right? Not bad.” The great figure at the center smiled as he spoke. He wore a high crown and ancient clothes, his forehead protruded slightly like a hill, and divine lights flowed as his eyes that seemed deep like the ocean opened and closed.

“Brother Chen, this is the Sect Master, Wen Huating.” Qing Yu quickly spoke via voice transmission.

“Disciple Chen Xi greets the Sect Master.” Chen Xi’s expression went solemn as he bowed and spoke.

“There’s no need to adhere to formalities. Our Nine Radiance Sword Sect is established by the sword. It stresses upon the sword and heart being as one and forging ahead with spirit, and there aren’t any unnecessary and superfluous formalities.” Wen Huating smiled warmly as he waved his hand.

“Haha, the Sect Master is right. A bearer of the sword is useless without spirit. Everything splits open where the edge of the sword points towards. But this disciple Senior Brother Liu has taken doesn’t seem to have any spirit to me.” Right at this moment, a wave of loud laughter resounded out, and the person that spoke was an elder that sat beside a jade table at the other side.

His possessed a dignified appearance, wore a black robe, had a tall figure, and his long hair hung loosely and fluttered with the wind. As he sat cross-legged there, he seemed like a dragon that sat there and emanated an overbearing aura that was majestic and powerful.

As soon as these words were spoken, the other elders shook their heads in unison, and they seemed to not be surprised and have guessed that this scene would occur long go.

Chen Xi was stunned instead as he never expected that he would be jeered at as soon as he arrived, and he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“Brother Chen, this is the East Radiance Peak’s Master, Elder Yue Chi, and he has always been on bad terms with Master.” Qing Yu sent a voice transmission with a light voice. “You probably don’t know, but Master is the Master of the West Radiance Peak, and because of the hostile relationship between him and Elder Yue Chi, it caused the disputes to frequently occur between the disciples of our two peaks. It’s truly detestable.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and then he realized something and said via voice transmission, “Brother Qing, you wouldn’t have been in a dispute with the disciples of the East Radiance Peak, right?”

He still remembered the scene on the mountain when Qing Yu was scolded to the face by Madman Liu.

Qing Yu was slightly embarrassed as he said with indignation, “I have no desire to fight with them, yet they always come over and cause trouble, and they’re annoying to the extreme. I…could only temporarily lie low in this True Martial Peak.” His voice grew softer and softer, and he seemed to be slightly embarrassed.

Chen Xi was extremely amused. This fellow is really naïve and kindhearted. If it was any other person, the person would probably have fought out of rage since long ago.

“Yue Chi, what do you mean by this?” Right when Chen Xi and Qing Yu were communicating via voice transmission, Madman Liu suddenly glared as he spoke unhappily. “It looks to me that the disciples you brought back this time are the ones that don’t have the slightest spirit!”

“Ming Yan, your Martial Uncle Liu said that you don’t have spirit, what should you do about it?” Yue Chi smiled lightly and wasn’t infuriated in the slightest, and he just gazed towards the disciple by his side.

This person was precisely the young man that wore feathered clothes and a black colored flat crown. When he heard this, he glanced at Chen Xi before he smiled indifferently, and then he said while cupping his fists, “Master, this new disciple of Martial Uncle Liu is far from being a match for me. How about we let Junior Brother Cheng Xiao spar with him? In this way, even if we win, it wouldn’t be bullying him.”

Another robust young man that wore an embroidered robe stood at the other side of Yue Chi, and he was the Junior Brother Cheng Xiao that Ming Yan spoke of. Cheng Xiao instantly chuckled when he heard this, and he revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth as he cupped his hands and promised solemnly. “Exactly. Master, allow me to spar with Martial Uncle Liu’s disciple. Don’t worry, so long as he admits defeat obediently, I guarantee that I won’t injure him.”

“Hmph! Why’re you asking me? Go invite him to battle yourself!” Yue Chi grunted.

“Disciple understands.” Cheng Xiao stepped out and cupped his fists towards the Sect Master and elders before he faced Chen Xi and said, “Junior Brother Chen, how about we seize this opportunity to have a spar?”

All the elders shook their heads once more when they saw this scene, and they didn’t obstruct it because they knew clearly that these two old fellows had been fighting both openly and secretly for a few thousand years, so it was impossible to stop even if they wanted to.

On the other hand, the young men and women behind the various elders revealed a wisp of excitement. Just like Chen Xi, they were disciples that were selected from other places by the various elders through numerous tests, and everyone single one of them possessed extraordinary natural talent and formidable strength. They wanted to witness exactly what ability this disciple that had just joined the Nine Radiance Sword Sect like them possessed.

Madman Liu revealed a rare expression of extreme calmness when he saw this, yet he sneered endlessly in his heart. He knew exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was amongst those of the same realm, and Yue Chi was obviously inviting humiliation by wanting to use this to provoke him.

“What? Junior Brother Chen, do you not dare to accept my challenge?” A wisp of disdain already suffused the corners of Cheng Xiao’s mouth when he saw Chen Xi hadn’t replied after a long time.

The other young men and young women revealed a wisp of disappointment, as they never expected that Chen Xi would really be as Elder Yue Chi said, without the slightest spirit and extremely weak to the point he didn’t even have the courage to accept the challenge.

“Brother Chen…” Qing Yu lightly pulled on the corners of Chen Xi’s clothes as he sent a voice transmission with a soft voice. “Forget it if you’re unwilling to fight. It’s only an impetuous dispute, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about if you don’t accept the challenge.”

Chen Xi returned to his senses form his deep contemplation, and he swept the surroundings with his gaze before it finally descended onto Cheng Xiao before he said apologetically, “Sorry, I was lost in thought earlier, could I trouble you to repeat it once more?”

He was really lost in thought earlier, and he was extremely puzzled. How did I become the ‘Junior Brother Chen’ that Cheng Xiao spoke of? When was this seniority decided? And who decided it?

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