Chapter 550 – The Nine Radiance Sword Sect

Book Nine — The Dark Reverie

The Dark Reverie!

A surpassingly beautiful, extremely magnificent, and vast continent; it was a magical land that possessed countless legends and cultures.

Since the absolute beginning until now, numerous leading figures that shook the heavens and earth were born on this continent, it created various cultivation systems that were complicated like the stars in the sky, and it had passed down inheritances and profound techniques that were vast like the sea…

The Immortal Dao, demon races, and Devil Sects coexisted there, groups of heroes rose together, a myriad of clans stood like trees in a forest, and numerous sages battled for supremacy, and legendary civilizations that were brilliant like an epic were created here.

It was the place that was closest to the Immortal Dimension.


Within the spatial passageway that was torn open, a terrifying multicolored sheen warped about as Madman Liu brought Chen Xi along through this spatial passageway.

This was the first time Chen Xi had entered a spatial passageway that headed to a large world, and he was slightly shocked.

There were extremely gorgeous and resplendent lights surging about in the surroundings of this spatial passageway, and they were warped and dashing about while emitting a horrifying aura of destruction that seemed as if he would encounter disaster by just lightly touching it.

“The is the energy of the laws that covers the wall of space, and only Earthly Immortal Realm experts are capable of slightly controlling a trace of it.” Madman Liu explained absent-mindedly.

“The energy of the laws…” Chen Xi suddenly came to an understanding. When Dao Insight attained the state of perfection, it would transform into a Law. But one had to experience the Heavenly Tribulation to control the Laws, and this was something faced by Earthly Immortal Realm experts and was still extremely far away from him.

“Senior, how much longer is it?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Don’t passageways torn open in space ordinarily allow one to arrive instantaneously?”

“It isn’t the same.” Madman Liu shook his head. “I would naturally be able to execute teleportation abilities and flash through an ordinary passageway torn open in space. But we’re heading to the Dark Reverie now, and it’s a large world. So we have to pass through its spatial walls before we’ll be able to arrive there.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi nodded slightly.

“Don’t underestimate these spatial walls. It’s because of the great contribution of these spatial walls that it’s difficult for people from the worlds outside the dimension to invade the three dimensions, and the energy of the laws that cover it would directly annihilate all heretics that are harmful to the three dimensions.” Madman Liu explained.

“The other worlds outside the dimension? Where’re they?” Chen Xi asked curiously. He couldn’t help it because he was from a minor world, and he possessed pitiable knowledge of the entire three dimensions.

“I’ve never been there, I don’t know either.” Madman Liu’s reply was extremely direct.

When he saw Chen Xi still wanted to ask something, he hurriedly withdrew an azure jade slip and tossed it over, “This is the Dark Reverie Manual, and everything related to the Dark Reverie is recorded within it.” 

Chen Xi was stunned momentarily before he raised his hand to receive it, and there were only three simple seal characters on the jade slip — Dark Reverie Manual.

After he activated the jade slip, it was like a book that was replaced with shadows of light, and it reflected numerous images and row after row of its contents.

The 10 great Immortal Sects!

The six lineages of the Devil Sect!

The primordial clans!

Buddha’s Sea!

Doomcore Region!

Untold stories and anecdotes!

Geography of the world!

Cultivation paradises!


The row after row of contents emitted brilliant golden rays of light that were over a thousand in number. As he browsed through all of them, Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart because never had he imagined that merely a continent would actually be so vast and boundless.

Not only did this book record the distribution of the various powers in the Dark Reverie, there was also a map of the geography, ancient secrets, astronomy, anecdotes, miscellaneous things… It contained and embraced everything.

It was simply like an encyclopedia.

If he wanted to really browse through it completely, then by relying on the cultivation of Chen Xi’s soul at this moment, he would probably require more than a year because its contents were so abundant that it could be said to be vast like an ocean.

At this moment, Chen Xi understood that there were similarly countless Dynasties that were like an array of stars in the Dark Reverie. However, it was the powerful forces of the 10 great immortal sects, the Devil Sects, demon clans, and primordial clans that truly ruled over this continent.

They stood far above the myriad of living beings and possessed extremely old inheritances, yet there wasn’t a single power that dared say they were capable of controlling the entire Dark Reverie by themselves.

Because the Dark Reverie was truly too enormous, to the point that it exceeded the imagination of all.

Moreover, the competition here was extremely intense as well. There were countless sects that were annihilated practically every single day, and there were also new powers that rose slowly like bamboo shoots after the rain.

But all in all, it was still the 10 great immortal sects, the six lineages of the Devil Sect, the primordial clans, and the other extraordinary powers that possessed the most formidable strength, and they firmly controlled the various regions of the Dark Reverie.

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect was situated in the northern region of the Dark Reverie, and there was a mountain range that covered an area of a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers situated there. Its name was the Nine Radiance Mountain Range.

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect was situated within this boundlessly vast mountain range.

“We’ve arrived.” Madman Liu spoke out abruptly.

As soon as he finished speaking.


A vast expanse of the heavens and the earth appeared ahead in the spatial passageway, and Madman Liu directly flew over while bringing Chen Xi along with him.

“This is the Nine Radiance Mountain Range?” Chen Xi looked down at the mountain range below him. What entered his eyes was an expanse of luxuriant and lofty mountain range. A myriad of peaks stood towering and rose up one after the other while a roiling sea of clouds drifted and fluttered above it, causing this expanse of the heavens and the earth to seem magnificent, like a painting!

The heavens and the earth here were vast, grand, and profound. Moreover, not only did the air contain extremely dense spirit energy, there were even strands of faint Immortal Energy suffused within it!

It wasn’t just that, as he stood in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that the energy of the Heaven Dao contained in the world was flawless and extremely lively. It circulated endlessly and was enormously different from the energy of the Heaven Dao he’d sensed in the Darchu Dynasty in the past.

The was the only difference between a large world and a minor world. The Laws of the Heaven Dao in a large world was flawless, whereas it was incomplete in minor worlds.

When cultivators sought the Dao, the most important step was to comprehend the Laws of the Heaven Dao. If the Laws of the Heaven Dao weren’t complete, then the path a cultivator walked on was bound to not go on for long. Conversely, if the cultivator was able to comprehend the complete Laws of the Heaven Dao, then the cultivator’s probability of becoming an immortal would undoubtedly increase greatly.

This was the fundamental reason why extremely few Heavenly Immortals emerged in minor worlds. For example, the Darchu Dynasty possessed numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts, yet there were rarely any Heavenly Immortals that emerged from the Darchu Dynasty, and it was because the Laws of the Heaven Dao were incomplete.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally understood why everyone in the world fought to enter the Dark Reverie. It was because the possibility to become an immortal was really increased greatly when one cultivated here!

Bang!Madman Liu flicked his sleeve and brushed away the sea of clouds in an area of 5,000km, and he completely revealed the true view of the Nine Radiance Mountain Range before Chen Xi’s eyes.

After that, Chen Xi saw that in the depths of the mountain range were nine extremely lofty mountains that stood towering in the distribution of the nine palaces of the eight trigrams. They were a few tens of thousands of km tall, completely bathed in blazing divine light, and emitted extremely vast and divine auras.

Chen Xi was faintly able to notice that atop the nine mountains were numerous halls standing upon them while emitting ancient auras, and they were arranged in neat rows as if they were immortal palaces built in the heavens and possessed grand magnificence that existed for eternity.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi had the tiny feeling as if he was an ant in the boundless sea.

All of this was truly too magnificent!

“You’ll get used to it after seeing it a few more times.” Madman Liu flicked his sleeve and brought Chen Xi along to flash towards the nine mountains.


In practically an instant, Madman Liu had already brought Chen Xi to fly into the lofty mountain at the center, and they descended onto a mountain path.

The body of this mountain was like a coiled dragon that was lofty and magnificent, and there were waterfalls, fountains, and green pines that seemed to reflect waves while being blown on by the wind.

The craggy mountain path was covered in layer upon layer of limestone steps that were smooth like mirrors. The surroundings were covered in wisteria, luxuriant plants and flowers, with numerous spirits herbs growing there which flowed with multicolored light and emanated a refreshing fragrance. They were actually Dao Grade spirit herbs!

“This peak is called True Martial, and the main hall of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect is right at the top of it. Remember, once you arrive at this peak, you must walk up and must not fly. Otherwise, even a Heavenly Immortal would be unable to save you.” Madman Liu spoke as he walked up the stairway.

“Looks like this entire mountain has extremely formidable restrictions set up upon it by an almighty figure, and it’s even capable of annihilating Heavenly Immortals.” Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something as he followed closely behind Madman Liu all the way up.

All along the way, Chen Xi noticed that spirit wyrms resided on the precipices, phoenix nests were built on the enormous trees, red-crowned cranes fluttered about in the forest, and turtles swam about in the rivers and streams.

The True Martial Peak could really be said to be extremely gorgeous like an immortal paradise, and there were numerous rare living creatures and strange species living on it. Moreover, various types of beasts could be seen everywhere.

Even though the auras of these living creatures were restrained, no matter how restrained they were, they still caused Chen Xi to feel a strong threatening feeling, and they seemed to be extremely formidable.

“The origins of the disciples of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect are disregarded. No matter if it’s demon-kind, ghosts, or the primordial clans, all of them cultivate here,” said Madman Liu.

Chen Xi nodded. He’s browsed through the Dark Reverie Manual earlier and had understood a great deal. There were a great variety of races in the Dark Reverie, and there were humans, demons, ghosts, spirits, fiends, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, the primordial clans were extremely terrifying because they were various ancient clans that had continued existing since the primordial era, like the Sharkmen clan, Nine Tailed clan, Azureflame Clan, Giant Devil clan, and so on and so forth.

These living creatures were distributed throughout the entire Dark Reverie like humans, so it naturally wasn’t shocking that other living creatures were cultivating in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“You log, don’t you fucking move!” Right when Chen Xi was looking over the scene in the surroundings, he suddenly heard Madman Liu shout out loudly, and when he raised his eyes to look over, he saw a trembling young man looking a Madman Liu with a fearful expression.

This young man had a head covered in green hair that hung loosely on his shoulders like seaweed, his appearance was handsome while his features seemed meek, and he was a slightly shy young man that looked to be extremely pure and soft.

“Were you beaten by someone again and ran over to the True Martial Peak to lie low?” Madman Liu seemed to be extremely furious, and his expression went grim as he scolded to young man to his face. “You really have a wooden head. If someone hits you, then don’t you know how to fight back? Why did I fucking take such a useless disciple like you!?”

The green haired young man was scolded to the point he lowered his head while his handsome face was covered in an embarrassed expression, and he seemed like an ostrich that wished for nothing more than to bury his head in the sand.

“You really piss me off! Can you have some backbone for once!? The face of your Azure Phoenix Race has been completely lost by you!” Madman Liu was even more irritated when he saw the young man’s current appearance, and he raised his hand with the intention to slap him numerous times yet endured it in the end.

“Senior…” Chen Xi coughed dryly as he was slightly unable to bear the sight of this. “This Senior Brother has an indifferent disposition and stands aloof from worldly success. Asking this of him would go against his nature, and it will do more harm than good.”

The young man glanced at Chen Xi with gratitude when he heard this, and he seemed as if he wanted to make Chen Xi a good friend of his.

“Hmph! What fucking nature? If he doesn’t know how to fight for things, then he can only be bullied by others for his entire lifetime.” Madman Liu grunted, yet his expression had already eased up greatly.

Chen Xi smiled as he nodded lightly towards the young man, and he said in his heart, “Looks like the competition between disciples in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect is extremely great.”

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