Chapter 549 – Crowded With Visitors


The Wise King seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and his mind droned as he muttered with a trembling voice. “Dead, Changtian is dead as well. How could this be possible…?”

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the hall were silent and sighed endlessly. The other disciples have all entered the Dark Reverie successfully, yet it just happens that the Wise King’s son perished in the Primeval Battlefield. Such a blow is a bit too great indeed.

“Impossible! My son’s natural talent is great, and his strength is extremely formidable. Since Chen Xi and the others were capable of entering the Dark Reverie, then on what basis was he unable to do so? Impossible! It’s surely impossible!” The painful loss of his beloved son caused the Wise King’s mind to be in chaos, and he roared hysterically.

“Enough!” Emperor Chu shouted loudly with a deep voice. “The one that caused his death was he himself. He colluded with outsiders to harm his companions. Such an unfilial son deserves death!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that caused everyone in the hall to be horrified. Never had they expected that the son of the Wise King would actually commit such a treacherous deed.

The Wise King was astounded, and he simply didn’t dare believe his ears.

Emperor Chu said indifferently, “From today onward, just stay earnestly at your home in closed door cultivation! If you dare take a step out of Silken City, then don’t blame me for personally crippling you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Emperor Chu ordered the Martial Marquis to take the Wise King who’d fallen into an insane state out of the hall.

“There’s still one more thing that I have to remind everyone here today.” Emperor Chu stood up slowly from his throne while his gaze that was like bolts of lightning looked down at everyone in the hall, and his low voice carried an unquestionable feeling. “From today onward, anyone who dares to offend the Chen Clan within the borders of the Darchu Dynasty will be killed without question!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a peerlessly murderous killing intent swept the entire hall like a storm and filled every inch of space within it, and it shocked everyone present to the point their expressions went pale successively and caused them to feel suffocated.

Instantly, the hall seemed as if it had fallen into the dead of winter, and it was utterly silent and filled with bone piercing coldness.

At this moment, as they gazed at Emperor Chu’s mighty figure that stood proudly with his hands behind his back and the resolute killing intent on his face, even if it was Daoist Long He, Zhao Zimei, Mo Lanhai, and the others that hated Chen Xi in their hearts, all of them shut up obediently and cast away all the thoughts in their hearts.

They knew extremely clearly that from today onward, the Chen Clan would become an existence that couldn’t be offended at all in the southern territory and even the entire Darchu Dynasty!

Because… The southern territory’s Chen Clan had Chen Xi!

On this day, Emperor Chu announced to the world that the entire Dynasty would hold a grand celebration for 100 days.

At the same time, the news related to the Primeval Battlefield swept through the entire Darchu Dynasty in a short period of time like a storm, and every single place in the entire Dynasty was shocked by this news.

All the cultivators that had some knowledge of the tests in the Primeval Battlefield were shocked to the limit by this news, and then they seethed with excitement and cheered.

Because they knew that this was an honor that belonged to Chen Xi and the others, it was an honor that belonged to the Darchu Dynasty, and it was an honor that belonged to every single cultivator of the Darchu Dynasty!

They were even able to imagine that when these disciples of the Darchu Dynasty steadied their footing in the Dark Reverie, they would surely bring unimaginable benefits to the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty.

They felt extreme respect, heartfelt admiration, yet not the slightest bit of envy.

Because the height Chen Xi and the others had attained was truly too far away from them, and it caused them to be utterly unable to arouse envy.

Wasn’t there a saying that said if one was slightly stronger than another, one would suffer the jealousy of others; if one was much stronger than another, it would draw the envy of others; but if one left another extremely far behind, it would draw the admiration of others.


Southern territory, Pine Mist City.

Presently, the Pine Mist City had long since become the hottest place in the southern territory and even the entire Darchu Dynasty. The reputation of the Chen Clan had already attained an unprecedented height, and it was in a period of great prosperity and magnificence.

During these past few days, the entrance of the Chen Clan was ever crowded with visitors, and it was completely surrounded to the point even a drop of water couldn’t pass through. The cultivators from all over used all kinds of excuses to come congratulate the Chen Clan, and the scene before the entrance could simply be described as if a whole town was there.

Presently, the Chen Clan occupied an extremely large area, and it possessed an army of 8,000 while its elite forces were spread all over the southern territory. Moreover, with the great support of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, its scale was so great that it already seemed to have become one of the top powers in the southern territory.

However, when facing the countless cultivators and powers that came to offer congratulations from all over, the servants were still insufficient. It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too many people that had come to offer congratulations, and even all the inns and restaurants in Pine Mist City were crowded long ago.

At the rear of the Chen Clan, within the ancestral shrine. Candlelight flickered while the memorial tablets of the ancestors of the Chen Clan that had already perished were placed there.

Chen Hao knelt on a meditation cushion. At this moment, his face that gradually became more dignified and firm as the days went by revealed a rare wisp of excitement and sorrow, and he was muttering lightly.

He was telling his grandfather who was in the netherworld about Chen Xi.

He knew that his grandfather would surely be able to hear it. So he spoke in extreme detail and with extreme patience like a long-winded woman, and if an outsider were to see this scene, the person’s jaw would surely be shocked off.

After all, the current Chen Hao was extremely impressive and dignified. He was in charge of the lives of a few tens of thousand of people, and a single order of his could cause the entire southern territory to fall into an upheaval. He was an iron-handed figure that was famous in the southern territory.

“You’ve already stayed here for three days. Aren’t you going to see our guests?” As the sound of footsteps resounded out from behind him, Fei Lengcui had a pained expression as she walked over and spoke in a gentle voice.

“There’s no need.” Chen Hao took a deep breath before he stood up, and he’d already recovered his previous dignified appearance.

His forehead was wide and his appearance was handsome. According to what his grandfather, Chen Tianli, said, Chen Hao’s appearance was slightly alike to his father, whereas Chen Xi was more alike to his mother.

“Where’re Yu’er and An’er?” Chen Hao held Fei Lengcui’s hand as he walked out of the Memorial Hall.

“On the isle at the center of the lake,” said Fei Lengcui with a light smile.

“Oh, they’ve gone to cultivate again? After those two little fellows found out that Big Brother has entered the Dark Reverie, they’ve been unwilling to return home.” Chen Hao couldn’t help but laugh, and his eyes were suffused with a wisp of a doting expression.

“Painstaking cultivation is the best. Presently, our Chen Clan is prospering with each passing day, and I was worried that Yu’er and An’er would develop arrogance and overbearingness. So it couldn’t be any better that they know how to work hard and cultivate. In this way, Big Brother will surely not be disappointed when he returns and sees An’er,” said Fei Lengcui with a smile.

“Yeah. If it wasn’t for him cultivating painstakingly, how could my Big Brother have possibly been able to attain his current accomplishments?” Chen Hao sighed with emotion, and his expression was slightly absent-minded as he’d recalled many things from the past.

“Big Brother surely endured numerous hardships in the Primeval Battlefield, and our Chen Clan having its current accomplishments are tied to Big Brother’s contribution. So, Brother Hao, you must work hard to protect this clan for Big Brother.” Fei Lengcui stared at Chen Hao as she spoke with a light voice.

“I will!” Chen Hao grabbed Fei Lengcui’s hand tightly as he looked towards the distant horizon and muttered. “Big Brother, be at ease and do what you must do. No one can shake the Chen Clan in the slightest with me here!”


The isle at the center of the lake.

Before the dark green lakeside were two young children fighting each other. Their moves were swift, fierce, and terrifying, and every single move they made actually caused space to be shaken to the point of crackling while sand and stone flew about.

It was Chen Yu and Chen An.

The two little fellows had grown a length taller, and even though their appearances seemed immature, yet there was already a trace of exuberant heroic spirit between their brows, causing them to have imposing appearances.

The newborn calves already possessed the might to swallow tigers!

Ji Yu lay cozily on his rocking chair while his eyes that had experiences the vicissitudes of life stared at the two little fellows, and the corners of his mouth held a trace of a smile.

The two little fellows were extremely intelligent, and their natural talents were very good as well. What was rare was that they were able to cultivate painstakingly and untiringly with persistence, and this quality was far more important than natural talent.

This caused Ji Yu to think of Chen Xi. All those years ago, Chen Xi had similarly cultivated so painstakingly without eating or sleeping, and he made the best use of every minute of his time to strengthen himself. The only difference between them was perhaps their environment.

All those years ago, Chen Xi had numerous enemies and scarce resources, to the point even the Grand Collapsing Fist he cultivated was an ordinary martial technique bought from a store. He wasn’t like these two little fellows who cultivated top Dao Grade martial techniques, didn’t have to worry about their survival, and just had to clear their minds and cultivate to allow themselves to grow into an expert in an extremely short period of time.

“That little fellow has already entered the Dark Reverie now, right? The upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand, and perhaps being swept into this great vortex will allow him to grow faster…” Ji Yu muttered as his gaze shot towards the distant horizon, and he seemed as if he’d seen through countless expanses of space to look down upon the three dimensions, causing him to seem exceedingly profound.

—  End of Book Eight —

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