Chapter 547 – A New Journey

A single sentence shocked everyone to the extreme!

Chen Xi had just agreed to allow Yun Lansheng to take Qing Xiuyi back to the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and in the next moment, Bing Shitian had spoke such words. This was absolutely revenge towards Chen Xi that was schemed long ago!

“He’s going too far! You’re simply sinister and despicable to the extreme!” Huangfu Qingying cried out furiously with a sharp voice.

“Heavenly Immortal? Ptooey!” Young Master Zhou was utterly disgusted, and he was angered to the point his entire body started trembling.

The others revealed furious expressions as well because they simply didn’t dare believe that these were the actions of a Heavenly Immortal!

“I’ve said it clearly at the beginning. This agreement was made long ago before Senior Sister Qing experienced her hundred reincarnations, and it was the decision of the seniors of my Heavenflow Dao Sect. At that time, Senior Sister Qing had already agreed to this as well.” Bing Shitian’s expression was calm as he spoke indifferently.

At this moment, he’d once again recovered the dignified bearing of a Heavenly Immortal, and it caused Huangfu Qingying and the others to feel a wave of fury.

It’s really as the saying goes, if one doesn’t kill the snake then one will be harmed by it in the future!

“What Senior Brother Bing said…” Yun Lansheng laughed bitterly as he glanced at Bing Shitian before he braced himself and said, “It’s really the truth. I can bear witness to this matter, and the seniors of my Heavenflow Dao Sect can bear witness to it as well.”

“How can everyone be completely convinced by just the words of the two of you?” Zhen Liuqing took a deep breath before she spoke out slowly.

“I can swear by the heavens,” said Bing Shitian indifferently.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused Zhen Liuqing and the others to be speechless. Cultivators revered the Heaven Dao the most, causing oaths to be like inner demons, so no one dared to joke around with oaths. Thus, Bing Shitian saying this had undoubtedly proved that all of this was true!

“Junior Sister, Senior Brother can’t interfere in this matter. It’s something that Qing Xiuyi herself agreed to, and it can’t be changed.” Heaven Trampler sighed lightly.

“Indeed, let he who tied the bell on the tiger remove it. This matter stemmed from Qing Xiuyi and should be dealt with by her.” Huang Meiweng, Six Senses, and Fan Zhanmei nodded in succession.

They were indeed incapable of interfering in this matter. The Heavenflow Dao Sect was one of the ten immortal sects of the Dark Reverie at any rate, and its hidden resources and reserves were so formidable that it wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to the sects that stood behind them. If they forcefully interfered in this matter, it would cause an extremely great dispute instead.

Bing Shitian…is really ruthless! With a few words, he turned around the declining situation from before, and Chen Xi is probably powerless to save the situation now.

The experts of the various Dynasties and the emissaries of the Dark Reverie at the side sighed endlessly with emotion in their hearts.

It was at this moment that Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward, and his gaze looked directly at Bing Shitian as he said calmly, “You love Miss Qing extremely?”

It was an extremely sudden question, yet Bing Shitian didn’t hesitate in the slightest to answer. “Yes.”

“Then do you dare to make a bet with me?” Chen Xi continued. His gaze was calm like the snow while his voice didn’t even tremble in the slightest, and it was as if he was speaking of something that couldn’t be any more ordinary.

“Let’s hear it.” Bing Shitian felt slightly uncomfortable from being stared at by Chen Xi, but he still forcefully endured it and spoke out.

“I bet that a hundred years from now, Miss Qing will absolutely not marry you.” Chen Xi’s voice was extremely calm yet contained an extremely strong confidence, and his confidence came from his trust and understanding of Qing Xiuyi.

He knew that if it was her here at this moment, she would surely act in this way for him.

“Oh? What if you lose?” Bing Shitian felt even more uncomfortable in his heart, and he spoke with a frown. It was extremely difficult for him to understand where an ant from a small world got such strong confidence from.

“If I lose…” Chen Xi muttered and suddenly pointed towards the sky, and he swore with the heavens as his witness. “In front of the Heaven Dao, I, Chen Xi, swear here that if Miss Qing willingly marries another person, then I, Chen Xi, will cripple my own cultivation right away, and I’ll perish for eternity. If I go against this oath, then may I be destroyed by the world and condemned by both men and god!”

Heaven Trampler and the others were slightly stunned when they saw Chen Xi suddenly make such a vicious oath!

Everyone else in the surroundings were first stunned, and then they started whispering in discussion.

“This fellow is too rash. Qing Xiuyi is a disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect at any rate. Once she awakens the memories of her previous lifetime, then she’ll probably forget him completely!”

“Love really brings harm. Could it be that he isn’t worried that along with the passage of time, Qing Xiuyi would gradually love another? After all, Bing Shitian is currently a Heavenly Immortal, so how could Bing Shitian’s charm be something that he can compare to?”

“I really don’t know where this fellow got such great confidence. Could it be that he doesn’t know that he’s betting with his life?”

Huangfu Qingying, Zhen Liuqing, and the others were slightly stunned, and then they came to an understanding. They were extremely confident of Chen Xi because they knew that Qing Xiuyi had given birth to a child for Chen Xi, and merely this fact was sufficient to prove everything.

Unfortunately, only Fan Yunlan knew that the birth of that child…was actually an accident. But no matter what, she still firmly believed that since Chen Xi dared speak these words, he surely had a reason!

Bing Shitian’s pupils constricted slightly when he heard Chen Xi make such a vicious oath, and then he said coldly, “Your courage is worthy of compliment. I hope you don’t regret it when the day comes!”

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he said calmly, “How about if I win this bet?”

“Win? How could you possibly win?” Bing Shitian was stunned, and he seemed as if he’d heard a humongous joke.

“What? You don’t dare to take the bet?” said Chen Xi.

Bing Shitian’s face sank, and his gaze flickered indeterminately before he said coldly after a long time, “Alright! Since you’re looking for death, then I’ll fulfil your wish. I’ll agree to this bet. If you win, then I, Bing Shitian, will cripple my own cultivation and be reduced to a mortal that’s at your mercy!”

“Only in this moment have you made a display that was like a true Immortal.” Chen Xi said calmly, “A hundred years from now, I’ll head over to the Heavenflow Dao Sect. At that time, there’ll naturally be a winner to this bet. But I have to remind you that if Miss Qing isn’t marrying you willingly, then I’ll allow you to understand how living can be a worse fate than death!”

Everyone was shocked as soon as these words were spoken, and they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi actually dared to threaten a Heavenly Immortal!

How many people in this world dare to do this?

“Very good!” Bing Shitian’s expression was calm yet he was already furious to the extreme in his heart, and his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. “You’re the first person that dared to speak like this to me, I’ll remember this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bing Shitian flicked his sleeve to directly and forcefully cut open a passageway in space, and then he walked over. “Junior Brother Yun, Fellow Emissaries, it’s time for us to leave.”

Yun Lansheng glanced at Chen Xi and couldn’t help but sigh before following right behind Bing Shitian.

The other emissaries of the Dark Reverie didn’t dare continue staying here when they saw this, and all of them brought along the disciples of the various Dynasties they’d selected and followed closely behind Yun Lansheng to move towards the passageway.

When they left, Su Qingyan, Xue Ranchen, Ling Ze, and the others nodded to Chen Xi and sent voice transmissions with words like ‘see you in the Dark Reverie.’

Chen Xi replied to all of them one by one, and he seemed to be rather calm and hadn’t lost his head from what had happened.

Only Feng Jianbai and Shang Que bluntly revealed a wisp of killing intent towards Chen Xi when they left.

Chen Xi noticed it, yet didn’t say anything. He didn’t take these two fellows seriously any longer because his current target had been locked onto Bing Shitian long ago.

In next to no time, the disciples of the various Dynasties and the emissaries of the Dark Reverie had entered the spatial passageway under Bing Shitian’s lead and vanished.

The area before the Warsoul Tablet had completely recovered its calm.

The setting sun glowed red like blood as it emanated the glow of dusk, and when it descended onto the surface of the stone tablet, a golden light surged upon it as the names of the experts of the various Dynasties were reflected upon it.

But in next to no time, more than half of these names had vanished, and it also meant that these people had already left the Primeval Battlefield.

Once Chen Xi and the others left, this stone tablet that witnessed the rise of countless experts would once again fall into silence. Perhaps, there would be another batch of young disciples that would enter here in another 100 years.

This was the principle of the circulation of the world. Everything was moving forward while stopping meant falling behind and death.


Under the setting sun, Chen Xi strolled by himself within the empty Primeval City, and his tall figure drew out a long shadow on the ground.

A single and solitary shadow.

Zhen Liuqing had left. When she left, a red string was tied on his right wrist, and she didn’t say anything else because she knew that he understood her feelings.

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou had left as well. Huangfu Qingying cried like a weeping beauty, like a little lady that didn’t know anything, whereas Young Master Zhou struck Chen Xi fiercely on his shoulder and said ‘Best brothers for life.’

Ling Yu laughed with a silly expression on his face when he left, and he revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth. Moreover, he extremely optimistically invited Chen Xi to pay a visit to the Dhyana Forest Temple when Chen Xi was free.

Zhao Qinghe only silently stared at Chen Xi for a while and didn’t say a single word just like his cold character. But Chen Xi understood that if he was in trouble, then Zhao Qinghe wouldn’t hesitate to lay down his life just like he’d done before.

Only Fan Yunlan hugged Chen Xi tightly and muttered for a long time as if she wanted to finish speaking everything she could say for her entire lifetime. When she left, she suddenly turned around and glanced back at him while smiling sweetly, and her beautiful and magnificent smile caused the setting sun to be cast into shade.

She seemed as if she wanted to make Chen Xi eternally remember her most beautiful side that she revealed at this moment.

After that…

Only Chen Xi himself and Madman Liu remained.

He didn’t leave impatiently, but started strolling through the streets by himself, and he seemed as if he was reluctant to leave and was bidding farewell to everything that had occurred in this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

In the end, he returned to his residence, and he smiled as he looked at Madman Liu who leaned on a willow tree while drinking wine. “Senior, let’s go!”

“Aren’t you going to stay for a while longer?”

“No. The past will also pass by in the end, whereas the Dark Reverie is my new beginning!” Chen Xi’s gaze was firm, and it was tainted with a wisp of resplendent color from the rays of the setting sun, causing his eyes to seem dreamlike.

“Then let’s set out!” Madman Liu roared with laughter before he drank the last drop of wine in the jug and stood up, and then he tore open the space before him. “Kid, that was well said. The Dark Reverie is boundless with a myriad of clans and experts that are numerous like the trees in a forest. It’s the place that’s the closest to the Immortal Dimension, and that place is the true stage that belongs to you!”


The spatial passageway flashed, and this expanse of the heavens and the earth returned to calm once again.

The setting sun glowed in the sky, withered grass was scattered everywhere, and the ancient Primeval City that was accustomed to time and age still stood there with an awe-inspiring aura, whereas the last wisp of golden light on the Warsoul Tablet gradually vanished.

Chen Xi’s name was once branded there.

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