Chapter 545 – Great Figures

No one present had imagined that so many unexpected changes in events would occur today.

As a supreme Heavenly Immortal, Bing Shitian had drawn out a forsaker of the heavens, Madman Liu, the Great Sage Heaven Trampler from the Unknown Lands, and the Saintly Land of Ascension’s Huang Meiweng just for the sake of punishing Chen Xi.

Every single one of these three great figures possessed strengths that were more formidable than Bing Shitian. Moreover, they seemed to have an extremely intimate relationship with those disciples of the Darchu Dynasty. Who would have imagined this would happen a few moments ago?

After all, under the instruction of Bing Shitian, there wasn’t a single sect that was willing to take Chen Xi and the others!

However, now everything had turned around.

Madman Liu wanted to take Chen Xi with him, the Great Sage Heaven Trampler wanted to take Zhen Liuqing with him, and Huang Meiweng wanted to take both Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou with him. Such a change in events didn’t just cause the experts of the various Dynasties to be extremely shocked to the point their hearts trembled, even the emissaries of the Dark Reverie were shocked repeatedly and felt disbelief.

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect Madman Liu was from was ranked amongst the top 10 immortal sects of the Dark Reverie, and it even possessed the reputation of being one of the three great sword sects in the world. It was entirely on par with the Skyreach Sect, Heartcontrol Swordhouse, Heavenflow Dao Sect, and other similar immortal sects.

On the other hand, the sects that Heaven Trampler and Huang Meiweng came from were even more old, mysterious, and ancient than the 10 immortal sects, and they belonged to the ranks of sects that were in seclusion from the world and only existed in legend.

Such sects rarely had an appearance of an inheritor, yet so long as one did appear, the inheritor was bound to be a leading figure that swept through the heavens and the earth, commanded the winds and clouds, and looked down on the world!

For example, the Great Sage Heaven Trampler existed for boundless years, and he was rumored to have annihilated a Heavenly Immortal with his bare hands!

However, the Darchu Dynasty actually had a few disciples that had the fortune to be chose as disciples by these secluded sects. Not to mention these experts of the various Dynasties, even the emissaries of the Dark Reverie felt extremely shocked.

Comparatively speaking, Bing Shitian’s mood was the most horrible, and his expression was extremely unsightly and gloomy to the extreme.

He originally thought that by relying on his identity, he only had to execute a small scheme and would be able to doom Chen Xi eternally. Yet never had he imagined that the situation would develop to such an extent!

Not only did Madman Liu arrogantly ask him to fuck off, even figures like Heaven Trampler and Huang Meiweng regarded him as an ant that was beneath their notice. How could Bing Shitian, who was a great Heavenly Immortal that was always respected no matter where he went, accept this?

But it just so happened that he had no choice but to tolerate it for now. Because he knew clearly that no matter if it was Heaven Trampler or Huang Meiweng, both of them were capable of easily killing him. So no matter how furious he was, he didn’t dare make a rash move, and such an extremely grievous feeling caused him to be on the verge of spitting blood.

However, before everyone could recover from these waves of shock, two grand voices had actually resounded out once more in the distant horizon, and it instantly caused the hearts of everyone to tremble greatly and feel suffocated.

There’re more great figures descending!

They wouldn’t be coming for a disciple of the Darchu Dynasty again, right?

The expressions of every went stiff as they stared blankly towards the distant horizon because there were two vast divine rays of light that filled the heavens and the earth whistling over from there.


“Oh, I’ve arrived. I was guided here by destiny, it really is a small world.”

A ray of divine light flashed before a monk that wore tattered monk robes, straw sandals, and held a string of extremely ordinary prayer beads made of decaying wood walked out from within it.

This monk’s dressing was like the vagrant monks of the mortal world that roamed about the streets to beg for alms. But his eyes were extremely clear and surged with a kind glow while divine light faintly flowed between his brows, and his entire body was clean. Even though he was clothed in rags, they didn’t emanate a filthy aura, and they were instead like a lotus that stood aloof amidst a filthy world.

Everyone felt extremely deep and profound wisdom when they first laid eyes on this monk; he was like a wise sage that knew everything and possessed wisdom that was as deep as the ocean.

This was the first time Chen Xi had seen someone from the Buddhist Sect. When he looked at the monk from afar, he really noticed a strand of an unfamiliar energy that was vast, bright, and pure flowing around the monk. Obviously, it was Buddha Energy.

On the other hand, the expressions of the emissaries turned to shock when they saw this monk. The reason was extremely simple, even if it was within the Dark Reverie, the members of the Buddhist Sect hadn’t emerged in the world for countless years, and the people of the world had almost forgotten the existence of the Buddhist Sect. Who would have expected that they would actually encounter a member of the Buddhist Sect in the Primeval Battlefield?

Moreover, this monk’s strength seemed to be extremely strong!

“Dhyana Forest Temple’s Monk of Six Senses? Why have you come, monk? Could it be that the Buddhist Sect can’t sit still with the impending upheaval of the three dimensions?” The nearby Huang Meiweng spoke out with surprise.

“Since Benefactor may come here, then this little monk naturally can come as well. Coming and going is a wonder of the heavens and the earth, why inquire to the bottom of something?” Six Senses grinned.

“Six senses? This Buddhist name is interesting. Named from the six senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and thought. Comprehending the profundities of the six senses and obliterating the desires of the six senses wouldn’t be the Grand Dao you’re pursuing for your entire lifetime, right?” Heaven Trampler seemed to have thought of something, and he roared with laughter.

“Benefactor is really wise. Everything should be guided by fate. Why don’t you return with this little monk to laud the scriptures and comprehend the profundities of Buddhism? You’ll surely be able to become a Buddha soon.” Six Senses turned around to grin at Heaven Trampler.

“Nonsense. I heard since long ago that members of the Buddhist Sect are full of witty remarks and are more formidable than anyone in talking. How could I be tricked by you?” Heaven Trampler glared at Six Senses as he shook his head.

“This baldy is really full of crap, and it’s sickening!” Right at this moment, another ray of light arrived swiftly, and with a flash, a man walked out from within it.

His figure was extremely tall, his backbone ramrod straight, and his eyes deep and profound. The lines of his face were craggy as if it was chiseled out, causing him to be peerlessly handsome. The dense jet black hair that covered his head fluttered in the wind, while a monstrous aura of resolute slaughter and dominating the world were emitted from between his brows as he swept his gaze towards the surroundings.

Above all things, there was a piercingly cold and pure energy that was filled with a destructive aura flowing around his body, and it developed into countless devils, yaksha, asuras, skeletons, and other terrifying phenomena, causing him to seem like a great devil that had walked out from hell.

The hearts of everyone shook once more.

This…is actually a great figure of the Devil Sect!

Members of the Devil Sect are brutal and evil figures, yet the Devilish Qi he emits is so pure. I wonder how he cultivated it… Chen Xi was amazed in his heart.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just him, everyone else only dared to think about it in their hearts yet didn’t dare speak out.

It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too many great figures present, and they were too terrifying.

Heaven Trampler, Huang Meiweng, Six Senses, and the great figure of the Devil Sect that had just arrived. Every single one of them had their own unique characteristics, and every single one of them had strengths that stood far above everyone else. Even Bing Shitian had no place to interrupt before them, so how could all these juniors dare open their mouths?

But the situation developing to such an extent had already caused Chen Xi to completely heave a sigh of relief. He knew that he didn’t have to rely on the tiny cauldron’s strength to fight desperately with Bing Shitian any longer, and it was sufficient for him to wait for a proper moment to take action.

“First Heaven Devil Sect’s Fang Zhanmei! I never expected a devil like you has come here as well. I’ve wanted to fight you for a few thousand years, yet never had the fortune of meeting you. Since destiny has brought us together, let’s compete here!” Right at this moment, Heaven Trampler roared with laughter towards the sky as his battle intent surged, and he was burning with eagerness.

Fang Zhanmei!

The expressions of the emissaries turned to shock once again when they heard this name, and even Bing Shitian’s pupils constricted as he revealed a wisp of deep fear.

This person was the most outstanding overlord figure of the Devil Sect, and he’d already shaken the entire Dark Reverie and become famous in the world since countless years ago. But he’d gone into seclusion for an unknown reason later on and didn’t make an appearance ever since.

At that time, this caused an extremely great stir in the Dark Reverie, and everyone guessed that he’d overcome the Heavenly Tribulation and ascended to the Immortal Dimension since long ago. Never had they imagined that he would actually make a sudden appearance at this moment and appear here!

“Want to fight me? Go ask your master if he agrees first!” Fang Zhanmei glanced at Heaven Trampler before he spoke with a carefree tone.

Heaven Trampler’s expression froze when his master was mentioned. He couldn’t help but sigh repeatedly with an extremely helpless appearance, and he didn’t have the desire to battle any longer.

“Little fatty, quickly come with this little monk. The group of baldies in the Dhyana Forest Temple are waiting anxiously for you.” On the other side, Six Senses suddenly arrived by Ling Yu’s side, and he grinned as he sized Ling Yu up before he spoke.

When everyone saw this, they couldn’t help but think in their hearts.

It really is like this.

They’d been shocked to the point of becoming numbed by the numerous scenes that had occurred previously, so they seemed to be much calmer at this moment instead.

“Me?” Ling Yu was astounded, and he scratched his head before asking with an honest expression. “Senior, have you mistaken me for someone else?”

“No matter who I identify mistakenly, I wouldn’t mistake you.” Six Senses seemed to be extremely patient as he spoke with a grin.

“Are you sure?”




“Did you really not make a mistake?”

“I really didn’t.”

“But I…”

“Little brat! Are you done!?”


Six Senses was finally unable to endure it any longer, and he raised his hand to knock Ling Yu out before he shook his head helplessly. “Oh dear, even though the disciples of the Buddhist Sect are really long-winded, there really isn’t another person that’s as long-winded as you, little brat. What an abnormal fellow!”

Heaven Trampler, Huang Meiweng, and Fang Zhanmei couldn’t help but roar with laughter when they saw this scene because Ling Yu was really abnormal for being able to be long-winded to the point that Six Senses couldn’t take it.

Chen Xi and the others smiled endlessly as well. All of them had discerned that Six Senses really had heartfelt intentions of taking Ling Yu with him and taking Ling Yu as a disciple of the Dhyana Forest Temple.

Only Bing Shitian still had a dark and emotionless expression because another disciple of the Darchu Dynasty had been taken away by a great figure of the Buddhist Sect, and this caused his mood to be even more gloomy and resentful.

Next, Fang Zhanmei selected Fan Yunlan.

Fan Yunlan seemed to not be surprised, and she calmly received this extremely great fortune.

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised either because he’d heard a long time ago from that Senior Sister of his that loved to disguise herself as a man that Fan Yunlan was born while accompanied by a Lotus of Evil. Moreover, she was from the Devil Sect, so being selected by Fang Zhanmei was within reason.

But what surprised Chen Xi was that Fang Zhanmei suddenly swept his gaze towards the nearby Zhao Qinghe after he selected Fan Yunlan, and he actually selected Zhao Qinghe as well!

Up until this point, besides Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi, all the other disciples of their Darchu Dynasty had been selected by the great figures that had suddenly descended to the Primeval Battlefield!

Not to mention Chen Xi and the others, could anyone amongst the people present have imagined that such a scene would occur?

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