Chapter 544 – The Saintly Land of Ascension

The Great Sage, Heaven Trampler, tore through the sky with a figure that could rival the height of the sky. At this moment, his roars of laughter were simply like the roar of an enormous dragon, and waves of sound roiled out like the tide as it resounded in the entire heavens and the earth and shook the surrounding space to the point of collapsing inch by inch.

The expressions of the emissaries of the Dark Reverie went pale as they hurriedly struck out with techniques that protected all the disciples by their sides so as to avoid them having their souls injured by this wave of sound.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and the others were only able to remain safe and sound under the protection of Madman Liu.

However, the most shocking matter was the meaning within Heaven Trampler’s words. He actually said Zhen Liuqing was his Junior Sister! This was simply like a bolt of lightning that shocked everyone to the point their jaws almost dropped off.

One was a formidable ox demon that came from the Unknown Lands, existed for countless years, and was even rumored to have annihilated a Heavenly Immortal, whereas the other was a female cultivator from the Darchu Dynasty that was only at the Rebirth Realm.

How could these two people be from the same sect!?

Even Chen Xi was greatly surprised, as he never imagined that Zhen Liuqing’s origins were actually so great.

As the concerned party, Zhen Liuqing was muddled as well. She’d utterly not wrapped her head around what exactly was going on. Her master was the Pavilion Master of the Darchu Dynasty’s Mistwater Pavilion. When did he take such a formidable existence as his disciple?

“Oh, it’s I that was rash. Junior Sister, you’ll naturally understand everything once you return to where Master is with me.” Seeing Zhen Liuqing reveal a vigilant expression caused Heaven Trampler’s laughter to stop abruptly, and he scratched his head as he explained.


He utterly never expected that just his action of scratching his head would cause his arm that was thick like a pillar that could hold up the heavens to actually directly collapse some of the nearby buildings.

Seeing Zhen Liuqing reveal a terrified expression caused him to feel a wave of embarrassment, and then he slapped himself on the head before he suddenly became smaller and transformed into a 3m tall stalwart man that possessed a similarly overbearing and ferocious aura.

But seeing this still caused everyone present to heave a sigh of relief in their hearts. His appearance that was comparable in height to the sky was truly too shocking.

“Junior Sister, let’s go. My sudden descent here has already been noticed by some bastards of the Immortal Dimension. Even though I’m unafraid of them, but Master will surely not let me off if he finds out.” Heaven Trampler chuckled as he spoke.

“That won’t do.” Zhen Liuqing had recovered her senses at this moment, and she pointed at the distant Bing Shitian. “This Heavenly Immortal said that he would absolutely not allow me to leave the Primeval Battlefield this time.”

The bodies of everyone trembled when they heard this.

What a strong intent to take revenge! No matter who I offend in the future, I must not offend this woman!

On the other hand, Bing Shitian’s expression had already become extremely unsightly. He hadn’t imagined that such an unexpected event would actually occur as well, and he’d even offended a great figure that even he was extremely afraid of.

“Is what my Junior Sister said true?” Heaven Trampler’s eyes that were like wheels of blood looked coldly at Bing Shitian, and his gaze was filled with ferociousness, causing him to completely reveal an appearance that seemed as if he was waiting for the chance to swallow Bing Shitian up.

“Hmph! Heaven Trampler, I’m an Immortal Emissary that holds a decree of the Immortal Dimension! What? Do you want to go against me?” Bing Shitian’s expression was gloomy as he grunted coldly.

Even though he spoke like this, everyone was able to discern that Bing Shitian’s attitude seemed to have weakened greatly, and all of this was because of the existence of Heaven Trampler.

Heaven Trampler glanced at the decree that emitted a brilliant golden glow in Bing Shitian’s hand, and he couldn’t help but frown as he said, “How troublesome! Master will probably command me to go into closed door cultivation for another 10,000 years if I kill you. Nevermind, Junior Sister, let’s go. I’ll help you kill this bastard secretly when I have the chance in the future.”

Everyone was astounded.

Isn’t this fellow too open with what he says? How could he speak out about something that’s done in secret?

Bing Shitian’s face twitched fiercely as his expression turned exceedingly gloomy. If it was his true body that was present here, he would be entirely unafraid of Heaven Trampler. But, unfortunately…he was only an External Avatar now, and he was utterly not a match for Heaven Trampler. So he could only stomach this insult.

“That won’t do.” Zhen Liuqing shook her head once more.

“Why? Could it be that there’s still someone else that bullied you?” Heaven Trampler’s eyes stared wide open as he swept his gaze towards the surrounding people, and his appearance was utterly violent and ferocious.

“No. These are all my companions, the best of friends. You have to bring them along if we leave, otherwise…” Zhen Liuqing pointed at Chen Xi and the others who were by her side, and she spoke out slowly.

“This is nothing. It’s completely not a problem, just leave it to your Senior Brother.” Before Zhen Liuqing could finish speaking, Heaven Trampler had already agreed readily, but he pondered deeply right after that and said, “Junior Sister, I can bring them along. But I can’t bring them back to our sect because it’s a rule that Master set, and even your Senior Brother can’t do anything about it.”

Zhen Liuqing smiled sweetly. “That’s already sufficient. Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Even though she hadn’t wrapped her head around what the relationship was between her and Heaven Trampler’s sect, it didn’t stop her from relying on Heaven Trampler’s might to help Chen Xi and the others.

She was already satisfied when she saw Heaven Trampler had agreed readily, and as for the future, Chen Xi and the others were entirely capable of heading to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect with Madman Liu to cultivate.

The only thing that was a slight regret to her was that she was unable to give Bing Shitian a good beating this time…

Chen Xi and the others were surprised as well, and then they heaved sighs of relief and felt extremely at ease in their hearts as well. They’d never imagined that when they were about to fall into a hopeless situation, there would actually be a such formidable existence that appeared abruptly, and the formidable existence had even helped them resolve the danger they faced. This sort of feeling was no different than obtaining new life in a hopeless situation.

Bing Shitian’s heart instantly fell to rock bottom when he saw this. If he didn’t kill Chen Xi now, then it would probably be difficult for him to kill Chen Xi in the future, but he had no choice but to accept this reality.

Bing Shitian gnashed his teeth with hatred to the point his teeth almost shattered when he thought about this. He’s only a tiny ant, yet I’m unable to kill him no matter what, and he even caused my honor to be tarnished repeatedly. How will I gain a foothold in the Immortal Dimension like this? How will I convince everyone of my ability?

“That won’t do. Brother Ox, you can’t take two of them away, as they have destiny with my Saintly Land of Ascension, and they ought to follow me.” Right at this moment, numerous fresh flowers suddenly bloomed in the sky and covered the heavens and the earth while the sound of the Dao that seemed like the sound of nature rang melodiously and resoundingly, and it caused everything in the surroundings to seem to have instantly transformed into a paradise of immortals.

Moreover, at the center of the fresh flowers that drifted in the entire sky was a yellow browed old man with a sullen expression. He had a green colored walking stick, had a hunched back, and seemed like an old man of the mortal world.

But there wasn’t a single person amongst the people present that dared look down upon him. If one looked carefully, one would be able to notice that the aura on him was deep like the ocean, and it caused others to be utterly incapable of seeing through the depth of his aura nor the level of his cultivation. He seemed to be extremely mysterious and terrifying.

“The Saintly Land of Ascension! You’re Huang Meiweng!” Bing Shitian’s pupils constricted abruptly as he spoke out in shock.

On the other hand, everyone else was already shocked to the point their entire bodies had become stiff long ago.

The Saintly Land of Ascension, that’s similarly an ancient sect that’s secluded from the world, and its existence in history is even longer than the ten immortal sects of the Dark Reverie!

Most importantly, if a sect of the Dark Reverie was capable of having the word ‘Saint’ within its name, then it usually meant that a true Saint had once emerged from this sect!

What was a Saint?

Someone that had exceeded the mundane and entered into sainthood, a person that was all-powerful. Once such a figure appeared, he was bound to be worshiped in the heavens and the earth, be capable of shaking the heavens and the earth, and was extremely respected.

Even though everyone didn’t know Huang Meiweng’s identity clearly, since he was from the Saintly Land of Ascension, then it was sufficient to prove exactly how formidable his strength and identity was.

“Oh, I never expected that someone in this world would still recognize this old man?” Huang Meiweng glanced at Bing Shitian and spoke indifferently before shooting his gaze onto Heaven Trampler, and the he sighed. “Brother Ox, do you agree to what this old man said earlier?”

“Do as you like.” Heaven Trampler waves his hand as he spoke. “So long as they’re willing to leave with you, then how could I possibly obstruct you?”

“Good, that’s good.” Huang Meiweng nodded, and his gaze had already descended onto Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou. He briefly sized them up before a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. “Little Fellows, did both of you enter a secret realm on the Isle of Fallen Treasures and obtain the inheritance of the Ascension Flight Scripture?”

“Yes.” Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou replied while staring blankly at Huang Meiweng. They had indeed entered a secret realm and obtained some inheritances, but what they were unable to wrap their heads around was how Huang Meiweng knew?

“Then it’s correct. Leave with this old man, the Saintly Land of Ascension will finally have inheritors entering it after eight thousand years. It’s truly gratifying!” Huang Meiweng sighed with a light voice. Even though he said this, yet he still carried that sullen expression, and it caused everyone to have a strange feeling as they looked at him.

Chen Xi and the others were extremely astounded when they saw these scenes, and it was impossible for them to have expected that the situation would actually develop to such an extent. Not only did Zhen Liuqing possess the assistance of a great figure, even Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou had a sect as well, and such a change in events caused them to be extremely surprised.

On the other hand, Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou had already come to an understanding at this moment. They’d actually unintentionally and unexpectedly become the inheritors of the Saintly Land of Ascension!

Both of them looked at Chen Xi in unison when they realized this, and they were extremely grateful in their hearts because they were only able to enter the secret realm and obtain such fortune because of Chen Xi’s assistance.

In other words, it was completely because of Chen Xi that they were able to become the inheritors of the Saintly Land of Ascension.

“That won’t do. That Heavenly Immortal won’t allow us to leave, and he even said he wants to annihilate us.” Huangfu Qingying blinked her eyes as she spoke out abruptly.

Everyone was instantly stunned once again, and then they looked at each other.

This excuse is simply exactly similar to what Zhen Liuqing used. Sure enough, women are the most vengeful!

On the other hand, Bing Shitian’s face had completely darkened, and he was angered to the point he almost spat blood. What exactly is going on today!? Could it be that I’m down on luck?

“Oh? It’s only the External Avatar of a Heavenly Immortal, there’s no need to pay attention to his threats.” Huang Meiweng spoke with indifference.

Bing Shitian really wished for nothing more than to turn around and leave right away when he heard this. As a Heavenly Immortal, he was actually disregarded repeatedly, and such a feeling was on the verge of making him go mad.

“Baldy! Do you really want to fight me?”

“No, no. This little monk doesn’t have the time to fight with you.”

“Then why’re you chasing closely behind me?”

“I’m just going towards the same way, it’s just the same way…”

Right at this moment, two voices resounded out once more in the distant horizon, and they seemed to be arguing all along the way with voices that were extremely loud and resounded in the entire heavens and the earth.

The same thought emerged simultaneously in the minds of everyone when they saw this scene.

It wouldn’t be another two great figures arriving with the intention of taking those disciples of the Darchu Dynasty as their disciples, right?

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