Chapter 543 – The Great Sage, Heaven Trampler!

Madman Liu’s explosive shout shook everyone present.

The way he said ‘fuck off’ was so overbearing to the point it seemed that he didn’t even take Bing Shitian who was a Heavenly Immortal seriously, and his arrogant expression caused everyone present to feel suffocated and reveal astonished expressions.

Even Zhen Liuqing and the others were stunned as they utterly never imagined that this dirty geezer who was usually slovenly and had a grumpy temper would actually have such an overbearing side, and it was simply unbelievable.

“Are you speaking to me?” Bing Shitian’s face sank, and his icy cold gaze could almost kill.

“Who else? If it was your true body present here, then perhaps I would be slightly afraid. But now, I’m completely certain of being able to annihilate you.” Madman Liu rolled his eyes as he spoke with disdain.

“Do you really think that no one is capable of restraining you if you hide in the Mortal Dimension?” Flames of rage roiled within Bing Shitian’s eyes as he was completely furious this time.

Who was he? He was a supreme Heavenly Immortal. So when had he suffered such treatment?

However, there was a tiny ant that repeatedly offended his honor, and now a dirty geezer had jumped out and spoken disrespectfully to him. All of this caused Bing Shitian to be enraged to the extreme.

Blood flows into rivers when an Emperor is enraged, and when a Heavenly Immortal is enraged, it could even destroy a small world!

Even though Bing Shitian was only an External Avatar at this moment, if he were to risk his life, then the destructive force he emitted would absolutely be something unbelievable to everyone present.

“Oh? You really want to try?” Madman Liu took a step forward, causing his goatee to flutter as a terrifying aura that caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shadow gushed out explosively from his body.

This was the killing intent that belonged to a Heavenly Immortal. When the heavens emitted killing intent, the stars and constellations moved; when the earth emitted killing intent, all living creatures moved, and when a mortal emitted killing intent, the heavens and earth were overturned, whereas the killing intent of a Heavenly Immortal was sufficient to destroy an entire world.

“Hmph! The ignorant are really fearless!” Bing Shitian sneered, and with a flip of his hand, a decree that glowed with brilliant golden light and emitted blazing rays of immortal light floated on his palm. At the instant it appeared, it actually emanated supreme majesty that caused everyone to wish for nothing more than to kneel down in worship and pray devotedly.

“A decree of the Immortal Dimension!?” Madman Liu’s eyes suddenly erupted with a wisp of cold lights, and he was slightly shocked and seemed to be surprised that such a treasure would appear in the hands of Bing Shitian.

“Yes, I shouldered the mission of the Immortal Dimension to investigate the source of the upheaval of the three dimensions when I descended to the Mortal Dimension this time, whereas this treasure had naturally fallen into my hands.” Bing Shitian roared with laughter, and his voice was icy cold to the extreme. “This decree is only an Immortal Artifact to others, and it’s nothing special. But it’s different for you. You’re a forsaker of the heavens, so how long can you hide once I utilize this decree?”

Madman Liu’s expression had finally turned grim. Bing Shitian was right, the decree of the Immortal Dimension had the supreme will that belonged solely to the Immortal Dimension branded upon it. Once someone like him that had ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal yet hadn’t ascended into the Immortal Dimension encountered the summons of a decree of the Immortal Dimension, then he would be forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension in less than the time for an incense stick to burn.

“Good, very good! You, Bing Shitian, actually possess such a treasure. You’ve indeed opened my eyes today, but…” Madman Liu sneered as a wisp of ruthlessness flashed on his face. “Do you think I’m unable to kill you before I’m drawn into the Immortal Dimension?”

Bing Shitian’s expression froze, and then he laughed coldly. “Why don’t you try?”

The atmosphere was all set for a showdown.

The collision between these two great figures caused everyone in the surroundings to feel utterly horrified, and they were completely incapable of interfering.

Even those emissaries of the Dark Reverie had serious expressions and were extremely terrified.

At this moment, the hearts of everyone was at their throats as they looked at the battle between Heavenly Immortals that was about to erupt, causing them to feel as if their souls were about to leave their bodies, and they wished for nothing more than to turn around and flee.

The reason was extremely simple. Once both of them fought, this expanse of the heavens and the earth would probably be destroyed, and they would absolutely die a graveless death if it were to affect them.

Amidst this silence, Chen Xi looked silently at the gaunt figure that stood before him, and he felt warm and sorrowful, but mostly furious.

Merely because of Bing Shitian alone, so many things had happened today. He’d implicated Chen Xi’s companions to the point of being unable to enter any power of the Dark Reverie, and now even Madman Liu was implicated. All this caused Chen Xi to be furious to the limit.

“Chen Xi, do you still remember what I said? If both of us join forces, then I have a 30% certainty in being able to heavily injure or even kill him. You can consider this.” While his entire heart was interwoven with rage and resentment, the voice of the tiny cauldron suddenly resounding out in his heart.


When he heard this extremely low amount of certainty, Chen Xi’s mind that was almost lost to his rage instantly sobered up greatly, and his blood red eyes stared fixedly at Bing Shitian who was laughing coldly as he said abruptly, “Senior Liu, think you for your good intentions this time. If I have the chance, I’ll surely repay you in the future. Now, please move away temporarily and leave this matter to me.”

Chen Xi’s voice that sounded out abruptly seemed to be extremely unexpected in this silent and nervous atmosphere. In the next moment, the gazes of everyone that was surprised and bewildered shot over to him. Could it be that this kid wants to sacrifice himself in exchange for Madman Liu’s safety?

“Don’t talk nonsense! You stand over there obediently!” Madman Liu frowned as he shouted in a low voice.

“Senior, I might encounter situations that are even more dangerous than this in the future. What should I do if you aren’t present at that time?” Chen Xi said calmly, “Allow me to do this. Bing Shitian is my enemy, and if I don’t even have the courage to go against him, then it’ll probably be impossible for me to become an immortal in my entire lifetime.”

“You…” Madman Liu intended to flare up yet as soon as he encountered Chen Xi’s gaze, his heart trembled for no reason, and he was actually stunned to the point of speechlessness.

What sort of gaze was this?

It was calm and clear like snow, with resolution and firmness deep within, and it was like the gaze of a fearless warrior on the battlefield. Even if the road ahead was covered in thorns, mountains of blades, and seas of flames, it would be unable to make him frown in the slightest.

“Haha! Do you think that you’ll be able to ensure the safety of everyone if you do this?” Bing Shitian suddenly roared with laughter, and his voice revealed dense disdain. “I’ve already decided that it isn’t just you, even your companions will all be unable to enter the Dark Reverie!”


Everyone in the surroundings gasped, and they understood in their hearts that Bing Shitian had probably aroused the intent to kill because of Chen Xi’s repeated offense. As soon as these words were spoken, they were surely impossible to be changed.

“Chen Xi, it’s alright. Even if we die today, we still support your decision!” Huangfu Qingying and the others seemed to be extremely composed instead when facing this scene, and all of them spoke out successively with support towards Chen Xi. Obviously, they’d already prepared themselves for death at this moment.

Chen Xi turned around, and the thought in his mind from before grew even firmer as he looked at the firm expressions on the faces of Huangfu Qingying and the others. “Don’t worry. No one is capable of obstructing us from entering the Dark Reverie today!”

“Hmph! Shameless boasting! Let me see what ability a tiny ant like you possesses to talk so big!” Bing Shitian sneered.

Chen Xi didn’t continue speaking, and he took a deep breath as he said slowly in his heart, “Tiny cauldron, I’ll be relying on you to fight by my side.”

“Wait!” However, right when Chen Xi was about to put his life on the line, the tiny cauldron suddenly said, “Someone is coming. Perhaps there’ll be a favorable turn of events.”

Chen Xi was stunned and just about to ask when a wave of footsteps that seemed like the rumbling of thunder resounded out, and it shook him to the point he felt giddy while his eardrums were on the verge of exploding.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right at this moment, the other people present here heard these footsteps that shook the heavens and the earth, and all of their expressions turned pale as they looked towards the extreme distance.

The sky over there had suddenly split open into a rift that was extremely long, and a figure that could reach the sky walked out from within it. Every single step of the figure shook the surrounding space to the point of shattering while the earth quaked, and its impetus was shocking to the extreme.

This figure was truly too tall, and the boundless layer of clouds was only barely capable of concealing his waist while his upper body was entirely above the layer of clouds!

Most shocking of it all was the dense black mist that gushed around his body, causing everywhere he passed to transform into an expanse of darkness as if it had fallen into eternal night.

Even Bing Shitian and Madman Liu revealed shocked expressions when they saw this figure, and they seemed to have guessed something yet didn’t dare confirm it.


This figure that could compare in height to the sky swiftly arrived outside Primeval City, and then the layer of clouds above the city suddenly split open as an enormous head stretched over.

At the instant this head appeared, the shadow it cast caused half of the entire Primeval City to be covered beneath it. The figure’s eyes were like two enormous lakes that reflected a river of stars, his beard that was 3km long that densely covered his face hung down like a pitch black waterfall, his brows were like two mountains that lay across the earth, and his appearance was craggy and extremely dignified.

Most shocking of it all was there was actually a pair of pitch black horns on both sides of his head, and they tore through the sky like sharp swords while suffused with a terrifying sheen.

This appearance was simply like that of a formidable demon that had fought the world in the primeval times!

Everyone felt suffocated when they saw this scene, and the tiny feeling as if they were an ant arose in their hearts.

“The Great Sage, Heaven Trampler!?” Bing Shitian and Madman Liu recognized this person at the same time.

On the other hand, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie recovered from their shock when they heard the shocked exclaims of Bing Shitian and Madman Liu, and then their expressions changed indeterminately while their eyes revealed deep terror.

The Great Sage, Heaven Trampler, was a formidable ox demon that came from the Unknown Lands of the Dark Reverie, and he’d lived for countless years. Supposedly, he’d once annihilated a Heavenly Immortal and was extremely lawless in his actions, causing him to seem like the devil incarnate.

Everyone originally thought that this was only a legend, but when they saw the appearance of this figure that could compare in height to the sky with their own two eyes, everyone noticed that even if this legend wasn’t true, it wasn’t very far from the truth.

Merely the aura emitted from this figure caused their breathing to become difficult, and it was even more horrifying than facing Bing Shitian.

“Oh, I’ve finally arrived in time.” Heaven Trampler’s eyes that seemed like bloody wheels swept past everyone present, and even Bing Shitian and Madman Liu were overlooked by him as his gaze finally descended at the side of Chen Xi.

Zhen Liuqing was standing right there and being looked at like this by Heaven Trampler actually caused her to have a feeling of familiarity.

“Junior Sister, you really are here. HAHAHA!” Heaven Trampler suddenly started roaring with laughter with a voice that seemed like surging thunderclaps, and it shook the entire Primeval City to the point of trembling.

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