Chapter 542 – The Punishment Of A Heavenly Immortal

Heavenly Immortals!

They wandered the universe, moving freely above the nine heavens, and lived eternally throughout the ages.

Heavenly Immortals!

They looked down upon the heavens and the earth and controlled a myriad of profound techniques. So why would they be afraid of the rumors and gossip in the Mortal Dimension?

Bing Shitian’s sudden actions could be said to have fully displayed the overbearingness of a Heavenly Immortal.

Everyone was slightly stunned before tacitly approving this fact. The reason was extremely simple, this was the action of a Heavenly Immortal, and in this expanse of the heavens and the earth, a Heavenly Immortal was everything, and a Heavenly Immortal represented a supreme will that couldn’t be disrespected!

At this moment, Qing Xiuyi being forcefully seized had already caused Chen Xi to hate Bing Shitian to the bone.

“Now, do you have anything to say?” Bing Shitian held his hands behind his back while looking down indifferently at Chen Xi and asking with an indifferent tone.

This was the first time he spoke with Chen Xi, and his voice was calm while carrying overbearing oppressively and even carried a feeling of disdain that was like a cat playing with a mouse.

“I never imagined that a Heavenly Immortal would actually be so shameless. If I knew earlier, I ought to have watched you die at the hands of those four Xeno-race experts.” Chen Xi puckered his lips while he spoke coldly.

The hearts of everyone thumped when they heard this because Chen Xi’s words were simply directly ridiculing Bing Shitian in his face as someone who didn’t seek to repay his benefactor but harmed his benefactor instead.

This…is simply an offence to Bing Shitian’s honor!

This kid is probably going to suffer now… The same thought arose simultaneously in the minds of everyone.

“You truly boast without shame. I wonder how Xiuyi took a fancy to you.” Unexpectedly, Bing Shitian didn’t get infuriated and kill Chen Xi. A wisp of a disdainful smile arose on the corners of his mouth as he shook his head and said, “Would you have been able to do all of this with that little strength of yours? If you’re really capable, then you probably wouldn’t watch on helplessly as Xiuyi is taken away by me, right?”

Chen Xi’s heart sank instantly when he heard this. Looks like this fellow has already guessed that it’s impossible for the tiny cauldron to reveal invincible might like it did yesterday, and this is why he dares to be so unbridled, right?

“Since you have nothing to say, then I’ll be settling a debt with you next!” Bing Shitian’s expression recovered its indifference as he stared coldly at Chen Xi, and a wisp of killing intent gushed out in his eyes. “As a cultivator, you actually dared to offend my honor. What should be the punishment for this!?”


Along with this strand of killing intent gushing out, the entire world instantly dimmed down as an extremely oppressive and terrifying aura enveloped the surroundings, the airflow in the sky roiled and space droned with an impetus that was exceedingly astounding, and it caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble endlessly.

Moreover, Chen Xi was the first to bear the brunt of it. He felt his mind drone as his entire body seemed to have been suppressed within a boundless abyss, causing his breathing to become difficult, and no matter how he struggled, he was incapable of escaping being lock onto by this strand of killing intent.

There was nothing he could do about it. The gap between him and Bing Shitian was too far. Even though it was only a strand of killing intent, one was a cultivator while the other was a Heavenly Immortal, they were never existences of the same level, so how could he escape it?

At this moment, Chen Xi’s face was warped, his eyes were crimson red and blazed with flames of anger, and he entirely seemed like a trapped beast in a hopeless situation and was filled with unwillingness.

“Chen Xi!” Zhen Liuqing and the others were greatly terrified, and all of them moved forward in unison with the intention of assisting him.

However, Bing Shitian had raised his hand to strike out an immortal technique to confine them before they could even approach him, and they were incapable of moving any longer.

Most of the other people revealed expressions of being unable to bear the sight of this, yet they were powerless to stop anything. This was the punishment of a Heavenly Immortal, so who would dare obstruct it?

“You actually dare offend a Heavenly Immortal? You’re really heedless of consequence!” Feng Jianbai sneered endlessly in his heart.

“How satisfying! It’s best if this kid is killed so as to put an end to all future troubles!” On the other side, Shang Que was similarly excited to the extreme, and he laughed savagely without end in his heart.

“Senior Brother Bing, he’s only a junior. Why fuss about it with him with your status? Give Junior Brother some face and let him off this time.” Right at this moment, the nearby Yun Lansheng suddenly spoke out and persuaded.

Bing Shitian frowned when he saw Yun Lansheng speak, and he was slightly displeased. “Junior Brother Yun, this kid offended me in public. Could it be that he doesn’t deserve to be punished?”

“Senior Brother Bing…” Yun Lansheng spoke hastily.

“Forget it.” Bing Shitian waved his hand to interrupt Yun Lansheng. “Junior Brother Yun, I won’t kill him today because of you.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother Bing.” Yun Lansheng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He knew how much Qing Xiuyi cared about Chen Xi, and once this kid died, he truly didn’t know how he would explain it to Qing Xiuyi.

Chen Xi stopped struggling and stood on the spot while staring fixedly at Bing Shitian while the scenes from before sliced his heart like blades, causing him to already be furious to the limit.

“But while death can be avoided, suffering can’t. Since he dared to offend me, then he must suffer some punishment.” A trace of coldness appeared on the corners of Bing Shitian’s mouth as he suddenly took a step forward and shouted. “Kneel and kowtow to me to apologize for your offense, otherwise no one in the entire world can save you!”

Yun Lansheng’s expression went grim when he heard these words. Kneel down and beg for forgiveness? This is more painful than killing Chen Xi.


Chen Xi’s tightly clenched fist emitted the sound of bones rubbing together. His face was emotionless yet the flames of rage in his heart was bubbling like lava, and he stared at Bing Shitian’s handsome face as he gritted his teeth and sneered. “Don’t make me look down on you. Kill me if you have the balls, why put on an act!?”

“Are you asking for death?” Bing Shitian’s gaze surged with cold lights. As a Heavenly Immortal, would anyone in this heavens and earth dare offend him? Now, an ant from a small world like this had repeatedly offended him, and this had already caused him to be really furious.

“I’ll give you one more chance, will you do as I say or not!?” Bing Shitian’s expression was icy cold and revealed killing intent while the terrifying aura of a Heavenly Immortal directly erupted and fiercely pressed down onto Chen Xi’s body like a mountain.


Under the pressure of this sort of terrifying aura that didn’t belong to the mortal world, Chen Xi’s knees bent abruptly, and then he exerted all his strength to forcefully resist this pressure while the bones in his entire body ceaselessly emitted cracking sounds from being unable to bear the burden.

“I never noticed that you have some backbone.” When he saw Chen Xi was actually able to avoid kneeling beneath the pressure he emitted, Bing Shitian’s gaze flashed as he sneered endlessly, and a pressure gushed out explosively form him once again.


The ground Chen Xi stood on directly shattered and collapsed, and it was forcefully pressured to the point of exploding.

The True Essence in Chen Xi’s body circulated madly as his Shaman Energy surged, and he forcefully resisted this terrifying pressure that almost suffocated him. Up until now, he finally completely understood exactly how big the gap between the Rebirth Realm and the Heavenly Immortal Realm was.

The terrifying pressure that seemed to be everywhere ceaselessly intended to pressure him to the point of kneeling, whereas Chen Xi was madly deducing his own various abilities and trump cards.

However, the outcome caused his heart to feel slightly heavy. Even if he utilized his most concealed trump cards, he would be unable to injure Bing Shitian because this fellow was truly too strong.

“Chen Xi!” Zhen Liuqing and the others exclaimed. They saw Chen Xi’s face had warped while the veins on his forehead bulged explosively. It seemed as if he was enduring boundless pain, and the skin that covered his entire body was exceedingly red to the point it seemed on the verge of bleeding, causing his appearance to be painful to look at.

“Senior Brother Bing, it’s already enough. Could it be that you really want to pressure him to death?” Yun Lansheng frowned as he sighed.

“No, how could I possibly kill him?” Bing Shitian had an indifferent expression, and his voice revealed dense disdain. “No matter what, he saved my life yesterday, and he’s my benefactor.”

Everyone in the surroundings sighed endlessly in their hearts when they heard this, because they naturally discerned that Bing Shitian was ridiculing Chen Xi for overestimating his abilities.

Actually, if one considered it carefully, if it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s actions yesterday, it would indeed be impossible for any of them to survive. But it just so happened that it was a mysterious and great figure who’d turned the situation around and not Chen Xi himself.

So no matter if they felt gratitude towards Chen Xi or not, their actions could be accepted.

Bing Shitian had precisely taken notice of this and dared to deal with Chen Xi in such an unbridled manner while not feeling the slightest pressure in his heart.

Under the gazes of everyone in the surroundings, Chen Xi’s body trembled ceaselessly as cold sweat flowed down like a stream from his entire body. His face was ghastly pale as cracking sounds of his bones breaking apart resounded out explosively. Only his gaze still remained unyielding and stubborn while revealing an expression of resolution and firmness that was like a sword that would rather be broken than bent.

“Benefactor? Hmph! Bing Shitian, is this how you treat your benefactor?” Right at this moment, an aged and hoarse voice suddenly resounded out in the surroundings, and when everyone shot their gazes over, it was actually Madman Liu that entered their eyes.

He was still extremely slovenly as before, with a goatee, a pungent smell of wine, and intoxicated and muddy eyes. However, at the instant he appeared before Chen Xi, his entire disposition changed instantly.

An extremely vast and fierce aura erupted from his gaunt body and shot directly into the sky, and it shook the clouds and the wind in the surroundings. After that, strands of boundless Immortal Energy flowed out from his body while a myriad of divine radiances illuminated the world, and his vast divine might caused everyone to feel shock that arose from the heart.

In merely an instant, all the pressure Bing Shitian executed was completely disintegrated and dissipated without the slightest bit remaining.

The expressions of everyone turned to shock when they saw this scene, and their pupils constricted abruptly. It was difficult for them to believe everything that had occurred before their eyes at this moment. Madman Liu actually disintegrated the imposing aura of a Heavenly Immortal!

“Hmm?” Bing Shitian’s eyes squinted, and then he recalled something and said with surprise, “The physique of an immortal has been formed, yet is capable of deceiving the workings of the heavens to not ascend into the Immortal Dimension. You…are actually a forsaker of the heavens!”

Everyone that heard this instantly seemed as if they were struck by lightning. Even though they were unable to guess what a forsaker of the heavens was, they were able to discern a possibility from Bing Shitian’s words, and that possibility was that Madman Liu might be a Heavenly Immortal!

“I have an extremely free and happy life in the Mortal Dimension, and I just can’t be bothered to go to the Immortal Dimension to be supervised.” Madman Liu shook his head.

“Hmph! You’ve already revealed your immortal physique now and have been noticed by the workings of the heavens. You’ll be forcefully drawn into the Immortal Dimension in less than three days. At that time, you’ll probably face extremely serious consequences.” Bing Shitian sneered.

“But do you believe that I can't kill you right now?” Madman Liu glanced at Bing Shitian as he said indifferently, “Fuck off! All of you better seize the opportunity, before I change my mind, to fuck off back to the Dark Reverie!” His voice was like a thunderclap that resounded out in the world.

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