Chapter 541 – Blazing Rage

Along with Feng Xuanzi announcing the final list of names, the atmosphere before the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet fell into strange silence.

The numerous cultivators present were slightly surprised, bewildered, and in disbelief.

Everyone present knew clearly of the strength of Chen Xi and the others. Yet now, merely one of them was recruited as a disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, whereas no one showed any interest in the others!?

How could this be possible?

Not to mention the others, but even a top outstanding talent like Chen Xi wasn’t recruited, and this was extremely difficult for everyone to understand.

After all, Chen Xi’s name was still strikingly displayed at the position of the first on the Warsoul Tablet behind them, and it wasn’t just that, because in terms of reputation there wasn’t a single person in Primeval City capable of comparing with him!

He’d gone against the entire Shang Clan by himself, annihilated a strand of a Heavenly Immortal’s will by himself, and he’d even annihilated four Xeno-race experts during the final test!

However, such a peerless genius that possessed the potential to mature into an exalted figure had actually not been selected. How could anyone have expected such an outcome?

Even if they disregarded Chen Xi, every single one of the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty was extremely outstanding, and practically all their rankings were in the top 20 of the Warsoul Tablet. But they were similarly not chosen by any of the sects.

Isn’t… Isn’t this too weird?

All of this allowed everyone to faintly sense that this was a scheme that targeted the Darchu Dynasty.

However, even though they felt extreme pity towards the situation Chen Xi and the others were in, yet none of them dared say a thing. Because their fate was similarly held in the hands of those emissaries of the Dark Reverie.

The 10 plus emissaries stood in midair with an impressive and dignified manner like gods, and it was utterly impossible to discern merely from their expressions that this was an action that was planned beforehand.

But attentive people were still able to notice that the gazes of these emissaries intentionally or unintentionally avoided the location of the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty.

On the other hand, a wisp of a smile was revealed from the corners of Feng Jianbai and Shang Que’s mouths, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi and the others were filled with ridicule, pity, resentment, and so on and so forth.

Both of them had enmity with Chen Xi and were only too anxious to see this scene occur. At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi and the others reveal expressions of discontent and disappointment, both of them truly wished for nothing more than to roar with laughter.

“Alright, the name list has already been announced. Those disciples that haven’t been selected don’t have to be discouraged. The Dark Reverie is a vast and large world, there are countless sects and experts that’re numerous like trees in a forest within it. After all of you enter the Dark Reverie, perhaps you’ll encounter your own fortune.” Ancestor Zi Ming spoke with a low voice.

As soon as these words were spoken, it was equivalent to the results being certain, and it was impossible for Chen Xi and the others to refute the decision.

Meanwhile, the scene was extremely strange. Amongst the 113 experts of the various Dynasties, 99% had been selected by the various powers of the Dark Reverie, and these disciples were standing behind the various emissaries at this moment. Only Chen Xi and the others stood alone at the opposite of them, and they’d become the small group of people that hadn’t been selected.

This was a type of strong comparison that caused Chen Xi and the others to seem like abandoned sheep, and they seemed slightly pitiable, causing most people to reveal expressions of pity.

A group of proud geniuses had fallen to such an extent now, so how could it not cause them to sigh with emotion?

“There’s no time to lose, let’s make a move together and open the passageway that leads to the Dark Reverie.” Yun Lansheng sighed before he spoke out.

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Dark Reverie nodded successively.

“Wait a moment!” However, right at this moment, a chilly voice that sounded like a flowing fountain resounded out as Qing Xiuyi took a step forward, and her cold gaze swept the emissaries of the Dark Reverie before it finally descended onto Yun Lansheng. “When did I agree to join your Heavenflow Dao Sect?”

As soon as these words were spoken, they weren’t inferior to a thunderclap that shook the disciples of the various Dynasties to the point of revealing astounded expressions, and even the other emissaries of the Dark Reverie revealed shocked expressions as they seemed to have never imagined that there would actually be someone that wanted to give up such a great piece of good luck.

After Chen Xi and the others were slightly stunned, a wisp of warmth gushed out from within their hearts, because they knew that reason Qing Xiuyi had acted in this way was entirely because she’d made the resolution to stay by their sides through thick and thin.

This piece of friendship was priceless!

It was especially so for Chen Xi, because he understood the most about importance of the Heavenflow Dao Sect to Qing Xiuyi. However, at this moment, she’d resolutely given up on returning to the sect of her previous life, and besides causing him to be moved, this decision made his heart ache faintly.

If it wasn’t for me, would Xiuyi have to act in this way?

If it wasn’t because of me, how could all my companions have fallen to this extent?

A feeling of deep self-accusation silently gushed into his heart. No one had noticed that Chen Xi’s fists were already clenched tightly, the veins on the back of his hand bulged while his nails sunk deeply into his palm, causing strands of scarlet red blood to flow out.

“Qing Xiuyi, your path is in the Heavenflow Dao Sect. Giving it up like this is equivalent to destroying your own future. You should follow me back to the sect. There’re some things that can’t be solved by being willful.” Yun Lansheng frowned as he sighed.

How could he not understand Qing Xiuyi’s feelings? However, he had to take Qing Xiuyi back to the Heavenflow Dao Sect no matter what. This was decided by Bing Shitian’s will, and not a single person present as capable of changing this.

“Yun Lansheng, you were still an outer court disciple while I was cultivating at the Heavenflow Dao Sect, right? Since when did you dare to speak to me like this?” Qing Xiuyi spoke coldly.

The scalps of everyone went numb when they heard this.

My god! This woman is actually the Senior Sister of an emissary!? This identity is too shocking!

Only those emissaries of the Dark Reverie had known all of this since long ago, and all of them seemed to be rather composed.

Yun Lansheng himself had never imagined that Qing Xiuyi would actually use her identity to suppress him at this moment, and he couldn’t help but sigh and laugh bitterly. “Senior Sister Qing, I’m doing this for you own good. The Sect Master and all the elders of the sect are anxiously awaiting your return, so I hope you don’t make it difficult for me.”

Everyone present felt as if they’d gone crazy when they heard Yun Lansheng admit the relationship between him and Qing Xiuyi, and it was as if they’d heard a strange and unusual legend.

Since when could the disciple of an ordinary Dynasty actually be able to become the Senior Sister of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert from an extraordinary power of the Dark Reverie?

But they came to an understanding in next to no time. Qing Xiuyi was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, and she probably cultivated in the Heavenflow Dao Sect during her previous life.

Amongst the people present, only Shang Que’s expression had become extremely unsightly as he felt fear from the incident that happened the other day. Their Young Master Shang Kun intended to use Qing Xiuyi as a cultivation vessel to cultivate a Devil Technique that day, and if they knew beforehand that Qing Xiuyi’s origins were so great, they wouldn’t dare do it, no matter how brave they were.

“So what you mean is if I’m unwilling to leave with you, then you’ll use force?” Qing Xiuyi replied coldly with a question.

Yun Lansheng was stunned and struggled endlessly in his heart. During his youth, Qing Xiuyi was similarly an existence that couldn’t be disrespected in his heart, and even if it was today, this reverence still existed eternally in his heart. How could he have imagined that the day would come where he used force against the Senior Sister he respected the most?

But if I don’t do that, then how would I be able to take Senior Sister with me?

Yun Lansheng was hesitating, and his expression changed indeterminately.

Everyone sighed endlessly with emotion when they saw this.

If word of this were to be spread, then being able to place an 8th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert into such a difficult situation is something that she can be proud off.

The level of reverence Qing Xiuyi’s status in the Heavenflow Dao Sect commanded was obvious from this.

“Xiuyi, don’t make it so difficult for Junior Brother Yun.” Right when the situation fell into a deadlock, a clear and resounding voice suddenly sounded out from the distance, and then a handsome figure suddenly arrived.

This person was precisely Bing Shitian. His clothes and jet black dense hair fluttered in the wind, and Immortal Energy even flowed around his body, causing him to reveal the unique imposing aura of a Heavenly Immortal. At the instant he appeared, he’d become the one and only center of attention.

No matter if it was the disciples of the various Dynasties or the emissaries, all of them revealed reverence when they saw Bing Shitian, and they held their breaths in concentration and didn’t dare rashly speak another word for fear of infuriating Bing Shitian in the slightest.

Only Chen Xi revealed a trace of coldness that flashed within his eyes as he thought in his heart. He’s finally willing to make an appearance…

Chen Xi already detested Bing Shitian to the extreme because everything that happened today could be said to have been done by Bing Shitian, so how could he not be furious and resentful?

“Who allowed you to address me in that way?” Qing Xiuyi’s voice was like ice, and she spoke completely bluntly while utterly disregarding whether Bing Shitian was a Heavenly Immortal or an ant. This sort of flinty attitude caused everyone present to be endlessly astounded in their hearts.

Bing Shitian was stunned, and then he smiled. “Senior Sister, your temper is still like before and hasn’t changed in the slightest. This can’t be any better, because this is your true self. Once you return to the Heavenflow Dao Sect, the Sect Master and the various elders will surely be extremely delighted.”

“Didn’t you hear her? Xiuyi has already decided to not return with all of you!” Chen Xi suddenly spoke out, causing everyone present to be shocked in their hearts, as they never expected he would actually dare speak at this moment, nor did they imagine that he would be so discourteous when speaking to a Heavenly Immortal.

Most shocking of it all was Chen Xi addressed Qing Xiuyi as ‘Xiuyi,’ yet Qing Xiuyi actually didn’t reveal any objections!

Merely these words allowed everyone to realize why the Darchu Dynasty had fallen into such a situation, and the reason was probably between Bing Shitian, Chen Xi, and Qing Xiuyi.

What was the reason that was the easiest to cause conflict between two men and a woman? The answer was already self-evident. It was surely the word — Love!

At this moment, practically everyone came to an understanding, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually fight for a woman with a Heavenly Immortal. Moreover, he seemed to have gained the upper hand…

Bing Shitian sensed the various gazes that shot over from the surroundings, causing the smile on his face to vanish gradually to the point of transforming into a calm expression, and this calm expression of his revealed indescribable icy coldness.

“Senior Sister, your memories from your previous life haven’t recovered. Forgive your Junior Brother for this offence, but I’ll have to wrong you for now.” After being silent for a long time, he suddenly spoke out with a gentle voice.


Right at the same time that he spoke, his right hand stretched out lightly and carried an otherworldly aura as he directly pulled Qing Xiuyi over to him before lightly patting her shoulder, causing her to instantly fall into deep slumber.

This process occurred too swiftly, swiftly to the point everyone present only felt something flash before their eyes, and when they looked over once more, Qing Xiuyi had already fallen asleep and was passed over to Yun Lansheng.

Such ability looked to be extremely simple, yet it fully displayed the might of a Heavenly Immortal, and besides causing everyone present to be shocked, they felt even more reverent towards Bing Shitian.

On the other side, the expressions of Chen Xi and the others turned to extreme rage. Never had they imagined that Bing Shitian would actually intend to take Qing Xiuyi away with such forceful methods!

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